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Obama's Price Is Right

Nov 2, 2012|

Can you guess how much staple items cost before Obama took over? And, how much they cost now?

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And he's waiting to see the outcome of next week's election in short Jeff at a -- I think we all suffer from a now assists paralysis. You know -- a very good line Barry. That you're even hearing for the last four here is -- for four years I've been hearing nonstop every day that banks are sick. Loans are not available is that true. Well you know I talked to a real state developer yesterday -- big guy in Boston and he told me point blank the big bank your Bank of America the cities you JPMorgan. They are not making loans but the small community banks that South Shore banks. What they're building their book of business loans. South Shore bank puts their money where their mouth is -- -- copy up to 250. Dollars any business owner who opens up a business checking account at South Shore bank and get this -- this is really important understand. South Shore bank has money to land and believe it or not they appreciate you as a customer. Imagine that. A bank that treats you like a human being I can't believe it. Get up to 250 dollars when you open a business checking account at South Shore bank. Look I haven't been in Boston very long but I know one thing South Shore bank is better. Barry thanks so much money. Lord I got. Play Obama's price is right -- right now I want with 6172666386. BA. I'm gonna ask you. The price of something up praise -- -- for commodity. Golf for the dear leader took office and what it is today. If you get it right we're gonna give you a free ticket free tickets. Verify that it's Obama you can bring your wife and your boyfriend will go over whoever we don't discriminate -- on the to see the premiere public -- on November 16. A loaf of bread. Julie you're out for -- on the price is right. Come on -- I'm Julie and come down let's loaf of bread. How much do you think it cost in September 2008. When your leader just before you came into our widgets like the local -- Dollar. Fat and brings. And actually a dollar 68 you know what it is now. A dollar 88. -- -- points and it's okay. Mike. Come on down my. Might. Let them now well my we will ask you. Okay we're gonna. The -- Amman. Home. All right. -- All right let me as it is a gallon of milk Thomas did us in 2000 ended before Obama took office. Short corner. And. And we will not dollars and 65 cents you know what it's worth now two dollars and 79 cents. Chris me come on down. Chris. And status OK assuming notices. Yeah this is advertised the lot a 218400. Rule book or Obama took office. -- if they get one for practical. Thing I don't think about it yet. Do. Who -- where where are you sure Chris. Shot where you shop who fought and boom when. -- more incidents you know it cost now. Six dollars and nine cents. Com I'm. Well -- water must edit that out there and are. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- mean it is now two dollars and 68 cents. Well in my. Com I'm home. That. Might. And that to me. My -- -- pulled by. A and Obama's cell phone. -- -- well they give it to you for free. Right but -- -- home. -- -- Yeah -- tell me what happened to find. Then -- -- will then come on back home. Oh yeah I thought I'm in them but -- -- about it or are right a pound of tomatoes. One -- Before that their -- took office. I thought somebody. You know what. I want to get this one to you might that 68 cents now -- you can get two tickets now okay you -- -- pull this -- it was 68 cents. And 2000 NA how much do you think it is now. -- third. A bucks 79 match. Wrong. But listen you're close enough stay on all we'll get your info you've got a -- body OK next. Obama to go to an extra. -- we're done. Unbelievable is that he doesn't wanna give out tickets. Are going to stumble at -- I mean we -- trying to save money by keeping the tickets. Let's give us some tickets -- Cox. Does not believe or playing Obama's price is right but he says now we were we gave up to a ticket Jeff that's an up wearing me two tickets that's enough. It's unbelievable. You know I always suspecting he's a liberal just between us -- off the record. I always like I said you know what it is every time my gold down were at the cafeteria. And he's got a -- fan and I got a mouth then suddenly doesn't have money in his wallet. This ugly all I I left by a -- upstairs Jeff Jeff I left my wallet upstairs during your tenure there at his job. Susan. Come on -- home. -- -- I just got laid up though I -- knowing that the site that everything is really gonna affect me. I'm very sorry -- seasons I know I'm very sorry but their paperwork the people that -- Listen I really wish you the best of luck in the jobs and gave it -- I'm not gonna get Beckham already trying. All right Susan. A pound of taste like butter promised that it costs. In -- September 2000 and both Condit and what about. That taste like butter like I'm an estate and -- And. You you got to go to a different place Susan -- It's one dollar and ninety cents okay. Okay how much do you think it costs today. Okay it. Anecdotally at dodger nanny I got that. You know -- close enough for me two dollars and 68 cents. Boy I got basic staple Susan stay on the line you just got two tickets I wanna give me two tickets stay on the line. Boy I don't use butter. I'm telling you is don't use butter because it's costing -- -- money. A bag of flour. Let's destroy this one Stacy. Come on now. I'm good how are you Stacy. -- by our -- a five pound bags of flour. How much you could get -- before that their leader came to office. About nine. Amazing that dollar and 97. While you're good -- okay I wanna give these tickets how much do you think it costs. Today. The 209 -- eight you've got to. You got it Stacey stay on the line don't tickets to see like and the three man Steven Spielberg's upcoming movie. Lots are we given out to many decades and he's he's he's turning white in the face begin to see that alcoholics. It's not your money men don't worry about it liberal like Obama when it's -- and other people. Degenerates. The only adults with in the cafeteria. For you don't have your wallet it. But her eye opening hole that's okay we're gonna go to Robert Robert. -- pound come on Robert Almonte are now. A pound of ground beef how much did it cause before Obama came into law. Or experience. Boy she needs. -- his value chop it up and sharper. Your rewards are currently very removed. Three dollars and 68 sentence written I'm sorry about Robert listen I would like to -- those tickets but that's the the -- wants to meet one more books. Okay we're gonna do one more poignantly about these tickets one more little come on down. Okay now watched Lucas -- trust me on this one okay is -- -- socks off. Try so. Powder. But wash your clothes -- powder how much soap powder how much that it costs before that their leader came into office. -- that okay I'll tell you what it's five dollars 98 cents I'll give it to you. Now how much does it cost today. It it. Who relied on a tight it is my probably giving the tickets how many did you detect it's gonna wanna give -- -- that gets. Seventeen dollars and 97 cents. It whether essentially from six bucks an eighteen bucks. In four years. Now I know why my wife comes home with nothing and it cost 300. All.