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Avi Nelson - Debates and Benghazi

Oct 21, 2012|

Avi Talks with callers about the debates and the president's role in the Benghazi tragedy.

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Welcome back. Nelson our number two of the program and we invite your participation. 87746943. To choose the toll free number -- changed instantaneously. Text message code. Email address and Nelson WIQ dot com. From 617 just got a new mass building code -- in -- binder. Who knew I should do. Well the question is -- there. I'm an Irish pretty pictures of girls scantily clad dancing around volunteering to be part of your Herat do you build the building. Go back to the telephone lines. Brad you're next on the program good afternoon. Hello. Brad. Really lonely. There are well. Think. Candy Crowley who did not just -- interject herself she was a liar even if she is no longer sell directly thanks. I mean this is really obnoxious what she did. And it frankly gets me really irritated. They should -- is obnoxious and what was remarkable. Is she's you know she didn't insure you weigh yourself into the debate anywhere else. Write to -- -- having disputes about various figures and policies along the way and she never said word one and then all of a sudden here. She decides out of the blue. To start trying to to get the record and she got the record -- along. Do you do you remember you must remember this you were you might even watch just remember when Evan Thomas was comparing. Reagan to Obama and sit Reagan's parochial of Obama -- guard. I think that. A Romney was gonna hurt the -- cult of Obama -- which is shared by so many in the drive by media. I think I have no idea what motivated her and you know I read the statement earlier I won't read it again. Although it's fun to to look it up because it's so. Poorly articulated. When she later tried to explain what she had done and why she didn't I think she understood that she probably had made a mistake. I don't know if it was just overt bias I tell you something you know Brad I think that moderate -- and political reporters. And even analyst -- a little bit different for her commentators. I think all of them should be required to say for whom they voted last time and learn from them they're gonna vote this time I think we. As the people watching this have a right to move the lens. Through which we are asked to view. Their presentation. Will be important political issues and candidacies of our time. And I would like to know whether Candy Crowley. I voted pro ball the last time I these supposedly legitimate question to ask. And in light of her being a moderator and immature in the line of what she did. As for the lack of -- personnel at the consulate and then -- I mean this is what happens when you allow other State Department to be infected with the Muslim Brotherhood but who works for Hillary. Well you think what did you think that there's somebody from the Muslim Brotherhood told Hillary Clinton nor convince Hillary Clinton not to beef up security. That's been -- show that the ambassador can get killed. The Muslim Brotherhood would be simple well I don't know if they even need to tell Hillary is the Muslim Brotherhood we re pissed off that Obama big mouth. And and 9/11 it would be a good time to commemorate that they're great triumph. Right not to be a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to be annoyed and Obama his big mouth -- Illinois big mouth nor any of the brotherhood. OK Brad thanks for calling I looked I don't go that far as you know a -- that I'm not conspiratorial. Enough for some people. But I don't really think that this involved. People inside the administration deliberately sabotaging. Efforts. It is interesting however that Hillary Clinton finished as a fall on the sword as a war. To try to deflected Brian blame away from the president will we get to a clip that we have a first. I got an email asking me questions. -- Romney has been criticized her for march of the second debate about been Ghazi. Went curly and interjected erroneously that the president was right. How would you handle it no -- what do would want to I think we're on issues said. I have a feeling Romney did not know the full transcript. Of what. What Obama shed in the Rose Garden the day after. Because you referenced that Obama was making to the acts of terror. Moral acts of terror. Where it was well into his remarks he first talked about the video and then he talked about things and I think Ronnie just didn't know frankly. What Crowley was talked about he thought that Obama was simply making it up. Obama was stretching it and take more -- out of context his own words and trying to make a point from the I think what we're Romney should done and I think what you'll see him do Monday night. If you say. Well yes his depression and you used the words acts of terror polo. If she seems to me that the context was not about -- -- but regardless of what you said that day in the Rose Garden. Your administration and you yourself and all your spokespeople. Then went for the next two weeks and blame the video. US usual Irish go on live TV shows that next Sunday saying it was the video. You even that the UN two weeks later mentioned the video six times never once talked about a terrorist attacking you never called it a terrorist attack. In the first two weeks. You refer generally acts of terror. And then show it -- -- talk about the cover up and also emphasize about the the the lack of security even though. Security was bashed for not mention about Hillary Clinton. But you know this is become a controversy now she's -- secure -- well as security. Show Hillary Clinton is trying to take responsibility. For -- here's a clip. Doing OK usually I usually do is getting the clip I find by the way there's a touch of irony here that -- I'll mention in advance. And that is can go back in the days when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were fighting each other for the nomination real real bad blood. -- of the ironing now can you imagine if somebody had told her then. Then in a few years -- you're going to be taking the blame to protect this man. -- -- -- -- -- We're here in the complete complete twist is Hillary Clinton taking responsibility trying to shield Obama. From having failed to provide additional security. I'm responsible for the state department for the more than 60000 people around the world. Key decisions about security assets are made by security professionals. Yeah sure. -- -- she's taking responsibility left unfortunately we. This is claiming that doesn't work no way you are not at the top of the executive -- argue. New report to the president and he should know what's going on -- his underlings. Famous quote that. Present and every children put on his desk. The buck stops here. Well find myself thinking you know we have the expression pass the buck. And I ask -- come from. British passion the buck come. From what you what does it mean when we ever get legal language. Well I know some of you have his fingertips but I didn't sell here's the answer. Poker became very popular in America during the second half of the nineteenth century. Players were highly suspicious of cheating her any form of bias in this considerable full floor. Depicting gunslinger in shootouts based on accusations of dirty dealing doing all seen the movies -- the question. New dirty dog that came from the bottom of the -- But I go to Jordan -- don't finish the deal changed hands during session tried more familiar with that. The person who was next in line to deal would be given a marker. This was often a knife. And now lives often had handles made of bucks horn. No horn from a bucket -- Potential marker becoming known as a buck. When the Jewish turn was done he passed the buck. Now as an additional. Icing on the story -- here. Children dollars through later used as markers and this is pulling the origin of the use of -- has a slang term for -- -- shaped politics can be helpful. Broadening our knowledge and expanding our our understanding -- vocabulary. The earliest citation or in the source that I could find was in July 1865. So there you have it. So all Hillary tried to stop the buck from going any beyond her body does go to the president. Go back to the discussion the other phone -- 8774694322. Rod you're next on the program good afternoon. Obviously always a pleasure. I think that this whole thing about binders with women. That the left is really just trying to stir up the war with women that they're sort of trying to say -- is -- But obviously he was just being. Think he's employed a lot of women in is that. Right he did exactly what these women wanted to do. He says he said that the toll the million a number of people applying for the jobs in the cabinet. And yours are all man show he went out pension and other people -- including Kerry Healey. And went out and found additional women he. You hit the height of holding teams -- revolver on the use of the word binder I think it should folders or no ports you would have been okay. You get into if you get that Bret remains. Recommend that women I mean it's a nonissue but they. The -- I wanna make it that there were -- Democrats. And Obama they've been trying to use this to deflect. From -- up on the important issues that we should be disgusting. And it's obvious to me if I watched all three debates. The Candy Crowley I mean Obama and yelled will be kept the credit transcript and she had it. So it seems to me for at the viewer hit it almost seemed like collusion. Yeah I mean you're right there were so there was that moment and you're correct Obama should get the transcript. And rather remarkably. It seemed like -- we responded and said earlier this. Which it does you're right it did imply I I think Jewish just coincidence I can. Well I think you're being far -- kind. But but also you asked about why did Obama go on for two weeks I have a theory it's a vote. Why he did that part of it is because I think the narrative. In that we are winning the war and we got Osama bin Laden. And I think he wants to betray that you know. Everything was OK I could even fly up to -- and have a fund raiser and everything's great we've won the war you know we're winning the war on terror. And he knows that the forty point 7% basically there -- only gonna get their news from the major network and that's all the gonna hear so. So condemn you know. There really is to Americans but people like I mean I people in my feeling that we just watched CNN and any BC and NBC and if they don't know what's going on right when I try to tell them. All the stuff that you read on the Internet on various sites and we can get the -- they don't wanna hear it and they just think. Why how you know and the networks still the major networks are talking about Libya is disgraceful. Well I. Yeah you're right -- that a lot of people. Inflation is too strong or have other interest and they don't spend as much time. -- network site and didn't mean to people. Well -- networks he had the networks have done a bad job of covering -- don't cover things that are embarrassing to Obama but by doctor -- This creation now has risen to central view showed that now the networks are covering even Jon Stewart -- They have -- talented. And I think they want -- didn't weren't taken aback a little off guard on the foreign policy because. -- debate what is supposed to be about that really it would supposed to be for the next game. -- Rob they were smaller you didn't do it certainly included foreign policy well in this. Next one the next one coming up. Is on foreign policy and by the way that's the good news -- the good news is that this is not the end of the cycle. And in a way Crowley while making the mistake. Has now elevated the issues of the you can be sure it's going to be front and center in the next debate -- -- -- -- right. There will be meeting can be sure about that 8774694322. Is a phone number. Different 617 this year moderator from other countries. Freshmen when their objective right. Let's say. -- nature excel Romney did not -- constructed the binder but given binders from women's groups actually. I don't -- the blindness kidney he had material -- -- from women's groups and for mother when her birth and reminder. Which ordinarily is just a not so regular words English language for a time now. Some from 50 wait Ed do we have -- -- to get the that that is the that we had we played well Lilly Leadbetter before. After hearing Lilly -- this is the text message it's obvious that this year intellect not gender that accounted for her lower pay. She really does not sound especially bright. Do we have we we'll follow on clip from Lilly Leadbetter we played the one where she. Got all controlled Brigham Brigham played out once again who put the blinders because. Poor Lilly had Shiites had trouble with the word -- to we have about one and we don't get -- run. The binders disturbed to make that place and we found out that. I'm not -- they talking about monitors I don't think god know anything about -- not in that regard. -- -- talked Erica Palin mean should he had pictures of fuel oil leak. Scantily clad because he was thinking of inviting you to join his -- But really didn't know about that we've got some other in the fall this is from the same interview. By -- out some things as they were irrelevant. Let's play the next clip from from -- Is so fundamental. A marathon -- Did they -- compensated and we have a -- while he's been on the books for 49 years. Well this -- on the books for 49 years why do we need another at all. It gave shares equal pay for equal work already mandated by law. Then why should we passed another law. Now maybe there's an enforcement problem of the wall but that's not solved by past you know the law that's solved by doing some enforcement. And if it is true that issue here by the way that some cases. Women are paid less than men which by the way happens to apply to this White House as well. Are you sharing that all these people -- the law or is it possible that something else is taking place. Is it possible that women are leaving the workplace to have children. And the demand are staying with a longer and so therefore you know they're concentrating more on the career will likely get paid more. Obviously you can't be happy to reclaim that it's its own violation of all in all go to jail. I think we have one more clip doing one more clip from -- her great contributor your. OK let's run to right now under. Paul Rogge who voted against the Leadbetter bail and is necessary. He says that is not necessary but it -- No load and no room because usually you -- We already have a law and you showed so they've been around 49 years. Interaction and -- wonderful right. You can just feel the until. He's 774694322. Was a -- she -- know the Dickensian name -- As I mentioned earlier. That's from by the way that rep. -- -- Charles Dick into came up with a great names and that's where that's where Ebenezer Scrooge. From shorter great name for. Somebody who is Scrooge like. Was alone others emerged don't know emerged stone is not a friendly heroic figure when you can emerge stone. Hazing can inch who's one of food who ruined his name's. So Candy Crowley. -- they send him for 694322. I realize I'm being flipped and mean and snide. We've -- that particular allegation against -- is cruelly. But when asked to have fun with politics as well. Back to the telephone lines John you're next on the program good afternoon. Thanks for taking my call we -- who maybe issue -- -- -- -- there were buying -- was thinking about finding of the Asian women beat back a couple hundred years ago. Maybe I never -- -- -- -- mentioned no one can literally look at your feet. At that point I wanted to make it I hope that what Mitt Romney does. When he comes out in this -- the big -- really sort of put together and connect the dots for us to see. Because of course we know the media didn't get up and that would be shouldn't repeat massacre and and guarantee it was foreseeable. Preventable. And -- that's why it's precisely why the coverup in the cover story was invented and without -- And it can kind of wrap it up so. Everyone can understand. We'll play you phrased it just now was a very good robberies listening or even send in the -- because you're actually right. And that's why they went out of their way to pretend that it was something else that was going on right Greg what is interesting to me is. What does that say about Obama and his White House. That he thought he would actually get away with a that he thought that if he says. That something is it other than it is that because the media so much on his side did he get away with a Dutch boy if that debate. Who earlier this week as the debate where he said. That he declared he called it an act of terror the very next day. Yeah he didn't but he thinks that because he says that even though it's an an obvious falsehood. He'll get away with the because the -- was simply just following -- line and the people will just accept what they see on television. Wouldn't have been wonderful if he had sort of got to that stage presence in the quickness to win Obama said go to the transcript. Crowley dead he then stopped and looked at the camera instead do you think these guys have been talking to each other. You know the trouble with that -- -- John I know I understand the great drama and theater -- the trouble is. But that she is an allegation that to charge. And you never make a charge like that if he can't prove it. Because then you know immediately there was should Knoll and now there and that would have shifted the focus away from. What happened in Libya and to you know that that Romney's conspiratorial enough for -- right. Because sadly no you have to understand they're dynamic is every -- we're talking about something else. We're not talking about the economy we're not talking about Libya we're talking about that. I tried and you know wanna get that your jacket right you wanna get off message thanks for the call John well. 87746943. To choose the phone number I'm Martha Nelson. Welcome back to Don Nelson and those still enjoying the way. -- show you know we talked about the binders comment -- Erica Payne usually a prominent figure from the left O zone O Reilly. Thursday night mr. -- the -- -- could you be a show about. Then she got she gave the group play the clip and the suggestion -- caller. That and who hear from the -- midnight at VOA issues which also reflects on her comment -- Erica Payne. I think that I -- that it conjured up and you have an -- -- -- -- Harris she -- a period of time Clemens there is -- lawyer I was. Eric is known glory we should send -- -- and shoot videotape of the program sugar and enhance your fastest. I'll get thank you. Let's see 617 we do have moderator from other countries CNN and ABC CBS. Another suggestion perhaps to a lottery are one from each side of the golf. Course the problem is then you -- the two of them going at it. And also from 617 different 617. Someone blew a hole in the outside wall of the Amber's she's a few weeks before call me crazy but I might consider that I hate heads up. Then there's a picture you can share on television and showing it. They -- it was large enough for forty people to get through our which say that raises a security question. Pass the -- 8774694322. Is -- phone number all because she attacks drugs the I email addresses Nelson WRK a dot com we did get a couple in this -- mentioned -- center and don't know by doing a frat -- -- -- my friends and I go while we bring along our rocket propelled her grenade launchers. Never know you might run into a spontaneous protest at the local consulate. -- indeed. -- Jolie emailed Indian -- and how we can get foreign policy into a debate those -- in economics the second debate was not. The foreign policy was on the agenda the third debate coming up. Monday night is only on foreign policy shall we shouldn't hear anything about economics or women's rights or wrongs in that regard. Okay back to the telephone lines Alan you're an actual program good after -- Great I love coffee table trivia now I know in my book not that -- the -- They are the -- has inevitably you'll -- all I'd love that title and things like that assists you know. They use but you know -- clue that you. How -- have evolved over the united. Aren't obvious need your help. I got a question about the but he does -- thing that's been bugging me to know went. All right permanent. Our expense at our embassies were attacked in the 21 different country. The vast majority of the folks that attacked our embassies. Or illiterate. And ignorant. We -- know. We've all we know now that this whole thing and vote this tape that provoked everyone throughout the world. Was nothing but the president lying through his -- That thing that's irritating him I'm constantly question is how would fit in all of these countries. They had -- printed in English. Do not blasting throughout the process. That all of these attack these protests. Or about that tape noise Falwell. That the tape really wasn't the reason for big guys. It's -- speed speed to these signs and banners all over the world saying. -- are blasting the process. Was just propagated the president thought. Well let me let me I think we're complaining a couple things here there were demonstrations about that video that that was not what happened in -- gushing. But they were demonstration Daschle where the English -- people probably barely write Arabic or wherever else that they're they're speaking there. He is the of the tour professionals involved with this and there are people who world are eager. To defame and downgrade the united HGH and destroy and kill cost. And they will work to be able to produce signs and give them out to. Those who willingly be the plunge in front of the embassies in the consulate's. So that's home to do is find it a little but the main thing. That this happened on three continents so that the coordination. Of this. Are you know Alan if you're. Gonna happen unless social media and with the with the Internet. Things controllable that quickly. But the point the problem here for the administration for a bombing has. So while they try to make it that the video was the reason for the attack on the consulate in men -- That just turns out to be utterly -- And it took them too long to. Understand the truth than to recognize that the story had to be change that's one major element to destroy there was even effect a cover up or pretend -- And I think it's because they didn't want the narrative. About -- brief kill bin Laden and al-Qaeda is decimated they didn't want that to be undercut. The other part of this story. Which has learned -- cover up and has to do it here we now know that that people in Libya. Ambassador Stephens and his staff asked for additional security and it was denied. Now I don't know what their reasoning was when you deny should purity and now you're ambassador in three other Americans. Are killed. We have four deaths in your hand somebody -- in a bad decision that bad decision was in the administration. The national wanting haven't. You don't think for 12 that the Muslim Brotherhood is working with this White House. No I don't. Too conspiratorial important yes and if you're gonna make the case shall I won't say that you know. They could I possibly -- -- that you need you need stronger evidence than circumstantial. Aspect they can be explained another whale. It carry on yeah. What can be explained but -- you can get something to another continent. In an arm and a moment's notice I got when I was on the air and Scott Brown was elected. You know to the senate last time in my -- I got a call from Australia. Now that should come -- very far away. And I was just you know radio program mode you can communicate with people -- that the Internet. The other world wide web shall all I'm saying is if you wanna come up with -- evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood in -- working with the White House. The burden is upon I -- -- has a lot. Why could they propagate -- Don't think I don't think there were propagating his Lionel I think. They were offended about that that video. That no one watched. Them basically no one forced a fourteen minute trailer. And yet you have all the try it's breaking our morals. -- emotional link I have found. That in trying to. I don't discuss shall we say or convince somebody. Then it's not a conspiracy. Trying to prove prove the Null result for the -- this is is almost impossible. There's nothing I can say. That will prove conclusively. For you that the Muslim brother was involved joined turning around. I'm saying you have to come up with conclusive proof to show that they work. And if you didn't do that I will be hopping on the air and public. Not only to say Allen was right but the broadcast a full evidence of the construction. What about the report they're recently came out about -- looking up arms in Libya and that's boy was killed. Who. Who ambassador Stephens. I'm bash -- -- -- for arming Libyan. Yeah arms that we had supplied the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Libya it's over pro Qaddafi. That came home about two days ago was a newspaper. Well I don't think that Allan thank you for the call you again you know these people don't need local which few shoes to perpetrate. Horrible things. To kill and domain in the name of their religion. -- Read somewhere you know somebody's described Islam as the religion of outrage. I know there are a lot of people who are Muslims who are not but there sure seem to be a bunch. Who are infected with this particular kind of of vicious primitive violence. And any excuse will serve to go and kill because somebody -- something that is unpleasant. About. Moves to the pace was more on but it wasn't even know about ala. So he got to wonder what's going on I don't pretend know the psychology here. 8774694322. Who is the phone number. And it. Look I I would say -- action that they clearly has been and eight crew C. Philosophical. Relationship between Barack Obama in the Muslim world. Romania as clearly as Muslim. Exposure and and connection. Here an early in his childhood. And he came in with the idea that somehow the west has done the Muslim world -- he's the eastern world wrong. And he followed feeling in and he's and he's the sort of the not bush. And if he apologized for the question is done. They will recognize that here they have an affectionate. Complacent leader and compliant with their views and and that that the world will change I'm sure has come as a shock to him that the world didn't change at all. In fact if you take a look at public opinion polls and -- just a number of them done. In the Arab countries. That the favorability of the United States is lower now than it was when George Bush was in office. And frankly I think that's because we've displayed weakness. We're not gonna be loved by this these people but we can -- be respected. And some people view you favorably when more worthy of respect. Obama has gone the other way it's been an abysmal failure that is different from conspiracy. And deliberately working. With the thugs and killers of the world. To. Murder American citizens. Your thoughts are welcome page 774694322. Of the phone number above the year -- next on the program. However we have -- -- there and due any minute now we do they won't get another chance happy holidays to you there. -- -- I think now I I hope he will check it out okay. Are realistic -- check it out. -- you were talking about the -- alliance between Hillary Clinton and the president of dugout yeah. You know error or bad guy. She whole problem would do -- a million dollar bill. Barack campaign manager named mark and remember at. -- -- -- OK -- yeah after he had a lockdown media -- nomination. They have a lot of you know back and forth then got forever meeting in this that many other thing. About. Take care of her campaign debt. -- but I can't. Well. They got bit up and made his name is Mark Parrish here -- that he was obviously a failure. But most of all. Waited stimulus came out the first twenty million dollars went Derek did fail mark patent. And they ask mr. hand what they did do -- a money issue only created a couple of it's Ahmed a fit to. That's true -- forty million dollar. I can mean you are each. So you'll apply. Joseph Bob where we're where we headed with this will what you conclusion. They don't mind. This kid skiing or did. So that's -- well it's probably true love those old time by the way when people drop out of the race. And they really an endorsement is there a way of helping out with the campaign expenses. Twenty million dollars. Nice nice -- and that it's almost worth running for president just to pick up I don't know what. -- and mix it. Well. Yeah I I don't know -- The twenty million and they have been giving your cable and that's a different kind of problem that's. That's a political problem in terms of money being spent -- -- -- -- -- -- Guess knowing all lol why village on the delay you'll only get it. Well I you know collected from the I think Romney saw all of money that Cape Wind people like me and you will be very upset how gave Bob thank you. Think 774694322. Is C phone number. -- its -- from 617. Our great leader promoting that video far more than natural YouTube hits it doesn't he's true. There was so much talk by the Obama White House that it promoted the video I'm sure many more people started watching it then would have. If he had not -- anything about it. Let's take a break head toward do we go Gorton. Okay. And your next on the program good afternoon. Hi. I'm thankful I was wondering if you have anymore information. And I heard as to why there was no attempt made. To interrupt the attack on the embassy and rescue the ambassador and the -- three American. You know there was sure that special which I think is going to be very broadcast on fox and they give special on hold then gun she. Episode. And they did to talk about that and then by the time the people could get there it was too late they have requested. Some additional support before and it was not forthcoming. Should they just didn't have the wherewithal. To get the people -- the reinforcements there they were actually even in. They call a safe room and some not much more than a call in all it does usually buys you some time. But they didn't have enough time by the time these so called reinforcements got there he was too. But they did scramble but don't -- -- I go. There was some yes there was some scrambling -- not a judge they're quite frankly I don't really I don't remember now you're likely who were aware from -- -- -- Libyans. -- the Americans. But -- tapping a relatively quickly want to China and -- -- -- additions to get it. Right thank you learned it. Well thank you qualify. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Back on the other side of a break -- month. Welcome back this time you know some time for one more -- really got about a minute and a half but give it to you throughout. Here -- I aspect being covered an amendment but I'm sick and tired of the Democrats things did this a war on woman and the woman who spoke up and said. Lilly Ledbetter I think it was that there was so who are in effect I know -- to be true because back. It was seed in 1960 -- 63. The law was passed to end I know that it works and it worked fine. Because I was working in an insurance company. Called -- this in Boston. And I was doing. I was training -- man to do the work that I was doing and he was on the monthly payroll I was on a weekly payroll. When I started asking questions about it. The company that -- don't know who you know its job qualifications. And I said well I have the same qualifications. I it and I'm teaching him to do the job that I'm doing. To make along scary -- I went up to the Department of Labor and industry. They came and they investigated they found out throughout the whole company. Mail underwriters were paid more than female underwriters same -- classification. I ended up getting a settlement. Good for -- -- that's gonna do it for us unfortunately at the show goes right the end of the program and I'm glad you got the message yet. Thank you -- for producing -- Nelson look forward to showing you next Saturday afternoon.