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Murder In Wellesley

Oct 12, 2012|

Former Boston Globe reporter Tom Farmer and his co-author Marty Foley joined Howie is studio to discuss their brand new book A Murder in Wellesley: The Inside Story of an Ivy-League Doctor's Double Life, His Slain Wife, and the Trial That Gripped the Nation

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We have here the two authors of the new book and they about a murder I'm I'm familiar with because it happened in the town in the final event. And it's called -- the book is called murder in Wellesley printed by northeastern university press and the two authors are Tom farmer who I know for many years he was a police reporter for the Boston Herald. And Marty Foley who was a state police detective who as a rip who investigated this case. This is the famous Dirk Rheinecker murder case in the Wellesley this was the guy was a doctor very well respected doctor within Wellesley. Three kids. Z and Mary for many years. And he said he somehow just got into while. In desirable enough. I would've gotten in he might have gotten into his own book that it happened now. But he he just but he he didn't just -- you you know go to a well obviously but but but the guys in the guys explain the story it's -- it was a very big case and I remember being an idea that being in this is -- studio west noon to one another another life shot. For for another subject when the verdict came down is that we can you stick around and just talk about it it was it was covered live on national TV was a hell of a trial. Let me ask you first Marty -- -- whereas -- -- problem problem interest that in in this cases is Brett but at least it used to be a that. Choose an instructor Montezuma instructor but she was a hellish worked at a health club more ago and -- Which was that she seemed like a nice person but I mean she always had -- mean like who was gonna hire her to be their trainer raptors you know what what happened the war Brett. So on well alt they had doubt he had three children. Two of them went to. That Yale medical and really -- yeah team doctors in the -- -- doctors. And now relocated down out of state. And Britain was on was that was the middle child. She. Sheet while I was also educated Yale. And she was she seemed to me like that that most. Affected by by this yeah I was yet she always seemed like you were. Usual walk around like she was distracted by -- -- is probably you know she's seen the closest to a from a plus she was a one hit back back in Massachusetts. Defending defending the father yeah all the time. Where the other two children went back to school and in -- came back often but. On nonetheless she was she was given a majority of the burden. -- father was that was going through this. Yeah so I think she's you know. I believe she's still around I hear it I think -- say I tri athlete and he's. And again I am I it is it's horrible what happened to these kids and losing losing your mother and essentially losing a filers while. Selfish act in. You know perhaps he should have been -- yeah. I know I know the media these -- it yet you know that just if -- give it buddhism but Jones or listen to the show tonight up in Maine I mean things could be worse. You know if you -- could you could be you you could be one of the granddaughters you know this this too shall pass. You know so upon Tulsa it's also about this what happened that -- and -- Gibson about some background on -- editor and how he and his downfall. Wal-Mart it sounds like did you like the mother of all midlife crisis as I mean he. He started dabbling in phone sex and then worked his way into Internet porn and then started seeing prostitutes and then he was joining. Adult dating services. And you know is this Marty can -- you know the week before the murder he was. He was basically out of control staying up -- get -- early trying to contact people. Amount of -- in New Jersey before we before the murder when. The New Jersey to pick up a hooker yeah he I don't know music at a conference there and but yet he. He described as they a New York moment in enough but -- yeah moment I'd be a moment where -- I'm not exactly sure what happened but the we my -- New Jersey. Did he it went down there we sorry you withdrew about three in a dollars at 3 o'clock in the morning. And with the help of -- NYPD. Report Trace it back to a -- escort service in Brooklyn. And actually we found that two hookers and that John that loud that went up to that day. And on exactly show what happened but I read between lines don't think he'd always ask one. That was immigrant experience -- so many went back to the Internet to try to hook up with a swingers so he was he he he he hired to hookers that enters -- -- oh yeah well yeah one that he supposedly had sex where -- but it wasn't a good experience does. You know and then. For what is it how follow later -- -- porno tape you know -- 3 o'clock 4 o'clock in the morning so it's. We're just in just one of those deals where we could see -- is progressing along and any any belt and alias a an old Yale roommate his. That. He moments he's done using using the alias isn't what these horror you know Jimmer is only becomes Wall Street Thursday up from Dorchester and this guy this guy becomes his Yale man let me tell you video and our roommate was a although it is a lawyer down and -- are. And he was not happy when that when he found this out. And that was released shortly after after the arraignment effect that died that morning after the arraignment I'm. Yet the of the infamous Bill Keating press conference come. They. His name was mentioned and we get a phone call and we we investigated and he was rightly so he was upset. I I don't blame. So so this why didn't he just does so. So his wife this is -- from the what's going on. This Obama is some indication that she may have I have had some idea air. But we had no hard not conclusive facts that to say she does she did. And the other thing was you know the course is always asked to me. Or widening his divorce her right that's that was going to be my next question and you know I can't answer that question and ask competing and Tellme. I don't I don't know it is probably prestige thing Tom. Yeah I think that's the question everybody wants to know why did you do it for some reason he abuse his reputation -- losing the affection of his children. It was a better option for her commit a violent horrible murder than I wanted was to go through a divorce. And you know he's certainly an offer right now and we've got -- them -- but you know his attorneys mark analysts anywhere and who. His attorney currently Jamie sultan. So it is is so he Agassi's appeal of course he's appealing and -- his one one. Appeal out there right now. And it's you know he's he's he's doing everything he possibly can can do. To two two gap does not singing and do it just saying it was done incorrectly so he's looked for new trial whole scene now. So 77 and. The ones do yes and I was as it was 1940 you know yeah. What are you to watch the authors of the new book a murder in Wellesley Tom farmer and Marty Foley and this is -- -- -- famous murder from the for a few years back and that these guys were involved in it. -- covered for the -- that Marty was involved in the yet. The investigation. And day. And it's just it's who. It's puzzling because but I had the guy had everything and again he could just -- away you can this you know going to become a rented one of those -- apartments for -- you know 15100 at that time we and in London square apartments you know you know done what every -- -- nobody ever want to bother construe. And. What possessed people you know that it would not sure if puts at the time we get to a unsolved crimes. -- horrific murders -- and what and Norfolk County right I'm I -- Kennedy down in now at -- remember that and then and Dick ranger. And Wesley just 6867. Weeks before this. All elderly people all of park settings and all rooted brutally and two of them were unsolved at that time. I don't know if you is look at two. Copycat or like it yeah Walton all that. But he was. I don't know I you know -- easy was the he was he was a strange guy he certainly was a strange guy and his so would know when you made that that decision. Clearly she researcher was he in which you basically research guys -- Little -- can't he was that you -- he would do some research was looking for around. For grant simply Tom bright child put customer and yeah I believe and our research that he -- Maryland wanted to be a researcher but wasn't very lucrative and I think maybe -- that's one thing that you have some animosity towards -- about that you wanted him. To what makes more money -- you know he went to the -- practice where he was still researcher and I think you know get a big -- when it came to. On the course may at this time was had gone back to school kids are all grown and gone back to school was going to -- -- -- journal. A nurse practitioner program and Summitt told me that -- she was a smarter of the too. And so yeah that that's the sorry thing in this whole case is no there's no one good thing to happen with this at all. But time she was lost she was her her story was lost in this in this whole case. There was. Thankfully her her sister. And her -- Stood stood up for her and and we just we just told the truth. With the children made a decision to stand behind your father and and to this day I know reasonably that that's not still truth. -- you know based or go to visit them down in Norfolk. I don't know that I don't know that -- 18 if you wanna talk about this case 1877469432218774694322. The book is called a murder and Wellesley it's on sale now it's a written by Tom farmer and Marty -- Oca let's go to -- they have the that they have the murder and say -- -- -- there's -- nicely. It's -- right on the Natick Wellesley line and it's they the he was that's he's. Of course Meredith -- is blind date it dipped guys did it stay the -- line goes right through there right through it. Nice setting a one road in one road out. And I can tell you that it's a it's a common place for people -- it to go walk the dogs just just a walk in the woods. Really nice setting. Cerebral it's it just it forever -- this particular day October 31 1999 Halloween. The it was a Sunday there was a Sunday it was warm out how we. And down the wind was blown and it was it was blown out assault -- that's all we get that it was it was warm. And you know he he. He essentially. -- told us that does she had hurt her back and laughter. While he acts continued on with the dog a sometime laid -- went back to discover. Lying in the middle of this path. And nom and what his what he told me was up in a reasonable position. And it was anything but reasonable to me. -- what do you mean reasonable he just said she was she was probably just probably her here she heard a -- which is go way down to relieve the kind of and and at that -- at the time I'm I'm just listening. -- -- a list he's telling me his story and I'm I'm listening to it which -- he was guilty I did not know what that targeted now now now don't you probably could be the cereal this -- County serial killer I didn't know I didn't know one way or the other it's just that you helped keep an open mind you have to listen to everything and Indians get as much information plus plus you could get. Kate could event I didn't know. But you he went back and founder in this position. And and he he he when he into when he exited that the area he left that area. He can go straight to his power his car phone was his cellphone was. He did this little. -- inverted UI using the the shadows of the trees. When around this this cult Sakhalin we've been down there at all -- yeah but died down towards the right to use the use the cover of the trees yeah. And as because it -- there was the first eyewitness was coming down walking straight down middle of the road. Seeing all this. Sees the dog. -- -- German shepherd with -- -- the first witness was afraid of and -- he he scoots down this little access road. Comes back. Seconds laid up and and then asks him where -- asked the witness if he had a cell phone and and he continue on its way up -- Lonely -- be found did the murder the murder. Weapons down that storm and down that road in in one of the gloves that he was -- and it just -- are designed. It was that there was a knife does that there was a hammer. -- And now the one of the gloves is found down there and we found a glove the next glove the next day in and in another storm drain. Closer to where. -- -- parked this -- so in no matter what we found and knitting Tom around talk minutes is Joseph they -- what we did where we went. The work where the murder critic -- then Dirk had been there. If -- if the murder went down that -- path. Well Dirk fault them yet wood and a -- goes up to I make a phone call this car. Lol we hope we find the that the second glove up about up by car. He was an unlucky as -- in the world does the right. Yeah that's what appeals to I was like reading those deals you know and he -- obviously guilty plea they try to make -- fantastic. Alibis -- you know how that were mistreated by police senator senator. 187746943221877469432. To the title of the book is a murder in Wellesley. Written by Tom farmer and Marty -- it's available everywhere well actually we have a link on our website that we cart dot com that you wanna order -- by Amazon you can get it anywhere. And you get at Wellesley blocks. -- -- that's good that's Jack your next with how we car and the authors of the book Tom farmer Marty fully go ahead Jack. -- question for rod. How we -- quoted Marty it's the daughter Alina -- member of the trial very us supportive of the father. Well I I I got I believe they still are I know reasonably that not. How one the oldest deal -- daughters the F position. And she lives outside of outside the area. And and that the middle child and all -- daughter as well she's such easily she lives in the area and the youngest child a the youngest son is is a physician and I don't know where he is that this. I think he's in Michigan when I heard via and in the middle daughter Britt is that -- she's an -- with a couple children at least you know when -- -- as the appeal before -- C. And when attention was there and that's what you said at the time. Yeah like -- she was only one right now I I didn't or by just watched very very that the health club and she seem like a really nice person you know. -- I originally it was just that it was really terrible ignited just whistles part of essentials -- to -- 18774694322. Dog your next with how we car. And -- the author of the new book a murder and while we go ahead dog. Elegant always troubled me about this case was. It but it they're recording prostitute in the prostitute -- frequent that was also prosecute -- -- -- -- -- and -- Or soliciting that they ought to be there aren't ill at some of the stuff they're. Strange coincidence is that. Generally what they've questioned whether or not you really got it. While the media let's say that -- talk farmers speak in the -- go ahead when that prostitute to was went to the Worthington case. I immediately recognized the name because she was a central figure that Marty can talk to tell talked about how long they searched for her based on. -- description over to another prostitute that they identified and interviewed. Com. You know I it is it's -- it's an unbelievable coincidence but com. You know I think you there was a lot of evidence in this case was a six week trial the jury did a great job of sifting through all the evidence and I think at the end of the day when you stock. All the evidence. You have to say that he committed this crime and there was no smoking gun in this case to say that there was. When the juries really sat down and look at all the blood spatter evidence in the description of Marty. To skated about him being in the park and various people seeing an imperious places where the killer was. And you know DNA is being contested in this case and that the unit was in the smoking and neither did depending on the prosecution and defense interpretation of it. You can walk away with opinion one way or the other. But. You know I really think that that's the process to being involved in the Worthington case she was just an -- such soul in this case and somebody that he preyed upon and and and somebody else -- where Lincoln's father preyed upon -- as well. We're league that is that is -- -- the girl was stabbed to death by garbage man right. And and in Worthington -- father was that it was soliciting this prostitute trying to snapped home while that is that that is a -- coincidence mark. But but it's a redirect it doesn't mean that they did you know that he's he's not guilty I mean it's just. To block this defense attorney said in his opening if if every man who shall Soto process to know. Wouldn't beyond you know not everybody kills somebody and you know you might be guilty missiles and across to be not guilty of murder. But in this case you know I think that are clearly it was was perpetrated. 18774694322. Brad you're next with Howie Carr at Tom farmer and Marty for the go ahead Bret. Are eager to go. You -- in the bullets go all week on opposite pundits and the -- -- -- good. And at what to -- a -- -- it on European eastern liked it but he. -- -- -- I'll wager that's a lawyer yours you're behind -- a labor deal that. Reasonable doubt at a reasonable price was already taken so we want without -- Well thanks thanks for a -- -- where at what point how many days was before -- Lisa. But he eight circuits it's over night that the first down at 3 o'clock this I get involved as gates about 9 o'clock in the morning on Sunday morning. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon. We it's got the pieces together. And the corn sequences. With such debt. We we we knew and -- by I was I was at 4 o'clock this afternoon. I was starting my first sorts search warrant that was going to be done -- they get the -- in the home via looking for looking for evidence of a crime. So at that point you know we I had I had -- clearly. The thought that he would he would certainly some involvement. And is no other reason to believe that's in May emails about the -- points so. 3 o'clock you have to when I'm looking at I'm I'm -- courage and his story and in finding out what actually happened and talk and the other Williams is there. It just didn't it just didn't didn't sound right. What did you did you actually confront him with that the saying we're gonna rescue worker whom do you it's almost now actually gotten so it. Debt and it did do that that -- that first search warrant. I I spoke to briefly. Am obviously advisement as Marie and -- And he. You know it's risky game that pregnant pause. And at that same time. The oldest daughter Kirsten came running down the stairs is about 12 o'clock 12 o'clock o'clock in morning. As camera down the stairs and she yes she interrupted that moment of us I don't know who's going to tell me what was going on but he certainly. Spot -- curse that you like she would she really believed he was innocent absolutely actually throughout the -- missile as Smart as she was Yale. And -- minute Mark Miller I was the I certainly what the bad guy for in that him for quite awhile until. I went to New York City to to meet with the yes sister and the needs and basically sat in their in the air house's. And said okay -- am asked me a question I'll tell you whatever you want and -- -- the same thing. Two to the children as well at that point I we're told the more if they -- question but there but yet -- he was obviously the Dirk was represented. By abide demonstrate this point. It -- one Marty Murphy. And he he obviously didn't want them talk to once dated gold from the grand jury. There'll subpoenaed and but beyond that guy never had a conversation with them. So I just can't believe they can figure that these two worlds would -- what what what did was -- -- porn -- is -- that was about it it was hard for minder was of these so. -- we have a computer so we -- pieced this together as as to as -- along and -- -- we had the the alias and and we we had credit -- me -- me out the alias. And it was. There was. I think the first thing was a was a hotel reservation. And and actually start on his day blah when we did search warrant that was it and a note about Hilton. And then on a certain day go back in time in and piece that together as well. I I kind of believe that the kids didn't know the full story until trial. During desperate they heard it from. From I don't produced a friend to turn to the full story run away until he started at discovery about does not open door -- -- problem right. Right that's common. Now it has missed birdies. 18774694322. Stay on the line everybody and how well will come back we'll discuss more of this case it's a it was early it was really a big big murder here. In certainly in Wellesley a murder in Wellesley is the title of the book by yet Tom farmer and Marty Foley. We'll be right back 18774694322. On -- car. 17746943220. With us our era. More Tom former former herald reporter and a Marty -- former member of the mass state police they've written a new book very fascinating story very fascinating murder a murder in Wellesley. The inside story of an Ivy League doctors double life -- slain wife in the trial that gripped the nation. And you and I gonna ask you before about the calls. You know I'm familiar with the MCI corporate proper number of reasons you -- -- -- -- organized crime guys that had their own meals Wallace but there was also another organization please direct call once -- two points a year. The lifers were able like this group yeah I think it's it's still existence is still exist and from from I remember reading call one point some some view as do -- looked on Dirk. And I think he's in charge of -- he's in charge -- -- dispatch of a little wafers group they use that they they have this it's what they have the -- it's the guards or someone would soon be the minutes of the meeting. And they they would be all these guys and they would they would be all these terrible killers you know I just have to go back to the files just find out these. You all the kill the you know strangled his wife murdered his family owned and lived that have us. Christmas -- Christmas dinner for all their orphaned kids in the they have it went to -- bank what does that at all here it was just. And that have to you know somebody talking about the album -- latest the couple lecture on the latest DNA techniques that would. But I believe the you know the after dinner speaker's -- but now now darkest like the head of the he's head of the lifers -- from one embryo reading -- It must be pretty a must be pretty valuable we'll have a position actually in the cells you know as the you know a lot of bad stuff happens in this smoke that no they don't call you a little exit what ass album -- you know I mean look what happened down. It should in any Massachusetts's. There's a good good population of physicians and in prison -- I thought if nothing about it up. 18774694322. -- your next with Howie Carr and Tom farmer Marty falling -- Paul. Our first goal immigration -- usual you congratulate. The opposite -- all our end. Marty Foley. Drop extremely well done. I'd like to -- but it no. Detective or a little bit better and my question revolves around one thing. Yet an incredible family anyway show as two great -- -- -- Timothy Marty party is separate yourself. In a situation like this. Being an incredible bothered -- and how you separate yourself what you're going through. The process. Of dealing with. Tragedies such as this. Well it just down the First Lady at every you know it you're right Paul it's has been a strong marriage and I this this case sick about. Eighteen months from my from the first phone call to to -- guilty verdict. And I I admit that in spent a whole lot time at home and you just have to Juan. You have to have a her relationship and and I'm not I'm looked I was alone every. Every investigator in this in this state and this country does the same exact thing to do your job is is and do it correctly. It takes full commitment and and -- feel we have to understand that as well. And you do Vista outs and miss on some things but. This was the obvious -- -- your defending your you're fighting for in defending. The other victim and you set keep that up most of your mind in and persevere. Thanks for the call call 1877469432. To Paul yet another -- you're next with how -- car and -- farmer Marty fully going out. You know I think it's probably not to question is that the defense attorneys for the doctor loses at church Griffey does -- Murphy autograph he worked for -- -- Young assistant DA yeah -- public to think he gets paid for the fact that doctor. That -- I didn't catch. That's funny that I -- -- -- maybe it'll probably get some of his money back from upper crust major question. Maybe it's what may be tough on the kids can -- I don't know I don't it doesn't allow more than I do that's for sure. Right now both this question. We have a whole lot of cases -- And lost in the jury selection because you have terrorists. You know process to be sophisticated but they have no idea that you could convict people -- circumstantial evidence we don't have pace we don't have pictures of people actually do the criminal act. This case therefore wanted to stand. He was convicted there was no really physical evidence that such an opportunity today but that it -- -- that he was the only possible person to go to Davos. Well let me let me -- You talk about -- the -- didn't appear -- you have an outstanding -- he had a dentist. He CEO. He. Student John Hopkins. He had an MIT mathematician. He. Babson College. Professor. Arm and then you have some you know -- to call -- a mailman a bartender. On and made when we interviewed them. And they were very impressive and they looked at every single piece of evidence in this case they went witness by witness piece of evidence by a piece of evidence. They spent more than four days. Going through this case. There was no. Acrimony was very professionally done nobody raised their voices everybody how to say. They did not want this -- to be guilty. Based on his stature and based on his -- situation. But at the end of gulf war and some odd days they came to the conclusion that he was to open beyond a reasonable doubt and they did a fantastic job in this case. Almost feel bad when a doctor or I mean I know I know -- they're guilty of all that I feel bad you know because the doctor can perform services you know most people can't perform you know I mean he can. He can be of of value to society more than most of us can. But you know meanest of the mean there's no question yet to send these guys have to cement away I mean who knows what he's gonna do next actually you know. He's it was just crazy thing. Did did did you ever talk to my did you ever talk to mask steroid you know in the in the court were worried like there telling you know. He got not now must just say to me now now now. -- -- What about I talked him today for you he calls a Nextel. Look to talk to them the -- just eight lead out the same question. And that's it with -- it's why you know you always have that why why why did you choose this way of of doing what major think he would yeah I would ask who will be -- think -- get away with a win this this was pretty primitive. Primitive murder if you actually I think the ultimate plan was a lot different. Then than the actual murder itself he had. It also -- diplomats I think he had the -- and -- -- a real plan in place. But once the once he killed her. Then. It it. The play and the play went downhill very very quickly and I think this just with human nature. We're not we're not meant to kill. And now and when you do. You can't you know you -- played in advance this is longer to do next right but in actuality. You may not have the capability and I could imagine his. When he first saw that we saw that man walking down the middle that rode his side had -- pop and out of his chest knowing that he had. All of them that the weapons. On on his person you know -- like this about war you know. Once the war starts all the plans go up when I choices I'm saying that he knew he was so methodical you know Marty's described that he basically like an eighteen step plan but he really only had time for 45 steps and -- you know we believe that the hammer was gonna incapacitate her but I think when he hit it with a hammer there was there was a witness who was in the distance and -- a woman scream and I think. And the autopsy proved that that the -- applaud him incapacitated Harrison now that -- now we have to employ the knife and and she was certainly -- with -- had in the neutral on the that you supposedly she was allegedly ground yeah like it I think he was gonna make it look at the Kennedy case where I think he was gonna stop her but I think he wanted to or incapacitated and stabbed her but acknowledges slight case. -- the other Irene Kennedy -- pole at an apple and you know I don't let others know Kennedy connection to our. The -- next with holly -- Marty Foley and Paul Farmer or a joke. I know I'm up at nationals about our house ski and I tried blaming. The crime I. -- -- Killen a part of what killed Irene in the apple may have happened now that's what we try to -- -- -- but they got stopped that. Well that's a good story can you call me sometime I wanna look into our homes sold. They were there and ousted correctional center out to other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How much money did this guy -- you know well he he got some money but knocking -- Bulldog Joseph wanted to get your number I could hurt her. But caucus looked up talk so because there's a lot of legal war. -- is well educated. -- out what about the other medical part to be helpful to help what the embeds. All distraught you know yeah everybody wanted to -- wanted to say -- -- doing -- Joseph. Door to good good to hear that. Okay can you talk to a doggone. -- secular just you know got caught in the act it's a serial. Capsule yeah what people don't know is Smart guy who was convicted of the Irene Kennedy murder and and he was convicted enough to do or that was a DNA match. And down -- it was a pretty good either -- pull that off on. You know to show you the steps that he would go through you know we'll look look we'll take a number. OK I guess he's gone the ones that had her. All right okay this -- -- gonna have to break out there investment appreciate you guys being here and former Marty fully murder Wellesley it's a great book and a report to read -- thanks a lot. -- -- --