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Joe Battenfeld, Boston Herald columnist, says Obama and Warren may win

Nov 2, 2012|

Who is going to win the election? You may be surprised.

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Welcome back in the quarter report this is Jeff Horner. -- then we'll go third. -- up all liberal bowl. We're now joined by columnist. Jerome -- fell from the Boston Herald. Show welcome to the coroner report. I get. It's my pleasure journalists and I love reading your columns super stuff I read today's column in the Harold. Joseph for the listeners out there. What what's going on years seems to be this love affair. With John Kerry from both Scott brown and Elizabeth Warren. Mimic our experience with the -- but you know I type of talent that's compound it by a flat flying puck Colombo on time. And it's strictly power play I asked him about -- kids eat. And how are you include walk under some prayers have theory about -- -- great guy Yale and the anger over his career playing I don't toward our current. So it seems certain that they you know I was really trying to court. Here Yemeni and you are you -- hasn't endorsed Elizabeth Lawrence. But because Gary sort of been out quite doing debate happen for whatever reason he had dogs and campaigning a lot. For Warner and all The Who he is coming over the weekend Monday and Tuesday. Really the first big campaign appearances for Warner right you know reputed before the election. Which is below are considering Gary is cold pretty popular here in the state and then obviously senior Democrat. So the -- brown was going on and on about Thomas who couldn't edit man crush on John Kerry -- pretty up. No more like hundred yards just look at great result out right now. Brown in getting democratic votes as it comes down collapse we got -- need every democratic vote he possibly can get. Now Joseph I'm just curious I mean why is John Kerry is he becoming like the new Ted Kennedy is TV. The icon of liberalism in Massachusetts where he's almost like the democratic godfather you -- is ranked. Well it's it's how important that heady territory but -- invited me. He definitely could be important even if you even if you preventing him from going out too much its impact in our prayers are with the that they -- -- has really. That could help war news organizations. You know Kerry -- no -- you forget it looks at me a lot treat presidential race but there's not a guy who beat go well. And in 1996. Which is a big race at the time any being a pretty handily. -- he can handle himself -- a campaign knows how to campaign. Especially in Massachusetts anyway. So he had his organization that hasn't really been doing too much for Warren. Not not on purpose towards Gary I don't know I got I think Warren herself with -- -- envelope from Kerry. But any well and you will help. Right now consult their ratings for black clothes brown noted that help making interior guarded base and a little less motivated -- -- -- -- could help them. Now jolt when I'm just curious why. Why is Elizabeth Warren keeping her hands. Sort of access certain distance and -- approach with Kerry Wood and you wanna you know be with them side by side on the campaign trail. It's a fairly good knowledge she doesn't travel -- that Obama come to your paper either. Conference call -- you're paying her leadership over campaign is very insular it's gotten to do things on the road and not. Bigger bite from too many people would drive a lot of Democrats crazy. In this state. If you want to show I think it -- boy did she treated the public underground scene trying to choke. To appeal to independents are there any bank -- that you -- It's not just be all -- every every democratic -- older. Yes you know on the concrete and -- yeah well. I think he's going to be out there are right now and not look like -- -- the Democratic Party machine. Which Browne talks a lot about so that's why if you -- you produce by the governor in the air at least another Obama coming and and Poulter in knowing that. Back that a lot of Obama's supporters are with -- so. Like it's really a race like this does look a few thousand votes -- could turn itself. We get any lower annual impact like that aren't -- Democrats and who they're gonna vote for could totally. Swing the election. -- Or three days away now before the election how do you see the brown Warren race. I see it -- very closely obviously you know everybody says. If you look at all that there's a lot of C and I know that the war -- people. Despite them saying they're confident -- they know that it's quote they believe that Cold War may have had a lead. A few weeks ago that she doesn't anymore really and I don't I think you browns Pauline and I didn't even we're pretty much a dead heat is well. Thought he'd take independent vote in the campaign all. And you know that merits close and you could be looking at a very long and I. Not only for the presidential race but consider race here in Massachusetts and the Pentagon really. How well does out in the suburbs we know warrant at a very Boston Springfield -- -- But if brown has been really good shelling in the suburbs similar to the lady did two years ago. That he's going to -- and so. So who is I would be looking at those areas. Sort of pockets and also on the plate who Wear like -- to say is stronger I think Richard that there is probably going to win. So if brown gets the big vote up there may be on the North Shore in Middlesex County I think he's going to win by. At that point you don't really know the what the turnout is going to be as far as the Obama people not. Basically Warren's campaign has based her whole campaign. Are people coming out to vote for Obama. And and Jordan Staal all. Right but we don't know about it happened. -- I know you don't like to make predictions. I don't want to ask you what are -- -- Robert you have your one of the top columnist of the Boston Herald people read your for political insight and analysis. Right now as of today Friday. Who do you think will win on choose that. I have to say it's it's so close that we could be argued about -- but because Google later states is stacking up. I don't quite remember now begin the end to Obama if I had to make bricks and I'd say. President Obama gonna get reelected just because I think -- photo and Ohio and that's pretty much. Get a whole race right there are no matter how round -- than other states. But like I don't really rog go and that gave tiger have a -- Obama is going to hang on and that may be Warren also. Well well aren't you. You know like -- said it's it's because it can be very long night we could actually. Be having recounts in several different states so we may not even know who's going to win and tell you go after the election that's very possible. So -- your call right now is Obama and a weaker and Warren in a squeaker. My call yeah I feel like it's so doesn't -- -- I have there is they didn't have stated correctly in Massachusetts. It's hard to gauge what's going on the electorate about to go under because the papers in Monrovia and Iberia and further -- the country go through so we don't. No I feel sometimes like diamonds Iberia nearly got a lot of. I didn't go through it and about the content notebook but anyway that's. That's -- critics. So I'm up against did very quickly to say tyranny how do you see it. I don't get it going away and I don't believe Richard is that going to work. Thank you Joseph you're one of the best in the business thank you for coming on Joseph button -- columnist for the Boston Harold. And here. -- right we want a replay. This is the call of the week from Doris the -- roll it baby Dorothy go. I kept its good to hear you listen I want to say something about Bloomberg that -- -- incentive to keep silent giving. You know what he did when he went to New York you know he put up -- in Central Park. And to keep the different except in Central Park he changed Times Square. And then he went into this note that this is too tall drinks -- you know what Giuliani gave Giuliani put it -- not many -- -- -- time. When nobody has -- what was gonna come. But he did put -- we generated that guy could put -- generated in that hospital but he was to do it too little the did go and just put too. And any -- everything. He had a cool talks can thank you went to work ethic that caller hey -- they had jumped on the subway and got that -- -- bicycle. About two. Well. Pop pop pop pop up. Door that I swear to you. If you by the eastern European accent that's my mother. That's my mother -- value does I did at the eastern European accent panic I got about thirty seconds though. It's. Apparently not lighting your work is come from all the states that -- every -- you know that's a -- these people care or. I repeat it was soccer. Alabama Alabama -- cleaning crews up to New Jersey you know New Jersey said all you're nonunion guys brought back. People are dying go back go back to -- later 1110 known you consider the last installment. Obstacle to a report.