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Maine candidate Charlie Summers and Breitbart's Mike Leahy on Campaign Finance Shenanigans

Oct 19, 2012|

Three Wall Street billionaires, Michael Bloomberg, Peter Ackerman, and John Burbank III, have funded Americans Elect, an organization that has spent more than $800,000 in the past three weeks in support of Independent Angus King's campaign for the office of Senator for the great state of Maine. King's opponent Republican candidate Charles Summers joined us along with the Breitbart reporter breaking this story Michael Patrick Leahy.

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Now we're apart a little bit about the the main senate race where were as you know -- former governor of the alleged independent Angus King. Is running against the I hit underfunded. Republican and Democrat. Sent -- sent the bill as a Democrat she's got about a hundred grand in the bank and a -- hurt the Republican secretary of state that Charlie Summers has got about 250. And in the bank. And Summers have been coming up in the polls lately and if you people have been Maine he may have noticed that the there's there's beginning to be a -- Raj. Impolite Summers ads on your in your local media and guess what they're calling him a T. Slime beef here for this one before they're calling him a -- party can't. Kind of like Tierney you know kind of like -- -- like the kind of like Casey in Pennsylvania that's this is the last the last. Bullet in there -- a revolver -- Tea Party candidate. And that the money but it's very interesting where the money is coming from too wise to it to save Angus King an Angus -- a low but again -- the -- technically -- -- nominally he's running as an independent he's really gonna vote with the Democrats she's a Democrat that's what that's the thing. And so he's got he's got three Wall Street billionaires have chipped in to save Angus King this is a story by Michael Patrick -- he's he's been working hard on the fake Indian story for months now. On this is a bright part dot com. And we had we wanna get on Charlie Summers and Mike Leahy to talk about this but first we'll talk to what Charlie Summers up. Charlie I didn't know you -- Tea Party guy. How extraordinary if you cut in Italy would be wouldn't I didn't know you were Tea Party -- -- -- -- why didn't know about it Tea Party guy either you know about three months ago while we have to choose to -- you know I don't know how -- right when people are not just a little like whips off. What does that what does that make you think that they're spread them they're spending the spending millions the gonna spend millions of dollars Bloomberg. Peter Ackerman who was one of Michael Milken's. Right hand men and some mom mystery guy who did well on the sub prime mortgage meltdown named John Burbank Butler. So out of you know I don't think all the any of them -- for Maine -- Well it's it's it's kind of ironic thing is going to run around the state of Maine decline outside money and I'll bet it is. Yet he's -- Michael Bloomberg living room two days ago. -- raising that half a million dollars and if there's a reason that they are doing this probably because. What you're talking to the working people. People work their hands for farmers truck drivers you nurses people who work Wal-Mart and they are tired. Our politicians who say one thing and do another you know each. -- Bloomberg is now starting his own super pac. That is going to help candidates with things like you know my guess you'll cancel one event Coca-Cola. 32 ounce containers is as good as Angus King come out against them. Although I well I I -- -- that he probably will before this is over but. You know I think I mentioned you've got these politicians say one thing to do another you're going to keep -- pretty famous soccer credential when bill block along with we've got to go right. That's another thing right -- cover and very well. Well yeah I did you grow around the state for decades and that means Saudi Arabia when that I didn't six debates within the hasn't mentioned wind at all. But we -- talked about natural gas in the second chance. For America. And we look at a little bit probably you're going against natural gas affect you writing op -- in the press herald saying that it was bad because it. Hydro fracking uses chemicals in the ground. And we looked as financial disclosure he's on the border directors and natural gas engineering firm is pretty 25000 dollars half the board has contributed to. So we was before he was against natural gas before it was for natural gas right yeah so anyways I was Norway and before he forgot what win this. Well what's what's going and I'm Michael Patrick Leahy and to this conversation he's he's the one who's got the story you could see it on the bright part dot com. Michael can say it we all know who Bloomberg is for better for worse -- tell us about these other two guys that are involved in this campaign to watch -- up to super -- the same Angus King. Well. Thank you for having me on very much -- -- We have the first guy Peter Ackerman was Michael Milken's right hand man. And he's a billionaire and the second guy John Burbank to third as a. Know what territory and of course Milken went to the camp of course and had to read a written by hundreds of millions of dollars for his junk bond deals back in the eighties. Ackerman. Apparently. Didn't -- run afoul of the law what it is. Billions that John Burbank for bird it's a Stanford B school grad. Grew -- became a billionaire. Quite bedding I can't. Sub prime mortgages. And so these are the guys that. And until two weeks ago no one knew that this group Americans elect was going to be eight supposedly super -- They had been founded by Ackerman and and this. Had to -- Cutler who is one of Angus King estate chairman was on the board of the group when they were supposed to. And another quote -- another quote unquote independent right Charlie. Yeah that's right that is admit -- -- Democrat mask or another Democrat masquerading as an independent toy ya go ahead my. Until two weeks ago way and you'll have to million dollars a PDA and suddenly appeared. On television stations in the game. No one too bad Americans elect was no longer. Nonpartisan it was suddenly. A political committee and that includes the Federal Election Commission there's a law that requires you to going to be political committee. -- the final statement of organization -- able to get him back. -- -- There's a law that prohibits coordination. Between legitimate to prepare it and that. Political campaigns. And it turns out that on the very day. That's these ads appeared two weeks ago Angus King state chairman and Elliot Cutler was still listed. As a member of the board of directors of American black. All I'm sure I'm sure this is just -- you know this is just a a innocent coincidence. We're out there today -- essentially a stealth effort to to beat them as people and election. By. Michael Bloomberg could -- half a million dollars are that big war. The potential. To report Burbank put in three quarters of the billion dollars on them blood. Bet you you think it's against the law. If they keep those that level funding troops change campaign directly. They would go to jail for that. But interestingly enough. On October 4 Bloomberg Gibson supposedly independent group that has failed to spot he. Proper statement of organization with the FTC. Within half a million bucks and then the next week. And it came in house in New York City raising money for the campaign now so that's coordination. So he's giving money he's giving money directly to Angus king and he's giving money that also to this which is buying anti Charlie Summers ads. But it's it has the same fact but -- technically he's not violating the law already which we're. I don't actually I don't think that's necessarily true I think it is aware that it can't happen million dollars to an entity. That has not formally. Met the standard of being super pac which is covered by the Citizens United. And the decision. I think I'm Bloomberg himself as well as Ackerman and Burbank assert. Armed they have violated federal election law. -- Charlie Summers and the secretary of state Charlie yeah I think them the main the main Republican Party has filed a complaint have they not with the federal elections commission. Well I think I did see something about that -- you have guys you don't use it just listening to Michael explain all that is is mind boggling. Is that that's why don't we just kept our heads down and work more campaigning on issues. What I like what's it like getting hit like this you know with relish it wasn't probably the biggest media pie in the history of the state of Maine. What you think about it I'll have a week closed at 35 point gap -- done within the margin of error and -- democratic senatorial committee after saying two months ago that they wouldn't spend any money -- -- They dropped two million dollars you've got Michael Bloomberg you know once ban guns to their Coca-Cola. Dropping all this money in in two super pacs and and its kings would. Because Wu will be it will we're winning this race I mean there's a reason they're doing. And you don't like assistance beginning of this. We're talking to the working people people working her hands for a living and their tired of this kind of you know say one thing to do the other that's what got us the problem that -- just. What changed how much you think king is out I mean I don't I don't wanna that you don't know what's depressing for you to talk about the people need to understand what you're up against how how much is he outspending you -- a daily basis -- what what. I mean it's you know I it's it's it's an issue jamaat I couldn't -- guest -- when he won 21 may well. Well -- -- -- 21 but it's you know he's he's put a lot of money in this right now and one is that never thought they would then have to do with the daughter's going to be coronation and call him Tony it's not. We're gonna win this race when the -- people are tired of this kind of stuff. Why did they a Mike I mean it think it's obvious the wasn't what they're what they're doing -- -- Olympia Snowe -- held a seat she did people call or rhino but she did vote with the Republicans organize the senate. Their run they're they're trying to what take a take a -- away to keep Harry Reid the senate majority leader right. Yes I think -- -- pretty clear. That they are violating election law that essentially he's -- election law what forget it. Michael Bloomberg and Elliot Cutler on the state chairman of the industry campaign team director -- and John Burbank bird. What they're batting. Is that the SEC the Federal Election Commission will simply give them a slap on the wrist. And they will get away with violating the law as it's a pardon the bloggers shares. Were all. And federal election law earlier just for the little people. Right that's a civil penalty what is five grand to each of these guys they're really like you say they're billionaires. You know it's interesting so Elliot Cutler. Send -- -- statement after Gasol. Explodes two weeks ago Intel the daily caller that on June 26 he resigned from the board. Americans elect when it was at the time a nonpartisan group. All of but he didn't tell anybody that any Israeli Intel backed group org a web site. All of the group because -- still listed there are as a member of the board of directors after. Two weeks ago and dance here. They changed the web site and he looked at SA. Former director but you know there is -- -- circumstantial. Evidence that it was -- coordination. Between could recommend Michael Bloomberg John Burbank the third and barely cover in the English change campaign -- Charlie in Charlie here you -- you'll worry about -- angry thrown a lot of oh yeah. But she's about she's a hiker compared to these people. Well yeah it dries it right -- -- flipping the -- and this and that and this is the most detail I've heard so. I'm glad you -- served or are looking at. We just want we just want people to understand what Europe against and I you know that their people come and and people I wonder if these people ever Regan banned the main. And there in the trying to why this election. You nor is it it's a major papers saying he's king made a pledge -- the people who say they don't statewide television. He would not run one single negative them and the only person. It is run an event to date in this -- -- is saying this case. And you know that he doesn't like the fact that that we highlight that he took it 300 million dollar surplus. Increased spending by 50%. Left dozens of billion dollar debt and highest -- country. We we we don't need that kind of started in the fact that it is so outside people coming in the proper about the way there. You know I think it it shows is that that we -- big threat -- -- Charlie a fight people wanna what donate to your campaign. To help fight these out -- state billionaires that are coming in trying to -- -- senate seat where what's what your web address. Well they could be they could go back yard they can go to Summers for -- dot com my last installed just like the season with a -- Then couple are in May I NT dot com. You know I just appreciate that that you have to be on the radio which -- today as and let people know that -- in this fight. -- and thanks thanks for being with us Charlie we appreciated and good luck. And Mike thanks for being with us and I hope we gonna keep -- keep on this story -- I mean it's a it's it's a good story community. You know -- if this is just astounding how much money they're spending and never so I mean I go back I have been were around Maine a long time I've I've never seen money like this in the campaign. -- -- is brazen violation of election law. I. Yeah -- but like you said they don't care -- again it's a civil penalty that's what that's what -- count on right I mean it's as sort of a slap on the wrist basically even if they even if they even get back. You know. Exactly right -- Michael thanks for being whether some Michael Patrick -- you can read -- stories on knob right art dot com and other story is right there at three Wall Street billionaires chipped in to save Angus king and it's definitely durable order in -- or anywhere else do you wanna see how -- -- this campaign is being a run at in every state in all fifty states that. Though all this all this you know they talk about the Republicans being the candidate the party of the millionaires and the billionaires in well look look at the reality here look at the reality and in in -- Look at the reality in Massachusetts where -- Elizabeth Warren has got all this money coming in that we don't know where the hell it's common for him it's like it's like the Obama 2008 campaign and now he's at. Doing it again in 2012 all this a funny money has come and and we don't know week where it's coming from at least in Maine that. We don't know where it's coming from it's coming from three billionaires including one -- who was they -- who wants to BM that 321 ounces of Coca-Cola New York City. And the other and another one of -- was the India. They have the right hand me in two words big dad jailed or -- -- billionaire Michael Milken and is a jump on billionaire himself.