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Col. Hunt On The Newest Libyan Revelations

Oct 12, 2012|

Fox military analyst Col. David Hunt checked in with us again after the revelation that there were multiple listening posts which heard the cries for help from the US Embassy in Libya and none of them did anything. The State Department says they still do not know what really happened in Libya.

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Is that the bush relied on intelligence for the weapons of mass destruction in Iraqi life what Obama does -- it's justified for what happened in Libya. And it's and it's also the video they didn't get the word that Libya the intelligence community didn't get them the word in Libya but the heat but a Joseph Biden seems to believe that. Who they were there there -- intelligence that they're getting from Iran is perfectly good and there's no no worry about any kind of nuclear bomb nuclear. Rockets are coming out of -- Rihanna in the near future because the intelligence community tells the same intelligence community that. Didn't warn them about the Libya. Okay joining us now is colonel David Hunt he's been awful lot this week but he's almost as he always has new information about what's going on in Gaza and how war. And a what the latest latest developments are so we find out more more about it. And you know I I I -- my little apologized for doing doing a lot of Lou Libya and been -- yeah. Topics because the it's it's hard to get it in the mainstream media you know they they they don't their -- they're looking away they robbery in their -- Because they they don't they don't wanna make -- Barack Obama looked at this is that this is a real fiasco for his administration and so there are given at a good leaving alone. And it's -- units not because they don't have good video I was talking -- -- about this earlier you know they cut the they've got the burning embassy they've gotten pictures the Pentagon video of the mob. They've got video of the congressional hearings via the witnesses testifying. What happened that got pictures of the dead US ambassador they've got they've got. Horry shot of him being dragged through the streets there's all the stuff they need to put together any kind of TB. Story they want to do. And that they've they've just chosen to given -- pass because it would girl while I mean that's the only that's Hillary's like NC. Colonel hunt thanks for being -- us again today. And what's that what's that what did you think when you heard Joseph Biden toughest talk and that rag time ran out of a pox last night. The second time in my public career I guess it's my career as a typical public sphere -- That's thought. Joseph Biden might -- that life. Said that what happened to Libya recently. The administration so -- -- intelligence. -- When Pakistan. Didn't blow up and tell -- we did not walk out and -- 9/11 happened that was intelligence. India blew up and talk while we did know that intelligence. When the Iraqi military lined up politically border. And we didn't see it coming -- and it didn't barbaric action to get it. That we don't it's. This. Is flat leadership problem. What happened is that a woman anyway it was. Undersecretary of state get to for that department of Vietnam. Department states here. 22 days ago. Told I think community that she listened to was talking to. And recorded. Almost six hour flight but -- result in the -- of four Americans. She was happy. -- department. Operations center in foggy bottom. When that happens. They're -- to people again -- for -- not take it. Anybody embassy -- -- the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Practice CIA and on and on. What also happened did that there command centers national argument that is -- -- White House situation room. Twelve that I won't bore you with at least twelve separate commands. -- listening to this same conversation. On the six hours. The question I think besides that pipeline. Is why did what he had. Why do we do it why didn't the United States government reacts. You react. Listening to it. But it would think we've got. We've -- aircraft in Europe aircraft in the in the vault and we we have the capability of doing something we do not think what sort of threat vice president. And it's reported everybody from the moment the attack happened in our government. In the decision making Kindle -- But it wasn't a -- that it was organized it was violence and it had nothing nothing to do it. In riot -- -- assembly of people are built. Side that this was gone -- no not even close to an intelligence say here this was prescient. Actionable information. That there and a woman Pepper Pike who had ever wonder what give it worked out this week we sat and watched. Embassy ball for America thought. What the -- who was on the the the the radio in the India consulate in man god it. That department strict security -- -- idea their agents. Was at the operation center in Baghdad today at a -- yeah radios and campers. He makes the call people like to be aware but -- everything correct and called his spots in DC yeah and it went. Then described -- -- For the whole time until that the command and overcome both. Should just kill -- is killed he's he's he's which he's that the he's at -- -- I don't when he gets killed is that right. The radio as they open yeah it's still being recorded to orchestra you look at the point is that it at Lambeau in DC. -- think well this she calls the Clinton get calls the president gets called -- George and everybody gets called opposite of an embassy under attack. Period that's an automatic phone call and -- perfect we have the recording. -- instantly which we know exactly the picture by the way there he sent pictures back. -- -- -- So they they're the administration do they want to let it happen and it -- in eight days lied about it. And -- yesterday operate completely right but that's just -- and he knows what brought intelligence. No one ever said. But that's the case where we have information and didn't act it was a case we were provided we get instant instant knowledge. Accurate description. And just satisfy -- -- or use your word doesn't post -- were listening there were listening to this this play by play account now well I mean just give me a few examples of like what kinda. What kind of up. Agencies or would have been involved in this listening. -- Military command center and the Pentagon. That steps to -- in the military and the White House situation room the CIA. Operations -- the kind of terrorism. Are you caught your -- European Command. Apple -- command special operations command in the dark US -- Britain and Europe. Atlantic. Gulag. -- know everybody's once. One it's called me. And buttons pushed it up I would get tackled. Everybody -- -- old tech Ole -- procedures to go figures. Whatsoever what is the better I'll watch listening via the built in also talked about that and it's amazing to me it's being. Not even been discussed if he looked in the living room to me that we -- this -- -- What -- let's say let's say there's the African commanded some sergeant is monitoring it and you know he's he's they -- -- that you lessons that this post that this is going on he says captain come over and listen to this. And the capital listens -- -- and I guess the captain would have to he would call his superior officer right. And then at some point wouldn't all these people be calling them the dependent on her the State Department at foggy bottom and saying hey there's a problem and been Ghazi what are we gonna go. Within minutes that happens it's instantaneous. Notification. Of an entire Qaeda and an embassy is under attack and ball. That's an edit and how about a -- turn the channel 47 and here's the information. And very these separate places are asking for -- begging for. Guidance we want -- that the military guys. Whether it's in Bahrain or you're pretty -- health -- there'll just going. Glad that we every means available. Okay this is the point is that the nobody pushed the button this sect cult. Nobody had the guts but we care and six hours while climate -- what what would issue we have I want to help are quite go in did not. It's a ten hour as we get that happened during the Clinton administration we want to sit in Bosnia and -- economically. Outward administration continues falling to -- -- This one. To do have the vice president wait again. All four weeks since this has happened we'd happily against ticket to -- -- in -- -- -- -- intelligence failures outrageous. And nobody. Nobody caught nobody backed up. It's. -- being mentioned at all but it's it's I think very curious what you -- cup yesterday. I think -- critic of the practices this is torture ought to be in Watergate size. Will. So you think you think some of these commands in the in the area and and in Europe and and elsewhere that they actually did. Go to the thereof civilian superiors in Washington are made contact with -- -- asked him what you want us to do and apparently there was no there was no response. How is it there -- digital and written law and it will be produced that was shelled each one of these places. Automatically not a question of do you have a choice whoever double -- that was over the coming and -- what is it like this happened have to do certain things. Informs certain people and it's all walk in it's it's a matter of record record. So once Williams testified to. She's listening to yeah which -- which which Egypt and what did our government not -- weird -- department. I realize right equipment testimony very. Well that's a phone call actually happened. All of -- -- headquarters were involved and all hole what you people said no to -- wanting. Some kind of attack to help saying thank god in it and that. That begin into the active military command center and pentagon. And there's law and people hopefully congress will say. Why would somebody within every people that's what to watch sir who want to senior guy in charge here. Regular records you know tell us I thought it would talk to solve procedural. -- that happened. Minutes. Blew me is is that the Pentagon's is -- the Pentagon's -- the state department's fall. No matter what state and the White House and the national ticket -- there would not have been able allowed to launch its apparently launched. -- without political commission. Because they were basically market -- country up against him -- -- -- -- could make that call girl and it would be state to be the White House. What that there all of again how. It would during the -- Clinton did forms instead part of a procedure and the president of I think is important is the vice president as his achieve this step. And on and on -- could not six -- firefight in the -- jockey is not classified is not a secret it's it's. It's an event in this series and it would be ambassador -- actually only been captured. Even -- -- either. And what our government so we could get up to nineteen in the air but three weeks. Frequently we have CNN reporters picking up right I'm thinking about it I don't. They didn't racist and that is that that incompetence. And can -- and it. I think I'd not be content just like we -- it would Clinton but -- -- that you think -- you know people what they're mr. vice president that they Umar. This is not intelligence and he knows. What is. But you know who. Who should of who should have made the call. Who should who should awarded the troops who should -- some kind of scrambling sinden and jets are -- helicopters are arranged. -- -- she's got to put it becomes active effort to try to prevent. He's such imagery chooses to -- people that are how they're never -- of contact each. Yeah did not like a -- finally. -- with the president. Anyone that change secretary of state to groups at told the public and we need help and thank -- now. Was the closest assets via a simple phone call the simple operation military condemned the rocket on it would. You know. You know. Incidents like that which which which he had gotten bought just one problem Africa. Remember in the Congo or want to place where we didn't. But this is an example we stood and watched American. Consulate -- we had we had the united twenty incidents leading up to this. And walking it's actually gone to six hours we watch. Not just there's Liam. -- operational -- of the United States government was -- it would -- -- -- and we did not. Where where -- where other reporters I mean that you know this -- this if this is like Watergate I mean when Watergate broke I mean everybody was all every newspaper in the country every network in the country was all over the past. Not now lol you know. It's it's Darrell ice and adjacent shape it's in a few Republican congressmen and staffers mean to where the reporters I mean are they too busy looking for somebody who Mitt Romney gave -- haircut too when he was in prep school is out. I I can't go -- can't but I. For me with this all of that and violated -- so obvious -- anybody that things as Serbs. Ever would -- on -- very light -- could miss the standard it's it's such an obvious thing. It's being investigated but it -- It there if these operations center of State Department hearing all these other commandments our Irish coming. So there's going to be a lot of people or -- there's going to be a lot of people reporters could talk to when you don't people -- this big -- are assigned to the Pentagon there's still you know they haven't had that many cutbacks there's -- they've got to be people who know what happened that could provide him with the the the documentation. In the records. And it wouldn't take long to blow the story out of the water. Is it what gender blocking -- This is not about to anyone. It's crazy to think that's. And every and it got to -- watching it you know officer. Anybody gonna bet that -- command that is not exactly I'm talking about and that is how -- kidnapped eleven. You know fifteen years ago we could we get this question my eleventh since you've been -- -- eleven years. In Afghanistan to clear our communications it's staggeringly. Quick look at the White House situation room during killings have been -- And it's and it is the anniversary of 9/11 that this is all happening on. You think they'll be even more about what they want even more on their clothes. The communications. Is sophisticated an instant he. Maybe -- -- at satellite looking at this we. Did drones there was a drone looking at best right. Thank you at all and and and our reaction. Three weeks mean what. We we got an ambassador debt. To regarded here there -- -- forty minutes signed Ricardo. A classified -- on the street and other Lebanese. And in the plate is definitely in the six hours and our response is bureau. And in the vice president get in the Fort Worth -- -- a lot of what intelligence say no it is not that the vice president exciting cloaked. Two intelligence as -- -- inaction at the part of your administration wants this just I thought. And did not know what investigating and so -- -- my concern is that while there are two people that there's too many people. Watching. I'm not into confidence and let the -- -- 217. I -- I didn't -- right it's comedians after the question maybe it would shock. When lamb and make your statement. -- -- And I don't I can't believe that people don't know what I'm saying that all these other. This like something out of a movie on this Alex -- -- -- -- a yeah you know -- a movie you know where this you know where some on commerce somebody's take. Carnal -- is something that I'm better getting slaughtered there. And in you know no one no one has any the one has any interest in following up that it seemed like fiction that seem like it would happen in real life. It's happened a lot and -- time which we we've seen it from the pakistanis -- Congo which start Bosnian. We've seen a lot of incidents were an organization. -- -- -- It's close. This as a case -- that -- talking about it actually general. Attitude and this is immediately communicated -- this -- under attack. Violently and and generals and iPad at the pictures. But that's no good this. They did you know those those images are being all over the place. And we knew that this was bad getting worse and did nothing. And it lied about it when he date so completely -- -- Lee -- know the president elect and the secretary of state and everybody else. -- upon the people watch it but it's just like. So how many cute and stock on the new. Yeah how how many people and I knew how many people actually give me a number of people who knew what was going on while it was happening all around the world. How many people would've known. -- the hundreds in those -- -- -- anywhere anywhere from that military commitment media like to people at any time. I -- CA operate has got forty plus. The terrorism center could have 67. On duty at that moment. The White House situation room twelfth you know if it goes on I mean it's hundreds of people. Apotheker. I mean not not when they're. It's to me. Such a huge. Think maybe it's so big. It's so obvious duplicate what ago I brought my part except what I'm sorry not. -- not a revelation this is day to day operational information. That that that this administration. Has -- lined up for all that you don't you don't even investigation. -- there there are straight up procedures. That that -- that I promise you followed. An advocacy it is like -- state recognized expert in Bennett. Within minutes at all we got -- gonna -- And yet Stephanie Cutter says that the this this is just stay up political issues being blown out of proportion by -- of the Romney Ryan campaign. -- in what proportion by the press it you know Ronnie would like we said you know when it. I think that's -- to -- it's very very awkward dance -- -- you know PRI. In the vice president. He would call this game no it shouldn't be sure he does know about. That you could work. Its economic epochal figure there. Orbit went out and not fight and it's it's outrageous people dying. You. And battle it out is not just weren't vocal. During that six hours all of these decision makers are being updated by the staff. You know general that just happened -- -- -- about -- contact general the fight will -- all the other in all sixty people this is a Clinton. Video. Written digital. Audio update to the -- change committee and. That did not function in just -- stop. Act immediately you know why didn't keep up you know as a whole want to -- leaderboard jail. We'll go higher when I don't you think you'd surely there was some somebody source naturally or most of -- several people trying to was trying to get -- something done to get some relief to the these people were enough. In mortal peril right I mean I. Of course and it really good people organizations. Why why that decision was not made to at least attempt to apply. To put -- city. Marines will be something. I don't know I don't ever imagined I'd been in doldrums when this it would not make. And it always political as the -- it would work and yeah this this morning. Marketability record things so that skated. In -- I just. -- over the organization as. I talked. It has gone on this. It's still going on the Romney vs Obama verses. Biden was no laughing too much well ordered -- lie with. An opening remarks. Eight -- -- they're going to -- -- and now that's a lot and he knows that. You know the work themselves into the government for forty years forty years. You know you know architect Pakistan won't happen -- That within Palestinian Iowa big until Wednesday. What happened and -- parity. Operational. Leadership failure. And it on the part of government chicken and it did on them and had six hours just did not. It certainly seems like it's gonna come out of they have they have former head of the CIA and Michael Chertoff in these guys issuing statements today saying that Biden was way battle line in the lives and he knows better. -- -- -- these guys pinpoint any reporter that interest is in the right direction will talk to to get the information I would think it. It is big huge row how are standard operating procedures. Of how our government. Our government operates. It is in box you shoot books in every one of these comedians I mentioned. With all that was listening. And all of their procedures. Would never give -- or did. And it did it would never happen. It's all edit its simple. In the very simple. Question. Very straightforward -- I talked with general talk as secretary. Secretary of defense said this. -- just got light out but that's not as hard as all recorded. And somebody to explain why. All this time we 6000. Americans -- And then all the time replied -- I can get there and oh by the way I'm -- that they had about government why involved since. And the PG manager can remember just even as you know quality -- when he has to keep the adjuster yet. A lot -- like it a lot. Well how about to know that. But to know that they're -- that there list and all over the world for six hours while while while while your son could -- her husband could have been saint. Yep yep that's one -- community it would what -- said that attack and for commitments that got. Where where the ball. Quick wit whereas and -- -- an -- don't. Exactly exactly let's take a caller trooper colonel -- -- will you go -- -- your next with how -- -- colonel David Hunt. There is a captain. I'm glad you got the -- on today and you know we don't apologize for covering this again night about it on your show you that that he'd been killed. If you argue for -- the radio outlets are out there and do that. This is just unbelievable what happened to the sky over there and I realize I could agree with Chris the -- called out. But -- in the there that and I hope you people write about because. You know like real clear politics and been taken up your stuff a lot lately and get the word out so keep write about it. Okay thank you Jim. Adam you're next with how we card colonel David Hunt go ahead atom. Think she gets so much recover and as the absolutely infuriating. That there are going to be treated this way. We only get better respect enough to set to. It's just disgusting. Somebody's gotta leak that's capable. If you want to know about that the have to -- the testimonies public. The management on the Internet are hard to. What -- the -- we know the testimony but I mean he Adams right I mean if we get the testimony and -- if you had this guy. This is so this is what you know that the former -- said 65 hours before he was -- -- you know what I mean. -- available -- not -- all of that. We can get it people can get upset about yes. It depressed would simply do its job and you know. To me it's so obvious and everybody. -- it's -- -- you know what what these people out war. And and how much information. And activate it decide in opting. And and a lot about on television all these regional vice president just on -- with a lot like that and never -- challenged you. -- -- And -- like to quote book a blunder forty million but it still it's a huge number of people forty he'd like to forty million people. Right out right out of box last night. And it is our opinion are getting a marketing and colonel mark opinion the Apache separate -- it's a matter of record. These commands against. And the procedure at Wright State. It has been not gobbling up argue or push back at one when an embassy here under. -- -- Hot -- a truckload of headquarters. That are that are listening and that operational planning to do something about it and they weren't allowed to do. Government knew exactly. This like every -- harbor was an intelligence it right you know -- that. That's one. It's what we know it's October we would we will watching it that a -- Do you what do I mean they'd have you talked to the anybody in the Romney campaign about this I mean they should be ready they should be ready to go with this next week. -- I've got a couple calls and I'm trying to get all of my brother's been doing and against -- Comedy ever -- they have. -- why haven't talked. Chertoff got Chertoff in the in the Hayden for the from the CIA so they must mean they must know exactly what to what the situation as if they put. Almost inevitable favorite good I. I don't know why not being jumped on it is that this is not there's no wiggle room here. This is Lance testimonies that department and everything else -- its facts is not. An opinion CIA up designer was listening the white out situation why it was on a golf course. Did you hear the -- -- did you hear the well what one last thing before that you -- the the ombudsman of the New York Times the -- the critic public critic. Sure notable on a blog yesterday she uses I don't know why we're not covering this story. And she should I I give credit first senate. And and you know what you know what the editors came back and said there were six better stories to cover in DC. -- -- -- you're right I mean you're right it is going to be big business. Watergate tickets because of a cover up and how many people are. Ball up in this what this is the way the New York Times he handled Watergate in the beginning they tried the point oh what it was a -- just a police story you know. And they they they they got thereof box kept Anderson that's got someone's gonna kick their butts on this story to colonel hunt thanks for being with us we'll talk to next week about this -- -- -- banks. Our car.