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Buying a car? Maybe you should check with The Car Guys first

Oct 21, 2012|

If you are in the market for a preowned automobile or truck you need to call THE CAR GUYS! Because we spend whatever time is necessary to fine tune your personal preferences for the vehicle of your choice.

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Take my mom for president incorporated. Car is. It's supposed to be but none -- these guys it's good cars. Your radio show on AM succeeding WRJ. Oh no here is Joseph Louis scene -- Tool. Probably you. Welcome to the guy guys radio show time Joseph Messina. On bill puppet George and we we other guy guys. -- and we had real very good show last week we got a lot of response again thank you thank you very much. In the in the -- guy said very busy week because of it which was great. What I -- mention right after bad is later on in the program we're gonna do is we're gonna give out that gift certificate. Too many -- at night so -- now lower Broadway and some of all the great Italian restaurant the food is fantastic. But we're gonna tell you all about that later run and how you can get that that the gift certificate. Right now what we're gonna do is we're you know -- pharma listeners. What we do and how we do it. And there's nobody better to do that in my patina -- -- current bill. Fake show part I hope this somebody better than me to do -- but. I'm gonna do it anyways so this is what we do so. For all you new list is sorry if you're an old listener and you just wanna get. Product today -- Basically what we do was we're gonna come to you. We're gonna come to your home your office are any mutually agreeable location. And what we're gonna do is we're gonna give you basically short presentation of our inner workings. And the short version education of the automobile business and how it relates to your purchase. So together up. We will help you make some Smart choices in choosing an automobile or truck. There would best suit your needs then we will find two new choices. By zeroing in. On. Years makes models. Exterior color choices interior color choices. Fabrics. Leather option packages mileage criteria. And at some point of course who gonna have to determine are you planning on paying for this vehicle so if you do need to get finding a -- know we'll get that done at a time. So the -- all approximately what you payments will be. And then it's my job I'll go shop for those vehicles. For those choices that I virtual automobile supermarket. Where we will have an enormous selection probably. Anywhere from eleven to 151000. Cars. And together and with your help. We will narrowed down the search until we can execute the purchase. -- -- let me ask questions here. Fifteen. 151000 automobiles opinion and I'm hopeful that just got there that is hello this is a -- litigation on sorry. Right -- -- -- people out there there at the defining event. You know 151000. Cavalierly and 151000 -- -- -- -- Well it's where I go by in Pennsylvania where they have it says it says two largest dealer auction in the world. And will transport this vehicle back back to us service facility once we found -- and purchased -- and will examine and service it which we go through every -- you know stem to stern and I will have checked it out myself personally. At the facility where we purchase it. So we're gonna go to 'cause a good car first and you're gonna see that in our presentation because. We get some very in depth. Condition reports regarding these cars and they're there can dish reports. Are done by people who have -- are unbiased basically did the they have no byes to the vehicles. They have no bias of the manufacturers. And so therefore we get. We gave good information to stop with then we can narrow it down ourselves and then I did I come into the picture. And I really investigate the vehicle. Through many different methods that some of them we're gonna talk about literary fleet car facts auto check. And the bill puppet George check basically which you know -- he's been the leader Joseph Friday -- right exactly exactly so. We're gonna go through them and we're gonna find you a really excellent choice. We're gonna we're gonna do it interactive leap because we -- we want your -- obviously it's going to be your vehicle. So that's what's gonna really. Helpless to hone in on route where you really like but he. Sitting down and talking with you and really getting a feel for what you like. That helps me because -- always be right can really. -- everything down that was -- can go over everything you know. Fourth tried different times. Then I'm looking at vehicles -- be able to actually see. The ones that you more interest in the nod and we can then have a conversation with you and you'll walk around. You know I do a clinic go back to the you said you know how we inspect the cavity check it out in the grade they -- And so Long Will looking for a client when we're looking for an automobile for client. We actually like to go to the highest grades of what they've birdie. -- right well you know -- -- whether it. Do was what gonna -- little bit more to get a lot more is what we do we we we try to purchase a higher grade -- There were a lot of other deal result there who prefer to buy out lesser grade and try to bring it up to. To a quality expectation of their customer but. It's difficult. To take -- cut its. It's in rough shape and bring it back to great shape. There used to take because it's in great shape and just premier -- it's a lot easier. And we have a lot less. Apologies. Now to well I wish I wish this was television so we can do little we showed them how you roar on an automobile. And use some new tools some new premiere corporate and especially the paint either I -- that communication couldn't literally detect. From their paintings -- If the car has been hit where it's been hit and. That we can -- -- -- that we -- -- determine you know if if it's affected anything you know steering geometry or whatnot you know that. A lot of front it's. Can really effect from Africa is what is built on -- -- and could change. The way -- as where can change the way the front end. You know operates. You know suspensions so forth and so on steering. And it's very important that you just something that's been you know taken care of him and we knew we were asked the question. Matter of fact I believe it was just yesterday. This -- more weapons I mean. If it's a minor hit and they had a paint defend. You off it's a minor or major hadn't. And that's what that's that's my expertise that that's -- -- -- -- -- Olivia will look at it further once -- detected that there has been some paperwork. The number look into it an embassy is that you know -- that -- been replaced. Is -- a a DOC -- terrorism you know. How to resolve that kind of I don't know how do we colorful debate has been replaced the kid we kid told us secrets on on the radio. That we can show you know if we can we get together with you. That we have to have a few little secrets right. That's important when real bottom line is. What if we get together would you we're gonna be able to show you all these things and that's it's -- or what's good. And it doesn't cost you anything for us to promote to come see you no obligation no obligation if we Kamal there and you. Determined -- you know what I think I can do this myself then you know what. -- now you know we we have no no problem with that. We've we tried it. We try to show people what the result is so they know what they have to deal with. And most people don't want to deal with -- because it's just. It's it's tough to deal no way he he if you don't have all the all the tools and the knowledge. You could come back with something that could really -- you. Everybody is sung an excellent automobile pilots got a little scratch and I mean that's exactly. -- -- as a way that we don't we don't mean affection because. So it's difficult to buy or use -- you can't just go to views -- factory because there isn't one. But I'd like to be able to think to myself that you know at least a five look at it and I've checked them all out. And mechanically have checked it out as well. That -- -- side they're gonna get a great Karen gonna give some great use out of the deal of things we stand behind everything that we do so. There's never any fear for anything because of the so problem we're gonna take care of it. Like when we asked a question on the phone when the code when the client calls and wants to. Have a Kyra remember just having union other automobile -- -- one -- and we -- a bunch of questions we were kids just give an idea -- to -- to -- isn't right well let me ask you mr. Smith from a one to ten how would you grade -- -- While I'd say it's right around an eight. My idea until we get there. And then we live that one yesterday that I study and -- -- -- Today's more before but I wasn't there I love the remarked bill. Both -- this thing looks like it did everything little hut where it's right you guys did it and did everything -- lottery he had do you call that -- eight. Put it that I know there was a -- was knew this was a nice guy we've withdrew. The key word is was. How we don't want we don't know when a wuss yeah it was a while ago -- how could I did not. It'll work -- it will make it work can read. Exactly will make it work we'll get him another car that's so that's the bottom line that's what he wanted to. As a matter of fact had a second -- that they wish they showed us which. They actually the bought second hand some place where the thought that they knew the the one of the people who worked at the dealership in the that they were getting a good deal and so forth in or should they get a good deal on it but the bottom line was. Very quickly I just car fax it just for my own. Purposes just to see with the what the maintenance and that might have been on the cut him that may have been showing up on the car fax. And come to find out the deck I was in an accident but they didn't even know that was in an accident. And then there were wondering when was it in the accident and it was actually an accident may be a year or so before they actually purchased it. So what should have been on the -- expect and if they actually asked for economists had almost she actually did I think she asked to dealers had it been an accident. And they said no there but I mean. Well it has struck out Jack Sawyer yes they were reading get a warning you know what it may have -- have actually been on the -- fax. So in other words it could've it could've been an accident. And then. It hadn't been reported yet to kind of facts and because it wasn't on contract when she was purchasing the vehicle. She didn't know that was on. Well we're gonna give that secret -- a little later on in the program right Diego right -- sure so. But. Again. My accuser will come out you know bill and I welcome out. Content to your house and place who work. Coffee shop. Wherever. And you know we sit and face to face within you get to know us. They get to know we each week and we get to know you. Right and our hearts go out just exactly what you just said the vote for a lot of times owners -- -- somebody could really get a good feel for what they're looking far. In a vehicle and sometimes. Even though they may have some choices that they thought about. We might be able to bring some other choices to the table that they didn't even know existed just because of the fact that we do this every day for a living. And I brought many many things to the to the table for a lot of different people so I think that. You know having. Joseph and I come out -- is a big help. To a lot of consumers because they say while we didn't realize that there were all these makes and models there was similar to the ones so we were looking at that we do need to know. They existed in me you know some of those choices might have been actually a better choice of what they were looking for -- so. -- in my -- that in my appear characteristic -- particularly year of an automobile de rubble with the -- of what do with the engine with the transmission actually rent something like that you know we know about it it's something that we we can. We can point out there and right and then you don't Wear them when I try to steer him away from anything than specifically -- we just -- let the nose is always here. We can say afterwards we told you not to buy that I don't. But you know we'll get you what you want regardless but you know we prefer -- Stay away from the ones we know have been problematic situations that we can then when when we're alerted and you know what we're doing this way your eyes and hands that. And I wanna say one thing nobody knows how to reach the guy guys so this is how you reach us. And to reach Chicago -- to call 3302274897. That's 3302274897. All you can reach us on the car guys Webb site dot com. Good job well. Again what was very well there was doing -- say you -- that's. What we wanted to do later on. After we come back from a break there we're gonna take in just a few moments. This to talk a little bit above. Will we mentioned last week we as soon as somebody called and wanted to know a little more about com fax -- and -- -- -- effects but. Horrible real reporting services that report on show and how they were wrecked and why people will not then -- get in the proper information. From their reports. Showing our luggage I love to touch on that for sure we'll go over and that little everybody else. So I think probably. Just about at this point we may want to work. -- -- And all right and again to reiterate. To reach the guy guy is called 330227. 4897. It's 330227. 4897. Are on the web at WRK. Oh I'm sorry. Our our new web that's the kind guys Webb site dot com. This is the kind guys' radio show AM 680. WRK. EO. This is the -- radio show -- PM succeeding -- you -- -- you know to get in touch with the car. Col 330227. Come -- guys. -- -- -- Its web site. Hey it's the -- guys showing bill I'm built up the George -- pre owned auto buying consultants. When you're in the market for a new -- vehicle called -- at 330 congrats my associate -- Messina that I can -- come -- -- we will meet with you in person at your home office already win together we will find what you're looking -- off year make color model options that we locate that exact vehicle for you through -- vast inventory network but first this -- must -- -- -- 120 points safety and performance guidelines before we delivered -- you -- -- approved fully serviced in just like bill. We started our business knowing that you hate going to a dealership for all the obvious reasons. Limited inventory high pressure salesman at a cost of building staff overhead we remove all of this from the equation the car guys save you time and money even provide financing for all take trillions we talked all it can even take to hassle out of selling your present can't give us a call at 330 -- guys that's 3302274897. Or visit the -- guys Webb -- dot com senior safe money strategies. Keep your family fortune in the family. This is still Kelly there are twelve threats to high net worth individuals and their portfolios one of them is trusting what has always -- another his concentration risk another his tax targeting this -- -- a free copy of my high net worth investor report call 888800. Wanted to anyone ask for your free copy 888800. Wanted to anyway. -- -- 81881. Now and speak to bill Kelly no rush -- weekdays noon to three. So here is our wonderful leaders claiming that he will make sure worded women have access to contraceptives there are some women who. Sure I fully believe that if there is a new president that it's Mitt Romney that somehow birth control pills will not be able to be found. What contraceptives tonight during the eight years of the Bush Administration. But it's just the exact opposite but let me give them the former Viagra here don't have a -- -- AM six CD WRK. No Boston's talks. -- and my family I doctor hurt -- -- class nurse every paycheck I cut out coupons -- trans fats. -- understands my wellness plus card gives me every day savings plus a point for every dollar I spend too. 25 points for every prescription once -- the thousand points and I get 20% off the whole store -- -- year that's like buying -- and getting our fifth. Shampoo trained and ready twelve this plus card and no other forms he gives you well this morning plus certain limitations -- see your local ready extortion DJs spinning Edwards -- That's you know -- look on my. You are becoming quite the artist when your kid you don't know that homeownership build communities. Could owning a home contributes to higher self esteem and better test scores you just know that home is where you play in -- And learn the national association of real -- -- you -- know that homeownership matters to our families our neighborhoods and our country. Learn more -- -- to dot com slash homeownership. You know the problems 23 million struggling for work for what seems like forever. Who can remember when gas was under three bucks a gallon and a deficit how many -- are there in sixteen trillion. OK so let's talk solutions. Mitt Romney's got a plan to create twelve million jobs by cutting taxes for individuals and small businesses cracking down on China's unfair trade practices and giving workers the training they need. More jobs will come from making America energy independent to. Mitt Romney's plan -- more of our own gas oil and coal resources until -- keystone pipeline and for America's future generations. Mitt Romney's plan reduces the deficit by capping federal spending. All the problems of the last four years America can't afford four more years Barack. We need Mitt Romney. For president incorporated. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 3022748974. Hole. Web site. Welcome back to -- guys' radio show line six CD AM WRKO. I'm bill Papa George and I'm Joseph Messina. So while we're going to as we mentioned until -- the end of last week show we're going to talk a little bit of both the automobile reporting services. Their all day and one of them being car fax. So. What I wanna say evoke our effects is -- fax is a great idea. Contacts is also a great reporting system. And they have improved it immensely over the years. Was getting a lot more. A lot more constituents. Who are actually report so in other words. You've got you police departments. And you've got your -- Some -- it repair shops. Some new and independent also. Automobile franchises. And and also is the insurance companies. Have been reporting and the customers are actually didn't more information. Than they really have. As in the past absolutely it's just not great it's agreed idea and it would and it works great. But there are a lot of down falls to a lot of pixels. And the pitfalls are. How was it -- its cars get damaged. And it does not get reported so another words. You look at the vehicle someplace and it has a clean cut facts but you know it has been an accident tomorrow. How do you know it's been an accident. Maybe because I told you was because he's -- meter or whatnot but. Or somebody else or maybe you can tell just by. By you own eyesight. Sometimes you can -- and there's a little bit of a different say orange -- to the paint. And you'll notice that one -- When it's adjacent to a door or whatnot. That might be just off just a little bit -- exceptional space for exceptional. Why it's pretty soon right exactly -- it was done in that area exactly so there're there're a lot of the little telltale signs. I know what it's all my secrets but. But basically. There are a lot of vehicles all -- that. Have clean cut faxes. Did actually. Have to have seen some accident. At some point in time -- in so. What we try to tell our clients. We try to tell them that listen to reason why we hear is so we can eliminate that problem. Because. You can go someplace. And even. The dealer may not know that the car was an accident because what we did the body work. Actually may have done an awesome job and because of that the dealer doesn't actually know that there was any work done to. And may be whatever work was done to a wasn't reported to -- facts and he may have pulled the car fax. And because he's really not. And they -- By technician -- say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can sell that kind of somebody. In the meantime he doesn't know that you know. It was hit by train and you know while the better together but the -- did really good job in a new assault and that happens and it does happen it's solid and then you know you -- explained it to me one time and we we know that it's literally it's happened where -- An automobile that that -- and a three year lease. Quite some of these these companies actually -- their self insured. One of the rental car companies -- self insured. And a lot of leases. The coral. Sometimes it can be short term leases and sometimes those leases. They actually leased a car from lean manufacturing. To -- directly to the to the rental car company is -- buy back so be the car is really owned by -- the mere fact tourists still. And so. Nothing ever really shows up that it was a rental car. And you know you just think it was a lease opinion I think and one person drove it. But he did in essence there was a rental and at some point in time it was an accident. And because they could control a situation because they they were bill -- did. And -- yourself insured they brought to cut back in the east the service at repeated themselves. And -- faculty is certainly -- -- wanna put their information on to the contracts because. When they go through. Turn into the auction to get their money back out of it at the end. They're getting a less money for -- it's gonna -- facts so why do that -- You know we we wanna do with the right way so what we tell people is you know. Let us let us look for the vehicle for you because that way you know you'll -- Because we're gonna tell you and we get some very very detailed. Extremely deep field condition reports which. Tell us you know basically you know what's been repeated. Once had paying work and so forth before we go look at so we know. If this is something that you are not interested in we know anything you know look at that kept his own needs community waste my time. Why don't wanna look at something that they you know I've got I've still a lot of customers looking for cars right now. And so my time is very valuable I wanna use it you know properly so that we the -- spend the correct amount of time one on the good tennis reporter -- And today there way to ring fracture the the way they manufacturer. And automobile. Two unibody frame. Right so yeah sometimes a very small accident can actually be. What they consider unibody Europe are repeated frame and in essence -- are you getting something that. His mother's. Is -- is. -- strength wise guys side it's not a strong. You know ways it's like ending a coat hanger. In any event to three or four times and snaps so. I I related to that same. Same similarity to leave -- put -- you and I see -- people. That you know I prefer to stay away from those types of guys but you know if they insist on buying something. It's that's been hit like got a one you know certainly they can they have their own. You know researcher -- going to picture there's a rectangular shape. We're all one piece right. It is an almost doesn't matter we headed with the headed in the middle around the corner it's gonna affect the shape of that triangle. Now they say they can repay these -- in some instances they do very good job repairing them out there either pulling it pushing it won't be doing something they gonna take some strength away from the medal but who exactly benefits cut. If it's not. Backed into. A perfect condition and what's gonna happen is when the vehicle who's been tracking down the street. -- -- This stresses that are being put on certain parts of that automobile especially in the front and that's gonna cause where exactly are -- -- And wearing a tie is wearing your. The suspension suspension and no -- was. There's so you don't hear is there what's the big deal would be tale is that you don't wanna be -- pick continuously pain. Nickels dimes which Nichols and there's no longer exist. You know under two dollars -- (%expletive) on them because. The frame is in the state who is business going the American correct that you write that says. They -- I mean if you get a 'cause he has tremendous amount of tire -- all time. You could probably attributed to so that something happened to its low point it's like sending him to tell you it's well what the pot -- we have here in New England Irish do head to a lot of problems -- anonymous no -- No I don't. Let. That will -- that would mean don't we just again he's just going to be paying a lot of money. For substance that you could -- avoided. If you're gonna have to track guys involved Miller could do it could can be avoided the first. Reform for everything is done properly there's -- there's another reporting service to run Joseph good. I want to make mention of which is auto check it out and is mostly dealer driven. Service it's a little cheaper than -- facts -- the deal was use it. And they compile information from other areas as well so sometimes we may find some of the things on there and that's it it's a good. It's another good source of information for us and we utilize it when necessary. And did I just want to make mention that the two it is in the world and it should go the other ones as as we go along because. Kyra FedEx is not cheap. And so old I'm sure it is -- for a competitor in this someplace along the way eventually and I'm sure there will be one -- closes -- -- -- -- -- somebody's gonna strict Rosen and writer for us but -- the other things we didn't we didn't bring out which we should. That tax -- -- also carries. Time and when we use it front maintenance purposes to get us out maintenance trek it's yes a lot of times a lot of maintenance records -- run the young. Or on the -- -- in fact. And -- the other day that you would do them a vehicle that I was actually going to be taking in trade. Had like 21 service records and I could see right from the get go with the follow that owned his vehicle and really taking care of it because. Literally every 3000 miles. There was an oil change maintenance performed. Had a tie is rotated all the time. Brakes were done at different intervals you know through its life I think I was likes of Henry is old and believe it -- not even. It was a hiring -- And a lot of those folks that have the hiring guys. Who have a little extra expendable money. Basically they take to cut is as to the deal to get its service to console. We were able to get a lot of those service records and it was great because. When I actually did take the current trade. I knew what they had and then I was able to pass that on to -- to another client. Who's looking for a car that was an older vehicle for less money. But I felt comfortable song that Khartoum because they -- shown that I could see all the records. Not only did they know the person who owned it and they knew that they were mature adult that was driving the vehicle that the you know they weren't. Racing around speeding around beating up in any way shape -- I also had all the service records which was awesome. So that's that's a huge huge parts of the puzzle and I think come. Knowing. That you have those records his is great and in the and it has been. Taken very well care of exactly and who Democrats some vehicles. That are. Quite old. But in unbelievable. Conditions yeah. He Norton immortal about a mile determining these people just need to take care of the interior of the automobile you know the exterior of the automobile room. The mechanics of fit them. Sometimes we get to console only two years old. And it looks like a trash bucket inside I mean you know. Different people well some people use automobiles for transportation. That he uses for transportation and they. And and and appreciation. Right that you don't know exactly and that had to chose the nose of the because that. There we like to pass on remove Libya in the -- and who are. They're old. I'd like to -- well known -- Blake who. Tell Luke told story. -- very recent sale that we. Right and I wanna take may have rushed to the gentleman enormous because this far. Is. An animal lover to the tend to agree OK okay and I salute him for for the type of person he is and his dedication. And he realizes the responsibility -- taken the Pentagon now we're talking about automobiles and I'm still talking on automobiles even going bring up a -- scurry. Has it you. Gentlemen it's moving down the state where I won't mention names -- really don't -- mention places. And he's moving out of state when he was gonna fly it was his pads. Two. That to this new area right but they would have to put the -- and in the tribal. Right which she was afraid they wouldn't they wouldn't survive right okay well as it was primitive. Dollar wise to was crazy oh well then he was gonna send them down on us on race. Special transportation table of -- right exactly furry animals and a bit crazy it was it was big money down there was like four or five times. What he was gonna pay physically but was like 15100 dollars he has -- -- -- -- he has he has three cats via. Revenue was 15100 dollars -- cat don't feel they are at this guy's crazy it's not. No he he. He happens toy pets and -- and knees are like this family and I take my hat again take banana. I had pets and so we then we we brought him rolling pet store who we've run emotional and I'm just glad -- -- and the gentleman. Bought an automobile. He has he had a motorcycle. Which she couldn't take. Couldn't carry the stuff that's not a staged a motorcycle so he would don't then he'd literally -- The vehicle. So that he could safely bring his pets safely bring offense found -- torment me. Those great note that that. I very almost want to write the story -- and -- and the school book for little children to. Three but. Deal. I know I have won -- wanna talk both are just we got metal contracts and that we were talking about me I had that and I had a client. Lives up in the North Shore. And she's bought several high end vehicles for me in the past. And one day she called me up until we you know she's thinking about changing your vehicle. She had -- from maybe three years so what night and she wanted to new style. So. She asked me you know are much what caused me to move up you know three years so what into the -- vehicle. So -- give us some ideas of few of the dollar amount and I think she's a little taken back but of course she's buying a very expensive vehicles so you know. It doesn't surprise me that she was a little taken back by the price. Anyway she called me back and she told me that she. She thought she may have found one that was like right around the corner from our. And so I says okay well where's the car from. So she says -- much -- but I know that this fellow is also in the car business. And he told me that the -- in great shape and I should come over and taken for a ride -- -- She's she said. The price that he was quoting there. Was about 101000 dollars cheaper. -- the price and I was gonna give her firm vehicle -- of the same age. The same approximate mileage in the same condition supposedly. So I said. I -- tourists and listen. Is this -- on drugs -- or you're giving us an incredible degree deal I mean you know. I but this got to be something wrong with the steal it can't be it can't be true. So she's is noise I -- I think it is I think I think -- -- you know super deal -- so well you know what. I'm not gonna charge you anything. But I'd like to come take a look at we feel so. What we did was a matter of her house and then she took me over of course she didn't tell him that I was in the car business. And she just said that I was our relatives and we wanna think the kind of for a ride. So immediately when I got there as soon as we get in the car and we drove down the street about half a mile assault. I pulled into a into an open parking lot and I told her I said. OK well just is just as I thought I said this guy's been painted. All over the place -- so what he's talking WW taking you paint -- -- I said I don't need it pains me to tell you bought the scout. I can see it would my own eyes straight from here you probably don't see it because you know seeing the same things I'm seeing. But I picked up -- and immediately and that I did -- -- was my pay me -- she said wow I can't believe it. So then -- we have an application -- Unmarried. Cellphone. That hooks me up directly the car fax and I basically skin to vin number which took be all -- about three seconds. And I -- I had a complete report and it turns up the sky finally was in an accident. Put this car was totaled -- And this car was totaled. Bought -- by the insurance company and then resold. And then it was sold to another Dele. On the West Coast. And then that deal was sent into an auction that was and I think somewhere in the midwest Chicago was something. And then this following that up so that's why that cal was so cheap. And she's she's going to be getting this guy whether it was titled suit actually they reconstructed title because I mean it was that your style. I was though little conference and. That they to a telephone well. To get cut short term reached a kind is call 3302274897. That's 330227. 4897. Are on the web at the -- guys Webb site dot com. This is the guy guys' radio show AM six CD WRK. You know. This is the car goes to a radio show on PM succeeding WRK you know to get in touch with the -- guys -- 33022710. Guys. 3022748974. All learn. Web site. WR -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- bill and I am -- -- guys who love -- know the pre owned auto sales business inside and -- look we know that going to a dealership might not always be a good experience you have -- car -- reading the -- -- pressuring you to buy a car that you don't want you limited to what's on the lot and out of -- if they don't have the color you want and sometimes vehicle history is an accurate we don't want to see people getting -- they're having to settle and certainly we don't want to put this safety at risk that's why we offer an auto buying experience like no -- -- experiences customized to the likes of -- -- Just call 330. -- guys tell us every minor detail about the car you want and we find it for you -- guy approved simple -- that plus. We can help you get train is at the lowest possible rates called 330. Kind guys that's 3302274897. On the line at the kind guys website dot com. When it comes to managing your diabetes bears new contour next easy blood glucose meter makes testing easy. You also get exceptional accuracy because he uses the next generation contract next test strip for close to lab test results and all this the lowest everyday price of all major brands. You can find -- new contour next easy meter at your local retail pharmacy just ask -- -- pharmacist an upgrade today. There's new -- next easy -- easy accuracy and savings now that's a powerful combination. Wake up and -- growing with -- cents -- every Sunday mornings from six to -- AM -- WRKO. -- -- Rosen and Rickie -- each week on garden -- to get expert advice on achieving -- success garden -- says everything you need to know about your indoor plants lawn trees flowers and shrubs and learn how to stay on schedule for planting -- fertilizing and getting your -- ready for the fall and winter weather and call in with -- garden questions garden since every Sunday morning from six to -- AM -- -- six AB WRK -- -- You know the problems 23 million struggling for work for what seems like forever. Who can remember when gas was under three bucks a gallon and a deficit how many -- are there in sixteen trillion. OK so let's talk solutions. Mitt Romney's got a plan to create twelve million jobs by cutting taxes for individuals and small businesses. Cracking down on China's unfair trade practices and giving workers the training they need. More jobs will come from making America energy independent to. Mitt Romney's plan tasks more of our own gas oil and coal resources and -- building keystone pipeline and for America's future generations. Mitt Romney's plan reduces the deficit by capping federal spending. All the problems of the last four years America can't afford four more years of -- We need. For president incorporated. Did you hear about right to repair they cast a right to repair law this summer nevermind. Consumers and independent repairs are protected. The law makes question one on November's ballot unnecessary. Never mind it was passed too late to take it off the ballots so election we do nevermind. Right to repair is done we all one never mind exactly. Skip voting on question one. Paid for by the citizens committee for safe in theory there. This healthy heart -- has brought you might Beverly hospital. Every second counts when reacting to the signs of heart attack if you're experiencing chest job or arm discomfort shortness of breath unusual fatigue or weakness dizziness or nausea. Don't wait call 911 immediately -- time is muscle. Beverly hospital offers lifesaving emergency angioplasty the gold standard for treating certain types of heart attacks and Beverly hospital. Providing first class cardiac care. Closer to home. Hi this is god with the from the -- -- restaurant program Sunday mornings from ten to one right here and AM 680 WRKO in Boston where we let you. Be the food critic we have a couple special shows plan view in the upcoming months and they include Denise. -- she is a master psychic and she's also the spiritual consultant for the movies for -- house productions in Boston and should be at the China blossom in north bend over on Sunday afternoon October 21 and tickets -- just 45 dollars per person and that includes lunch and the show the tax in the chip. And she reads about 45%. Of the audience I guarantee you it will be entertaining and we also have -- valley stage -- Jazeera on ABC's two point one think he performs all over the world to be at the Tunisian restaurant and -- -- on November 10 forty your tickets today by calling 86674511678667451167. That's 8667451167. Welcome back -- the -- guys' radio show. Joseph was -- there and still Buffett George. And as I mentioned at the beginning of the show we have a gift certificates that we wanna give away its from minis at night. It has since 76 lower Broadway and some of -- Italian cuisine probably the best Italian food you'll ever have believed me. That since the food is dynamite. But -- what you gonna have to do to get the gift certificate is he gonna have the email the guy guys. A song about automobile something. That it has to do and automobiles and traveling whatever might be set -- that's a nice to -- and if we play it on media. You'll receive that gift certificate prefer. The Viennese. At night and that's again it's 76. More Broadway and -- And no no no -- no talk a little bit borrowed our network partners than. Bill you. Yeah you know so yeah. Take your way there. So. Trust me on this one -- I couldn't shine in what we do. If you -- referral all of the network partners -- we have that. Actually make that day go by which got -- because they had a resource. That we can't we can't fulfill ourselves and that's what makes makes a sale goes through much easier so. The first resource one network putter that I wanna talk about is is huge for our business. It's AAA. Which is the roadside assistance company. Which you've probably heard of file worldwide. Ordered nationwide released. And so they have. A lot of services to a lot of people are not aware of so besides coming over to fix your flattered that you world opened open your car up when you lose you Keisel whatnot. Or I just towing your -- god forbid do you know gets stuck some place. Triple -- has a financing. And we have found that in that in our area which is so basically southern New England. That. The financing. For automobiles. If you have. He BSE credit. -- By far build them the least expensive. Financing that there is for automobiles for use automobile so we get some cars fighting -- this week for as low as one point 99%. And our customers know they also while you know I've got my own credit union in an array of my own bank that they do business with. And I say to them listen I don't make ten cents on the news. This is something that we offer for our clients because we founded. And we have found dead in in the past that is an invaluable resource because. His death toll probably the cheapest financing the unified. In the area. So this week Danica a couple of -- was able -- they had their own credit unions and I I estimate said listen. I have no problem if you wanna fight is so with your credit union but. I recommend that we at least try mind to see who's going to be cheaper and both times so one hands down. One of them -- three point 99%. We -- 10% down. Gay and the other one was I believe two point 99%. And it's like people whom by at least a point where the other one by two points so I thought that was fabulous. Stay where you had nothing we don't receive anything. Good news is no kickback to know that guy guys it's a service. By using triple A they give us quick service and yeah its it's it is incredible that is. The person responsible for his to win a set up she's -- the in its headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island. That's CIA headquarters for. For triple A southern New England that's the financing. And the number done -- by the ways area code 807930508. That's 800. 7930508. And you wind has facilitated many loans for us. You don't have to go to Providence a sign up there are Tripoli locations. Strategically located in all geographic areas of basically southern New England that's Massachusetts to New Hampshire. And Rhode Island. So just in case you. Just thinking about getting financed that's it's a great place to start right there that's going to be cheapest. Cheapest way out. We also know that they have other. Services as well where they have deep discounts for all kinds of different things like traveling. I Wear. All sizes. Almost anything that you do you go to buy today if you can usually triple -- he really get something off 5% 10%. As much as -- could be thirty or 40% depending where you go. And what you buy so that's something else you could look into. And I just wanna say one more thing about Tripoli -- If you purchase a vehicle from us and we financed that vehicle through AAA. That our guys will pay for your. Membership to triple -- -- for the first year so just letting you know that. Okay now. You only get onto. One of us all Shura come Padres you're a freak everybody. The drew me to be stone yup them overtime Abington Sunoco so if you happen to live. In the having to the area like maybe you live in no way -- Rockland guru. To Holbrooke Randolph -- whatever you know you can utilize his services over there and having ten. He's at 907. How benefits street having to mess. They are expert repair and maintenance service. Senator. And and that would be Jim stone easy proprietor and -- money penny is the service manager. In the phone number there are 781878. 8415. That's 781878. So. Again if you have any service related issues would you vehicles that you currently have. We highly recommend that you use having -- -- call for you maintenance and feel reaches. Okay so another around another one of our run network providers. And Joseph you know use them. When you said you cut down to Florida. Is American auto transport is they have the best of the best in auto transporting. Their professional. Safe and on time. You could call nick hunter. And none -- number is area code 800. 802580. So it's 8082580. And it if you if you sending it kind anywhere. Out of state. I highly recommend use of what you gonna California Florida Texas. Chicago wherever New York yup you're gonna get you know. Fast service and nearly two straight -- you'll know when you 'cause gonna get the and they won't tell you a story. So you'll be fine you guys sitting in some pins someplace. Was there holding it in in keeping you know hostage and not calling you back we have learned just right and I really. OK so you know moving on to the next next Rivera of goods we've got to -- entire. There are preferred tire. She's -- there are preferred tire around. Network provider. And lived at several locations wrote to Massachusetts. So for ties in complete ought to repair and maintenance service. We use a one mostly over the world renown and the creation -- no brace itself for a way to Washington street actually helped me and the number over there is 719334000. That's you give pull out there are general information. -- certainly visit anyone in this seven locations and I'm sure you can find them. On the web as well. Up a business that's been around forever almost almost a hundred ideas -- -- user -- either Hogan boys. -- for looking to. Take here the exterior of a vehicle. In the interior as opposed to a mechanical aspects of it. We highly recommend the use scrub a -- -- wash. And the one that we use is a want it to 95 mission one road in Woburn mass but they do have twelve locations -- Massachusetts. And just to give you quick synopsis there was one in Natick. Brighton will stir draws and deal in Woburn just to name a few. And they have the best of the best in the cowboys business they've cut you know -- -- and and do not gonna scratch your car. They don't rip mirrors off you know they they know their business the united daycare -- you can you cast Simon guys there as well and no scrub the interior and take care of.