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How much has the cost of living gone up?

Nov 2, 2012|

It is so expensive to live now. Food bills are rising. Bills are rising. Can you survive?

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Welcome back to -- cool. Corner -- this is Jeff -- are. Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up liberal bowl. 6172666868. You know. -- People talk to me about what's this election about. Our stand. Of living is it higher or lower than there was four years ago when Obama took office as Reagan famously put it 1980. Are you better off now than you were four years ago. Well. Let me give you an example. Of how we have all of these hidden taxes. All of this inflation. That has taken place over the last four years -- call it inflation is a hidden -- We're clearly my standard of living has gone down. I'm a working stiffs like most of you. Just this weekend I'm off in Foxborough. And hanging out with my family. With little lashed and little Ava graces with me. My wife's obviously she's -- Italian descent Jewish state. Let's go to the olive garden when you're there your family La Familia OK so I got off to the olive garden. And I remember -- four years ago. You know David doesn't need she's a six week old -- -- she has baby formula but she's not ordering from the menu. Little lashed and you just eats what I off my -- that is got a model apple juice he's two years older than a much of an appetite social grace tonight. I'd get a tour of Italy a get a nice lasagna with some fettuccine Alfredo little chicken parmesan with that she gets the chicken scampi. We order one appetizer some muscles. She has a glass of wine I have a Diet Coke. The 73 dollars. It's 73 losers. That's like telling -- So I tip -- percent by Deborah nice 20% tip that this thing cost me 88 dollars. And ninety bucks. Ninety dollars. To go to the olive garden miss about some fancy restaurants olive garden. I'm looking around and I'm saying. I mean what's happening now I know Foxboro it's near the Gillette Stadium. They Jack up the price is a few dollars but still. That's money. I can't tell you how many times I've had this conversation with my wife give you another example I was at I feel like a -- Because I keep telling -- -- my wife. She comes back from shrugs. Or just recently she came back from Stop & Shop. I go hey honey he got some groceries -- I am just curious how much of the car 240 dollars. One. What did you buy our C for about six. I don't see you bring in and truckloads of food it's 140 dollars. That's my peanuts. Some cottage cheese some blueberries bananas a gallon of milk bread. Couple cold cuts that's it a 140 but -- the Montego. We're -- we're putting our youth but are or what did you get your hair done sweetie yeah. No just look at look at you crazy -- a -- Richard nailed to get a manicure pedicure massage. It does how does three bags Dick -- -- forty dollars. Everything. Has been going up for the last four years. And now there -- story after story coming out. The Obama administration can't suppress this as much as they want. Under Obama. Price of gas has jumped 83%. Ground beef 24%. -- him 22%. Peanut butter up chick came up bread. Up every. Everything is up. And the reason why it's up is because of inflation. And why don't we have inflation I don't wanna turn this into the financial -- because is very important for all of you understand. When that government spends these kinds of deficits. When we have trillion dollar deficits. The government has the moral. And how do they borrow the Federal Reserve prints money. And when you -- money and that's all they've been doing for four years is borrow spend and print to borrow spend and print. The dollar gets devalued -- it's worth much less. So with the dollar is worth much less. People are gonna charge you more. Because the value of what they have is less. That's why everything has been going up. And so my question to you is this. Maybe this is just mean maybe age. Of coroner is Nam I don't know maybe I need to ask for a raise or WRKO or something maybe I gotta get on cooks and getting more money in my in my paycheck. But MI the only one who noticed that the cost of living has gone up in the last four years. Are you better off now. Then you were four years ago. Do you feel palpably. Like your standard of living has gotten better. Worse or stayed the same under Obama Mike thanks for holding here on the coroner report. Am I doing -- -- Kate and I hope you're gonna give me at least a minute to get through this right. -- hopes will look. The cost of living has gone out it's gone up from a lot state he is sent Katrina we saw a gap school board -- gallon and we felt the pinch but I wanna say it. And wanna say this loud and clear -- -- unique guy and when I think I mean work is confident it late great climate on and on. The built forty story building for this great country and I think if someone thought he had a putt that to take my living wage and bring it down to nothing. So I can't afford to go wild. Give the message I'm not that in my children to walk the pipe for the rich. The union blaming Republicans for the fact that I'm. Not blaming anybody I'm telling you -- up a life that from the gate and he's gonna opt out and -- called -- Prevailing wage tickled my living wage. They don't think young people -- like clockwork so they can have an American dream like I have a good pension and a beautiful home and at that's asking too much get to -- in a veteran. And you tell me -- -- -- his side. Never serve in the military. Well Mike most people haven't served in the military you can hold that against anybody. I mean if I look Mike. This myth that Romney's a warmonger. He's not a warmonger were not going to war under Mitt Romney. Let me tell you the worst thing that's gonna happen under Mitt Romney okay. Remember under Clinton when we bombed Iraq for four days in that in 19992000. Was called operation Firefox. That's the worst you're gonna see happen under Romney with he wrong and even then I think -- just -- that Israel DeWitt so no American is gonna die under Mitt Romney. And you know why. We can't afford it. That's why so under Romney. We'll have more employment will have more jobs will have more take home pay if I am a union guy I wanna feed my family. Why do you wanna stay under 8% unemployment and bankruptcy with the Obama he hasn't done anything for you in four years. Bill welcome to the coroner report. -- chip are you don't you -- Well you know pretty you hit a subject. Recently I don't know Joseph regulation because they're restart or to -- 50000 dollars being rich. So in 196530000. Dollars. Is now to order in 47000. Dollars to get that seat -- -- today. That's the reality. So that's that's inflation. Oh yeah I mean look look what a Coke can cost you twenty years ago look what it cost you today. -- -- you milk cost you twenty years ago look what it cost today. I mean it's not milk is not more expensive now than it was twenty years ago it's the value of our money has been destroyed. And that frankly is bush it's not just Obama that was bush but now under Obama it's gone off the rails. I mean I feel that I'm telling my standard of living has been decimated the last four years Anthony welcome to the -- report. A commodity just awesome show goers thank you. Hey allowed. Two quick things one don't stoppage called partial stop shop the union Shoppach in part to cost. But the collective bargain obligations were the consumer -- -- going to be being even more pro market. -- people -- -- shall I -- same thing you shop don't don't don't even though there. Okay. Okay thanks well okay well listen look I wanna get the phone lines jammed their blazing now what we got a few more lines open. We're going to be giving out. Tickets. To the premiere of the movie Lincoln with Daniel Day-Lewis. Were gonna play a little game. -- 61720666868. Obama's price is right. The price is right. Call me and tell me how much things cost before it could be -- colorful okay. I'm gonna give you a product. Come and ask you what it -- -- before they barely cleared the ball over we've got tickets this is the Steven Spielberg movie Lincoln next week. Jam no phones no. So funny -- on the floor and a report.