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Voting fraud is here and wait till you see what is being done about it

Nov 2, 2012|

Local officials are trying to help protect against voter fraud.

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Welcome back to the -- -- report. Here on WRKO. From Boston for Boston. There is now an explosive. New story out there. Voter fraud I believe is going to be seminal issue of this election on Tuesday. Now it is this this problem is spreading like wildfire. Has now come out and said that there is a strategy. By the Obama campaign. Called -- cities. Apparently now this is being orchestrated. By the Obama campaign. Which some involvement according to. -- by the voting section of the Justice Department so Eric holder's people are behind us as well. And they're called -- cities now what are spigot cities. Literally you open the spigot the voting spigot. In key cities in key swing states. So there's now a strategy whereby the -- the campaign news is what is called the machine. Where they grabbed ineligible convicted felons who can't vote they grabbed illegal aliens. They put them literally on buses. They pack them in the buses and they just malvo more ground. From -- ward to -- district to district county the county and they walked in and they say hey. You are Jeff corner here yet I'm Jeff corner jet you're just -- registered to vote yet here's Jeff corner Jeff Glor is gonna vote. And then they keep doing that in place and pulling both after polling both counting after -- and so apparently you have these big of cities. In Saint Louis. Missouri's gonna be a key state. They've now opened one up in Philly. -- Pennsylvania Detroit Michigan Fort Lauderdale, Florida Cleveland Cincinnati and Ohio. And so what the Obama campaign now is apparently going according to. And he's now whistle blower saying in conjunction with the voting section of the Justice Department they are busting illegal immigrants. Or convicted felons who can't vote. And have them go around posing as different voters in these cities. To rack up the vote count for the Democrats and Obama. To try essentially to steal the election. And what is now happening here in Boston. Is not just a problem somewhere else what is now happening in Boston. Is that some of the key areas with high amounts of illegal immigrants. Lawrence. Lol. Land. Chelsea. Now apparently there's gonna be illegal immigrants that are going to be bused around they're gonna quote open the spigot are gonna flood those areas. And they're gonna go around invoked. And so what you're gonna see on Election Day if you see a lot of bosses on the road that's the Obama campaign that's the quote machine. Now getting the vote out so they're gonna get easy illegals let's go. Lol. Come on man. I'm Matt hello I'm Jeff Cohen and I'm Jeff -- I'm bill colts called see this this I vote -- Gil. And then they shipped them off to to warrants same guy. Is says. As I'm John Smit says. Yes yes I'm -- Johnson. Yes Mimi -- Johnson at my family did come from the man flower and it landed them in flower but yeah this -- And they vote. And this is now going to be happening everywhere. And I'm tapping and I've been ahead of the curve on this I'm a member yesterday on yesterday's show I don't wanna. Because I got my sources and I was saying this yesterday. About these machines. In North Carolina. In Ohio. In Nevada. In Kansas. In Iowa. Suddenly now all of these touch screen voting machines and all vote by paper ballots now now it's all computerized. Everybody and suddenly you press for Romney. Every single one of these machines every one of them turns up Obama. -- are you there are now there are legion of complaints complaint after complaint after complaint. Where people are saying look I press the screen for Romney and it popped up Obama. Now is not going the other way around. Very few complaints of people -- pressed for the dear leader and it turned up to be Romney. So now the Republican National Committee today. Is now filing official complaints. And they are now alleging. That there is potential voter fraud. And voting machine troubles. In Nevada. In swing states like Ohio. In swing states like Florida. There are saying this is becoming an absolute fiasco. And come Tuesday. You heard it here. Take this to the bank this story is gonna grow over the weekend. You're going to see a huge. Outcry. Of voter irregularities. And voter fraud on choose. You were gonna see people coming out and saying I pressed for Romney and I'm telling you I saw Obama pop up. And if this happens. And if this election is decided on a very narrow margin. With let's say Ohio decided by a few thousand votes. Or Wisconsin decided by a few thousand votes or Pennsylvania decided by a few thousand votes. It's gonna call the entire election into question. And if you wanna see. Just. How. Critical this issue of voter fraud is. Do you remember the election in Minnesota in 2008. Whereby the incumbent Norm Coleman which challenged by that. Non comedian comedian comedian who might even final Al Franken how this guy ever made is a comedian is beyond me but let that go. Al Franken challenge Norm Coleman it was a close race. Coleman initially won by 725. Votes they did their recount. Now it has come out conclusively John fund from the Wall Street Journal wrote a book on this blowing the Expos day. Al frank against people were engaged in this big hit CT strategy. They hit Minneapolis Saint Paul the same illegals. Voted about 78 ninths. And they just did it from pulling both the polling both Franken stole the election from Coleman. And do you know who cast the deciding vote for obamacare. The Democrats had only 59 votes they needed to break the filibuster. You guessed it Al Franken. Obamacare was passed. By a senator. Who stole his seat. That's the modern day democratic party for you and so the question before the house is this. Have you seen voter fraud goes if you engage in early voting. Do you think that voter fraud is a real problem an issue in America today. Or do you think as some liberals are alleging. That Republicans. Are being reckless and irresponsible. With these accusations and charges. Do you think we will see an attempt by the Obama campaign. To steal the election and choose very I want to hear from you 617. To a 666868. Ball you're on the corner report. Good morning Jeff Jeff Americans should be scared because it's I have warned documentary that one metric should go look it up. It's called hacking democracy. And it got to -- everything you talked about it the morning and you know I don't know most important thing. They have to think about what happened in New Jersey a few years ago there was. Election for mayor Cory Booker and the incumbent was mayor Sharpe James and Chuck James. Took a busload of immigrants from Philadelphia Boston down to New Jersey. Any stole the election. And documented and on on video in this at all shipments had to resign. After he was elected in Cory Booker now who you -- -- on -- all the time is that -- as a mere. And -- and to a new Jersey state that particular problem -- noted that the -- into the court street fight. And level and hacking democracy it'll scare you -- like a Third World country from a Third World country. And back into the culture and I'm saying the same thing happening in my water in my treatment whether given the democratic ballot and it isn't. After you do what do -- over -- -- -- you. The critical one in Massachusetts. Paul there is a story that was broken by the press and Ohio. In Ohio there -- early voting going on. They brought in busload after a busload of people from Somalia Somalia it's. Off the ball off the plane off the boat off the plane. Earlier they can't speak a word of English upper I didn't know that Ohio -- a hot -- for the Somali community but there's a huge Somali community. They brought a man. And they you have these Democrats put their English Somali translators. And they said yeah get a vote for Obama okay just vote for Obama. And his -- second off Obama Obama Obama. It's Somali pirates. From Somalia. -- -- Americans know all America if you're military member and your fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Good luck getting your vote counted that Americans don't -- But from Somalia and illegal. What have you ball ten times vote early vote often. We have -- robot shop from the Boston Herald she's got a voter fraud story in which there. I'm telling you it's gonna knock your socks off state owned here on the corner report. Testing from the friendly city in America I. -- -- 680 WR OK we know. Station welcome back there that -- area import this is Jeff Gaudin. We are now joined. By. Frankly one of my favorite writers in this City Hall he robber shot from the Boston Harold. Apparently now there are a voter fraud and problems allegations. Emerging in west third. People want to videotape. A what's going on in these polling areas. But it's meeting resistance. In my correct Ali. It yet here you are correct. Addicted then an ongoing story for more than two years. What happened in 2010. -- it grew about the worst hit area called neighbor to neighbor states formally acorn. And there was some we. Shenanigans I would say that -- conduct in that happens out what -- area also in Lawrence two years ago in which they were walking people into the polls. Do it in basically telling them how to vote and not and then in the polling was not conducted correctly. Look at this -- army to catch up but just they're walking people and are these people eligible registered to vote them who were they walking in. They said that they were registered to vote to. But they will blocking them not to late to the polling place that they were walking in right into the Booth telling him how to spell. And Italy you know it's pretty obvious. And they yet we were figuring that they were a movie in three places about a hundred votes. In each one of those. Places and so and you know at that point there was. You know -- was tried to be disputed but. It was not successful so. It is -- a lot of people I guess you know out what was scarier. I -- now have a group called activate was here. Got educated on the rules of you know what is appropriate to question when people are doing shenanigans like -- And so they got educated dotted and army during the primary day went out and did what was legal to do. And what they were doing is still mean people that were coming into the polling place. You cannot films somebody when they're voting but as they come in to register to vote they -- you know how to capturing all of this information. And and they were watching what was going on well some people didn't like it. And you know I'm sure neighbor neighbor in need some people associate with neighbor to neighbor and others has -- protest -- try to cause a lot of commotion about it and they basically called this group activity it was there a bunch of racists. For 100 videotape. If you pay your holly robbers shot I'm here to vote. To bring -- to videotape to yes here's Ali robbers shot saying I'm here to vote and she's Jack in the Box and -- devote. Right and it's Worcester has means you know to go and will be further into the western has some of the worst voter lists in the entire state. They haven't updated it I think for almost a decade. And so they have a lot of inactive voters which means that -- registered in -- at some point. They have pulled dropped the list that you could have moved over to boil boil then. And you can go vote -- then and then come over and failure accident you know Gary and I want to vote here what did you seek involve multiple places. Because western still has you listed in inactive voter and not cleaned up their voter rolls and so. Well services yeah. I'm sure if I wanna hold a couple time measured -- I should move to -- I still -- stayed there for about a year Ratul. And -- I then you know then move over to someplace out. -- outlets arrival in Brighton and then I head off back to Lester and I vote in western. Right so it allows you to vote for multiple times since and so this has been. This has been a problem out blister so anyways they -- -- haven't -- the election commission in the city clerk basically allow people to called activate Worcester. A bunch of racists. Because they propose that we were trying to interfere in the primary except that they had no dog in the fight. They actually had no dog in the fight they didn't -- which way the primary -- -- -- now they would just -- -- to ensure the integrity of the election. Now they -- there was no you know why would they want is depressed turnout in the Republican primary democratic primary didn't manner. -- where -- where apparently bill Gavin the secretary of state Galvin forgive me. Apparently bill Galvin the secretary of state where does he -- does he stand on all of -- -- So here's -- so what happened after the primary. That'd be read but more recently the election commission. In this city clerk did this whole kind of training in new rules on and people that are watching the polls for the campaign. And they said that yelled poll watchers have to have ID in the badges. And they also said that they'll be no. Dead they'll be no filming at the polls. And this came out a newspaper endowment office saw. What they said in the newspaper and Galvin profits to my surprise went back to the election commission in the city -- and said. I don't know all those aren't the roles these of the rules you're you know you know what you put out the paper was -- and you know it does not conform with a lot. And they've come down on the side of you know allowing people to -- the people that come in to vote. To appropriately watch the polls and I I have to say I am pleasantly surprised shot dealt with offices does the right thing is is -- here a lot and this is rejected I've backed. -- correct me if I'm wrong but Galvin is a Democrat is -- not he isn't Democrat. So why why would you be saying this why would he be supporting news. Because yeah updated a lot. And I am pleasantly surprise a -- a Democrat obeying the laws on my off with that. I know I know it is really -- Ali you just made use right now. I I -- it. It I would I would shots when I found out that the Dow would -- -- and it and I hey look you know when a Democrat does something right. I'm gonna say it and and I am pleasantly surprised that he is coming down on the right side. Allowing people to appropriately watch the polls. And make sure it did -- the assure the integrity of our election it's it's a good moment. It's a good moment that it is the other people that are trying to fight -- felt would get that there really bad moment. Is that you know they want is what they're trying to do is make sure that was just stayed open too. Elections Friday in what we -- I was very questionable and 2010. We kept her boat and then they they need assistance this couple the couple things that they are required to dip. There are required to say I you know my name in the hearing and then and they need to the other poll worker. This that they for the cities -- that they do you need assistant. And that person need to say yes they need assistance and then exposed that say it who do you need assisted by. And they could pick anybody but will -- -- neighbor to neighbor was watching people in in enforcing them. People really didn't have a choice is still cool with. Helping enough with the ballot. You know thing is you you really. You know you really have to be extremely how to disable to really needs -- to go -- polling place because you had walked in with a cheat sheets. And say OK you know somebody can he do it cheap seat and they just it to you like -- know last you know wanted -- vote for you copy that that's. But you don't really mean you're not supposed to be escorted into the polling place to. With somebody to try to force you into vote. So this is what we're just trying to stop this this -- walking people Interpol. I'm walking -- singers who you vote for right Holley apparently is a big story now about UN election monitors. And they're not gonna be in state after state. Iowa doesn't want them taxes doesn't want them the UN says they need to supervise our elections that are becoming a banana republic. Do you think we need UN monitors and was there. -- -- -- -- I do we mean by Hendrick yet that mean I've been working with different groups across the state of Massachusetts to make sure that. The the elections are you know that have been Betty the people that vote. Are the people that you know that are exposed to vote okay that are legal residents that are you know better registered voters. Because it's for every united packet to the woman that -- that the Greater Boston Tea Party she's at a great thing yesterday. She -- for every vote you know that capped by gently that suppresses the real -- And it's so you know I seen I have seen the voter fraud here in the state of Massachusetts. I -- -- racist now you're you're you're you're making up a problem that doesn't exist how are you up against the break I got to let you go. Thank you so much excellent analysis fantastic reporting. We've been talking to Harley -- -- from the Boston Harold. Jeff corner on the corner report. You don't want to miss the next story and apparently if you ask for voter ID laws. Are courting their congressman Keith Ellison from Minnesota. Staunch liberal Democrat. You're the battle. Is the devil. The devil comes and a salute and says show me a voter ID.