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Avi Nelson 10-27 Hour 2

Oct 28, 2012|

Caller comments and discussion on Benghazi.

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Welcome back this is on the house and our number two of the program. And no more candidates for this program. I mentioned that I didn't go through Wednesday morning. Filling in on the morning program. So we'll be able to get full perspective on the storm and we did have a call earlier Maria called them. Unfortunate timing was -- -- want to talk to make -- I was concerned that they're always hyping the storm and she's an unknown. -- well we'll say. We'll see how bad the storm is is there forever. Telling us about how we should stock up on this and be prepared for a long siege of of four primitive conditions so we'll see hurricane exposed to get here guest Monday night. Who goes through Tuesday and and and it'll probably have some rain on Wednesday we'll see you know how strong the winds are. The text message code is 686 seeing and speaking of that from 207. Comes this thirty acres in -- a generator. And plenty of fuel. Six months of supplies. Good whiskey a privilege board and good company we are always ready. Linda in Maine yes Linda you sound race. That she. Also from 207. A different to a seven. It's good to see that our president will briefed on the -- sandy too bad. He didn't show the same concerns what was going on in Ben -- Was 781. The Joseph Kennedy the third have any comment on his cousin Conner Kennedy breaking up with singer -- Swift. He is at least qualified to discuss this topic. And from a different 781 mr. be locked sounds impressive. I wish I could vote for him we need more good candidates. Yes she is impressive and he's a good candidate you're also are. -- that we do need more good candidates and maybe you -- elect a few of the ones that we have. Want to apologize again and we didn't get to some of the people online who hang on specially to you Alan -- on that -- Clark got shifted a little bit. That and technical problems connecting up with those who want the candidates and so. But these things happen and I hope you'll call back we do have some follow up stuff on. -- the Ben Ghazi situation the unfolding story we're going to get to that as well as to politics in general. And to the -- presidential race senatorial ration mass change of course. Very close with recent poll by Rasmussen however was disappointing showed that there Warren was leading -- His troubling for some of us oh and mention of schedule then we'll go for the telephone lines for those of you wanna call an 877. 4694322. I mention about Wednesday morning we -- gonna have a special program on WRKO. Election eve and election night. Should last November 5 and November 6 and boating course. Is that go on no membership actually to be voting early. But the results are becoming in the sixth we thought where we get to the height of this. Quadrennial exercise and in the politics of America would be appropriate to do some things on the hosting the program from seven to ten on the fifth on the sixth. Will go. Well go until. We have all the results position interesting races going on so well you can join us that. OK before -- get to the clips that we have on this thing -- situation. We invite your calls 8774694322. Is the number really go next -- good afternoon day. -- out a -- I wanted to talk about oh yeah when you come. You always sound so there's always a sign. As if guys have got to try to educate this guy again tonight and I know it's gonna be a lost ties. If a lot of consolation day you can hear them. But we have thousands of people in the audience were also collected collectively sighed when they hear me into leadership that okay good. -- to -- I could care less but yeah it is -- wanted to talk about its solutions. Breyer IRA right now I do not want to talk I would talk about the vile comments that. -- -- -- -- they'd win Colin Powell. Endorse the president. It -- to want to talk about. Finally finally a republic -- Colin Powell's chief suspect apple did -- Exactly what I have been putting out do you. For years in about your -- in about probably 100% of the college. Is that this is not about the -- is it to about the U racism out each edit David accords he says. The majority of the Republican Party are racist. -- Well you know I guess I will emerge. The business that was so well and I know there -- a lot of -- Andrea -- is not so why -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then that is is that patent that is despicable. Me here John Sununu I didn't hear any action until noon today. You -- -- -- the major supporting Mitt Romney is because he's white. And he. Not but the but the point eight we are your made the comment that there are white guys who call Republicans -- -- all the time Chris Matthews does it on a daily basis. -- -- Well sure but -- Ain't that he. Did. We know it on the island to where we disagree as -- as. Much and what -- It actually. Do you support John Sununu a little what Johnson's. -- -- Living on planet -- yeah yeah I am on the planet no I don't even if you go to Bill Clinton in -- -- more radical policy supporting. Barack Obama split because you're an American and is true. I'm actually you know you got that. No I'm asking you do you think that that is why Colin Powell a Republican. Supporting Barack go -- did last time too and now according. Yes she did and now I -- they -- to him and true you don't think it's true and we'll hobbling -- isn't it interesting that Colin Powell. When it to -- day it's -- he's an interest in the Colin powers who supported the Republican to the best of my knowledge. Just these last two times has gone for Barack Obama and -- and it also true that Barack Obama. And I saw the -- when he did this has -- has formed a committee. Has formed a group of blacks four Barack Obama now Mitt Romney had formed a committee a group of whites for Mitt Romney. You. Know he doesn't. No there's no I'm not allowed it to eight point Andre yelling no no -- That day you have to understand. You have to understand when I actually formed a committee I mean eight he formed a formal committee with that may -- How valuable. That black people for. Barack Obama's Obama did this not let somebody else did so Mitt Romney had done it or even if somebody had done it in -- Romney's day. You'd be beside yourself you'd be downright apoplectic that if you wanna make it that the only reason that people are voting. Form Mitt Romney is because generations you have the difficult task of explaining how rich. That Barack Obama got elected last time with all these racists. You -- that day. No -- that a lot of talking about I'm talking about -- -- look at it and say it. And I quote mull alternate party is rated. Right yeah there -- so I'll also leave it. He's white chocolate and he supporting Mitt Romney -- you -- Johnson a lot. They listen to me I know it's typical aren't that thank you for the call the that you couldn't find somebody who makes a claim that doesn't mean it's true. Couldn't care who should watch. I can take a look and make decisions on Arnold it's not a matter of his skin color -- you've never been able to understand that. It's a matter of his policies. If he woke up tomorrow. And said I read on mainland or Iowa and saw the movie atlas shrugged and I've changed by political loss. I'd be his biggest supporter. No I read Thomas sold quite frequently he's a black analyst and economist. Any rights really good stuff. There are people who do that. It's got nothing to do with the amount of Mellon in in the skin it's got to do with the amount of grey matter in the head. And -- shall fall art as people have points of view and -- certain philosophies. We agree or disagree on those issues. And a lot of people -- strong disagreement with who are white. Like may not black like your mother -- I should mention that because -- doesn't sound black. But Davies -- at least -- where he's represented to me the best of my knowledge I've never met today. But why you folks have so much trouble you folks seeing people on the other side or was screaming racism the Chris Matthews of the world. Why have so much difficulty understanding. The with a philosophical disagreement is beyond me. And why Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama as opposed to Mitt Romney went by all accounts. Colin Powell's philosophy and so -- I have -- today. He's closer to Mitt Romney than Colin Powell that's leads to an ancient speculation doesn't it. Wouldn't be the first time that ethnicity or race was the major pull on people. Little black -- usually does go democratic but it went more democratic last time. You think skin color and anything to do it. Behind your thoughts are welcome 877. 469432. Naturally get -- of collective sign now and I left. Go back to the telephone lines Jeff you're next on the program good afternoon. You know me. -- Whatever you want to say I wanna let it was so I'm not -- bring bring race into -- can answer insult this. Don't be gave what -- -- very good job of imitating him sure -- -- thought the -- I woke me smiling and has given me a one finger salute to the radio. Which I'm sure he is. That's just -- -- it'll do yet how old boat. Typical white person that came out of our president's smile OK not some John Sununu or something like that how about is attorney general. Said he would not prosecute anybody of color. When he came in and how about being on the polling last time Bolivia black can't do -- -- -- club. Not Dave I'm talking to you if any of that -- America kkk America. Is it -- ask yourself honestly at any of that racist and it didn't say oh. You live at all all anyone deranged and -- -- you're ready. I don't know what you are -- -- or because you cannot explode into any of those you know. And if he runs for office he's not gonna get your vote -- -- -- But you know I might vote for you get the news did -- it was my -- for a liberal etiquette you know Hewitt. Jeff -- give Oregon. -- 8774694322. You know I got a bunch of text messages are probably only get the mall because in this. There's one that I want. A lot of -- from 78 line. It says Dave the gutless wonders should call earlier in your shell lobbies are real proud please. And I'll tell you -- he does generated we take the calls as they come mile. I. That a lot of people -- don't let him on the program don't have power. -- the -- we ticket you know probe into all comers including people who have points of view that really do come from another planet. By the way from different 781. Are you may have little mistake Democrats vote on November 7. There -- analysts are some people who suggest that. Okay. Now we're gonna take a break Lee who got a little bit. -- moved a few more commercials in the shower because we had to shift some from the last hour should take me a little bit behind the scenes. And we're gonna pause come back on the other side more of your phone calls and more about the than -- situation and the political world as we moved toward the climactic result of November 6 Republicans in November 7 for Democrats. Welcome back this -- Nelson. We are winding our way toward November 6 and the extraordinary result enormous election. It's extraordinary in advance because it will be no matter what. 8774694322. Is the phone number. The text message code 68680. Email address -- Nelson at WRQ dot com. And for full disclosure before someone that goes off the deep and only kidding about Democrats voting November 7. -- election is number six. Go back to the lines Russia next on the program good afternoon. Good afternoon you know what I heard that gave speak. I had the -- and the reason why Iowa after the is that if Colin Powell had endorsed. Mitt Romney. He called uncle -- That's that's probably true and there are also and there are some. Black leaders who have endorsed a mid round here coming out it's as the other two black congressmen are others. So that your right he probably would have who -- -- him as being yet. The thing you know today and -- uncle Tom. I wanna say that food that I have a lot of respect for Colin Powell. You know especially when he told the world that the only thing we ask for a -- a land area debt on the -- freedom in the world you know and I and I really love that response from them. But it is disappointing and why it would disappointing. If you're someone that's and under Ronald Reagan. He Serbs -- well both forces. He that's the end peaceful life. You also understand Wendell Ronald Reagan. Threatened the Russians -- as CIA but that's what brought them to the table. Yeah opening in giving awaits. Before you negotiate with Iraq enemy in the week inexperienced. Or negotiate. Got to bring at the end it may have ordered to SDI's strategic defense initiative. Which Kennedy. Nicknamed Star Wars -- -- fortune is human people who use that name instead of the more generic strategic strategic defense initiative which was. Our ability to shoot missiles that are aimed at a us out of this guy so. You know -- -- Just a rush let me ask you that -- you give you just gave a description. Of Colin Powell's philosophy and how he's correct on some things and has been and why do you think he's endorsing Obama. -- really it does say that. But I think you'd go what the problem. So you think. It is after all it's just that -- connection he racial connection how much that's not unheard upright women there's an Italian candidate. He does especially well Italian Italian community and would like you're there Irish. Great uncles and I just always also the Italians and they were on the ballot. I would -- Italian. I just checked -- That's right so you know it's not surprising it the problem is. That we don't little prop eight in difficulty in society with what might be called F this is right. Well you you you support your ethnic background we have all of a problem with race there was never an affirmative action program for Italians. And so it has become part of the political. Questions. That we have nowadays and that's why it's an issue right. The I wanna say that I'm -- from the Romney but might cheer for destroy. Was nagging nagging candidate that was my strike. 999 candy. Yet it. -- K -- 99 who know what RB I agree with the 99 and I really don't. It makes a lot of sense to me. And who should remember Herman Cain is black. Thanks for god and and Russia and -- -- 8774694322. Is the phone number. Text message code 68680. From 617. If McCain has selected Powell over -- The general never awarded endorsed a bombing in 08. It's probably true. Okay -- we have now we talked about the Ben -- situation it is an unfolding story this is the partially in Libya the American -- that was attacked. The administration and Barack Obama and publish first claimed it was because of the video that the bad video upset people. Reluctantly came around eventually that it was an act of terror now we're finding out the wall for Americans are dead. There was insufficient security and even calls for help. The father of one of those dead Americans one of the two former Navy SEALs. To -- woods who won two of them were killed. Has had an interaction and has gone public with it. We're gonna play some of that now because I think the clippers extraordinary. And that we invite your comments. Captures -- here is Charles woods. Speaking. About what happened. When -- is there. Where is the vice president of the United States and the secretary of state. Who will break it up because we edited out a little bit just to -- -- relations purposes. Initially when the body his body of his son was actually there he had interaction. Weird vice president Joseph Biden this is charles' words on tape okay. The vice president there he came by and he introduced and so this -- before that person came by came over our little pot of people. And -- Joseph Biden. And then he said I'm quote unquote -- receive these quote damn phone calls when he had lots of family members. And then about a half hour later. He actually came over approached me. And these are the exact words he said I could not speak like this. Says in an extremely loud boisterous rallies and -- -- -- -- always -- balls besides the pupils. Are actually. Is that. The voice of someone who is truly sorry. OK before you go any further on the club I should've apologized in advance for the Atlanta institution that Charles -- said. He doesn't speak like that. The mother. If -- which his wife was also there -- -- -- thing about it and I must say. I Shalit who apologized because that kind of language is just disgusting. We wouldn't use it on this program if somebody started talking like that -- have a -- out if I couldn't. And for the vice president of the United States to use that kind of language. Especially in a timely I mean I know. There are people who use vulgarity -- and they would argue there's a time and place that was neither the time nor the place the body was right there and would you speak that way in front of hey he's dead Americans militiamen killed in in the line of duty is just appalling to me this. You know we joke about Joseph Biden being unleashed I used buffoon chief this is way beyond. I just. Find it absolutely revolting. That fish is the only metaphor that the vice president of the United States can come up with to compliment. Parents grieving for a dead son. The compliment him compliment them on them on his courage that's the only way he can Frazier and it's not like. He was overheard in a ball. And it's not like he was caught off guard he had ample time to think of what he was going to say. And I just find it disgusting. You'd think at that point that the person who would've fired them and so boy you know at this point probably can't. But the president doesn't have clean hands either. Because while we don't have that sound clip he was talking mrs. Obama was talking to Rolling Stone magazine. Any referred to Mitt Romney used that term PS not he actually used the full ward. No decision interview with the. Approach I understand that Obama's tried to get young people and he's trying to be cool and hip but whatever. But for the president of the United States. Time have to resort to this kind of line which in a press interview I think is just disgusting. Natural woods says I don't use that kind of language and frankly I don't either. Understand that there's a time in a place where you used. Profanity in order to make a point some people use it more -- I find comfortable and everybody can make his own decision. -- is this away that you expect the president of the United States that talked. I'll give me this one of the people bit. When he holds when he goes and gives a State of the Union Address I don't expect the president to appear in sweatshirt and jeans. I know that a lot of us do dress and sweatshirt and jeans. But there tested racial understanding of context. I noticed when the president generally speaks to the American people he. Somehow cleans up the line which doesn't use four letter word that another president -- been taped with really file miles Richard Nixon which one. Well Lyndon Johnson was another. But they tried to keep it. We -- not that I approve of the musing and anyway but they tried to keep them out of public discourse. And -- the president of the United States the best he can do in the closing weeks of the campaign. To try to give the grand picture to motivate people and inspire them as to why he should be reelected. The lofty this office on the planet has to resort to this kind of language in criticizing his opponent. If there if there weren't grounds for getting rid of this guy not in office. And not having and having -- have a second term this would be sufficient -- he just does not appreciate the position orange. Okay your thoughts are always we didn't finish -- -- -- with. Let me go bad before we go back to the to the telephone lines the rest of the Charles woods group we're gonna play has to do with a reaction to something Hillary Clinton. Said to him so this is a continuation. Of what we just her. A leader in the -- -- there. Are definitely. This he came up here but why -- I reached out and hug your shoulder. And her countenance is not good and she made this statement -- -- there. Are you sorry but then she's that we will make sure that the person who made that film is -- it's. And prosecuted. And which set. You know I itself the issue is that true. Errant -- more intelligent than I am she'd have to also the chief is telling the truth. Now will start by the truth I mean this guy was arrested this is the shadow remove cool or cooler -- the made the video. I think what he's referring to there she she knew he would that she wasn't telling the truth. That that the video was not the cause of his son's death that there was in full blown terrorist actions that taken place. It's remarkable arrest him for walked. For making a video here a lot to do that in this country on ms. Clinton you should know that. The fact is that this guy did get arrested for violations of his probation and he's in jail even as we speak. But the video of course had nothing to do with it. So much for. Being appreciative. Of the right to express oneself in this country even if it is critical of someone's religion. We're gonna pay some bills back on the other side -- promised we will go to the -- problems. I'm -- us. Welcome back this is on me now so let's go to the telephone lines as promised 877469432. To use the phone number. And Dave you're next on the program good afternoon. They're good afternoon obvious -- So very insistent today. Listen I'll have to change my name is from cook my name is David so when I'm. Getting very very self conscious. Not only that I can assure you and I -- I can say good afternoon Q there's a whole bunch of the audience and holds their breath. And -- oak national thome put him back on. Not again. But you know. It's it's very interesting. To me. That. The people. Pointed that the policy of voting for Obama. I'm not taking to consideration. What happened in Libya I mean. That sort of almost borders on recent doesn't. Well it's you know I don't maybe don't want to I don't know how well each. It's surely -- compliments at the very least and it may be worse than that because apparently now we're finding out that threw out the fire fight. There was radio communication. And there was. If repeated requests. -- requests for help and we had the we have airplanes and capability. And of pace in at least warned it may miles away now jet fly for pretty fast in this thing going on -- which is six hours. They could've -- some people an idea what's remarkable. Is that. The shields a former seals -- guarding him Jerome woods both of whom were killed. Were told to stand down oval where they were told not to go in and help and yet they both went in and. When this sort of blank in the face lines and we have to commend them for Bob you know you know that the. -- estranged does that sound I really believe this. That he did not want to show. I signed on American military's strength. Against Libya. Against. The Islamic fanatics. Because. He he he just didn't want to he is and give all. -- tip don't you believe that. Well I don't know gave -- -- -- -- -- thank you for the for the call I. We don't know what the motivation lawyers they may have been something like that may have also been. You know -- already talked about the video you'd wanna have to change the narrative that you know kind it was on the rebound that killed in the line didn't solve the problem. Who were gonna find out because it's gonna come out it is true that the mainstream media has not paid much attention to this and I must say I fall Mitt Romney in that third debate. He had the opportunity to bring this up a new feature that. He would have raised it to center stage everybody -- -- would have had to deal with it and completely ignored the question. He was trying to be presidential above at all but there's a time when you have to stand up and be counted. And when he was counted in other respects you know we talk about the Euro Obama apology tour people applauded form shall. It was a mistake on Romney's part we'll see whether the Obama administration installed -- until after Election Day. But it it really is no matter how you turn it he's just an awful awful scene. Which go back to the lines Alan you're next on the program good afternoon. -- is always a pleasure they. Just as a sidebar I wanted to have been got you but you don't realize. Obama chose Biden. As his vice presidential. Can. As vice president. Because he knew he would never be assassinated. Repeated that that's more on what that one day becomes president. I know that theory that -- -- it was in hearing protection. Oh yeah absolutely but it these big -- -- now it's been reported that he had dinner with the Turkish ambassador 45 minutes before the attack. This is the ambassador masters Stevens. Ambassador Stephen -- And after. 45 years before the attack here -- -- who wins the ambassador from Turkey. They're spending reported. That they were funneling. Arms through Turkey. To Syria. For the rebels or fighting against the Syrian forget his -- -- the cost. Aside to to fight against aside. -- rebels now. Is being it's been said that they are al-Qaeda. Fighting besides. So what was happening is. Ambassador Stephens was formally. Weaponry. To al-Qaeda. In Syria. Have you. -- -- And Marc-Andre ya I'd and it's possible -- thank -- -- neglect. Yes some of the rebel forces have a connections without cause that's where serious sister matched. But what I don't accept is that somehow the assassination. Was at all connected with that. I think that terrorist attack was well planned in advance. And it struck when it was going to strike Iowa I don't know what ambassador Stevens was talking about with the the diplomat from Turkey and I. Well may very well be that that aren't you being funneled and but that's not the issue the issue is that ambassador was killed. And we hope. Obama's been dodging in and sort of scrambling around here we don't know what Obama -- least make it sound like he didn't know there were requests for additional security. He's not answering what happened in Libya so it doesn't matter what was going on between the United States in Turkey with regard to Syria. What matters is that the United States did not protect its own and that is reprehensible. What matters is that the administration first came up with a bogus stories to what happened. Then they tried to cover up. We have we still don't know what has happened here we do know that the administration's major golf -- mentioned this. And that. We really should try to understand that as much of what took place this weekend so we don't doesn't happen again and it may very will be. That we will get. -- the mainstream media gets into we will finally get some answers but the president of the United States close ups. Something on this he shows us the truth and he owes us. An explanation of what happened who said what to whom and why it was done with Susan Rice. Goes on all the talk shows five talk shows that Sunday. And talks about how it was done by a video you motivated by video who told her chained. What should the president -- -- the vice president the cheapest. She didn't go out there on her own to do this. No -- kinds of things we have to understand we also know why it was that there was not. Sufficient. Security and no help given in the middle of the fire for. Well we've run time that's going to do it for Russia I would just one last quick point about two women and and Romney going after poll showing easy with women. That's true we lost a lot of support -- men so I'm not sure that that poll is right. But there's gonna do it for us fare thanks again for producing and I will see you this Wednesday morning from six to nine weather permitting. I'm -- Alison thanks for listening and don't forget to vote for the good guys from the. Boom. -- but.