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Hurricane Sandy is Climate Change, really?

Nov 2, 2012|

Mayor Bloomberg endorses Obama because Hurricane Sandy was caused by global warming.

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Good morning boss Dennis Jeff -- on -- culinary or. Bosses of both those that are. Cleaning up -- liberal bowl. Six points -- that shows 666868. -- Brando like zombies. I was just talking about this with -- I mean we're almost laughing yesterday. There. There is this story out there. In the financial time it's. About how people in lower midtown Manhattan people in New York people affected by hurricane sandy there is no cellphone service. -- okay. And literally. Literally I kid you not they are suffering from withdrawal. If it does the US phone addicts or did you not cellphone addicts are suffering from withdrawal. They they can't they don't have cell phone service they don't know what to do know they have no idea what to bill. And so the story goes on in the in the Financial Times this reporter -- a reporter she's like she's shocked. -- -- sure I see people walking up and down for blocks on end. We hear light of their mobile's cell phone radiating off their face the. -- -- He's clearly zombies like an army of zombies in New York. We're seeing for cell -- Betraying its parents. Batter -- Batter the batter me I need to serve is batter me undergoing all. Street to street block to block -- Do you know what to do it themselves. You're going cold Turkey in the -- there physically they're going cold Turkey that they need and they're being interviewed and he said I can live without Internet. I can even live without power and electricity. But I can't live without cell phone service I can't talk to people like -- the people and I'm addicted to. That why didn't realize put these devices. That we've become dependant upon were addicted to warm. And so cook she and I were just talking about this person you imagine -- seriously. Your home is underwater. -- you're in a disaster area. So I don't mean to laugh but -- ninety people dead. It's it's it's a huge catastrophe. And you're you're upset about the lack of cell phone service. And -- like. People are on buses. Desperately trying to get cell phone's surface they're walking on. Streets. This is the. Walking batters -- walking so full. The cellphone dead it's a walking cellphone bad. I need my cell phone battery. Minutes batter me learn. To surf days. He's served. Lose. Okay. What are we coming to this society. I mean these things are here to help us. To make our lives easier to make our lives more efficient to empower us. Not for us to become enslaved them that literally two days you don't have your cell phone service and elected -- Yeah I mean my and you buy heroin and you might fixed. So coach and I were just joking about this yesterday. And I -- jubilant. Who IC constantly conflict that it is -- reflects. Constantly looking out his cell phone every minute bill courts. I always it's like a it's like an addict has as the big cooks were talking about a story ideas click out of his literally out of a shark and his pants. Brought him out of his shirt pocket and it was and backhand. -- every thirty seconds. And then I said Cox. I don't want you to touch -- -- for sixty seconds sixty seconds. He couldn't know it. Weren't hard and they deserve got a hold his hand -- 815 mindset at the minute okay well let me let me take a look at -- look at it now. What we're now seeing. With hurricane sandy. Shows to me how dependant we are becoming upon all of these gadgets. And were almost unable to function. Really I mean it's. Looking at this some like look. I hate to cellphone and I have to have one -- and make jokes about I got the stone age cell phone like in the -- from 1937. I'm not -- but Mary's I'm not in iphones. I I get so many emails. Believe me the last thing I need is -- is a black barrier an iPhone I would have a life. It would just get overwhelmed to me that you call me gray I call you that's nice believe me I don't need a cellphone. -- thing to me I want called now 24 hours a day. And keep people have been saying Jeff get a Blackberry I always say this if I get a Blackberry. My toilet trying is gone that's the only place now nobody can touch me I'd go to the bathroom so there's like a day outing myself on out. I have that sixty seconds two minutes maybe peace and quiet I'm not at the mercy of the company or my employer or -- or the world around me. I have two minutes of peace and quiet in my bathroom and the toilet. -- a Blackberry forgot it when I see it serves with Miller on the Blackberry or sitting on a portable. Punching away at the keys. But now. Things in New York. Have taken. A more dramatic an ugly turn. And this will really break your heart. Now after three -- just -- -- There are people all over new York and New Jersey. I kid you not it's out of a movie. Like some apocalyptic. Movie you would think it's a nuclear winter ball. A dirty bomb went off people are now rummaging in dumpsters. By the thousands. Looking for food. Fighting among themselves. Gunfights. Knife fights. People pairing at each other over gas lines fool there in dumpsters. Here just as just a taste of what is now happening in new York and New Jersey Cox -- baby. And it's rather heartbreaking scene here we came across as as we were. -- driving in this neighborhood trying to get a true sense of the aftermath of sandy as you know the lower east side and the east village without power since sandy had denied so to get their power back. Since Saturday at the -- at their earlier some look how desperate it is got in here in this neighborhood we're here outside the key foods avenue and east forestry. And people are dumpster diving and what they're going after here is the food. I always inside these key foods we presume it all spoiled and was dumped out here. For garbage but instead those here are some that I've spoken with so hungry they literally pried open at this dumpster you see that door open right now. I mean yes. Where is this Haiti. I mean -- answers I mean is this what it would mean it was this Africa. Is just Haiti the Dominican Republic. In America the land of plenty the land of milk and honey. That now people are after three days. As. Scouring -- -- desperate for food. My outlook my heart goes out to them I don't wanna be misunderstood in any way believe me. I've gone through storms I've been without power for even weeks it's no joke. But when I hear a storm is comic there were warned about office. For at least days and days on end. You've got to stock up. You gotta buy supplies. He gonna get water you gotta get batteries you gotta get flashlights you gotta get nonperishable goods. How can these people might have been hurt. The whole world knew this thing was coming. And now are we this pathetic. As a country as a society. That after three days I don't mean thirty days I don't mean three weeks. Three day east. And it's not just that they're scouring dumpsters are walking around like zombies looking for cell phone service or people fighting over gas knife fights gunfights people at each other's throats it's like civilization is unraveling with them in three days of 72 hours civilization is unraveling in parts of New Jersey and New York. Okay it's not even -- There are people in dumpsters. With their cell phones I guess they still they worked there may not have connection but they still work. There in dumpsters. Eating fool to. From the dumpsters dirty left over disposable garbage food taking pictures of themselves smiling -- smiling at the cell phone. -- laughing at what a joke. Took some of the kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so. Let me ask all of you this. Are you shocked. Are you surprised. And do you think. That we as a modern prosperous technological society. In the Internet computer age. Have we become slaves toward devices. We can you'll get by without your -- -- Can you get by without the computer can you get by without the Internet. Have we in a way become. Almost in a sense cultural barbarians. Were we can't even take care of ourselves god forbid for 48 to 72 hours. Without modern day conveniences. And I imagine think about this. I mean 90911 happened eleven years ago but this country's changed even in eleven years. Forget hurricane sandy. What if there's a serious another serious major terrorist attack on American soil. What are these people gonna do that and 6172666868. Dawn thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Yeah I guess those kind of remarkable the other day reporting was talking about a twenty something person than a pay phone. They kept dropping the quarters then good up and I'll probably didn't know they had pushed the button to get the number. -- honest to god I was flabbergasted. Yeah I yeah yeah yeah yeah hello. -- would prefer your typical young girl and a parking lot couldn't get -- kept pushing the remote. But I -- -- just -- -- -- if you look at me so I took a cocky -- the driver's door should should get them because the battery in remote had died. On man -- and it's worse I thank you for that called and it's -- I look Timmy I know the big shock. That I tied in the last 56 years and everybody's complaining about this with young people. Look out the young people are a lot of them are great multi pass first I'm impressed at -- grasp of technology. I don't wanna seem like I'm dissing on them. But there's one thing I've noticed and many have noticed they have no social skills. I'm talking like they don't know it's as basic as this when you meet somebody you haven't met before shake their hand. They don't know. All because they're so used to staring at the screen. They're always looking at their iphones or iPods their cellphones or computers. Dearly and they don't even know how to shake and they don't know how to be paid socially and office -- But now if you're talking about they don't wanna put a key in a car guys were in trouble I'm telling you were in big trouble bill thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Hey good morning what you're talking are completely true. I'm in the military and what went escort team I know what to do but there's so many people. They just assumed -- is going to be either but what happens when it goes out I mean do you have the simplest things like. Book of matches and some candles did you put some water side you got some canned stuff that he. I got -- camping stole I've got the grill on the back. A major -- opening but if people today they depend so much on electronics and modern day things that. If we. Don't have that aren't really bad this country -- so many people that would just. Bobby finished or bill don't I don't think I losers I think for most of these people you could say to them -- see what's what's what's a tent. What's a propane bottle. I. Don't I sit in a propane volleys of William -- that some kind of a new way a new video game is that something you could sniff. Is that is that is that and you drug gonna try it. I can I get on it is that it propane up and all that like that I like that. Franco thanks for holding while the -- -- report. I chipped it looked it was great hearing you on Michael Savage and I'm glad that could easily and that you're in the morning they're great let's send different. In my fifties it on and I grew up -- -- time what we didn't have cellphones. And it. But and I have a small business and in what I do was I don't answer -- on Miami I don't I shot by photo -- when I'm working in. In this week and I actually told people myself all will be opt for the weekend. I I think it's crazy it would we've come out with with people just likes there -- have their own interest focusing on their belt well then. Computers and and not really get outside and controlling wildlife it's been camping it just doesn't happen anymore. We are you're seeing a social breakdown where there we know it or not. I -- my wife is complaining to me all the time she goes Jeff the damn thing never turns off. She goes I'm with -- it's ringing it's texting your being bombarded. I have -- life. This modern technology the Internet. Computers. Cellphones. Blackberries. I I have my own life. And you know. You know who's the guy has been killing me the most if I get an early heart attack compelling your right now advocacy. This guy. -- -- 2 in the morning he text me at 7 in the morning he text me at -- -- after -- -- it's just we should do it is Jeff did you see this Jeff let's try this. -- I don't know -- something -- I -- I wanted in my contract between midnight and 2 in the morning. Bill cooks it cannot text me or email me your contact me in anyway -- performed. Rather heartbreaking scene here we came across this as we were. They're driving in this neighborhood tried to get a true sense of the aftermath of sandy guys you know the lower east side and the east village without power since -- head and I expect to get their power back. Since Saturday at the -- of their whole lives and look how desperate it is got in here in this neighborhood where you're outside the key foods avenue K and these forestry. And people are dumpster diving and what they're going after here is the food. Welcome back to the corner report. From Boston for Boston. They're looking for food. They're fighting for gas. They're walking like zombies what -- cell phones looking for a cellphone service have we become too dependant. Upon technology. Ed you're on the -- report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did something called an EMP. Electronic magnetic pulse attack us if that ever happened (%expletive) or some historians would die. Isn't just did a book called once -- -- -- regulatory should read it. And who's the author it. All okay up Frederick -- -- Coke sees Redick. Awesome -- 100 text me about it at 2 o'clock in the morning Cox. When he thanks for holding their on the corner report. -- -- quick point and it's very important question please have a good question and -- is that I haven't watched that much of the aftermath of what's been going on down there. But I'm wondering if this lingers on wolf first of -- I think. They have. A geographic. Habitual tendency like up here I mean how we prepare for earthquake and in messages no. I don't think I mean they haven't had such flooding like an idiot but they probably weren't prepared for something like that here's the question -- you don't hear anyone talking about. What is I mean they've they've. Scratch that but what effect is this common now on the election and on the full. It has the fact that this is demographically than not it's solid Katrina. -- they were part primarily African Americans I think this is gonna have a different face. And the longevity of this. Catastrophe. I just woke up. What it's it's gonna help on the election and went Obama gets his clocks cleaned. Is he gonna complain about this you know I mean it's it's this could be really open. This is now becoming looked it's becoming a crisis and I understand the hurricane itself was a crisis but I mean this is now becoming a scandal. This is becoming his Hurricane Katrina. Because now you have over ninety dead you have people scouring for food. People are going Hungary there is violence breaking out everywhere. There is now stories coming out in New Jersey and New York. I never thought I would live to see the gate to see this. Military trucks are coming in where you -- the military trucks because the polling sites aren't working -- the digital power. So it's almost like a police state where you go to -- military truck the cast your ballot at a military truck. Now as this goes on mark my words you heard it here first it's Friday OK mark my words by Monday. If people continue to -- And people continue to go Hungary and people continue to scour for food and violence gets really out of control in new York New Jersey. People are now gonna say where's the dear leader. Where's Obama. Where's Chris Christie. Because just yesterday and the day before. When they thought everything was under control. There were the photo ops. There they are on that exclusive area of Jersey Shore where the 1% live. -- Then the dear leader was everywhere. Now he's campaigning to. He's an Iowa he's an Ohio he's in Wisconsin. Where is he now dear leader our people are hungry people are dying. -- thanks for holding there on the corner report. -- -- of -- is now which some like the president. The bottom don't call me I don't wanna go about it. You mean. You mean like as if the boys and the president doesn't have -- much you can do. -- we are beyond the incident arm. And you -- hey. Are deeply. And sweetly yeah well. Hot apple app. That. Bob thanks and holding her on the corner report. I can't believe all this crap that's going on right now I mean. If they'll learn anything from come true that in Florida and didn't show up in the northern New York took this seriously though it was government. And then -- said they -- that we but we should notice that the so that. So -- Gratified that the battle what happened I'd get -- out -- my house -- just is not my dry goods. That doubt that -- that shot that just I'll play in bowl and it. Which it's just give myself -- -- -- and it'll orbit but I'd also probably every that it would talk to anybody. Exactly -- I kid you not that's exactly my response my wife said to me that is when that went just before Katrina you know. Where were in Foxborough and she says oh I'm so worried you know what if the power goes down and we lose cell phone service public and -- and you are both so most nervous at a coach she'll say Jeff I was texting you I was calling you didn't get back to me. Books I'm sorry myself all went down. My French were holding welcome to the corner report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the White House reporters saying. That -- food in and hand -- this does not support and they'd rather have blood and and money it's those people starving and are looking for a lot of money. Mike I mean when Romney would -- that storm relief for event in Ohio. He was -- this are rated -- than that why. Because the Red Cross says you should donate only money. And Mitt Romney was defying the orders and the guidelines of the Red Cross when of course there he is with and they're giving -- they're collecting toilet paper diapers. Commands water. -- ask Iran -- tool big TV screens saying don't make money to the Red Cross here is the number. And he was being criticized by the liberal media I'll tell you this right now they'll take water. Don't take anything right now you just drop anything and they'll take it. So -- can't -- true but they can't we will donate canned foods delta diapers the. Think the water don't take everything that it just like the color before that I mean can't -- it's essential thing we have -- emergencies and does think that these people don't need them and they'd be they don't have them in the army is able to collect and try to prevent -- to -- this -- -- that. I mean this is exactly kind of he you know you can't throw money at every problem and I think that the president issue here we can't just throw money at the problem every problem here. Mike. I have to ask those people I have to ask this when I heard her train sandy was on its way I went to the local target. I got my water I got my Cheerios I got my peanut butter I -- endurance my batteries might I was ready. Now thank the lord nothing major happened. I was ready where every day. You know what the real answer is we live in such a celebrity culture. They don't listen to the news. They don't watch the news they're watching Jersey Shore. So they got caught surprised. Are you. Wait until you year. What Chris -- from NBC. Said I'll buy out the storm Bloomberg endorses Obama. And MSNBC. Headline says. Quick response by defenders on bank -- we are truly living in Orwell's 1984. Jeff corner on the corner report. Welcome back to the culinary port this is Jeff Cohen Aaron. Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the -- liberal bull 6172666868. Here's some breaking news for you from NBC news.com. By a the chief. Obama -- Andrea Mitchell. So now here is can you spin. Coming from the administration on bank Gaza. According to a senior intelligence official. I've told Andrea Mitchell. That there's now a new timeline they've now the White House has not come out with a new timeline. On the attack on the US consulate and -- -- And essentially here's what it sets. Yes. Our people on the ground were being attacked. Yes our CIA officials in the -- next. Where there. Yes. But they tried to do everything possible to help. But there was no interference. From the State Department. Or the CIA. Or the White House to withdraw or withhold eight. From our people who were on the ground so -- all. All of us talked about conservative talk radio by the likes of Jeff corner. Saying that. A military assistance. Was withdrawn. Ways it's the people were told to stand down. Now that's not true there was no interference. From the CIA. Or the State Department. They think now that this is their whitewash. They think this is now gonna get them off dark. That now suddenly this unnamed senior intelligence official tells Andrea Mitchell. Of NBC and MS -- BC not normal body nobody says Stan now nobody said stand down. Well why wasn't there any interference. Why -- ensure order. Our compound to be defendant. That's the question. I mean look forget Ben Ghazi -- WRKO. There's a terrorist attack taking place we can see on the video cameras. I'm not gonna say I'm gonna call the police and say guys were under attack com. Help -- police people out rescue them. No matter how they spin it. This is about. And talk about politicized nation. Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Has now come out. And endorsed Barack Hussein Obama why. Was it because of his stellar leadership on hurricane -- -- it's because -- -- did you not climate change. Bloomberg is now saying and -- of hurricanes sadly I think that was caused by climate change that's why I said he is under water. And -- the only guy that really gets climate change is the dear leader and so now I'm gonna have to endorse them. Three days before the election. -- -- -- Mikey. I don't want to tell you this Mikey. Maybe you should stop concerning yourself about endorsements. And getting doing high profile press conferences. And may be worried about the people that are are rummaging around in dumpsters for food. Just a suggestion Mike Dee but now the left is running with hurricanes and -- and saying not always is all talk climate change. It's here is Chris days. From MS left BC. Saying on on August is this is all about climate change climate change is what's behind arrogance and beat them. We we are entering an era of climate disruption. And we're right now seeing the beginnings is going to be the warmest year on record we have the warmest summer on record we have record droughts we're seeing disruption all across the platinum now. We have already it's important to really understand us. We started putting carbon and industrial scale into the atmosphere starting in the industrial pollution so we've already there's already that that you know more than a hundred years of that India -- early warm the Earth's temperature by about intensive degree that's just the start of it and we're already seeing -- back. Facts people will look at this and say well there were bad storms in the 1930s and there were. And I think the best way to think about this conceptually as -- can be tricky if you think about steroids in baseball right. Get the baseball players on steroids you can't pointed any one home run and think that home runs because steroids -- if you look over the course of their. Of the year they hit sixty homered for the east at 35 you know that something is up and -- see the frequency and intensity of storms. We -- storm related deaths every single metric we've had. Right now it's telling that the climate change is some abstraction in the future we need here took to worry about prepare or he is happening now it. A professor from Colorado university wrote a brilliant op Ed piece in yesterday's Wall Street Journal. You know what the science shows. We're in our hurricane -- There are less hurricanes now than there were fifteen years ago. The worst hurricane to ever hit the United States it was in 1926. And Miami. The earth it's not warming. It's cooler and. One of these guys that does it make it up as they go along notice. Everything gets politicized. They're still dying in New Jersey in new York and are already running with climate change why. Because they want green socialism. Cap and trade here is Chris Matthews. -- proxy. I want our president placed scientific president evidence -- and risk management above electoral politics well said. Very well said he's my very Smart. Very sad the mayor of New York you're chuckling but you know it's true he Lois Smart that guy so it's -- -- a brilliant and I wonder now. Correct. All I want. He -- six months ago Mike Mikey knew it was six let Mike Bloomberg mayor Mike Bloomberg Mikey knew it was six months ago. There's going to be a big storm coming I see a cloud I sick cloud over the Empire State Building and that's going to be a big hurricane. And I'm gonna wait three days before the election. When half my city is underwater. And that's what I'm gonna endorse Obama because I understand the importance of climate change will send that. I couldn't that the stuff while it's. Good morning. You want Welch say 02 -- Obama victory like here's Michael and not be at ultimately there. Oh my god okay. Congratulations on media outlets -- -- -- -- like you and Boston thank you said. Also congratulation on your baby you're a solid now -- -- that's that's that's like did you. All right we'll call it every -- Put it out there won't be Obama twice expedient bill Xbox. And now want to do out there -- a couple of critics campaigning here the details that people actually Ali this week including the red box all the old. And I'm not may try to figure that -- -- cycle spent on how important is which. You'll understand and their track why Obama is a little bit under the white shall shall bring it about changing or baucus finally -- How long goal in mind and I'm -- -- -- -- regular -- on the straight out of -- obviously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this graphic beard by its outside a local. By the way each mile so that it regularly -- what did you overlooked -- years now. Com and I -- he -- that that their worst thing like it's really not not in the Middle East are all historic old state Scott. -- Well sent I saw the movie it's a great movie I recommend everybody to see it. In fact I will be doing and -- Obama's special probably sometime next week. I'll devote about an hour of one of the hours on the corner report to a devastating expose -- Obama. But here we have mayor Michael Bloomberg. Shilling for Obama. Exploiting -- hurricane sandy with his people dying in new York and New Jersey scare rummaging for four in dumpsters. And this guy's going on about climate change I mean to -- it's offensive. Are you wanna talk about -- reckless leader you wanna talk about an ego maniac. Look at look at -- look at big Mikey. John you're on the corner report. According gap -- You know I think. You know. You're about not a surprise the idea that they're kind of all got -- how could they not the political debate political from the beginning by acting out -- -- -- Note your food but there are weapons earlier from our. Or at. Air ball out. Or ought -- Pick -- -- expect that you're you're on I mean not so liberal pot for that we -- Yet he thought. Doubt that doctor black enough money in -- -- you're correct or. But I mean that's that's that's Obama. I mean leery of -- that's Obama. That's Obama that's cheap spreading -- Elizabeth Warren that's a mayor Tommy Menino -- Tommy Deval Patrick all of them give me your blood in your money. I want your money and your blood and give give give. Walter welcome to the -- report. You have thank you project in my caller that you quick -- one regarding climate change. I mean they blame everything on the United States of America we have. Regulation constructs like that just cripple the industry. And yet we get just about everything from China we I don't think that as many regulations and also with anybody wanna -- climate. And adding to global warming if there is such thing would be China. And my second point is we got in the election it seems that things don't get straightened out real quick -- New York. I could picture Obama. Declaring martial law religious Formby and election they'll -- -- that. You know it's funny you should mention that Walter. That maybe just maybe the election must be postponed. That maybe it should be postponed now in 1864. When we had a civil war. We didn't postpone the election. So if people are dying on the battlefields in America we don't balls on elections wash -- reports on elections because of some storm. And and and new York and New Jersey. But -- -- he'll do anything to stay in power literally. Thank you for that call altered or three go. I kept its good to hear you listen I want to tell you something about Bloomberg to get kicked -- incentives that keeps on giving. Do you know what he did when he went to New York you know he put up Blake's Central Park. And if you put the flag up in Central Park he changed Times Square. And then he went into the -- of this mr. tall drinks sport you know what you would be -- -- Julianne put it generated not many but at that time. When nobody has thought what was gonna come. But he did put in three generated that I could put generate -- -- in that hospital but he was can do it. -- that it'll be just go and just put too. And any -- everything. He had a -- to thank you went to work by talk that clock and -- it jumped on the subway dot apple took a bicycle. About two feet. -- He is he's a bill. Called the -- -- three you've made the call of the week he's a billionaire phony he's a liberal following -- look. All he's been going on about his salt really how much salt to restaurants -- you. I sixteen ounces of soft drinks at movie theaters now it's climate change. And people risk their rummaging for food and dumpsters. Have this city is underwater. And this guy is playing politics. I mean now where's Chris Christie that's what I wanna know where's the Jonas what are your people are hungry Kress you're gonna go for another photo op would of their leader.