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If you want voter ID, are you the devil?

Nov 2, 2012|

Representative Keith Ellison says people who support voter id's are devils.

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-- -- -- 6172666868. This was posted on FaceBook. It took Barack Obama seven days. To visit Joplin Missouri after a tornado wiped out. Half of the town. And killed a 120. People. It took Barack Obama fourteen days. To visit the Gulf Coast after the BP oil spill. Obama ignored the Texas wildfires. Went over 400 homes were lost. And of course Obama ignored the calls for help from bank out of the but it took Barack Obama only one day. To visit the hurricane damage on the East Coast. Then again. There's an election next week. Congressman -- -- person. The first openly declared Muslim elected to congress liberal Democrat. From Minnesota. Is now saying that any attempts. To try to suppress. Voter fraud. To try to combat voter fraud by demanding. A voter identification. A photo identification at the polls. That's not just wrong it's not just racist. It's actually he says so panic it's the double. Here. Is Keith Ellison. In his own words. Believe it or not saying hey you support for a -- is your sake. I'm telling you it's gonna beat this thing but we need to keep up and you know we've we've got to understand you know that. When the double comes back he's not going to be haven't he's got a new Redskins into wards and dale. I have been -- you've got to have a nice so he's gonna talk real -- is gonna sound so reasonable. And just like this thing sounds reasonable what's won't have an ID. Well that but why should be -- why should my I'd lose my right to vote if I don't have one. Unbelievable. Certainly we. To get my parking permit here at WRKO. I have to show my photo ID to get a library card I have to show my photo ID. To get my discount card that that -- Stop & Shop and a shots I have to show my photo ID. So you mean if if I come invoked I can't show my photo why the event that somehow unreasonable. We just heard -- robber shot from the Boston Herald. I mean they're voting multiple times in west -- there's voter fraud rampant and -- you've got -- cities now. Where in in Worcester in Lawrence. In lol. Land running right down the list are gonna see. Illegal immigrants in -- felons. Going around being bussed around voting repeatedly -- Chicago vote early vote often. They're gonna do it in Detroit they're doing it in Cleveland they're doing it in Cincinnati. They're gonna do it in Florida they're doing it in Philadelphia. And these Democrats are gonna tell us there's not a problem the border right the. I'm telling you we're gonna win this thing but we need to keep it up and you know we've we've got to understand you know that. What that when the double comes back he's not going to be haven't he's got a new Redskins into wards and dale. Now. -- Is going to be a Republican he's a comeback Mitt Romney is gonna come back a Mormon. He's gonna come back -- a little -- -- grade above is. A book is that that is years on this side. And he's going to be of a private equity guy from Bain Capital. That's when a double comes back is going to be a white male Mormon pool above 65. And -- and a big Republican in 2012. -- -- Are you afraid. That voter fraud. Is going to change the election on choose date. Do you believe in our democratic system and our democratic process. And do you think Obama will try to steal the election on Tuesday. Or do you think as the -- Democrats do it this is all much ado about nothing. -- fear mongering -- scare campaign. On the part of conservatives and Republicans. 617. 2666868. Robert you're on the corner report. Yeah I don't but he. Pages -- next time you log in to him -- the Jews in polling station with the first begrudge you know what what -- affiliation but it's in now. I you're Republican night that don't have to say that again -- and that is behind me what I am. Because that vote embers don't keep -- Arabs and whatever and elephant the issue yet or are still in the Tony -- it was by luck if you this year he's it was like Joe's balance. -- get dim witted guy ideology trumps religion would be -- the guy's just great but so what do you expect he's a racist and hate America -- -- pick up. He has that look he's in America hater. He's he's known to have affiliations with the Council On American Islamic Relations this is a man who put his hand on the Chiron. He didn't wanna be sworn in on the Bible he had to be sworn in on the Chiron to me that tells me everything I need to -- all about the. Got to call these people what they Arab gaze stopped playing around the weren't domains were to be people. He's he's an embarrassment and a traitor and you nailed it and that's why he's opposing border write the laws how could anybody say you shouldn't show photo ID. If you say here you're here Joseph Smith and just show me a picture okay Joseph going -- -- god bless you. Not -- races now if that's racist then nothing is racist everything is racist John. Welcome to the -- report. Well I -- at that -- Okay. Just wanted to say welcome to those that property -- -- o'clock -- to have and I love I love the content partner that -- capacity comes through it. Important -- -- his -- really really captivate and really good really glad to editor. Of -- I want to thank. Working a little electric service. Just take part two this is a mission. Governed by the rule of law. -- any hint of voter fraud. Next Tuesday that trust department under Eric Holder will come to the rescue. You know John. I I feel so much better now John I can rest easy -- to sleep easy tonight I forgot we got Eric colder. Look let me give all the Democrats that chip out there you really wanna win the election on -- -- let me give you free advice of sessions they -- say it. Dress up the military fatigues. Give join the Black Panther Party doesn't matter you can be white black whatever the matter the color but join the Black Panther Party. But on military fatigues. Holds some clubs. And just start swearing at people coming at the -- and especially Republicans. That's all. And Uga has got this one in the back all threats were holding welcome to the coroner report. Margaret you are able they're more aware of people are there are extra weight now couple double. Are. Although you're right where the separation of church -- Mike -- Davis. Were the case you where's she's reading bull -- actually he should be outraged. -- We will leave with a W. -- religions. -- -- ball. It go baby. Okay sorry go to George -- or go baby. Yes well it's yeah I just wanted to love and get some more information on these are. Voting problems they're having in Florida and other states where they vote for Romney in -- -- Obama there. Wonder wonder how that happens I mean that's incredible and they say well it's easily corrected as -- -- shouldn't happen in the beginning. And it's not being corrected. That's where -- misleading everybody. Not being for. -- -- here's what's -- in fact I had a conversation with the program director yesterday Jason wolf. Would you if you mentioned it. Because it's a bit different in Massachusetts than it is in other parts of the country. What they're now doing in some states and its growing. Is there really pushing this new technology. Very sensitive touch screen computers. The ballots are on the way we used to vote is being changed. So it's like touch screen but it becoming so sensitive these people are saying. The blocks for -- electoral boxes for the presidential race Obama Romney. The blocks apparently for Obama in some of these states is much thicker it's much bigger one here and the one for Romney. So what is happening everybody is -- this complaint like thousands of times. If you go a little high on the Romney box a roll a little of the left little right. The computer registers as a Obama. So this screen for whatever reason. Is more sensitive. To having being pushed the button for Obama. So everybody's Anglo and pushed for me. See if you don't hit it right in the middle. It won't register for -- So you have to do when everybody's saying is in the Republicans are really urging this. You have to look that your vote twice. You look at the screen. Sri oppressive right in the middle and make sure it's registered as Romney. You have to look at it very closely you know -- second law and right away eagle one complaint. Right away if there's something wrong complain right away this is happening in Florida. It's happening in North Carolina. It's happening in Ohio but the big one now is Nevada. Now Novartis got two problems. It's got these voter screens and everybody is complaining about but I broke this story yesterday I am telling you all very big this weekend. The SE IU. The big public sector union it's in bed with the Obama team. There are bussing people from the casinos in Las Vegas. Irrefutable evidence of this where there are saying you wanna play the blackjack tables will ketchup chips chips. -- problem what you gotta come and vote for Obama first. So it's no longer whiskey. It's no longer is it was the nineteenth century just roll -- the whiskey hey you want you want and I shot a -- you gotta vote for a candidate until now its casino chips. One up like this don't you wanna play the casino for two hours you wanna play some slots no problem. Just a -- for our guys. That's Obama's America the US as a -- rob welcome to the corner report. Page you'd want people to. Or how we got to start at the people's fingers and what they do look -- our country that we are. -- And mark to market. Thanks for holding her on the corner report. Not a problem so what do you that the morning Charlotte what should the -- I was followed up that I couldn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I actually had a problem voting in the in the primary. Because I -- readmitted to my senses I was. An active. Out voter list with about 50000 other war and it's sort of what the -- I actually had to show like all the like eat food. Who I want is -- that I can vote and and they it would catch that and they got an active roster. -- they -- that -- connection putt that's no problem -- the woman involved so get this straight normally I don't shore and a beautiful. But today the crew whose diet. Crap tomorrow and I do it -- from the Atlantic why don't do this -- -- and it almost from the election commission and smile. And she was like well so we don't we don't. Eric -- don't you think that everyone should have to prove they are they say they are so I'm back involved as say uncle like yeah. Or someone I know. Well people. And called our. All she all of our lives. All right your machine that changed she states that election. Nationally but at least like large city in insult way. It's combating. -- elections brought because on the level on the surface you'd think it would be because this 141008. All right now. That are going to be able ball. -- is that what they -- they say they -- any. Accurate but. How by showing voting -- to show photo ID. Mark very quickly. -- -- this what you're city is is this in lol. This city now or in our city that is your -- if you don't charted it. About the election. So because whatever it didn't turn it and they didn't get it. Execute city out there I think that it usually about three pages city why ask people that -- and -- six or eight. Sixty how can I get a Marc very very quickly before I let you go. -- we just lost them housing and ask him did you feel disenfranchised. That your sugar photo ID. Did you from those -- -- to begin at double show up that it would rather warrants was he -- was a pitchfork. I had to I don't did you feel like you're in the Jim Crow south. Telling you we're gonna beat this thing but we need to keep it up and you know we've we've got to understand you know that. What that when the double comes back he's not going to be haven't he's got a new Redskins into more than a jail. I have been you've got to have a nice so he's gonna talk real Sweden's does sound so reasonable. -- -- Mean Luke thanks for holding -- on the corner report. The Martin -- and I displeasure quick quote with you and it's from Walter Lippman who you being a journalist nowhere is by no means that conservatives. But. Words of wisdom I believe. There can be no liberty or community which lacks the means by which to detect lies. Very well said Luke. Very well said Jeff corner on the corner report will be right back after -- break.