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Who do you trust? Trust the ones the Car Guys trust.

Oct 7, 2012|

The Car Guys give you the best advice when it comes to maintaining your car. Whether it is an oil change or new tires. Trust the Car Guys.

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-- go home. Buying your car is tough it's supposed to be moment for these guys it's the car guys radio show on AMC TP WR OK you know. Now here's Joseph Messina and build public furor. Yeah welcome to attract guys radio show on AM succeeding WRKO. Home bill Papa George I'm Joseph Messina and we got a guy guys. Well has that -- last week. By yet thank you know. The listeners for sending you some questions and stories with this week was great I -- really really great the response was unbelievable. The questions. The suggestions. That some of the re Max you know not. Due to a good remark well you know. The book to show really guys thank you very much -- that thank you wall. I don't know if that's what my partner had to eat how much he had the hurt her. Could build those bills feeling a little under the weather with today's who we're gonna have to go we do and how you feel -- I don't hang in there. How many and how do we know you would just do would just talk a little stronger than that before yesterday quite tough talk talk talk after looking for sympathy it's not gonna happen I knew that. So I'm gonna be nice Q and you start -- the show. But given a shot explanation and I mean who shot -- because you Jim we do that when the end I mean I'm sorry bill and now I'm not. And -- this week because you know I feel when Nick Green I'll call it just again and will be shut explanation. As to for a first timelessness folks because and then I'm hoping there's a lot of -- listens to ensure their opportunity. And it's so. I'm gonna get -- okay well yes I shoot. If if this something you wanna say. You know you just in throughout the junior -- fashion okay I am competent enough that it still Oreo her. What bill and I do is. We get the very best car. We get the very best guys in the condition. At the very best price -- now we get the very best -- because of our investigative skills. And we'll explain that later Ryan and you view printers in the past but will will touch on. -- we get we get these in McCarron it's very best condition how do we do that. Bill has 35 years plus a technical knowledge duty. I'm sorry folks 37 years and take anything away from -- -- -- and blackened faces that I I started when I was two men. Pepsi and look you did very well I know. And then the very best price the best price for a high quality pre owned vehicle. Right. If you want the cheapest price I'm sure. Everybody out there that's less than most realize the cheapest price who do you view that cheap and reliable automobile. Paint. We do that by Frist to make contact with the welcome to your home. We'll go to way you -- -- place so work will meet to. At a coffee shop you feel like any anything that's comfortable and convenient for you. Were willing to do it and I. You get to know us. Knew we get to talk with you you get to we get to know you and then we can discuss and find tomb. If any of the vehicles. That you wanna buy whatever you have in mind we go over the pros and cons. And we'll also point out anything that we may feel. Is negative okay there may be. I characteristic for -- in some of the automobiles that are all this today. It you don't know about but it's one that you are thinking of purchasing. We have the knowledge of it. We're gonna bring it to your attention. And I and and and this is what we don't we discuss. The make. The model and when we talk about models. Built. Ford Toyota and we haven't heard Mario coming in Germany and -- Iwamura to make its knowledge the old days -- I mean you know. He could have you know it could be one make could make 5020 different models and then from that is a subset. You know some of them of force or as some on the six although some have to do -- -- of four -- of Morris UVs. I mean it's insane so there's a lot of stuff -- choose from and it would be impossible for anybody who didn't do this every single day of their life to really know. What you know what's good what's not Gooden went. You don't. When there certain those little -- characteristics that you know. Belong to any particular make and model of any particular year. It's difficult for somebody to know that stuff it's itself. So it's not easy with so he says they build you aren't just give me an ice Ford -- ya know something reliable yeah right if it doesn't reflect and meanwhile the a lot of stuff to choose from and ended the so you -- -- and -- the year course fear is is. News is what Joseph looking for a sometimes they always suggest. When it comes to it if you're looking at a 2010. We may suggest that this point in time maybe you wanna you wanna look at the 2000 or more -- -- recent Emily Hughes and William factory warranty. And that's that's called great stuff and all -- -- that you know the old days everything was pretty much flat across the board as far as. The warranties -- everything got a pretty much like a three year 36 but. It's all over the place now I mean there are some 'cause it get as much as ten years of of warranty and then some 'cause it's so -- the 336. Some of them have different power train warranties that you know. I know Waco for instance somebody was asking about Nissan the other day and this particular one has that CDT transportation so that particular one has got 336. Bumper to bump up but that's -- 560 on the drive train but then. On top of that the transmission itself has got a ten year 120000. One thing which is. You know so a lot of people don't know all these little things in this this makes for a better decision making process. For both the consumer -- And asked to help them. Especially if there with him in that category no doubt about it. The ozone and then we come to college -- what's called cholera like I have a favorite color I have college that I don't quite. And in some instances. If -- taken -- if you're gonna take the kind of Florida. You mean no one at. A black cat because it's black -- the heat. I mean there are all little I mean but the color I mean -- think in this probably one of the easiest things to make you remind upon. I always try to was get. Folks to try to open up to a few different possibilities and I usually categorize them as -- okay. Tell me all your favorite colors and make those are number one choice. And them give you in your next favorite colors. Cohen group and -- make daddy is your number two choices and then the next group would be the number threes. And after that we probably don't wanna bother because there at the bottom of the list -- so. You know safety with the interior as well. Then we get term mileage is who's a big practice. Mileage helped determine the value with the vehicle. Regardless how notice. Had -- the other thing Joseph both of my coaches. A lot of different cars are very sensitive to mileage more sensitive than other 'cause it's funny it's a funny thing. Like -- fuel buying a big German calico BMW Mercedes is something -- -- some of those three is old. Those guys are going to be very sensitive to miles can be thousands of dollars difference between you know -- let's get 30000. And say when it's got 60000 miles. Tourists to Japanese guys. They tend to. They tend to be less sensitive to the mileage so. It's not that much more to get a 30000 al-Qaeda is to get to 60000 mile 'cause we might as well paid just a little bit extra and get that. Get the or general idea of it right so. In them and then of course any -- you you might want mica a sunroof. To some people from -- not a big deal right you know I I don't friend has to be a big factor today titled. I think. I think every parent has since nineteen. Moon rumor and has been another talk about -- with the view he never show that the -- you have so expect a big because we're open I've gotta say probably beckon. Piccadilly even in the sixties they -- the seventies. Had a 75 Pontiac. Grand Prix and that that had a so the matter effective the 72. That did not have a sunroof. This -- so my 75 -- -- since 75. Almighty automobiles and had a sunroof I have a conversion -- today. That has to send that as a sunroof thanks okay and it's flat. Over all these years I can't say that you were -- of openness sunroof. Altogether twenty times. I don't use it that much anymore anyway not much of the reason -- as a Mozilo cellphone it seems like so. Oftentimes when you have that thing open you can -- as well also. But you know. I -- -- videos is good time and don't have other people should. Should should stay up the phone if they can -- their -- if things are easy -- those so called cover my butt. But you know if you lake several 42 sunroof there are a lot of -- -- other things as well that don't typically come with a company. We can add the men if necessary like for instance saw some people like navigation. Some people -- come. Heated seats. Some people like a remote start salute the coast on up from inside the house so when it's cold though. They can run the heat and it's give and a nice toasty warm car in the wintertime. I and vice Versa in the summertime you wanna have DC and so you know he get an ice cool car when it's a hot day so let's move thing. But also we have all kinds of other things like backup cameras I mean. People you know can really sort of customize their own car we can put. All that equipment in just about any kind of took it doesn't come with a -- about a we can we -- can go to work with him and I'm very familiar -- innovative and we've got a lot of network partners who can help us with all those things. And they do an awesome job and we've had great great luck. Without putting these systems in two different people I had one couple who wanted to by minivan. And that we put the dvd system and and what we actually put in the car was probably nice is going -- -- from the factory so we really enjoy it. -- remember that up. And in. Come through. All wheel drive. Two wheel drive four wheel drive front wheel drive rear wheel drives. And we put and we put it on skis assumption maybe in the -- and -- Again don't know that they don't always get people want. They have different uses for the -- that's why we like to get together would you pick is really the sit down and chit chat and find out. Exactly how do you use discusses the week you try to guide you. So you don't buy rear wheel drive car and then go. Try to go skiing up in Vermont missed most on because we know you're probably gonna have a problem you know and we always to do that we we -- sell you something else we give you something else would rather find what would be a benefit field. And you might not even know that the count was a real drive thinking how could they continue to make those costly. They still though people by. I can present don't give a second thought until I have to leave but I have the -- for a few months -- -- the -- come -- and all of a sudden and they say. I think I tried I thought I had you know don't stay in that they call -- all the wheels -- to stick to India right exactly and put to you don't. And this is we have. This is where our expertise comes -- and he's okay. And and bill I -- they have left you because you you just know so much more about the issue here really all joking aside he's been doing this so long. And no experience is the best teacher. And again you you definitely I appreciate that you definitely get the experience that. I had -- I learn new things every day and I like to learn new things every day so. I I teach my own son. That. As soon as you stop learning you muzzle stud dying so. Lou every day every single day there's new stuff going on oftentimes I have technician so -- that have problems. I have. Cust -- a call me that say you know I've had this current -- of this problem. You know what should -- do and we love to help our customers so you don't have to cause because you buy your car. You can just call us up because you've got a problem and we wanna try to help you fix it if we can help you pinned down. We don't make any money by doing that but we make friends and then friends become customers' -- and that's how we're all works that's all business. Works. This very idea -- that exact that is the pit and the idea here is that we do. The best thing that we can do for you because by doing that we're doing the best thing for ourselves no -- -- promoting -- promoting ourselves right because. Actually argument that the he's the bio is gonna promote -- also stimulate -- let's all thank. Yeah that's that that's in a nutshell I mean everybody else up to try to cut corners make as much as they possibly can. Slamming the customer trying to you know. The most profit out of everywhere every single deal and you and you can't work that way you have to work. Within people's means you have to be able to help them when they need help. And you have to help them before UCL you have to help during the -- have to help them after the sale because even when you call them after the -- And you can you put a little time into that. They they don't forget because every member of trying to deal with -- another place that they may have done business with the earlier. And didn't take the phone calls -- you wanna be helpful we want to. Jack them up on the prices and it's you know we we try to do everything that and a fair and reasonable fashion so we can try to. -- Christmas save money. Who we do and then. Sincerely any I mean if you could. Talked to. Clients that we had people we've purchased automobiles far in the past. We put a lot of work and creative people there's some guys -- just a case of look at the other guys say yeah that's a good won't buy it. First -- Jones. But it's not. And the other thing is. All the time and effort we put into this new when we come down to your house so wherever it is that we meet we -- want to spend an hour an hour and a half with -- And you call us back -- we have to come out there again. And and yeah. Pass on information through the through the week go whatever it takes before. You know one -- two weeks before -- able to find something for you which is not considered a long time because we know we. And now what happens is. Always work do we put -- policy effort. You have no obligation there was no obligation to us and anyway you know united. Something else doesn't question -- and I think she will we have to offer I technique I can almost guarantee you. That you you'll want to use us. Well. And and then and then when everything's said and done. When when we give leave the client the price of what the current us that's it. And when we discussing this -- discussing it face to face. With do you. The prison's gonna by Annika you have any questions you want to and -- ask you ask and the price has given to you. When we finalize the sale that sit you know and when the paperwork comes out. There are no surprises straight. You go to somebody's dealerships soon they judge anywhere from a 95 to 495 dollars just for documentation -- Then there's another of our preparation fees that they charge sometimes I mean sometimes these fees can be is -- is of of a profit is what they making on the -- Did there insane I mean you know. A lot of people go wife I've seen it many times in the and then do we use -- dealerships. They get there and Islam which is the cars 5000 them when they get down to brass -- it's. 5495. -- one or what do you mean I was 5000 I thought you know. And you know they've been all in all and there was that -- -- -- to go go do the running to go to the registry and -- your insurance company and go here and do that. We don't judge anything for me we -- we do that all pod fossil -- deal and that's the best way to do it. No hidden fees. You see exactly what you gonna get -- -- Nor looking for that guy. We do it all and we are PRI is India's. And with that again with many many years of automotive. Experience. You know they can they can cover it up they can paint over it. They can sidestepped the question but. They can -- that blank. Because. I have my own -- Friday because I'm not bill puppetry arts and he should he world without a reasonable doubt he'll find that believe me we're -- little -- lose and whatever else he. He has to go by. We'll be right would it. We're going to be taking a break right now I hate to get pumped up so much. But thanks -- I appreciate it you could reach the -- guys by calling 330227. 4897. That's 3302274897. Or on the web. At the car guys web site. Dot com you're listening to the car guys -- radio show on line at the car guys Webb say don't come or 330227. Car guys. It's the top guys showing bill I'm built up the George your pre owned auto buying consultants. When you're in the market for a new -- vehicle called -- at 330 -- my associate -- -- and I give me come -- -- we will meet with you in person -- -- home office already win together we will find what you're looking -- off year make color model options that we locate that exact vehicle for you -- vast inventory network but first this -- must -- -- -- 120 points safety and performance guidelines before we delivered -- you -- -- approved fully -- in just like bill. We started our business knowing that you hate going to a dealership for all the obvious reasons. Limited inventory high pressure salesman at a cost of building a staff overhead we -- all of this from the equation the car guys save you time and money we even provide financing for all -- -- instead talked Ali and can even take to hassle out of selling your present car. Give us a call at 330. -- guys that's 3302274897. Or visit the car guys Webb site dot com. To President Obama things are really on the rise here in New Hampshire. Things like unemployment. And energy prices. Are unemployment rate here went out last night. And if you haven't jumped to New Hampshire and your cost of getting too worked as a two. Gallon of gas is more than doubled under Obama. And with winter coming on you'll soon -- a bigger chunk of your paycheck to stay warm. Under Obama the price of heating -- -- 51%. And propane and kerosene aren't far behind me. And our electric -- of the country's fourth highest. Barack Obama. We simply can't afford four more. But you know things might be looking up after home. This Romney's energy and pulls America's natural resources together to bring prices down. And bring jobs back. I'm Mitt Romney I'm running for president and I approve this message may -- by Romney for president incorporated. You're listening to the car guys -- radio show online at the car guys website does come -- 330227. Car guys. I don't know. My baby beside me at the. Welcome back to the car guys radio show law and succeed AM WRK ho hum built up to George and I'm Joseph mussina. OK so -- in this segment we wanted to talk about some of the -- Some of the network providers that we have and why it is so important to us. We have very. And we have a lot of sources. Throughout New England basically. And a lot of these guys serve foes that we use it every day for our servicing our vehicles. I'll win geographically there were there in that. That area -- -- in the unity within the vicinity so soon so we have some people in the social we have some people who -- sure we have some people -- west. We'd like to make a few mentions of some of these businesses and these guys it. The they do business like we do business. -- I would like to say bill I'm sure lewis' -- through this over the last few weeks talking about these people. And is there's a big reason for it and caring and it's it's not only to our benefit as the -- guys. But it's to the benefit of the people little loosening. And it's been the benefit of those people who have purchased automobiles from us because we his views these so. These clients -- these. The company's true. Prepare our automobiles for delivery totally ruined it needed so. Oh won't we talked about this it's -- -- -- -- and I realize to some people this could be boring but it's it's very. Important to yourselves if you have a problem with your automobile. You the first thing you do you say class whom late in the bring this through and then the next thing in your mind this. In I think going to be able to fix there are they gonna take advantage of me you know is am -- gonna have to go through a process of elimination. Like I did once before twice before aware of this. These are professional people that have been in business with quite a long time. That have built their reputation over years I mean I look here. I know -- for instance. One for one more in place that those gonna talk about his having to sonoco tombstone. He's been around for a time he has one heck of a reputation in the Abington area we have a story to tell about. About Kim's station. Hogan style that. Been around if I'm not mistaken. And and I'm sure one of the boys who call me up from. And -- -- if I'm -- but they've been around 97 yes I believe it's 97 years. Okay that's -- reputable people they do not wanna ruin their reputation by by not too long with this supposed to. And in all of these I'm sure if you brought your vehicle to them for service. And -- days down the line you had a problem and you brought it back. They're not gonna hide them not gonna run and it didn't take care of the problem. Still stand behind what we do. How what they do and will stand behind them that's that's how strong we feel about them. That's totally otherwise we wouldn't we wouldn't have any any and again only because we've. Good deal with some of these guys for years then at least. I mean we just think they're great that's why we keep going on -- bottom. Three year old and for a. Which called me up she wanted chews call me up actually. Should've -- sold short fiction of the Rockland. I really conduct an unknown ya ya have some issues out of the problem with a car and you stay communal maybe any -- change my cap because. Hum I can't give reviews I've got to check engine light it keeps going on and I take it to these people and they keep. Putting different parts -- and I keep paying them. And then she leaves and then a few hundred miles later -- to be at -- -- that I -- -- -- I can remember her because she was in the -- TS I mean she was because she she was saying I can't really afford. -- -- She worked in the bush who lived in -- yes she worked in Boston like she needed something that was reliable and dependable right and just spend in the small fortune the -- could not afford. Right repair and she says I'm gonna be forced to buy a cut but I felt told. Felt contest for the plays great. You know I thank you so large we need to slow -- she's getting a little emotional -- -- you know I said well let's let's do this why don't we. Let's take a rookie conference so what I did was I got in touch with Jim stone and -- money penny. Mark is the US service manager over into having to snorkel. End up by the Louisville located at 907. Benefits street in Abington mass which is actually route eighteen. So if you getting off the highway route three. And you heading towards having eaten you up a couple of miles and there on the left inside he can't -- it's a big huge Sunoco station. And it's a very very busy station but one I called up Jim and mark. And told them that I had -- customers it was in the area that. Had a problem and I know all busy -- but they. Managed to squeeze Iran and into into this schedule and they brought the -- she brought the car over. And believe it or not. And having to Sunoco you know if they know you and -- -- become a customer that is they actually have long puzzle elect we have a lot of cuts. And so that's great because you know she was able to drop recover off. Let them take a good look at it diagnosed the problem correctly. Figueroa was wrong and fix it but at the same time she had a cab driver was perfect. So she dropped took -- -- got a car they figured oh what was wrong. It was a -- it was the smallest problem that you can believe. But something that was like always overlooked by somebody who so our cold on the error. Scanner. That. I had a similar. A similar problem would would would occur all the time. And what happened was he misdiagnosed it. And he missed. The very very small problem that didn't even need a part of Justine is something to be. Put together these guys figured it out and in less than a dollar headed back from running and. They -- and I think that's a perfect example of debt. People know what they're doing and having the right equipment opposed to a judge and I was -- there was an immunity -- involved you might -- -- -- haven't got -- up in the wall that says you know radiate. A lot of time I couldn't exactly -- percent right it's a shame but -- unfortunately folks this is what goes Arnold then and I know -- of many of the listeners have gone through this so did you know we're not. Blown smoke what you've done on the social. And you wanna -- contact ebbing consumer local. -- to a point -- you know that the number is 781878. 8415. Jim stone is the proprietor and -- money penny. Is -- service manager -- both very very nice people nice to deal with. And they would love to have you business. And at the same time feel loved to be serviced by them so. Having to Sunoco and having to mess also you can you can check one if you want to W -- dot com. And you go to the car guys radio show. -- a winning page there and it actually has all -- network partners. Are on they knew he could actually just what he -- click on any one of those. Their website will actually show up so you can get more contact information and more information about exactly what they do. So. That's -- above my body. Castro's. Oh yeah we've got to we've got a great -- dish up over Wakefield mass at -- tussle stressed it's called. Hostels ought to repair. And he's -- a.'s Greek follow with a little bit of an accent but we won't we won't cause any grief because of that. -- diseases experience in that a -- -- so. So anyways -- those. Does. All kinds of lottery did everything you know from soup to nuts. He can change your engine or he just change -- Not a problem when he built he built me I'm sorry your in many memorable fashion and yet until you figure that's OK you can do that meant and so little oven with thanks for girl go I'm. But he didn't -- me out this past week -- that we know Wednesday I sent I sent. I fell over there was seven problems. Which I could not believe. He waited. Come now but he was have to -- -- -- -- commissioner forget this that -- go wait wait till the spring we rated this -- you know but. They're going down he's Jimenez went from going on the far. Pull -- so he's he figured if he didn't have been done up -- right there when he got the he knows no he doesn't know anybody at all. So I gave my console us you know address and and I don't know give it to -- familiar -- everybody okay all right -- justices on -- And we held Beatles could we if we give about everybody's gonna go I know Delaware won't be able to get anything done correctly taught your voice. -- is over it oh. He's an Albion street. In Wakefield who reviewed the it's eighteen LB and street Wakefield mass. And the phone number there is 7812454263. That's 7812454263. And you can you speak to -- Soros or rob. They're excellent technicians era certified technicians. Who are also approved by the state of Massachusetts do the enhanced emissions. Reaches so. If somebody from the state. Gets a phone call and do you know the -- to. Send somebody somewhere to get their car fixed that's there on the list that did do one of them so they've got to be good to do that. That's the my boys. Yeah he's a great guy yeah. I don't fault you know what else now that we're coming into October. There are a lot of snow birds. You know joy you like to go to Florida screw us soil -- women who loses -- as a collective oh yeah well we can't. -- too busy. But the bottom line is for those people who do get to -- And we like to get an invite -- will come down to -- you. I don't know probably if we have free invite. But we like to tell you about nick hunter and American auto transport us who wanna get a constant on the Florida. We use -- contour from American auto transport news and -- did the best of the best in auto transporting very professional. Safe. And what do the only ones is gonna tell you the truth -- -- when your -- is really -- -- -- not sitting here waiting fear Karen you're thinking oh boy. What happened I davis' guy tried to save fifty dollars or -- hundred dollars and nine on my caddie using a horrific. You know. It is not anything you have to know about that. Nick is going to be he's going to be right up front with the -- he's -- tell you he's gonna tell you if you know what this week we can't get this kind there in five days. And he's he's -- -- the reasons why and don't you know if there's a chance that it can be done he'll tell you how it can be done right so and this is what you wanna deal with do you. You don't want to roll the dice because you send them and they'll go anyplace by the way go. Yeah I mean right -- I don't go to California go -- Anyway yeah right I know let me give you -- -- given that number so it's nick hunter an American auto transport as it and it's a toll free number 1800. 802580. That's 80800. Again to 580. In our country I -- tell a quick story about my neck but he he. I was -- up I was at a function and somebody came up to me and knowing who I was. I refused an autograph but I don't go for everybody. Could you expect a knock somebody commit to me and asked me if and I knew the person through. Through my -- matter of fact. And I'm. They had purchased they went down to visit somebody and -- them and the guys that they went down to who's to say that they stayed with what he had the Taliban. A working in focus and you just bought a new one. And he was gonna get rid of that. -- Fella that went down to see him. While looking for working for Hezbollah -- so you didn't wanna spend a lot of money we're so perfect and it worked out perfect for him so. He called -- he said to he says hi and I got this trucking firm to bring the -- back to me. He Sydney told me I was gonna have it in. Five to seven days which I thought was pretty good. -- He said but it. It's now going into the fourth week -- -- and they sizzle. What do they tell you when they call wow let's you know there's too many vehicles come enough from far rhetoric that a man and a one pummel someone to delist. The -- -- when I got to move up to the B list is gonna clasping so I support. Knew what the street Paul and I can't tell you how much is gonna question -- I can only tell you you wanna get you weren't give an honest answer. You call he just call American transport is you who own the content. That and they give the knicks mama looked. And the next thing I know. It's. A I who's talked and to my son the other day and he says yeah he kept he got the vehicle and he's happy. Beautiful person no I mean not so I'm sure it works I think get to talk commitment. I don't. And he's a great guy he's there's so easy to deal with. So just very down to earth very digital his job for him is that the bottom line is they got the job done yet when somebody else could and polio thing is the answer the phone. To all of these guys who you call up after they take you car audio place and they put it all holding them. There where it sits for a few weeks you know that they don't it's a phone emotions people wonder if they sell her race I exactly. You've got to. Okay close when he talked about today. Well. My buddies over there -- Hogan kayak trip off course and told that. No storybook deficit he told -- -- please give that we give the phone number no there was. Good to YouTube Q -- -- given out the value given out there and I wanna tell. Even though a lot of those people out there heard this before I want to tell the story in a hut -- Sorry guys so it's it's it's not a big deal but through there worked. You -- right exactly. Whole entire education every tire problems sort of fuel -- -- car aligned. Are also if you just want you front and checked out because you know maybe you need ball joints are you need -- and soon. You know wounds links or whatever I mean -- the you won't know we should put it up in the yet. You can't tell the cars on the ground I can tell you that and they are experts over there. Though the location that we always uses a one over -- it's a floral -- Washington street right at the junction of 93. And and 995. So that's over 1719334000. That's 781. 9334000. And I think we'll probably have to -- -- pure -- so -- let me just say if you wanna call the -- guys give us a call at 330. Car guys that's 330. 2274897. Or check us out on the web at the card guys Webb site dot com. You're listening to the car guys' radio show online at a car guys Webb say don't come or 330227. Car guys -- Biden the vice presidential debate can be heard right here on AM 680 WRL. On Thursday October 11 starting at nine followed by analysis with The Washington Times Jeff Porter felt this. 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For more information about water -- drink -- -- or this message brought you by the American Water Works association and your local water provider. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanks to President Obama things are really on the rise here in New Hampshire. Things like unemployment. And energy prices. Are unemployment rate here went out last night. And if you have a -- to New Hampshire and your cost of getting to work as a team. Gallon of gas is more than doubled under Obama. And with winter coming on you'll soon -- a bigger chunk of your paycheck to stay warm. Under Obama -- the price of heating oil is up 51%. And propane and kerosene aren't far behind. And our electric -- of the country's fourth highest. Barack Obama. We simply can't afford four more. But you know things might be looking up restaurant. Mitt Romney's energy plan calls America's natural resources together to bring prices down and bring jobs back. I'm Mitt Romney I'm running for president and I approve this message -- make four by Romney for president incorporated. You're listening to the car guys -- radio show online at the car guys Webb say don't come or 330227. -- guys. Yeah. Yeah. And it's. Yeah. Well let me just get back -- more than glad to welcome back to the kind guys' radio should move on AM six AV WRK. Home. And we broke through I believe we had to we have one -- network panel and we wanna preserve memories. We have fifteen more but you know -- -- to do one more just okay. I didn't make mention of in this week last week and that's a good buddy over Russell Libby. Over MBT worldwide so if it if you have the reason to. Use a -- motor coach show luxury Cindy and minibuses at the end is anything like that. He need to go someplace with that. Will supply it for you well along with a driver and group group function and whose functions corporate functions whatever. Russell Libby over MBT worldwide. By the way it doesn't have to be in Boston either he could set up for you the around. They're serving more than 400 cities worldwide and they're open 2407. For your -- convenience. So. His name is Russell would be the number is it's actually told free number 877233. 2424. That's 8772332424. And that's MBT worldwide. Motor coaches buses minivans. Limousines whatever he needs to -- he just talked doctor Russell. So -- and mentioned the car guys when you call. And get a discount -- felt good. Then you have. Can you -- -- get him on the wrong side he's a pretty big duped yet he is big guy who could -- or is it because in such a small guy. And -- you know forget -- that Sicilian. This Perez. -- I'm sure you know you what that don't vote yes so I just wanted to make mention like I don't know if you just tuned in right now or if you've been listening. To the -- -- radio show but what we wanna tell you is if if you are in the market to be purchasing you know -- carried out or if you need to. Sell your car your present tough for some reason I hit somebody just was moving to Colorado or did somebody else moved to Arizona. So we've done a lot of different people moving in and didn't want to feel less famous. Right the only Europe we have a client -- was Vegas we do we have a client we just -- -- no effect. And he hasn't seen yet but he'll be duly impressed when he does I can tell you that that's the around but if you if you are looking to do ports -- saw Europe president car trade your car. If you need financing maybe you could you know less than perfect credit and you need some help with that. What we're willing to help you without it how if you need insurance through your car. Anything to do we year automobile pretty much we can probably send you in the right direction he need to call with kindness and to call us is very simple. 330. Car guys and to spell that out it's 330227. 4897. Or. -- -- Had -- the car guys website dot com. So. That's -- just. -- and ours is that. I agree with that I mean that's what the program is about. Right through to contact the guy guys know and I -- and you know when when I say bill and I. -- when you contact us when you call. 90% of the time it's gonna be the bill myself -- answers that phone -- because that's who we tell you. When we sit with fuel we talk with you this bill -- go to the sitting and talking with you. We've got a lot of people who not to interrupt you here and just put notre very a lot of people call in and say oh it's unbelievable I can't believe I actually got you guys don't fall that was an answering machine or whatnot put. Sometimes it has to be the it's your machine can run two calls the same time but. We knew we usually call immediately write back so you know. Put up those of you -- because you will get us eventually. And if you email us. -- who one of us emails -- -- is it's not an automated system we don't we we don't hire anybody did do it because this. We take the responsibility for anything we do say so it's best that comes right from the -- smile thought fingertips. Exactly. McCain so again this is what the show's all about Kim touch wood village oh and I'm. We'll do the best we can feel when -- best is very very good. Now we like what we're doing and what we do we do very well. -- I want tenements and but again through through emails. And telephone conversations. That. Some of the some of the folks that good looking for automobiles. And the situations they they get themselves into. We had a young lady still. That we mentioned no names we don't mention any areas. She purchased an automobile. And unfortunately. The vehicle. The sub standard title. And then she treated to an automobile and and and have to was traded into would deal. They had the gall to call her back like three weeks 34 weeks went. And tell -- that they. Did she -- sold them. He. Such did Iraq and automobile with a sub standard title. And because of that. They were -- they were and who. They were gonna file charges against her and she didn't. Pay an additional amount to make up for the substance that was -- 2000 goals and yeah if -- -- yeah. I mean the onus is on them I mean did you know they have access to contracts have access to. The bridge to more vehicles so I mean. I know that she didn't do it. On purpose she brought the car over this year if she forgot that the guys in the accident. And that she -- -- bought back from the insurance company alone apparently fixed it up and everything was fine and they certainly had enough opportunity look at the car. The Cuban bring the title to a barber shop. She brought it to the kind of deal I mean are people that are thought it was right on the title and instead they're in the business that the car had been in the for prior collision and there was a reconstructed. Title exactly yeah. Instructed on -- pay them into it. She's she's Simpson this year I appreciate what you assured she was in trouble -- -- and she she called us to find out what the story was. And I told -- should not pay them anything because they should have known. They looked at the title when they took the current. And it was clearly marked for it on the from the rich you more vehicles. So. That's their business they do that every day for a living. Fitting catch that ball. To better I mean she wasn't on her mind that's for sure. You know she she had been driving back out for a long time so she did didn't even dawn on her she gave you present them with a title and it was right there black white. Well get sucked and so she paid. That's too bad and won't do that again and then these are situations that. Aren't necessary -- they can be avoided. And you know and I don't mean to make it sound like we the you know -- the end of all problems. Brought them. We know and of course for the stuff right now we can -- though. Protect themselves protect clients and I can't stress it enough. We other guys who we the kind guys. Don't really I succumbed to cry if you wanna buy the good automobiles get the best. Deal for your money get the best automobile for your money. And that's Italy's Khamese. Speechless with some good. That this that the well you know I had one of my clients call me from. Actually the when I was done with the disabled Pennsylvania last week. And he basically told me that he would person comes from a deal that actually. He never saw the title because they sent the right into the this at the ready for the registry you can give give switch over into his name. And soul basically what happened was. He boycott it had been a previous accident they have told -- it was an accident. And it he says this accident shows up on car -- But not only does the accident shall put in -- when I guess it has some something that was. On the title as well and so it was either reconstructed -- -- he would know that. -- got -- financed I have no idea is most of the banks won't -- a lot of time football. But. He did get a finance and now looks now he he's paid to cover off the title came in the mail he never looked at it you know just came -- moves show. Far more vehicles and super way. Now he goes tree this current because he needs now it's time for me you know Monica. And you've gone to -- under -- in the -- idealists and well you know who did the normal value for this -- would have been about 8000 but because -- of the accident in the sewer accident when you talk about. And then the eve they brought to his tension in these -- homely daughter you know that now I don't know how many years ago we bought this vehicle but he bought quite along time ago. -- the light bulb just went on in my head these and now because they just relax remembers. Do we judge decide that the -- last week assumption on my right that I we and FO is not a too tough for me but I guess he lost touch lost my number one not. And it's too bad because if we -- decision from school programs and now he's reach an outfielder for some help but unfortunately I'm assuming that the that there risen through the much -- you can go no not at this point I mean -- we were running all get another cardinal problem -- and we still know what he's getting. Yeah you know. So that they'll be good but -- it is really nothing you can do. Well. The last thing I want to mention because somebody and somebody asked -- got an email about it and we've talked about it many times and that is the it's -- fax OK we have flow from. We have ways of -- checking out -- facts like everybody else does but we also have some other means of investigating. An automobile. To see if there was any -- damage there wasn't reported. To cafe actual -- dole is next week -- enemy could point to go over that again and bring it bring it out so everybody understands. What this all about the what is we're gonna say goodbye -- because. Cook she's given me the worst. So -- it's does this is the guy guys radio show on KM. Six AB WRKO. And you can reach us at 33022748. 97. Or -- on the car guys Webb site dot com. -- -- -- Thanks to President Obama things are really on the rise here in New Hampshire. Things like unemployment. And energy prices. Are unemployment rate here went out last night. And if you have a job to New Hampshire and your cost of getting too worked as a two. Gallon of gas is more than doubled under Obama. And with winter coming on you'll soon -- a bigger chunk of your paycheck to stay warm. Under Obama the price of heating -- is up 51%. And propane and kerosene aren't far behind him. And our electric bills of the country's fourth highest. Barack Obama. We simply can't afford four more. But you know things might be looking up after home. This Romney's energy plan calls America's natural resources together to bring prices down. And bring jobs back. I'm Mitt Romney I'm running for president and I approve this message may -- by Romney for president incorporated. Join each week 11 AM this is OK in six CD WRKO. In Boston.