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Cong. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) On Benghazigate

Oct 31, 2012|

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) joined us to talk about the election count down and the Benghazi blow up. Particularly the rumors that we are not being told the whole story.....

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Joining us now on the line is our representative Jason -- of its tablets from you talked. And -- he's on the house government oversight committee and I know your jurors say yes surrogate for Mitt Romney the congressman but the first thing I got to ask you about the -- rock. You're your -- discussion with the general Carter Ham the guy who was at the time of the have been Ghazi. A pat pack. Was was the head of the African command and apparently. He he told you what's he told you a story that does so -- somewhat conflicts with what the secretary of defense. Has been saying about well what happened on September 11. Are there is a little bit of a conflict because the president. On a couple different occasions that he was doing everything and secure state via that got the then you have the secretary of defense single -- in the on Pierce's that they didn't do anything. When I -- what I went to Libya and in going to Libya effort -- that Germany which is where they are headquartered there art the -- And I asked him very directly very plainly in a couple different ways that he was very clear that out though such direct. Two. And inject the military forces there in the conflict in in and got. So lucky he had he he got no orders to put the gifted to -- put the F forces again but I mean isn't that does that really confident conflict with what Leon Panetta -- -- said. He said they couldn't put before he said the couldn't put forces at risk right. Well that's a different answer -- that the president said. And the president's remember it's not the three things the first thing I'm here breathing yeah was that he wanted to secure the safety of those have been Ozzie did everything -- Well one of the options -- -- they ain't got that -- it's like 20 lead to suggest that one of the options -- the military ops to yeah. It's and it's about this fire fight that started at 940. Another big waves and app and it's -- admin and went for a few more -- after the and you know. There are forces in Europe and other places that have proximity how capability. But according to general ams direct to me he did he was not asked to inject those. You know there were rumors last weekend that he was forced out over this that he was trying to move that he wanted the he will he album and tried to begin moving forces towards Ben Ghazi and it was count army handed by his second in command and media and -- summarily removed from his command but it is do you think I mean that turns out we don't think that's true now but that the did you get do you do you have any information. Well I wouldn't know it certainly makes sense right because I'm they're out three weeks or so after that in right it's still obviously income okay. There's been -- pocket paper it's something I haven't verified it as to whether or not he was you know during retirement but. That they'll have to play out but. Mean he was clearly in command and he went with me to Libya. There that's part of October so. Well this general him -- what you. Yeah -- you spent a lot of time with them. We met with them and for the next morning we woke up we would. Libya and back and you know that's that's part of what's he rejected what -- -- -- it would have been got the -- Tripoli. It's been obvious about two hours to the east of Tripoli but right there on the coast. But you know from you know what will complain. You can flight from Germany visit to Tripoli in over two hours. Yeah it's even it's even it's a shorter obviously from Sicily. And guys are -- there are a lot of ships them you know what you need to start looking at -- it's not part of the world it's you know I can. I can try from Salt -- a lot of Vegas and you know you can drive from pop to the court for the -- longer -- up. And right now there was that there's another story I just heard about today and that and may -- navy admiral was fleet commander in Europe who was relieved for unknown reasons you know anything about this I just got an email about this for -- guy who's usually a pretty good source on this stuff. I I've heard nothing about that in proximity to the situation would be I I just don't know. What are you guys gonna have more note that was those I mean that's were really blew the lid off this this is your -- your committees here were so I mean that would even when he gonna have more hearings. Well Watergate so quite frankly I think groups slowed up a little bit because of the election -- -- -- -- no matter who collected. -- there was this will continue to be cross because. Of the American people deserve answers so what once were killed them in her deserve answers we Richards never happened so. You know I think but for chairman I and and that the work that's done in the committee's. We weren't happy. I you know they were just left to what the administration. Before it was so we think that. Are you Super Mario or. A -- it's a it's it's preposterous and they know it may what's crazy is even that is. They they went to this not much is Susan Rice which we all know about it and and then the president going to the United Nations and you know apologizing for the video. They -- at the expense 75000 dollars buying time. On Pakistan BTV to apologize for the video went according to their own story now they knew the video had nothing to do. With the with what it happen. I like it it's it's. We were sold a story if we want thing if the president -- White House spokesperson murder somebody has stepped up but -- what we got this awful attack. It could be a variety of reasons maybe a combination of reasons we don't know we're gonna need two weeks to figure out will be -- But that's not what they do it. They put out there and made a case it was a video or some. Perfect demonstration outside personal demonstration outside the -- walked out of its president city thirty you know. It's just begs more. Questions. Answers they'd they'd be really -- a couple of weeks. Made a concerted effort to release sell this story were great to see the word terror. I'm afraid to say that part of the story that would when it really gets flushed out. Would go back to June 6 because you and fixes when we have the Turks are on the embassy they will allow our law. And that the five days later the British ambassador to. The British. We -- their consulate and go back. -- the UK. And we stayed there we don't fortified its facility. And we got web security and that much security personnel that's when the president -- in the administration may. Fatal fatal mistake is back on you but they didn't act for that -- And consulate they were open and in our sport that ever. You know you're you're you're working for the Romney campaign. How how come you guys can't get this out to the I mean obviously you know -- people on the Internet people on talk radio. People read the the the conservative the Wall Street Journal the New York Post -- -- They know about it but most most Americans. Don't know why that's even to this day. I I think one of the things that's been lost here it's just good old fashioned journalist objective -- and you know some networks are doing good stuff so they're pursuing the story and asking hard questions that. When you have a president because I'm David Letterman the view and Jon Stewart. I don't all decent shot at all I commend Jay Leno but. If that's the hard ball questions the president and again collapsed or the week. You know contrary to what the Democrats say it we're they're politicizing and run television commercials about it. It was a legitimate story that deserves to be. Export. I got it in May -- I'm stretching here I don't think -- I got to believe that it through a Republican president. To get on the cover of time magazine this would be on the cover of most of I suppose it's not a whisper I'd just I think what is the. Could we -- I just had rattled -- what are. We just took place had -- -- long before you congressman treatments and and we're talking about you know look at Valerie Plame I mean talk about it tempest in the teapot. And -- -- wasn't much more than Valerie plane. And yet look -- look out those were covered me this is this -- of a major security breach dead Americans. And and the press the people who were sleeping out on Karl Rove lawn. Key and they they they don't they don't even let Republican surrogates talk about this on Meet the Press they'd rather talk about the the gun violence and in in America or around Richard Murdoch's but belief about the abortion. Or or another hole or or public all the attention that that they got about you know -- always in there they're. Big bird. As an excuse Scooter Libby with the camping out for all of apple and now. Up from an -- camp on the doorstep citizen -- story you know. Out there I think. It's if it's got to be frustrating I mean do you think the mean that the mainstream now the mainstream media is trying to say that you know that the hurricane CNB has put -- put Obama back in the driver's seat -- be you know a week before the election. That's wishful thing to that fact that I've looked at the candidate America still realizes -- not attractive we need to make it changed. The economy's not working we can't afford four warriors Rockwell at every -- most people understand. And you know just because we haven't awful event. French -- You know are suffering in dealing with the effects of the storm. That doesn't mean it's 10% of the electorate 5% electorate suddenly -- that Alia. While. You you'll how how good are you feeling about this election. All I I can't say I honestly. I I believe that Mitt Romney's gonna be an expert -- I don't think it's going to be very well. I think we're gonna look back and say why we do that story every minute of -- When Mitt Romney won by more than five for a sport I really don't think it's going to be. You know -- it's not the United States is an all you talk congressman. It is -- After. -- used to say that about Maine and Vermont it's -- it's never never was true and it's never true now. Throw a betrayal here you're here -- -- the question what everyone here listeners. You have. And I -- probably met somebody who voted for a common -- -- Had you ever ever met somebody who said you know what I voted for John McCain and I was wrong Obama -- I mean that ever happened to anybody utilities too like that is never amount ever happened to me -- -- -- -- -- if people really -- and so. Did anybody ever. -- So we starts out what the he starts out with 47% of the vote. Mitt Romney and he's only got a split. Democrats support and no doubt about. But your true independent -- -- -- if Europe. You know somebody who who can vote on either direction you felt more on the personal the first and -- a huge margin those people if they haven't decided today after four years of Barack Obama. They're not suddenly you know boycott. Glory you were a lot of thought you were to feel comfortable with Mitt Romney and go to church. Are you worried about border fraud we had John fund on yesterday's he's very he's he's concerned about this I mean you know it. Mean look at look at -- in the other chamber you know us senator Al Franken who I think it pretty much everyone agrees lost the election in Minnesota and yet he's -- he's in the senate. I worry about it I don't. It seemed out of my control like just opened -- that that it did you know good people on county by county state by -- are doing the right thing and annexing them aren't. And you know that's what poll watchers in in people signing up -- are so vital so that there's not much like -- do that or about. By the way -- -- -- what you -- you saw Newt Gingrich was on last night on. Talks and he was saying that he he had heard rumors that there was that -- morrow -- -- emails from on the -- from the White House and its networks are sitting on the -- is that just another -- disinformation story that's -- on the White House servers is that do you think there's anything to that you -- that. Are there what I know there are lots more emails. They don't we don't have the answers to these questions -- I have had inquiries from. A variety of networks that are working on a previous story so. I think he's actually more right -- wrong. But to me that they have -- I mean do you do you do you get the impression that these networks have actually have the have have the emails. What I do is that certainly there are whatever network and everything but you know being in the center of -- like an awful lot of inquiries and questions. I think. Some are being very responsible strike force and double source and and there are art which is responsible thing -- -- -- -- fault them for. You know under an NBC which. From my perspective done nothing on the story. What a surprise. Curtis Saturday we'll probably have that -- contact -- questioned -- -- in the Libya. I been very engaged all of this and the chair of the subcommittee is also in oversight committee. You know I think the other networks. You know they're doing their homework they've got -- reporters on. But at the same time. They get enough air space I got some questions about. But you know it attic right and BC's is not exist. That's a fact I and trying to be. What you're saying you saw MSNBC yesterday Mitt Romney has -- can't write basically for for for the hurricane victims and if he gets ripped to shreds by everybody on the network. I I did Andrea Mitchell a question on MB Imus MSNBC and I appreciate that you have a -- Bernard. But it terms of like taking the journalism paper or working -- contacts undergone quite alpha. I don't get that sense for them all and maybe they're calling somebody else and not. -- I think the other are. Well. Yeah well we appreciate -- being with us our congressman chase for its and I we always love avenue on the show one please keep us informed us they you know after the election as the as as the hearings that begin again would love to have you back on again because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --