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Avi Nelson - Presidential debates and Mitt's binders

Oct 21, 2012|

Avi talks about the Presidential Town Hall debate and the controversy surrounding Mitt Romney's comments about women.

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Nelson walked into the program nice to have you us we're counting down the days. To the end of another major election season and some major implications for the future. -- individually and western civilization and more broadly. You'd like to join -- sharp on number 8774694322. Text message code is 68680. And the email address a Nelson at WR Kerio dot com. Well. You know electors -- -- job a little bit lighter. -- and what I have that is not story I found on the Internet. It is a personal story actually. -- Wal-Mart a couple of days ago. And I think I've sought my I am gonna fall on -- the towels there and there's towel for 97 cents and found myself thinking oh my gosh you know. A remarkable how -- know how to make a towel frankly no fire start off in the woods. And yet here it is for 97 cents it's something that I do once in awhile and a big department store like Wal-Mart of the ocean -- market it. CL for couple but she can get bread or milk cheese or your food that's wholesome that -- we're -- double -- -- growing yourself. Fruits from all over the world products from all over the world. -- complain about stuff made in China. So let me tell you they make it in China and ship it all we know that's the kicker initially I actually bought the town I have by. 97 cents I looked at the label was made in Pakistan. The -- -- this -- made in Pakistan halfway around the world shipped over here and still available to us from 97 cents. Plus tax bill came two dollars three. It's just could ever want to know -- to stop and pause and be impressed with and enjoy that technology. I know there are things that could be better and lord knows we talk about them and that's what this election is all about. And that arguably. Part of what this election is about as we don't want to lose the capability. Of being able to have towels for nine. And seven cents. Because we think the system that we have here is working a lot better than systems in other places. Nonetheless it's just it's good every once in a lot to be aware of how different we live from save people who live in his birthplace -- hundred years ago. Past hundred years ago aspirin and just been invented those who can really we had salt anyway. Congratulations to me for a 97 -- towel into all you out there are these products are available and and fortunately we live in this kind of society. 8774694322. As the phone number. And before I'll be sure and do a lot with the politics share because so we're we're coming down to it. And we try to get it would try to get some of the candidates don't have too many programs left. But they are deserving we've got some gracious in Massachusetts that are worthy of focus and of course -- national contests. Dominating the news these days the story that came from Scioscia -- though. October 18. The average student loan debt. Rose 5% from last year this is for the clash of 2011. 226600. Dollars. Round at 227 passion that she effort now there's some. There are considerably higher obviously and they're -- those that are lower. But I infomercial thinking for all the noise that there is about the twenties than these student loans and and that the kids coming out with her big burden. -- a little -- dispatched 27000. Dollars it's it's a lot. But it's not that large for people who were coming out of college who would their whole professional touch in front of them. You know it sounds like that's a good trade off. You go out and you incur some dead but you're gonna earn more money because of that. We -- 27000. Yeah I think he can and if you don't think you can then -- poor college. Go out and get a -- is doing wrong with that could maybe colleges over emphasized for some people. It's also true by the way we talk about the pell grants and all the other stuff that goes on. That's a transfer process to transfer -- are supported by tax dollars so ultimately. -- we don't go to college they are much from the college graduates. -- loan programs that the that politicians keep handing out to the students. Let's transfer system a -- for system from those who have less to those who will have more. From those who didn't go to college to those who are going to go to college or more. Sure don't sound like such a great system when phrase that it doesn't. My guess some of the college graduates about that -- if they learn anything about they should economics. The unemployment rate by the way is lower for college graduates than for those who just -- high school degree. OK let's get to the the political stuff. Dominating the airwaves we had a debate this past week we're gonna have another one Monday night on foreign policy challenge gonna be really interest and my -- AM and watched the debate. Earlier this week. I thought that Romney was actually and on the economic side of it and then when he got to Libya. You have the president of the United States in effect change something that was untrue. Were you shed he called that an act of terror the next day away you go back look at the transcript. Willing to his remarks he makes a comment that acts of terror will not be tolerated. But. That's not what he was referring to in terms. Of the attack in that and -- -- And then for danger afterwards his administration. His UN ambassador. And blew himself kept talking about how this was caused by the video. -- here he goes on. National television in that debate and he says something Romney obviously. Was -- in disbelief that he made it sound like he always called it a terrorist act. And one up British candy -- only appropriately named the moderator -- -- Dickensian name for her. Insinuate yourself into the debate and storage trying to play umpire. -- -- guys for having fights over you know how what percentage of the of the contracts for. Drilling. And government. One on government land or bomb had -- had to cancel. And then go back and forth and candy is Charlotte now all of a sudden she thinks she should be involved in the partnership. And to make it worse she got it wrong. Actually derailed the whole effort their and that led to. Romney really blowing that question now on Libya fortunately there's going to be another chance at this coming up on Monday night. To identify the two major unanswered questions from this administration. One. Y wish they're not additional security provided. When the people will Libya are people have asked for. The Joseph Biden in his debate had said they -- -- as we ever know they wanted extra security Dutch is rubbish. If he didn't know he and the president are the only two in the administration who didn't know. So that's one question why didn't we get additional security there and the second is. Why was this -- and for so long for two weeks blamed on. And obnoxious video and now nobody even talks about -- we know he had no bearing on things. And Candy Crowley usually just prove yourself to be incompetent in terms of ever being a moderator for these things. Interfered. At. So we didn't get the answer then. Hopefully we will get an unknown on Monday or at least if if we don't get a mansion and it will. Score points for Mitt Romney. They. There are other aspects of foreign policy of course but this was -- though one other point in the debate up I would that was one major shortcoming for army which is what. Most people scored it either you drawl or gave the debate. To Obama -- can relish going debates as if that's Irish who debate is meaningless. Did it affect the trajectory of the race I don't think -- But there was one other mistake that Romney made any made it twice. I couldn't believe -- the first time that I really had trouble understanding why you went back and made the same mistake again. And that is he turned to Obama and asked him a question. You never do that -- debate. Yes she asked him well okay how many -- did you cancel. First -- don't give up your time to your opponent number one number two. Opponents are -- he doesn't like your question he's gonna answer something else. And for somebody who's been in debates always tell hemorrhaging endured before that it was really a dumb move and he did twice. That's just not Smart and hope somebody is telling him. Governor don't do that they'll ask questions make statements. OK one other thing here I want to. -- here's a I mentioned the text message code is 68680. And from 91 Simon. Damn body I wish 101000 dollars in debt 27 years ago when I graduated U -- I didn't complain. What the hell happened to us good point and by the way if you huge 47 years ago. And take these -- PIP and consumer price and action leverage to to take out the inflation factor. You're 101000 dollars and dead 27 years ago there's probably more than 26000. Not -- 27000. In today's dollars. Yeah we're we're -- we all go what I ended up with a dead. After graduate school. Cameron he paid her office why me you know -- you did you knew that was gonna come on. Turkish let me read. One lashing you know go to the telephone. Oh by the way I welcome everybody -- they if you're just joining us this is on the -- in the phone number. -- is 8774694322. Feel like journalist. After the debate. You know first there's 67 million people watching Candy Crowley insinuate yourself and and the effect. Mesh is spurring job implies that Romney is wrong then afterwards. I'm. -- -- and this is what she said not -- read it it's a little bit long. Now I want you. -- to pay attention not only to what she's saying in terms of the contents. Or how poorly she says it. Here's somebody who was a professional. Broadcaster. She's been in this vision is for years. -- and she was -- And here's the way she talks this is all nearly issues and you know overheard. Why she's having a cup of coffee with a friend. Candy Crowley here we go quote. Well you know again I heard the president's speech at the time I sort of re read a lot of stuff about Libya. Because I knew we were probably get a Libya question -- kind of wanted to be up on it. So I know that the president had said you know. These acts of terror will not stand border of the whole quote was. And I think I actually because they did turn right after that and -- but you are totally correct that they spent two weeks telling us. This was about the tape and that there was a you know this riot outside the big guys -- consulate which there wasn't. So he was right in the main I just think he picked the wrong word. And you know they're going to -- and we all know about what the -- and definition of is is. But I think in the end I think John is probably right this has a lot more to do jobs and the debt crisis in all of that kind of stuff. I just think probably it was one of those moments and I can even feel that here. You know when you change something you are not expecting. It was just that was the natural to come out of me. Going actually you know he did call it an act of terror. One half of the crowd -- for that and the other half -- for you know they kept telling us that this was caused by a -- You know in the main the thrust of what governor Romney was saying. Which is why I went back and said that come. But I think he just picked the wrong kind of way to go about talking about it if that makes sense. One quote. You're kidding me -- this is what we have for a moderator of a presidential debate when she doesn't have a script in front of her. Her I wouldn't tolerate that from a sophomore in high school. Speaking about a particular subject in public. -- what -- jerk. OK let's go to the telephone lines and move joined with some of the other stuff we have as we go along. 8774694322. Is the phone number job on your first album program good afternoon sanction being icebreaker. Good afternoon -- -- you know I happen to think we're not heading up the fiscal cliff because it's it's so much resilience. Staying power that. You know well we'll provide that certain it's our rob because it's going to be a disaster are flawed policy. -- Yeah and now -- only be disaster and foreign policy. I'm sorry you said Romney will be a disaster on foreign policy. I think -- -- a -- Well -- he is running with personal thoughts on the run a country like it's a franchise. You know on the head on -- and just going Gooden but. This as far as our policy experiences. -- actually sat down with an elitism talk to a very. During the camp K there's and. Yes you guys -- now. Well -- taught to believe usually in the campaign about I usually experience in the sense of being updated hit Obama for that matter. In fact I knew the Reagan I -- not know. Nobody coming in we could all you expose somebody in the senate for some period of time. Might have some contact but otherwise governors and in general don't have any foreign policy experience we have to go by. Well IE you know how they handle themselves and what their shining eyes strikes me an event. That Romney is should conduct himself pretty well a little bit of a bump in the road. Who really well look it's a little. Yeah ought to require us -- that it. Oh yeah it outsourced jobs to Massachusetts state India. And I'm still doesn't make some kind of like you know if the as far as the job prospects though. And you know I don't give credit to people with jobs didn't -- bottle would. -- -- Well he certainly did in the private sector which Obama is there -- -- -- you John you're an Obama supporter. Not little actually put a lot of just sort of this. For the record I can and -- based on this is to destroy the record that thank you and shot. Well lucky table -- -- get a raise that. And sometimes they don't sound load -- coherent but. Senator fact that I have heard to be our incoherent and the other guys until it. Like you know we kind of dictators in the world that -- are dictated and dictators are on the other side. -- 774694322. Is -- phone number Dave your next on the program good afternoon. I have the army. First of all I don't like for you to say on the year. Until apologize. The Candy Crowley. You know you can -- -- comment talking about you know that she knows better you know before she was then you know that's step up. That's the lowering the debate this is typical our view was someone called you a name you know you you ran on and on. If you disagree with what she. -- -- And the moderated. Its okay but the talk about the woman's weighed in to talk about when she was stand up front. That's. I know they've done -- that I get something wrong then. I and I -- I realize -- -- let me ask you humanity common not is she fat. You know. I don't know if she says -- has not really looking at her like -- yeah I do. I knew they don't take me. Yeah I have I is Obama black they've done don't. And it's just can't do any thing to do well he doesn't usually does what -- have to do and Candy Crowley great good thing. You know certainly gave two reasons that you say something like that is to get people like you to call the program. No why did you get that question is debating whether that you thought -- -- -- not. You talk Obama when he. I mentioned in passing year right. Okay I'll be written -- -- and as you think he would yeah I. I went well I thought it fit popped up in my mind. Would Mitt Romney says that you and governor. You know that you put out. He sought you know that they -- that's the -- of the women in their office. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Us they did you -- -- big -- yes. Okay Bobby evolution they can fit fit because -- pleased. You don't stay. It's. What did you really think of that he didn't. Did you think it probably really did apple just did you think that -- you know that they didn't what Ronnie -- -- fate of. I don't -- a good -- -- I know people who were involved with the program as a matter of fact one of the big -- on television. I was on the O'Reilly programs Wendy Murphy who might happen to know and Wendy Murphy philosophically. He's miles away from home where Romney is -- Republicans are but she would actually involved with the program. Romney actually did that and Romney has been pandering to women. Look at Dave look at when he first ran for -- for governor. -- he picked he picked the lieutenant governor Kerry Healey. -- clearly unqualified for the position nobody had ever heard over. And if her name or Kevin -- instead of -- really she wouldn't she wouldn't have been within miles of the ticket. Shall we he's been doing that but you are correct they aren't you aren't -- that. But your correct -- affirmative action and -- wrong. The people who should be appointed by the people who are best qualified for the job and I don't K -- if they are male or female or both. Well well broadly you guessed. I made my point. -- disqualify Mitt Romney from ever being president no but boy even god can get this guy. Because this guy will do and say anything. You. Anyone know. HH a matter. -- this particular point Dave he and I have a disagreement on this team philosophically. Thinks that is so. This is what this did this this little yellow light water got up golf club pro -- getting them are I'm glad -- did. A few times already gained during that time did -- act -- do you support opponent can. -- about it but you sure. Dave Davies she Obama supports affirmative action and I want to. I know that social okay did thank you for -- in the mimic one point and we've gotten past candies wait. The the point hair's not that Romney is perfect. For me the point here is that Romney is shown much better than Obama. And that's always the question. Applies in the senate race -- as a matter of fact the Dodd-Frank bill. That. Scott Brown supported. Has in it a big dose of affirmative action it's really a terrible bill. Not Dodd-Frank is supposed to be a re regulation. Of the financial world has done nothing to do with -- affirmative action as such. But there's affirmative action in there. I thought the bill was abominable and brown should -- voted against it. Just flat if for -- or the recent. -- voted for it okay. They each one of a number of disagreements I have with Scott Brown. It's not that Scott Brown is perfect. It's that he is so much better than Elizabeth Warren that it makes the the vote decision easy. For me. It's not the -- he can use as a standard that you have to agree with a candidate on everything or you'd never vote for anybody. And -- since we live in the real world and since I want to continue to have. The place that is well to use a word that's now become charged optimal. Which commercial you may recognize is what Obama's said. With regard to the you've been -- situation should give it to improve -- for Americans not optimal. But I want to try to optimize. To a society and the country and to do that you get the best people. Are realistically able to serve that is that people who are running for all visual -- of winning. -- yes affirmative action is important to me I think it's fundamental. To the notion the whole concept in this country that we treat people as individuals and that they should be judged on their merit. Not on their skin color not on their hair color not even on their way each. But you know -- sometimes you live in -- country and you have to put up with things that are not yet right we're trying to change that affirmative action. Back a little -- little break because what things we also -- here to intrusion principle is unlike the government we do not run up big deficits. And pushed debts onto our producers are our future generations. To their patient bills. We -- back on the other. Welcome back this is Don Nelson and by the way you want a lot more good -- producer now. Where do we -- on the other one -- got you know on the roster and Sweeney is gonna be producing the programs so I thank you welcome congratulations I hope. The question is thought -- Tell by doing a great job pure on the Mike works knowledge can. Let's say we did get some text message. Contributions here so let's. Listen to deal with them 603. What are -- back just before game called you on day from Brookline who was just what do you bet. -- causes says that acts as -- -- export act and thus the president was referring to Ben Ghazi. Play Nash -- It did in the Rose Garden comment that. That Obama now -- pretend English that he always knew was that a terrorist -- he did does -- it acts of terror. Actually that's the motivation of the of the text. From 917 -- Biden and all sorts of foreign policy experience and he's a mouthful and not buffoon in -- thing that you heard them the most recent one you -- it. He was -- drawing in Shenzhen. How many people here know someone who has served in Iraq or Iran Frazier hacked. Then people raise their hands and he's shown again showed twice why do you raising his hand was. Was Harry Reid serving in Iraq and Iran hunt let let. Good job sure. OK let's -- from 774. Really got frustrated with give our three. Text from that she is what first was -- so why then David is a baby. And then shut this guy out. They've always generates enthusiasm. But I'm sure I didn't ask Dave a question. Come on affirmative action we're talking about with your right to -- and I should've asked Dave how would you like your day. If you were passed over. For someone who's female just on the basis of gender. And ventures say he would like it. By the way for those who don't know -- black and that's why the affirmative action stuff comes up frequently with him. And from 857 hours get a lot of grief when mandate was on the program. But maybe 57. I love it when Dave calls. Hello well you handle on the best Walt thank you a function of women need support he has done and hear about it. After the program. 8774694322. Is a phone number. Back to the telephone lines Russia next on the program good afternoon. In an average you know the president the vice president actually sent GM is alive and Osama bin Laden -- debt. And by constantly saying this stay motivated as follows to probe. That the cars are still alive by attacking in Chile the ambassador on 9/11 2000. Hey you know I am -- I tell you I don't think the guys on the other side these murderers these coombs. Need any more motivation these are killers it's not like they were there were quiet until. Biden made to order or Obama made that comment and that galvanized them into action may fifth. -- -- Our -- they had -- during the pro OK and they proved okay that the cause is still alive. And I'm Vietnam veteran and I solid post let's. Just the bloodstream. Our enemy within the media did and the Tet offensive in 1968. Why didn't they report just like they've reported the Ted offensive in 1968. Why because it's one of their own that's an office. Well he's certainly there is media by -- another way Russian coach an engine for years I think what happened here is because of the comment that you just talked about you know there's from the spiking the football or GM his blood the blood is dead. That that's why it led to this whole cover up why the White House in the -- Obama administration didn't want to admit. That this was a planned terrorist attack. -- in al-Qaeda affiliate. They much prefer to blame it on some spontaneous. Outrage from some obscure video. Put together by a shadowy figure as she as Obama referred to him you know a guy who wished. Who wish -- unsure of for a parole from -- look back in jail. They didn't want to interrupt that narrative so I don't do think it had a significant effect. And basically he's trying to mislead people that I gullible. To the fact that he's got the terrorists on the run after killing. -- some -- -- I would just farther from the truth. Which unfortunately you're right rush thank you by the way you know one -- the mentioned the Tet offensive. It's interesting because -- that people remember Vietnam the Tet offensive was a major offensive launched by the north Vietnamese. That and and at the time we fall we are winning the war and -- who should be inconceivable that they had the strength to do this essentially it. Changed public opinion in the United States would probably the the final. Force that led to our abandoning the effort in Vietnam what the media failed to report and to this day and talked to view about the terror offense and they won't know. It was a military disaster. For the north Vietnamese. They lost thousands of people. Initially they had success because of the surprised but in the end their military force was just -- Droid. And we were on the ascendancy but by that time public opinion had shifted. And so it turned out that while military victory it turned out to be made public relations defeat. Hey -- again the issue of bias in the media at the time of most of the mainstream media and we didn't have the other stuff now on the Internet. Were in favor of exiting from Vietnam and -- -- played a role they're true. Okay. Let's see we. One of the interesting things that came up in the debated was referenced by the previous caller had to do with women. And it started out usually for equal pay three Bork. And Romney took that as an opportunity to talk about the efforts he had made to try to get women in the is adminstration. And here's a particular term binder should change them. Caught the imagination. Of the people on the other side they do we have a -- -- Romney saying it in the debate got let's run that. I went to a number of women's groups and said can you help us find folks I brought us all binders full of -- women to locate miners for women now. Does everybody understand what that means because I did I understood and remember I'm not agree with the policy but binders full of women meanwhile. Means you don't notebooks folders full -- -- of women. Now -- you know the other side is -- all shell out about this. And we got to -- here. One from all and Erica Payne. Who is ahead of shall we call the agenda project and she'd been around for a while this is you know one these ultra left wing that they -- call progression. She was on O'Reilly. On Thursday night. And if here's a snippet of what she said -- O'Reilly even O'Reilly couldn't understand why anybody would get upset about this. You have to pay attention because O'Reilly is butting in and talking over her but he asked her national Erica Payne. What. This PA YNE not that PA Diane. BA line Neil what why she would be offended by this action here's what she said. I think that I am that it conjured up and you have an Arab sheiks -- Harris she came third -- underwent a series heroes. You play again just let your -- young Arab Sheikh. Flipping through a fine women Bruce channel and I think that I -- that it conjured up and you have an Arab sheiks -- an Arab she -- a third and final -- the series heroes. The so my first reaction -- You're a moron. I don't really I don't really show us some education. But nobody could be so stupid as to think that Mitt Romney was saying on a national debate. You know we're never doing any new administration. So I have people go lot and they brought -- find binders full. Up pictures of scantily clad women -- could choose from among them then have them in the office to prance around. If if that's what conjured up her mind that's what she thought the words meant so my first reaction was a moron. But could -- about a little bit. More. Something else is going on. Because for anybody to hear those words. And to have that thought crossed her mind. Must indicate that there's something of a friend fishy going on -- in with her. But she was kind of thinking -- and maybe I could be one of the girls in the picture is scantily clad in titillating. And maybe I would be selected to be there are so she sort of had an immediate threat to shake about it. In junior blurted out this was days afterwards issue is appearing on O'Reilly. So -- leave it to you we have a choice that she's either they either. Sure of sexual me. Well let's see shall I shall we say sexually eager or just a moron. Just an initial who manages to hear words that are perfect English and convey a certain idea and can get it. This is what the women on the left are complaining about it. That's not the only one we had there's another clip. -- wants O'Donnell program this year is Lilly Ledbetter you know there's a Lilly Ledbetter law of them members hugged by equal pay for equal work. Here's Lilly Leadbetter on the show she shows like she's a really great intellect hears her reaction to it. The binders disturbed me that was he found out. I'm -- -- they talking about monitors I don't think I know anything about John -- not in that regard. That's absolutely you don't know or don't do broad broad avoid brutal blowing good. This is the -- than the the law -- passed within our name on it. This is good we will get more by people pay three or part of it but it just shows you what. Which you have to worry about when you're running for president of the United States. OK let's go back to the telephone lines 8774694322. Mark in your connection program good afternoon. -- it or not you hobby I got a question for you being bought cheaper. Then what -- was. Try quote not. I you know I am sure that I didn't mind people criticize Jim Lehrer was the moderator in the first debate. I did I didn't mind the way he did he showed up at -- he should stay out of -- for the most part and they let the two guys go one -- these two guys wanna be president of the United States they certainly can handle a discussion back and forth when they know a lot of people are watching. And -- but that didn't mommy and and troll -- problem was she insinuated. Herself into the debate using this somehow about her shall I hope she first -- We don't you know -- obviously nice. Want so well that I have a Brett Ferrer or you have -- -- -- -- a Scarborough and moderate peaceful says. You know that this is crazy the way they -- all these -- -- -- but it just it just seemed so one -- the first try it doesn't bubble but allow what happened. The first criterion Martin's you have to be left of center. You can't get the moderate right. So. Coach this sort of just the way it is in your -- will. We'll have to traverse some distance to get it to be respectable. Have a moderator writers send her back tomorrow why won't likened. You know I still remember ruined the early on when -- Then she BS news showing frank Shakespeare wanted to get William F Buckley on. Turned under she learned a moose and and they should tomb of the billion respectable. Two William F Buckley. Now we've become respectable. More people identify themselves as conservative than liberal that is progress. Back on the other side a break up. Welcome back. Don Nelson again about a minute before the news breaks in my generation phone lines I apologize -- though you called internally -- Going through the -- as quickly as you'd like going to go out fun stuff to do. Text message is from 617 I will get to a phone calls right after these newspaper -- I'm 617 get our mind out of the -- -- the guard Derrick of faint yellow -- Ted Drummond Milicic 17. Midnight regulations rumor that's -- yeah that's what comes to mind when you hear her talk about it. From 339. Have you seen the Libya special on fox yes I watched it last night there. Understand who raises all these issues including. -- know what which I thought was most poignant is on the day of his death on September 11 ambassadors Stevens sent a message saying. We're actually effect that they were concerned they do need more security. So it shows you as these have real consequences what the Obama administration has done and what they haven't done. Okay back on the other side will continue the conversation about these things hope those -- online can -- -- -- -- Nelson.