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The Car Guys Radio Show October 27th

Nov 2, 2012|

What to buy? When to buy? But, more importantly...how to buy Bill and Joe have all the information you need.

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680. WRK. Oh Boston. -- your car is it's supposed to be but none -- these guys it's good card. -- radio show -- AM succeeding WRK. Okay now here is Joseph Jonas in his band. Cool. -- -- Welcome back because -- radio show on W large -- 16 AM. I'm bill -- George. And I'm Joseph Messina. And the other guys guys. Newness I wanna say first off we may come by and easy. No -- are being entrusted to hear how easy you you make it then and I know why you say that because. We do make it -- -- really do okay we don't try. Right we make it easy that's right governor announced here we go again the I know I suppose you wanna know what we do. Right they do they do but I have to bring up one thing before we start off. And they get the I got a question referring to the gift certificate we're giving out for a very knees restaurant. Yes -- If you email us disarm. Amount. A car that any any automobiles sung and Kim how far back it goats. -- If you hear it played on on the kind of guy -- radio show. And and you know the first one to call in and tell us that you the person ascendant in we will check we can check our emails to see if that's correct. Parent just won a clear that up. If you send us in a song about an automobile. And replayed over the year and you hear it in new call in. And you -- Joseph bill. I says that science do I email them until I -- my attack and a your Christian name we checked the email that you guys view don't wanna do the winner of gift certificate to minis at night. It's 76 Broadway in some hole. And you're going to be info one heck of an experience institute an Italian and Cecilia and food that you really got to love Texas include yup yup there's a fifty -- gift certificate by the way and fifty dollars Alexi by U. By two meals a day and he's really -- Nestle. We did the other night so. Anyways that's I was questioned on that and they just want to clear it up because. You we I do send out acknowledge mr. people who Cendant. Sorry I chronology of fact that they sentiment one gentleman unfortunately. I thought that the acknowledgment meant that he won it and I hope he does -- -- but. Not yet we've got another couple of shows before we picked that that one right one Eminem songs that we. And by the way dvds it -- is awesome. 76 Broadway ensemble mass fabulous food and mr. affect how we carry -- -- -- Present him yeah he -- off their. You know what I wanna do is -- let's so we don't. Start off because again impeccable boring these listeners because we always that up but they have to -- -- the show is about but me to a style rough a little different. This week. -- and talk about. The great opportunity. The greats. The great opportunity right now. All right purchase an automobile right and that would be convertible. Or sports -- I was what's got familiar looking for a Corvette. You always want -- to have one right. As he is doing a sense of visual rules you know you got -- think you have to wait till you know on January and February to do that but realistically. All that's when things we're excited to turn around because people are already thinking. That ninety day window going forward in this in themselves. You know pretty soon it's gonna be some time so I've been a -- and all of a sudden that's that's the Jack the prices up but right now. That's like the furthest thing from anybody's -- -- ex governor -- because we -- sick and Navarro boiled. We've had some money for our oil bill what about this wimpy and are convertible. Same thing you know if you're could actually saved -- thousands. Bright and well could -- be used in round numbers assuming we're we're picking. We would choosing the vehicle that we're gonna save. Again round numbers of 2000 -- if we buy it now right but if we -- -- in April pray it'll cost this 4000 to pose more right there's no doubt about hugely so technically you -- usually save yourself detonated embargo can be a huge swing could be anywhere from really. 3000 to 101000 calls depending upon. The -- the X the size of the of the of the purchase you know if it's up. It's a really model one obviously. You know you're gonna it's gonna save more money but you know if it's something missile over. You still gonna save quite a bit of money thrown -- And with some people say well I'm terrified by it now I really we have a two car garage where where the Neftali weren't Cairo and the storm. You know you would save. Units say you so much money by buying it now right you could you could pay for rental and -- garage for four months which is good precaution. -- can erect a -- for hundreds of two morals among -- -- I had a heated garage -- a 120 dollars a month -- -- derived from 120 analyst. Was a little it was a small garage and -- there was quite a ten or twelve miles from the house but maybe that's why do this there was heated I loved it there from the today that's probably of good -- and tickets are -- 150 dogs but it's still. It would still be -- confusion to -- 456000. Knows absolutely I agree candidates other than that you really want. I can tell you right now if you're gonna look for plow truck right now. Good luck that happened -- -- could say no I have a lot of guys that are actually called me for plow trucks and you know we find him I mean. But -- I won't probably won't be able savior too much money causes a lot of people opponents of -- to -- -- thing. I mean realistically all of the whole -- businesses anyways. But you don't. Those types of vehicles you know all wheel drive four wheel drive. Pick up trucks and plows and somebody called me for plug in the days and I left them because they said you know when to call me for months ago most notably a lot easier. You know -- I don't have a crystal ball right but it. I would play the odds this works because less than what the before it was so bad press when two was. And in those those guys really invested. In the kind of plow the other get -- -- create -- so. Hopefully they're gonna make it up. This year -- I would say I would think that that's part of it starts -- state and so lip while -- -- -- read on exactly I don't know -- but -- right now -- right there there but it's -- it's you know it's it's it's a perfect analogy as far as these convertible and sports guy. Going down the flow is going up and then come April the plough will gold weighed down Gloria apps and the sports guys are gonna come. I gonna go cool way yeah exactly so. But. That's -- well one thing when a ball bounces kid Brent. One thing I want to -- -- was. We talked about somebody asked me about warranties because he says well you know we knew we don't by the -- from from the dealer. You know do we. It does the world do we still get a warrant to and so. Of course you do it up. You anywhere of them in affection as warranty is on the vehicles that we purchase field. If you getting like for instance let's say you bought a 2011. Let's just say we. I don't know. What she's a Nissan for instance. -- you gonna get three years 36000 miles on the -- bumper to bumper warranty. From the -- affection from the in service state whatever that date ones. And then -- and we get five years 60000 on the drive train. But like that particular account is good to see VT transmission so that's Catania 120000. My oldest man who has ms. Meserve he has that. But you know every carries a little bit different like for instance let's say you -- Lexus. Lexus has got four years 50000 miles. Profitable book but they have. A six year. 70000 miles on the drive for literature. -- And then you know you've got all different ones I mean you know some of the Japanese and the Koreans. Have some longer warranties -- Obviously. Just wanna let people know that we you know whatever the -- -- warranties is going to be good but we also give you warranty is well. You know with every -- we sell no matter what we -- they'll be a warranty -- -- and typically do you know we at least give you. Whatever this state. That you live in. Require us over for instance if you -- Massachusetts. And you bought a car that had. Less than 40000 miles on it automatically. We're gonna give you ninety days or 3750. Miles. At the minimum. And then if you car had anywhere from. Forty to 80000 miles. We're gonna give you sixty days or 2500 miles. And anything over 80000 miles we're gonna give you thirty days -- 12150 miles but I have to tell you that most of the time. If we have somebody that has a problem it's even when it's not a war team we certainly would try to help you in any way shape community try to make it. Better field cheaper for you easier for you and we do pick up the guys and take into our facility where we can. Take care of any mechanical aspects. And also. Oftentimes you can leave you are a car alone a cartoon to use case that does become a problem. So. The other thing is. A lot of times people say to -- well you know I'm thinking about why America because it's gonna certified protection. And certified protection is great fun on cars but. I think that people. Are automatically think the console was automatically think that that's EPO warranty. Is equal to. The bumper to bump -- -- factors warranties that they actually go with the Kyle when you don't when it started out but it's not. It is a limited warranty and you have to really read. All the fine print and find out. Although he called the items. Then -- not covered by that warranty because Iraq play and there are plenty of exclusionary. Circumstances. That would cause you not to be able to get paid on on a claim party not you need correct oil. What is it that they get down to toot -- -- to -- -- I mean you know those 'cause dispose of certain because disposed to synthetic oil some sort of because these policies. And you and you wanna have to be able to document anything you do. Anywhere that you do it sort of words if you go to the and outside. Service contractor and do you. Get your oil changed certainly make she'd do you get some sort of a computerized. -- receipt so you can show the oil change that was done. When it was done and and also. How many miles run at the time it that it was done otherwise you won't be able to. But he you'll be able to -- we get -- Not many assists and then and I heard somebody. Mention it a few weeks back -- you should give a computerized slept right. They won't accept a hand written bill because you could get a premiere. Brother or learn something while all night a lot of times that's the case I mean you know I know a lot of the local. -- small room small business does this you know but honestly -- 99.9. Percent of them at this point have got some sort of computer system system in their right in the business. And I just ask them to only you know him receipts probably not gonna do it. So you know and and you wanna keep track of everything because you wanna keep track you're -- oil changes and make sure that you're doing them. At the at least. At the minimum. At the you know due to requirement so no words let's say. Like for instance BMW I think says 151000 miles I don't believe in them myself I. I believe he should do with -- conditions to social boundaries -- even with a synthetic oil change but they claim you know. They were doing and attend another doing it fifteen and that's -- they give you on that maintenance program that they -- view from the factory. They'll give you it's four years 50000 mile coverage. So they say okay you get full full free maintenance but full free maintenance really is in full free maintenance to me if if they're only gonna give you three oil changes that's the the once every you know 171000 miles offensive purposes that's kind of insane you know I think there were particulates -- get into the into the well and crank case and get by the F tilt. And that's really what breaks the oil -- it's not the oil loses its discuss it because. Of -- Fuchs. It's more because of the contaminants. And it's impossible for -- for them not to get in there to assist. It's it's basically sucking -- in you know some little pieces are gonna get in there he just happens but. I recommend you do and have cycles with those guys but what I'm saying do you was after the warranties overall day and the free maintenance is -- Make sure that you keep computerized slips to prove vote that you you've gotten an oil change someplace else. Especially if you -- CTO program. Where the maintenance stops at 50000 miles but. The warranty. Supposedly continues on so that if something does break you can say well I did everything I was supposed to. I went through my book and I checked former maintenance things and I was supposed to change my coolant. At a certain interval and I did that. And I suppose to change by the oil and filter -- certain intervals and I did that and I spoke to change my brake fluid it's certain intervals and I did that. And you know at that point. You'll be you'll be all set but I just want to let people know that those who appeals have not. Exactly what the full warranty is for the profitable to warrant. Well. Buried close when we come back here we're gonna take a break. This is -- guy guys' radio show. He didn't test for the -- guys call 3302274897. That's. 3302274897. Are on the web at the -- guys website dot com this is -- six CD WRKO. How we card dealt with a WR you dot com audio on demand page you have no excuses log on download. We cars uploaded each day at W or killed dot com or you won't diminish. Like many of view. I was not happy about losing my hair so I decided I wasn't going to keep losing. I set up consultation with doctor mark Destefano when he is literally changed my life. I now have a great head of -- which you'll probably be able to see as we head into the election. Whether it's in a book signing or I'm on TV discussing the candidates the vote is in. And I looked good. Doctor Destefano has performed over 5000 -- restorations and I knew why it made the right choice when I learned the doctors from Texas. 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In my family -- doctor -- means class nurse every paycheck I cut out coupons class trans fats -- understands my wellness plus card gives me every day savings plus a point for every dollar I spend too. 25 points for every prescription once -- -- the thousand points and I get 20% on the whole store every year that's like -- floor and getting our fifth shampoo for. You already twelve this plus -- and no other forms he gives you well this more plus certain limitations applies to your local ready extortion details. This is the car guys -- -- -- -- -- PM succeeding WRK you know to get in touch with the -- guys -- 330227. Current guys. 30227. 974. -- -- -- -- Welcome back to look at guys show 1 AM six CD WR OK okay. I'm Joseph Messina -- Papa George. And just. Just briefly just the before the break bill you you are saying accepted among warranties and I know you want to their view had a few more things stood that you want to have you gathering you know always cut me right off right when I was getting into the meat of it but yeah. Don't worry folks. Uncommon scenario where I go home -- -- is that he is the gist of it so. So -- -- so we talked about you know the fact that yes you do you commit factors. -- warranty. If you if you purchase a vehicle for -- is still on the factory warranty it the warranty goes with the car now with the person so you -- to concern yourself with that. Some manufacturers do make you. Aside over and I'll know which ones do and which ones don't. And I will make sure that you get signed up so don't worry about that. But. He is what's more important. That factory warranty only last for a certain amount of time. When you. Pass that amount of time you wanna make sure you have some coverage pictures and fruit at the point that they purchased that we purchase an automobile for him if there's anything left. They still get that from these manufacturing that is correct solitary addresses you've bought a 2011 calf and let's say it was put into service and January of 2011. And then a three year 36000 mile warranty on and it would be good until January of 2014. Or 36000 miles policy is -- and 181000 miles on it right now. And if that was the case and you still have even 181000 miles left. Or approximately a year and four months but it was so I know and they would get that that they would automatically get that no matter what you can and if and it was something we had decide you up for. Why there was a small fee of fifty dollars and one of its assigned site is sometimes they do have a transfer fee. And if there were such a thing we would take care of that for you so just sumo folks. But. More importantly. After that warranty is done I just wanna make a statement that we have a network -- that worked very closely with us. To. Give you coverage. In some in some cases up to a 100000 miles or even beyond. And we have different levels. Of protection that you can get but I always try to. Get my clients to take the the best one that they have because that way via. There's never any question about what is covered and what is not -- the only things it would not be covered would be exclusionary. Items. For instance they're basically going to Wear and tear items like. Brake pads and ruse. Although calpers would be covered. You know wiper blades tires. Things things that just a normal maintenance. Items and as long as. Again. As I said before that you maintain your vehicle that you keep records of the maintenance. Then. You'd be eligible to. -- to get paid for any of these claims that he might have god forbid you have a problem. Now a lot of them say well you know. How hole. To what level that they go for instance. You know. Two to actually change though certain parts and so forth and you know what both the electrical system what about the suspension and I mean when I tell you this is coverage it's excellent it hit it really does it mean. Being a technician myself by trader originally. I -- -- you know all these warranties work and that's why -- I usually indicates Mike my clients to get the the best one that they have now we hear it it's it's pretty much know consummate covers everything. And when I say everything I'm talking about the engine all the -- lubricate parts. And also seals in gaskins is often times. Those would be. Those would be an issue and all other seals and just it's as a result of recovery Pia would always always be covered -- with a set of warranty. Policy or automatic transmission. There are a lot of flow -- and in the manual transmission of -- manual transmission company that is well. It'll come with a four wheel drive they'll cover drive axles and cover the conditioning components especially all the -- you don't like an accumulative of compressor. The clutching compressor clutch -- The condenser Dreier we receivers operator I mean all these big parts. They can cost thousands of dollars. Even you know. When they say okay you breaks recovered what they mean is basically you know the master cylinders covered. That your your power assist poster and and you know -- whose whose coverage and -- he -- -- and you will soldiers and and you still bring clients and -- That's all important stuff. A lot of cars now have ABS brakes which is it's a lock braking system. There are a lot of expensive parts of I know I just had to change on the control for 11 of these. Control process of I was like thirteen that are also I mean you know. That's it's an expensive repair. You steering you know you rack and pinion steering gear box of policy and companies. All of these are expensive components as well. Your electrical system -- -- and you know alternate news. You warn you your wife motor defrost to switch dynamo. I mean it goes on forever I mean. You've got high tech electrical things in one of these cuts is. When -- I grew up. The because so a lot of them just say crank windows not a dollar following those Powell walks -- and Harrison had a body excuse. Right now -- -- -- you know 800 -- I mean did they do get really a complicated. You know you're cooling system. You know just changing a radiator or water pump for thermostat. Are you know a lot of these guys have all electric co and -- -- motives and couldn't clutches. Even your core recovery containers sometimes it would you know my crackle what night you know I mean he may need to exchange at some point. -- there are a lot of things that people don't think about you know while. -- Perot for and again going back to electrical system you know you're neutral safety switch so that. You Kyle will be able to you be able to. Change gear and so -- to stop playing breaks which. You wash your -- -- Silly little things that are sometimes very expensive because where they are. Requires a lot of leave it to get that. You know you might have -- your -- -- dimmer switch. A lot of these guys now you know that would be used to always be on the Floyd step on them and there was which of the four. That was a pretty simple we pick as it was you you can get at it but now. A lot of these guys have those multi function switches that are on the on the steering column. And not only does -- have. The Boleyn girl whatnot but there's so you don't humanity cruise control blood and they might have you wiped the -- -- -- I mean -- -- -- you know a myriad of different. Switches and world and controls. -- can tell you what. Last month if you recall and it's a slight when the wanna get shut off the notion don't listen until it's. -- that sure enough right -- did well. And who's just out of the blue I was weather in mind my electric window in the driver's side up and has stopped. Up pretty young and up couldn't get it down. And and then chorus more and when did this happen -- -- this again it was a lot of money they -- us going right now and then we had three days of rain right now I had and I had a cover up the window and and is there would rather than that on switch far it. Right but it was. And he hadn't. -- was. It was a 300 overdrive because with apple was the reason the switch brand. Is because of the the window tracks to Mota. Okay the -- had so we. The motor actually. Burned out and now we try to repeated that when you first try to repair it up because the shot in the in the window switch itself hospitalized. This thing went from from a 120 federal repairs to 332. Dolls while it doesn't take much no put. You know speaking of of running out. Sometimes I've had some of these guys with that if had done. Pretty -- -- fuel systems. Like the fuel -- is in the fuel tank. I know punitive and mosaic. You know. It's is it and so it that's stuff gets expensive with this stuff would all be covered if you had the proper warranty and also. A lot of -- suspension. Items like -- control on Bush's -- and -- and ball joints steering knuckles pollution by us. Do you. Stabilize supplies and links in -- Cisco along with that. Tyra guidance and sleeves and -- lower arms and -- things I mean is. The so much to an automobile today and everything's expensive because. The labor costs have just -- so so crazy that. You know a three -- jobs. If it's a you know and inexpensive shop could be you know 120 dollars and -- 360. And that's not even including any parts. If you get a big job forget it I mean knows he Dallas is a thousand dollars and it doesn't take -- did you know and that's the -- parts so. I highly recommend to all my clients that they get. Get coverage with -- us and that way -- they don't have to think about those things when something goes wrong. It's it's taking care of there's no problem the the other good thing is you have your choice without warranty. To go to either he can go to the manufacturer so you can go to any franchise deal or. He can go to any independent deal. Repair shop so it's a few good summary that you like that you trust that you've been doing business with. They can repay your car and then they can get reimbursed. By the warranty company immediately by critic cut. So it works -- really great. I wanted to touch base with you every cars will definitely get into pricing because. You know this is these these warranties are basically you know awaited routine so in other words if you got to cut it. Typically doesn't. Need too much maintenance that means it's a very cheap warranty yeah through the day of different levels more examples if you've got to cut it's a nightmare car. Or they considerate and they may have -- has a probability and statistics and breaks down more often than other 'cause. Then chances out Ellen's gonna be a little bit more expensive but basically. It's great coverage and it's very reasonably priced. Well. That's why when we come out to -- only talked about -- when they talked about purchasing an automobile. Sometimes depending on the year automobile you're thinking of purchasing. Can we may be pushing you into instead of buying these 2010. Would like to see the 2011. And it's. It's its fees -- -- protection I mean because they would get more for a manufacturer's warranty. With the automobile. Right if you're gonna buy an older vehicle. Then we wanna talk about. A warranty. Right well the other thing is. There -- a lot of people don't understand do a lot of times I'm trying to push him into a cut it already has some factory warranty laughed the reason why is. Because the aftermarket warranty that we have. Is actually cheaper to buy what you are still under factory warranty because they're figuring. That if -- there's nothing wrong with the car. There's no pre existing conditions. And because you've already been taking union to get it serviced. So. That's always a good big plus has purchased the purchase deal warranty. Before the manufacturer's warranty is out so when does the the F American warranty that that I purchased today when is that going to affect. Well it will go into effect immediately however. The EU wouldn't actually put a claim it to them until after the manufacturers weren't okay -- So. Basically. You can do it two ways I think if you pay an extra hundred dollars you can actually stop this warranty. At the end of the new -- different interactions warranty so you can actually get extra time on the warranty. Very rude that's drones. Or more exciting. Her right we're gonna take another break. This is the -- guys' radio show. To reach a guy guys called 3302274897. 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As the mother of two young kids I know the New Hampshire families are facing real challenges and they worry about how they'll put gas in their car. Food on the table and how they'll heat their homes this winner. They're tired of record deficits and -- furniture as everyone feels the effects of president Obama's failed policies. But we don't need to rehash the problems green means solution. Mitt Romney has a plan to create twelve million jobs by cutting taxes so small businesses can finally start hiring. By capping federal spending so our children won't be crushed by Jack yeah. America's energy supply so we can cut energy bills and create jobs. I'm doing. Our families. Afford four more years of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey it's how we car -- Cadillac has the brand new 2013 eight TS and XPS cadillacs forget about any BMW Mercedes or Lexus nothing can compare to these new models Cadillac has come out with for 2013 let's Goldstein says one or more out of I wish I did -- help you Steve it's how we tell us about these new 2013 cadillacs. Hey how -- glad you called the listeners are in for a whole -- -- the 2013. Eight TS and XPS are unbelievable these -- practically drive themselves both kind of -- be available -- system -- control all the driver Comfort Systems from the touch screen -- from a state of the -- -- recognition you'll never be distracted while driving against these brand new models are very user friendly and easy to -- probably the best part is an all -- -- -- next -- -- unbelievable the -- and filing a second to -- and right -- -- also and you -- -- -- 2013. APS point to ninety had a month -- 39 months. Steve. -- out anytime now we get down to Wilson Cadillac or visit -- Cadillac dot com and get your luxury for less. This is the -- guys -- radio show Han PM succeeding WRK you know to get in touch with the car guys -- 330 UT seven current guys. 30227. 974. All -- Web site. -- seeing we the guy guys. So I just wanted to make mention these segments have been sponsored by a one of the guy guys approve network but -- that's Abington sonoco. There at 907 Bedford street in Abington Massachusetts. And their phone number is 781878. 8415. Proprietor over there is Jim stone and mark money penny is the service advisor. They're both great guys to work with -- on time reliable. Expert. Repairs and maintenance service GO vehicle including enhanced emissions services. Quick reliable told service and they -- Tripoli the the only Tripoli approved. Service center in having to mess. So. I highly recommend them we've used many times. They've also given us customers and the -- -- great people to work with because they do the right thing they're honest. And. They've got to have a super the reputation here for ammunition there are really. Broke through big time to be every bit. Seemed like everybody knows and Jim Jim has been -- for quite awhile stations in new for a long time yup. And -- they won't sell you something you don't need. Now that's the best spot. Do you think you can tell how good they because when you go do the busy -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- people coming and going coming -- -- so there's -- reason for it. They'll always try to -- -- mentioned the -- guys. If you going out. They'll be something in that field he'll be discount. What I wanted to mention bill that is what the am with the winter coming now yes OK because we had the opportunity. Right that we had to have some some work done and it wasn't too long winter of losers do little. Puddles left over from the -- -- Brent. This really control. And -- pro what they knew was there explore it's an alloy wheels rupiah. You know and when they say that there's a number of things as you know as well as I do there's a number of things that that they -- -- Some people use live -- beautiful rims. For crypt fearless. If you have a look if you have a look at some real nice cousin and not even nice -- that I mean guys that are older that had even have hub caps on them. You'll noticed the wills in the passenger side. I really beat up -- -- -- now have cap is. -- expensive. Right he can replace it but we'll. Is really out of sight we had the -- the -- either take care of -- will that going to Cadillac ST yes. And so I had a pothole. And through to replace that will -- almost 750 dollars from the Cadillac dealership and that didn't include. The the kept not a -- I kept the these tire pressure Obama monitor up right now that didn't include that Monica right there if if if you had to replace that's even more money. But what they did was. Grim probe has had a precondition grim. That if you're sorry you would not believe who you pick whose brand no right okay exactly up and and it was actually less than half of what to. The Cadillac dealership was who's gonna get for it. Right yeah -- -- lot of money yes but had that we're rim not been as bad as it was really was torn up that. But to the clean that like probably 90% of the rooms. Could actually be repeated and -- -- right there we we did two wheels this week joy and -- you know that. For the -- came in there was a trade and actually. And and we were very lucky because Jim and -- were able to get this right and get the wheels done for us. And I know that if I had to replace those wheels it would have been at least amenable -- bucks apiece and I think he checks me. One and 65. Some of them -- from -- -- and when I tell you I can't tell the difference it looks like a brand -- program now which -- what you think you have the contaminant does not only that but the looks of the -- Right but if you really had enough if you had and if you can bend around right when I'm very -- they can straighten it. That's the key and they have. The tools they have believe the proper. Machines sometimes the rooms it's just too bad like that one that we had from the Cadillac that you're talking about now. We had to get a replacement for that room there was no way would compare to this split right on the -- its split that the metal he did ya. But a lot of rims and a lot of people think I've I've definitely gone I've had a lot customs -- mean they say. You know -- I can get a -- room for Mike -- take a look at it and I look at it and say you know what I think that they can fix that. And they do and you can't tell and it's. It's not only. It's not only fixed aesthetically. But it's straightened. And that that's the big issue right so it's completes its -- round against them through a little. Show me some time media and my friend and you can right if you have good at from a bad ramp up so rather than going on spend a fortune to replace the -- right. Don't do it these guys that rim pro again grim probe. There it 860. East street and -- we've -- now. These street is food desk in road and desk in the road is -- and often 93 right to know who you are also I think you go to -- dot com. -- yeah. If you need to ask some questions. Again you can call -- a -- right and it's 978. 85160. 978851608. Cerro. And yes they're great I think he told me that they have something like 8000 wheels and stock. Also I mean chances are if you need one. You drug gonna be able to get it right -- without he's winning you know I went on I wanna earn their one on their website and a that there when you have a tremendous there was tremendous. In return he you know a lot of them -- a lot of the wholesalers. Use them. -- out of the deal was actually had to do idealism and wanna say one more thing. You have to be very cautious who you use there -- a lot of guys so they're trying to straight wheels. Also trying to make the -- medically nice looking. And what happens is. These guys are using. A lot of what I wanna call. Shoddy. Tactics to to try to make the wheels look good but what happens as you drive down the road -- you've driven -- road madam. On the -- for vote we could to all of a sudden you start to see the pink coming off the wheel and you don't you don't want to miss this is there -- the proper equipment either right -- -- donut ever under par was very expensive equipment to do it correctly. And these guys do it correctly so. I know that they chosen by a lot of friends since the higher rent vehicles. Like Mercedes BMW and so forth. A lot of those franchises actually use them. Two to save money for general clients so well why not go directly to them if you need to. Well. When one millionaire wanna mention because of from -- none of Florida soon if you let me I think I don't -- -- I want this effecting that 2% discount for room he's -- -- -- a couple of these toughest -- -- -- -- -- about -- country right he's a super guys. Yeah nick counter. He's by lead. Excuse me he's rather lead WRKO -- only. American auto transport this current. For all you snowbird is that that I hadn't self then. And also. Goes to the seeking warmer weather wherever this. His Nobel to transport -- right -- right Dennis -- -- out of. Go to California Florida Texas I don't care where you -- -- and he'll get a death and he'll be on time reliable. You know you can count on revenue communique would do so you don't you won't be going OG. So we took my kind of -- -- for three weeks I -- he won't return my call like I need my cal won a touchdown late Ugandan. This guy's a professionally when nick Goodman Norman for many many is. Do you give nick counter call. That 80802580. Again that's 80800. 25. 80. These guys I mean when they -- because. Think they did symptom for some reason I know I connect to come up with nick commit to -- prudent Keira home. I carters vehicle from Florida that are back kid that's another thing. If you're bringing your vehicle down and you want to bring it back you can make those arrangements at the same time and I think the the me. He have a special offer for that. But again the best of the best professional safe and on time. That's American auto transporter is -- ultimate car guy since you in -- kill bill. Here race. The last thing I think we have a few minutes left routes because I purposely did this so you can. Quickly explained to the audience what we do with how we do with a -- guys how quickly we have we buy automobiles for a. For our clients runner -- -- that's right that's what we do -- so okay this is what we do. I'm gonna make this the the shortest version and agreements. Have three minutes to explain okay so you go. So first of you know we're gonna meet up with few either you're home office or any mutually agreeable location. Well we're gonna do is we going to try to customize a plan to purchase a vehicle field. We're gonna go over all the different types of vehicles that you might be interested in and if you're not familiar with any of them we're gonna try to familiarize you. With all the different vehicles that you might. That might fit your particular needs let me put it that way we ask you a lot of questions. And by virtue -- answering those questions -- gonna come up with some. Some ideas -- you and we're gonna we're -- to were help you to determine what do what those vehicles might be. At the same time we're gonna bring a laptop and iPad and so forth we'll look at some images and and then if the any of these vehicles if you need to drive them you know we're gonna assume probably supply you with one to drive. Will bring you to either to a to a dealership to try to or will bring you one from one of our previous -- Muslim who we have what an inventory. At which point. You'll make some choices and then you'll -- okay can be. This make this model this these years and we're gonna go over the financial aspects of it. So we're gonna talk about. How you gonna pay for any you know already checked you have finance it. We have rates as low as one point 99% depending upon what you -- other it is and why you how good your creditors. We're also going to. We're gonna explain to how we -- bulk purchasing a vehicle. Where we go to get it. How we we pick it up. I get it back to her word needs to come to our investors to New Hampshire around or view from. And we're gonna service that -- you. We're gonna bring it back to -- also allow you to have the opportunity and we encourage you to take -- to one -- year old mechanical inspectors. And then we will finish to deal. OK you did very well that was good but real fast when I wanna say is so those out there that wanna know. And if you email us please give us your phone number -- so that we can get back to any it's any and all questions that you have very good one by email we can't really be viewed -- of the time and and we'll take too long to it to try to answer anything question Los suns were in the car before her appointment so. First -- email you back is not not the easiest tasks sometimes well. Anyways I want to thank everybody out there this is the -- guys' radio show. On AM six AD to reach the kind of guys you call 330. 2274897. Or. At the car guys website dot com. Know you're from Boston -- and -- -- and. Okay who. I'd like to welcome the car guys to the show today filled up the Georgian -- Messina. It's good to be so Tony car guys everyone is reading about your services can you tell us a bit about what you do well Joseph and I we know cars we also happen and all the dealing with a dealership can be a less than favorable experience. It's just stuck although limited in grand jury you have a sales guy pressuring you the body and you hit put all sorts of data charges it's not fun for the -- We provide an alternative to the old school car buying experience and we customize each experience who likes of our clients why settle for what's on the lot when we can help you find the dream car you've always want to. That's right that carry it dreams give us every minded deep till the -- you want and will find its fight to the end the make the model any custody until literally any car. Give us a call at 330. Car guys that's 3302274897. War on line at the car guys Webb site dot com by many states. My wife and I bought our home in 2008. And just like a lot of homeowners we watched the value of our home dropped dramatically. We knew mortgage rates were historically low but we wouldn't be able qualify for a new mortgage because we law.