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Islamabad Gate with Col. Hunt

Oct 10, 2012|

State Department officials have revealed for the first time that there were no demonstrations or protests outside the Libyan Embassy last month and that the so called anti-Muslim video had nothing to do with the attack and murder of our Ambassador and other Americans. The White House is now saying it was bad intel that led them to blame the movie. We spoke with Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt about these revelations.

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Joining us now on the line as a colonel David Hunt colonel hunt is a big enough. He's the president of how we carnation and he has been he's been right on top of that so Libya thing and he's been right from the start. And occur colonel it just gets it gets worse by the day what's what's going on -- army -- -- ice actually this is worse than Watergate by far. Well it could be put it we've -- -- -- Delegates are all played out it could be -- it could be. Huge. Vigorous -- of it right now. You've got the -- Norquist to inter regional security officer don't get too much inside baseball what are SL is C. Senior security officer at the embassy. Yes he frustrate the party works for the State Department. Right and body works CSS department states security. And it isn't awful part because here. Just what he's got he's testifying in an email to Cho. Went 230. Separate its. Security incidents you know attacks. Bombs. Dangerous incidents in the year leading up to themselves tiger attack. This was just a bit just in Ben Ghazi. They got near Tripoli okay what -- but the point but it. Huge recording please reporting of this State Department saying. We need more work we want help military colonel 120 about running twentieth what supports what -- talk anymore. Who did a securities assessments. Which is. Our group a special forces guys that walk. To our country and say you need. Protection needing Marines -- there if need be curious -- right. Who's who would have ambassador wanted to cheap wanna keep premiere tonight. -- bachelor -- guys or finding him comical protection they would not within dot. These guys aren't the plunge protection team would have been armed right. Yes it would be armed with as opposed to the guys were there it weren't armed. It would to a three different weapons without. They would go out armored car. All of this -- -- didn't take. Don't know why -- You know what going to -- it just doesn't acts. You've got Hillary Clinton's statement. -- to put the signature on documents. That said no Marines that went to department defense. First time it's -- security thank you have. Written about potential. Of the war lowest security profile since the 23 night. There's all its 1939. Is that Iran and the hostage crisis yeah. In Iraq. Album. And it got. All of this is based on policy. On -- up Security Council. White House that said -- the American poll. On the net it's translated into this disaster. My -- and as well that I want to go. Up until actually turned out part of contract. To help with security because all the restrictions that the State Department was. Placing on the contract company called blue mountain out of England and provide security. In that security there are all Libyans think Gandhi who don't have it looks and weapons. But that being locked by turbulence which are hanging around and in god because. It's VIP. Absolutely no security and witnessing in the security the security was for Libyan Barney fights. Our product yet there yes well yes it's what they are for Barney -- The CO that killed. Once we're just about -- ordered for the CIA that separate compound while some street they come to the -- To help predict -- a separate. Deal. But they have -- -- arsenal right they have no weapon that's they have no weapons right. Not to see your -- become now why aren't focused like a ticket but -- -- working on a separate contract with CIA they were -- -- Of the embassy security. Was very brave thing again. -- Obama's streak -- gonna help kill. What you and all of watching all this is -- state department for ten days topic this nonsense about eight. -- and it got everybody talking about it I'll admit that had something anything to do with an organized -- attack by al-Qaeda. August clogs slip on. Celebrate on the they have not let down -- it is you're making their site it's very. It's it's a complete failure. And it's been overshadowed by politics. Only now I think just that when you get to the point of Clinton's signature. I think that that you go to achieve this step the White House and I think it's very ugly there. We're what do you mean by very ugly just -- -- -- -- Because you've got not the White House directly connected to the policy that we get these alternate formats are not you've just got this. It's discussion about security and what what what the bear but it was a policy at the White House threatened by the State Department -- And then that they're not an ordinance this wag the dog crap about -- don't. That had nothing to do nothing at all to do with -- is back there. When and where oh where did the film come worded this information about the film come from a mean all of a sudden I think -- prisoners -- -- they start talking about the film I mean. Somebody must to have the film recently you're saying it was a -- and -- wag the dog thing that it was just enough. That's what appears like it's what's that that's what's so it's the first time we hear about is he got Tyrell. We get a -- statement I was at a facility that nobody nobody has talked about. Have been I think they'll make California but the point I'm making. That for the White House in the state department's. Why. It's an economic statement saying don't talk to god and oh by the way. Where it as secretary of state why that why you see up on this and the reason not suggest saying not -- she's not as. In the congress signature on documents. That said don't provide security like Marines. And sourcing. In the background. Because I think that's been put first Nadal will be secretary stated. I mean I mean people the people cabinet secretaries in the past have gotten fired for a hell of a lot less than that something with a -- Earl butts remember him under under. Just made it's stupid joke -- was John Dean. And they got fired. Right what are you. Why Hillary Clinton still not going help Obama is an expert -- and that's the whole I don't see I don't see anybody get in part obviously not. I think jobs in a -- but it's -- I think that she's being kept. The public eye but I don't see her get fired because -- help instantly deal. I think this this could be expected right now it's -- like of the level. On the embarrassing moments but -- for the administration. I think as this thing go right opens up in the press -- negatives -- in this. You could get to Watergate sides. Because it wasn't just to get Americans it's the -- it's always the cover up afterwards to get adequate attention. Right wondering what -- it. Again I know you know she's you know heard -- heard signatures on the documents but. You know you know they did it it really is true that the cover up is always worse I mean war if they just contagious -- to this the first day and said. We didn't have enough security and we're conducting an investigation I mean what do. I mean I hate to say at that four people which will be dead but it would've blown over by now rather than just kind of pestering like this and how what's now what's. Now it's bigger news than it wasn't the day it happened. And how -- nobody goes on being depressed from any administration Republican or Democrat know what. -- -- the government not being fully briefed me -- -- you know you don't Wright had a book full briefing papers. And an out and about ten people frequent error before she will probably depressed. -- all the other and all the other show -- was on all of them that day. Well my point yes but not nobody for every general myself and my point celibate government's position. -- -- You know -- just it was actually wanting to order to -- She knew what was she got you know what was the chino was a line. -- -- It's hard to say she's that you -- -- you and about what I gotta find the people inside the State Department. Seventh floor where it plays -- lot new because we we don't want -- lieutenant colonel. You don't -- and we know this guy Norquist was a real story options do. -- coming into. A bit up that unfortunately. You've got a bunch of people working for the administration who were at odds with the administration about what happened. And the result is for Americans killed. Terrible but then you've got the wise. It's a very good. Most whose fault I mean whose fault is it is is it is it some bureaucrat in the day in in foggy bottom or is it murderers and Hillary Clinton. What started it yet again it. And caught -- I think with what I mean when rice's speaking when you bastard got -- -- is speaking your mind. That next step is he'll equipment is a step -- between them but but. Why doesn't go on. We're not talking to Clinton means that the plane about to blog about talking to accept the White House. Which -- an -- -- change I can but even brought in my point is you're not independent actors. Why didn't show up Sunday morning on Meet the Press can give her -- your country. Chirping and it is US policy or this -- the position. Poppy -- Obama administration United States of America which represents. And it was a long. And we're gonna find out they know. So -- said those questions. You know that guy bay does not coveted spot. -- -- everybody knows that attacked from jump street. What the terrorist attack or an inning it was. So -- the film -- on YouTube via but you know. -- last night that somebody's and our caller in the first hour said that. On Hannity Bob Woodward went on there and so there was no big deal what's happened here. Why -- he says I mean I know I know he's in the satchel and he's a Democrat he works for the Washington Post but why would he say something. I think that would what is is caught because his book is being used against him arbitration awards which are lower than. And it don't know what -- credibility that upward or heard about it or accept public. Meeting is to -- historic problems. Thank you every night we haven't had a vestige -- -- or security problems are -- no Marines. 23600. Incidents they waited 230 security it has happened over the year. There he has the security officer at the embassy in Tripoli is recording these -- sending -- back in reports -- To the State Department. And I'm Stephens Stephen actually Stephen's actually sent a cable back the day he was killed right asking for more help. More security. Any also requested this special forces guys. And what to think also -- to find out what exactly Stevens is doing and thank god. -- what what do we Robin Ozzie what what do which heat with is some people are saying I keep reading on these blogs that. He was he was doing some on negotiations to get some weapons to some people -- they liked or some open up. There's that and is also a social implications and that won't we just as well. I don't know I think it's their -- I do know is that -- security. Or protection team. -- that the government. Adopting him -- got he would. Shorty wanna if he was scared if he was -- if he was frightened. And the very concerned about his own personal security why would you want to close protection team. Go to their social activist. Biggest -- he's gonna visit his girlfriend something colonel. Aren't you make it sound like he's gonna visit his girlfriend or some experience that's speculation about Willie. We don't -- I don't out there at apple -- its actual I don't know. What he was doing and it got. You know it but it has a lot of discussion about these -- up there have been such -- Why would -- now another thing that I have that I've never understood die you know I don't know much about that the new government of Libya but I mean they they kind of -- -- the US under the bus they were the first ones to kick the US under the bus I mean there -- the administration. Why would that why would the press I mean the president of -- Libya's getting all of his -- I would assume and supplies from the United States basically. Why would he suddenly beer he'd be he was the first guy literally bureau the story. Because the Libyans were being I think department. For not protecting. The consulate and the embassy. And they they said when it. We we've been offering security you didn't want to hear what is set to bested activist and they -- want to think that want to be. For the chapter of the American ambassador and the government of Libya Congo would seem that. Are all not payers. I agree it. But I agree that it is but I mean being eight being reliable pop but I mean aren't they -- or are they are reliable popular so shouldn't they be reliable pop up. Amid a much -- in the -- I it. It's almost too soon then it's your reliable -- -- rebels. -- a look at their bank but they quickly. Countered the US argument. A lot and -- something that would move. I was I was actually I was glad they did and I'm just asking why they did you know I just declared I'm not used to seeing this you know. Amused to see in the of these you know of them does this US story is backed up for -- better for worse. We'll put one and it was one of the places. Debt dispute that the government didn't have epic covered with the Libyan government they came forward then. You have. These are the special forces are currently -- -- the regional security officer and and depressed me knowing it would entryway to three weeks. -- CI -- to get to the consulate. We -- US press people wanting Iran to not like documents over the place statement that came out. Com and oh by the way it's -- we lost four Americans. Not a question out of the question then we'll openly well hope on the line so people can call -- if you want to 187746943. 22. Why why is it. Why yeah why did the State Department have this briefing last night in just cough up everything because it was a because the hearings. We're gonna come out when they were trying to defuse what was gonna commodity hearings today. Two reasons one -- I think hearing the second is things like bright spark others it's a big story being. Getting calls were very very specific questions and that the freedom of information. About aren't -- immigration requests which one. Well enough approved. What really -- more often -- not classified documents that's why they did just delaying and bureaucratic. But like -- others blocks. New York Times I've done some -- requests so what's that both hitting it and ices this -- -- Are they gonna is the stuff gonna hit before the before the election. Some -- -- absolutely will and I -- things not go. We'll be what will it be that devastated I -- will be devastating to watch. I think the devastation is Clinton's signature and what exactly Stevens was doing and they got those votes you know why witness protection team with them. What would you really don't think that the state Clinton's signature how hard tackles. And when he was doing and. But I mean I'm saying is that it is -- up doing document. Is is it is seeing also is anything -- point back to war to war bomb and make and make him look even worse than he already looks just for a you know going to the United Nations and vowing it's creeping in front of these ten pot dictators and claiming you know going along with the cover up. And that's the Security Council does not it's not edited and act active. They're -- at the presidential representation. Of course I mean I don't -- click on it yet promising that you wanted to. What do you get -- the White House that's. Which which what -- Clinton's signature gives you is written assignment that gives you the cheapest and -- senator mark this sort of that for me it's a policy. Restricted and I think part in the guilt it's always an issue and how bad it is this just now coming out. It's I think it's amazing it's taken what almost a month. To get people. How the how tomorrow Barack Obama run around the country. You know what talking about big bird and just to ignore this day after day after day I don't want I don't understand that you think you would at least make me. Some kind of passing reference to. To us but it also adjusting of course you're right about that but it -- -- kind of adjusting. That Romney got that job. I think it's because I think that expanded it when it correctly that we. I think -- I think it all really reticent on the campaign to jump on this. And there's thirty -- budget to be done. Wild accusations were what we're getting state department of backing -- -- -- -- to a lot of people think I think it's very certain. If the administration want to claim. That they killed a lot and it water it worked well spiked the football you got to take the hit and pop party. All the part. Right like mission accomplished -- partner gets like mission accomplished in the Bush Administration right -- -- the Houston but he but bush took a lot more heat for mission accomplished than this guy is taken. So far and the -- other claiming it's bad intelligence while bush had bad intelligence that went out right. How well my point that's -- there's -- Norquist. Written over a -- year. Says 230 separate security is that -- pressing and Intel. Oh okay -- OK so there wasn't bad so unlike unlike George Bush she didn't have bad intelligence. Now this spirit that they they can't claim that. The intelligence community did not drop as well. Thank again. The -- always writing it. -- -- -- about how it's CIA NSA yeah all of don't know about that but but we've got written documents. On the regional security optimistic department. It's says -- here we've been having these problems so there's no. You can't push you can't wait you think we think the administration give the figure to scale intelligence that the administrative. Bureaucratic -- Maybe maybe could be the Romney is just holding off for the debate the debate at the foreign policy they'd just two weeks away I mean that's the call -- gonna keep bubbling for two more weeks as -- and I mean it could be I mean god only knows how. How bad the administration could look at fourteen days. I think it's gonna get only worse I don't know whether. To get above the Watergate game he's gonna give us some time. I mean it wherever it could halt. To cover up. Is what we're gonna get in trouble and and that is so obvious to go to all the public statements made from the White House. From from the democratic to these guys. Problem. UN ambassador from secretary of state -- -- -- but the threat United States oh now you've got this continuous ten days. But. Let everybody do that not true. That was never connection ever between. A good movie. And ambassador in -- will. Announced that Clinton's got to know that his wife's neck is on the chopping block right. He I mean he's -- It -- guess she's what might mean she's gonna get chopped eventually right I mean I would see you know the way Clinton operates I mean now everything is everything is a deal right I mean he's got to be. He's got to be trying to cut a deal to save her viability for 20161. Way or the other right. What if I think it would happen is. Romney win there's no question but it Obama. Somehow win as she she quit set yet in the first term that's I think what you get. She doesn't quality you don't want so much she doesn't want some investigation. You know I'd like. It -- only that she doesn't want ice and and shape it's after her for the next year and a half. I think -- it's it's really kills whatever legacy she. I think just kills -- when you get. Get the documents piracy mr. signature. That it's -- devastate. It was an ambassador. With these great -- -- -- To -- a policy which are involved in and battle again. This is broader than what a couple of think we got their own state departments -- we got trouble here the impasse this thing I think security. And it's all coming out now. That that they do would advance to there was trouble in Libya. And you know that al-Qaeda. Anniversary of nine elevenths you know get very organized endeavor back. -- the details of how badly it was not not what the administration's. Which which all what you know it can only make suggests. Worse the mean when Kennedy would be on these guys served their country and killed doing it leaked into. -- and you and you know that you know what's sort of the frosting on the cake is this so RO Lara Logan coming out I mean this is a woman. Who has credentials in this in this field having been. Sexually assaulted in in Cairo during the so called Arab Spring. And she's saying this is all this is all a bunch of BS that that they're feeding. Out of the Pentagon. We knew that. If you remember way after the Clinton -- yet. It was MDC who who who said that's enough about her working was shot yeah now you've got. CBS. Say that's enough when it comes having gotten here in trouble -- Right but it's a minute and -- don't -- it doesn't get much. Yet nobody's gonna call Lara Logan out Amaechi -- Lucas -- -- Very credible and very good reporter you know all the way to attract ratcheting up -- -- -- I mean she kind of an impeachable you as. The particular region as our State Department officials. Who are on the record. I was saying look we need to talk about its three year he -- this is not my opinions here -- a -- here that the trapped in the matches we -- Here -- request. Here's the policy. Why did you do not want what was what was the reason behind quality American profile -- -- As a crop of American -- And that's going to be -- into. How how does that how they get to say I mean I thought that you know they had. You know low protocol that they that guys like that Norquist. Couldn't couldn't go law Rogen go to the press is why I mean how how were they how are they now -- coming out and speaking out and in the court. And you're no longer the Arizona I think. Always retired about one and they were kernel as reservists bulk up yeah that's I mean it diminished -- practical things digital yeah that's what it's a support group which. Why all these retired special forces are such they're very brick it. But he had to work in US government -- -- -- into -- part time. So they can't stop these guys they can't stop -- Enabled and they're going product and and by the way to getting published in the I'm gonna keep email traffic from Norquist is going to be. While their children 230 incident well. Can you stick around to take some calls with a lot of people talked to colonel thanks like OK -- we'll be right back with -- they've been on 18774694322. On how we car. 18774694322. You know the the -- house committee on -- government oversight. That's the committee that brought down Roger Clemens and brought down Billy Bulger. -- it's it's they do a lot of good work it's currently run by aero piece congressman from California. Jason treatments from Utah whose. Been on the show recently. Here and they there were conducting hearings -- they're talking to some people were involved in the bin Ghazi security operation or lack Europe and it's. It's finally starting to was picked to catch fire the mainstream media alone I pride in those dropping today in the New York Times about it which. What does surprise against the news all the news that that student that's fit to print that and set today. But the colonel David Hunt does with us and he's he's got some inside info on this is on top of that from -- -- -- -- takes some. You're a John you're next with how we car and colonel David Hunt go ahead. External now. And then and hope for a while that you know what it's it's been entirely work that I have been charting done a lot of notes. I think that conversation. Just had about this -- it's gonna turn out to be you know just. Great and important thing to -- -- through over the radio waves. I wanted to say I was talking to a friend and announced. And as in this is Hillary's Chappaquiddick. You know taking her contention for the presidency but I think it's going to be so much worse net what's the worst thing that could happen barker and all that's really blows up. Wanted to get fired and -- for them. Clinton legacy. Means you've got to pass. For the last four years and people have talked about a great secretary of state. I don't think that very much but -- -- then. But -- the press and yes you get her directly connected to which he has to adapt and an ambassador I think that happens. That's -- that's going out on a bad mark and I think that will be very hurtful and good stopper in 2000 well. 2008. Yes she certainly she certainly looks like she's carrying the weight of the world on her self. You know she looks like she looks like she's aged years in the last in the last month or so it doesn't street. When you start at the -- At Dover it was over -- random visitors when the president spoke but it's terrible terrible and I and I appreciate. Not irresponsible but it kind of thing you should look at. I think that that all this you'd have not talked on this. And they need to and I think I think it should affect. The elections and complete failure policy to keep science lies you -- spiked the football over the laden figured -- taking when he. Right right you don't -- -- -- don't don't let your mouth -- your ass can't cash deals saying well. The New York Times has on page 810 today buried a -- Australia has really -- gumption they got actually a couple Austria people features on big bird on the front play which Barbara Barbara you're next with how we card colonel David on. -- -- -- Don't you think that Hillary culture relationship with the -- -- at the end a scrapbook. Their culture relationship -- the well which I think that that is dragging our foreign policy and it finally. It's finally something that important that we ought to be now because -- been in the end and -- -- about it. And they had infiltrated the White House and the State Department every now and the equity from coming up directly from the the brotherhood. Of appeasement and I think what happened -- Adding the State Department -- Three years. A stronger Arab desk but it has it really gets to me there's been a strong. Arab. Palestinians. -- In our State Department hurt her a lot administration's. I don't think that it is not -- infiltration. They'll hire openly if not there's not a state not a secret. The candidate that there's -- leaning towards. The Arab street and Palestinians as -- department that there. Probably fifty years one of the great complaints that our -- Israel. Is just that and it's gone it's in the bureaucracy bureaucrats. Regardless of what administrations. That stay the State Department. Did make Apple's. Romney could do an -- now say you know could you know having it's something from Obama and then Biden and maybe one or two others at the Democratic Convention and Charlotte. Talking about how al-Qaeda has been vanquished. And then say -- less than a week later a mob are were a Rampage at rampaged through war Rubin Ghazi kill the ambassador three other Americans. And then the and then the administration lied about it for two weeks be it. Very organized. That very well. Weaponized. 150 people. Quiet morning cannot -- every afternoon. It would -- -- it was a it was organized attack while on a very different what don't Obama like that this is recon. Slams. Everybody's seen the devastation that that. So you're right I mean it's just. And it. I just hope that this thing really gets to play it deserves. You know -- -- to count our friends from Winchester -- Maybe he'll have a -- -- the other guy that was typical -- ops public option. I'll deserve what started -- this. And we as a as a society deserve. Better than to be lied to for about three weeks I -- the FBI is investigating. There's been intimate intimate that you guys on the case right three weeks. Almost three weeks this -- -- BI right team. Gotten near national. And then a few days after they say that the CC NN is reading from the ambassadors by Iraq which they just walked in the the what the what there was an Indian and yellow crimes crime scene tape. Around this building. I didn't end -- nobody could have gotten to the three where. It is classified document bulk of the point I mean. People are afraid to go -- by the -- with the FBI -- out of Tripoli escorted by army special forces. Then ordered elect a -- they delayed -- trying to figure out how to say they get these these guys have to think about it. My point of saying that it is it's always been at an event since conducting. A very dangerous place something wrong without a dangerous place. But that's what you have to protect. That which you do. But why you made an adventurous we made it today interest place it wasn't all it was it was a bad place but it wasn't all that dangerous for Americans. When Qaddafi was there at the end important. You take out of tech guy we talked many times. He better have some idea what tomorrow looked like it we didn't and the result is -- lost four Americans. Right if you're gonna take out the bad guy you better have a bad guy standing in the way you don't. Don't write write about woman's. Right. Right colonel thanks for being with us we really appreciated and thanks for your talent -- appreciated -- -- be on the -- be on fox any time soon. Right now it's hit us bad. Maybe tomorrow what I'm okay thanks like colonel. --