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How did they get those wonderful employment numbers?

Oct 8, 2012|

Jeff Kuhner says the numbers that have been released showing the unemployment rate coming down is fixed.

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-- and I make. Sitting in for dog Feinberg -- It's 172666868. Good morning Boston. Happy Columbus Day if you actually managed to have the day off some have -- off some don't have an off for example I don't have an off. I don't know how many days off but let that go. So much to talk about. I don't know where to begin. But there's no question about it there is absolutely. No question about it. The White House are now is touting these job numbers. They are powering this seven point 8% figure. This September jobs report came out on Friday. Showing -- 1141000. New jobs created. And total. They're saying over the last couple of months. 873000. Jobs were created which suddenly now means -- -- -- One month before the presidential election. With Obama now clearly in trouble having gotten his I hide it handed to him by Mitt Romney and the debate. Everything turning against the president. Can you believe that. Unemployment is now under the magical 8%. It's now with seven point 8%. And of course Obama immediately is now running around the country saying now for the first time under my presidency. The unemployment rate is as low as it's ever been. I came in at seven point 8% and now it -- seven point 8%. And I told all of you. That and if I couldn't get unemployment 100%. This should be a quote one term proposition. -- No liberal messiah admitted he turned water into wine. You literally just suddenly waved as Wanda and all of a sudden the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Labor secretary Hilda Solis they came up was seven point 8%. They did it. It bids and they're bombing the economy is booming now according to these the physics. This is the biggest one month turn around in nearly thirteen years in 29 years. The last time you read this kind of a turn around this sudden drop off point 3%. Was in 1983. Under Reagan. When the economy was booming at four -- 5%. Now -- kind. Have been looking into this over the weekend. I have looked into the methodology I've actually looked at the report I've looked at how they arrived at this number most journalists have been mum that. Most media commentators haven't done that no you're right I don't have a life. It's basically I've been. Working on this story and feeding my two children that's all I do and I can stay up -- my feeble little baby every the other baby. My web get some sleep and I am working that's all that's all I do literally female babies and work that's all I don't blame me. Jump corner is not an exciting guy. I don't women -- like bill -- see I don't mean an exciting life. But as I'm walking into this. Let me tell you something that the liberal media is not telling you. For example. How did they get an 873000. Jobs. Literally. -- -- 60000. People called household survey. And it goes like this always going. Hello hello. Hi I'm from the I'm Hilda Solis. I'm from the -- Bureau of Labor Statistics -- the secretary of labor. We're doing a survey of how you are your family is doing right now. Are you one employed that that pat. Yes you are -- I doubt well. Have you. You don't count -- you're not part not you don't -- you -- get a patent I'm out all of I don't wanna hear it I know times are tough. You've given up OK you're not you're -- person you don't count as unemployed not gonna happen yeah okay let's call somebody else let's -- somebody else not. Gave up person's money meant so McCullough somebody else. -- Carlo I come out well. Hello this is this is Hilda Solis from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. -- you. Good got a patent OK so let me get district are you working -- I'm not far. Okay your husband just got laid off not a OK okay so he's unemployed. So what you're telling me is now you've got not part time job on the computer in the basement for -- happen. All can you sell submerged so what else do you smell so -- come -- are all glow in the dark on the homes -- yeah yeah. Dwight wants some no no no I don't -- may be but let's just let the issue right -- I Batman -- really in my multiple colors Munich purple purple -- at all. -- -- oh well maybe but OK so you are selling glow in the dark Condo homes and smarts for pat is pat. And your children are -- so you've got -- you got the little kids the three of them all and they're selling them as well Barak Patton and her husband does joined in. My god that's five people were sorry kids you and your husband who's unemployed but you're gonna lose some links Mercer and blow on the dark on the homes. That's five people working and out all that. That. Oh yeah yeah yeah. -- -- why you're so lucky to have five people working boy the money just must be pouring in and that's what do you do. They literally called 60000. People. I swear you and from 60000 people Lisa bloom. We just created 873000. Jobs. There extrapolating. It's based on assumptions. Much of it is part time jobs. So fewer working part time and they ought to drop that's a big job what are -- working out of their homes I'm getting that's a drop that's a drop. OK so vendors not. They revise the July numbers. Page along the revised the August numbers because now they got that they gotta hit that 873000. They got to get that number seven point 8%. And here is the kicker. Here is the kicker I'm telling you look at the report I don't want to take my word for. If you read the fine print that nobody in the mainstream media's telling you to read it even commenting on. It says. That the economy has added 873000. Drops I kid you not check this out. Plus or minus. 400000. Jobs. Plus or minus 400000. Jobs okay. -- out cook she's been asking me Jeff how much do you make. Books I make a million dollars. Plus or minus 950000. Dollars. I'm a millionaire. That crept up all of your -- in the guard somebody asks you say what's your house worth. It's worth -- million dollars. Plus term -- is 900000. Dollars. It took Ambien does is Obama's America. I told you I weighed 260 in my bones. Might look my dog there is formula -- you're gonna get diabetic Brees who lose -- belly. I know you're six label isn't -- is Doug Bailey you're going to be done at 24235. You know what what the -- good enough for the dear leader. If it's good enough for the Obama administration. For the good enough for us but the Packers should be good enough for me I'm 200 pounds. Plus or minus seven accounts this is America. Bone damage myself esteem. Don't tell me I'm overweight. You don't have a right -- you don't have a right to define my reality for in this situation the blue pill works better than the red -- I'm 200 pounds so from now on I'm telling her nominally in -- on the millionaire I've struck it rich at WRKO. Are you may come million dollars a year plus plus or minus 950000. Dollars. And so my question to you is a simple one. Do you believe the books have been cooked do in your life do you feel in your everyday life. Do you feel you're living a seven point 8% unemployment rate. Is -- morning again in America are -- in the middle of an incredibly strong recovery 617. 2666868. Fewer than they would -- them. Jim. Welcome to Feinberg and make free. Hey Jeff good morning good morning -- You know you're giving Ali figure it and they you're mentioning about all the -- -- beyond that -- counted in minutes you know these statistics. The thing that people though. Don't understand is that really there -- a lot of our Tanjug out there because no company wants that I want full time workers. Because of the threat of global climate here. Brilliant. Brilliant I mean that's exactly what people like me said. You put this kind of a massive entitlement when these kinds of taxes who's gonna wanna hire. Plus with these massive tax increases now coming as a Biden himself said he admitted it. We're gonna raise taxes on you one trillion dollars especially on the rich. Richardson and why should we hire. And so now look I'll tell you right now it's -- it is morning again in America you want a job at a Starbucks. You want a job flipping hamburgers. This is that. This is the golden age it's never been better than -- Personally I'm telling you right now I feel very rich so rich I'm gonna go out to Starbucks and got myself a part time job selling coffee. I wanna be a copy server I'm just telling you right now because this is the dream we are living the dream under this man. And now they're trying to tell us that he solve the unemployment crisis. But now unemployment is way down. And now it's a seven point 8% so reelect me. That's what he's basically telling us. I don't wanna get lost in the weeds here. But you have to really understand this is a very key point. The growth rate. To get 873000. Draw displaying no underlying I know they're cooking the books. Like it was under Reagan -- to be almost 5%. It -- if the economy's got to be bullying. 5% growth they get 873000. Jobs he -- to growth rate is. One point three. In his lower this year. Than it was the previous year and the previous year was lower than the. Really this year. The economy is slowing down into buying. And they want us to believe now that he's magically created 873000. Votes just one month before the election. I mean I understand they think we're stupid. But we're not bad stupid. 6172666868. Jeff thanks for holding Iran Feinberg and -- But more I just can't believe what I do of course is said last week. Can -- physically ill I think he did it even and people vote for this guy. Hours stupid and you need to look around you what's happening here I wouldn't go all the children including job. And Corcoran got busy doing -- -- I don't -- you know then you don't know dog. Who emerged as Obama I don't care how we don't know I'm not that big why we can't let anybody got good guys. Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse to be better than this guy you're not I'm telling you. It's you know why you what does he wouldn't be Mickey Mouse if we elected Mickey Mouse and you make him president Mickey Mouse okay president -- President -- in the White House president Mickey wouldn't pass obamacare. Because president that he wouldn't know anything. President that he would do nothing and by doing -- thing he's already infinitely better than Obama because he's not doing that Mitch. That's serious I'd vote for Mickey Mouse over the dear leader. A Mickey Mouse -- my -- wants you want Mickey Mouse would say. Mickey Mouse would pull all remember what he'd come out when he went there though they're without a Donald but they all come out. And it's -- you know what. The real unemployment rate is fourteen point 6% we're not gonna -- you anymore plug and play with his fingers all day. I saved really honestly Mickey Mouse for president ooh I want an honest man in the White House. I want somebody who won't lie to me anymore we're. There is an -- when Mickey creates jobs. I didn't Disney isn't successful franchise Mickey Mouse plus money and people -- you so -- 617. There was six. 6868. Do you believe that jobs numbers and do you feel like -- economies at seven point 8%. Is the government lying to us or do you believe the dear leader -- This is just gonna sitting in for Todd Feinberg. And Michelle makes me on WR NA -- all -- --