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Chump Line November 2, 2012 - New Marathon Route

Nov 2, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a snarky comment about the yet to be cancelled New York Marathon and how the new route would be running by starving New Yorkers dumpster diving.

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Heading south for the winner -- be a -- call American auto transporters and it will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. -- Where that Menendez and you are now under. Someone might stamps -- part of the war on women but you know I I don't know why he's that the -- Democrats or gets away with -- and you know he's got a -- you know what he's got a twenty point lead and -- but this this is not gonna have the slightest effect on his. His chances of being re elect them on Tuesday if there were a Republican though it do you. It would be the last day in the final days the end of the world represented among. Exactly. Are our vote or after it and market it helped boost. In April. At all. Go -- officer mark I've been given authority to measure soft drinks without a warrant so. How item don't item I'll find. And call on the ACLU all there's a democratic president it's OK it's OK to violate. Search and seizure of amendment of the constitution 603 says. I'm from the same area officer mark is from also in law enforcement no one knows and he's a fake. Police officer. There you go shall respond to that officer mark. No one knows -- kids because I've retired five years ago. -- We I'm not saying in the race -- Now heading down slightly but I don't think people eating bombs. My vote for a GAAP basis and you'll see gunfire and night by going on. But it's you know this is nothing like Katrina. Obama he's the smartest man who's ever been president he knows what he's doing the he he he -- way to Vegas again that me so once said the news this is that they don't need to have the marathon because of the the Kenyan already came into one new York and a set that set a world's record for getting out of town and recognize that now. You know you know that the you know this guy who's written yet although the -- -- from all sandwich sandwich area up at six got sick it's obviously New Hampshire 603 probably somebody alone going back. Alley my Vice President Biden I've -- -- out this that are you know I've had many years. Sandy is the marathon been canceled. So once telling me the marathon has been talking -- -- cable -- how out of touch that you were kind of generated you have ago but the wind powered. Solar or Hydro. Generated the most. I don't have a generator. Every actually the municipal. Like companies and in Wellesley -- pretty good jobs haven't. Spending money. What it means people kind of fuel does it take officer mark you know just take us you can have gasoline Alley -- -- propane to okay. That. You have to wait in line for yeah. Pleased with that -- I wish he would be funny and grouping that would. Maybe. It's not who wouldn't it has proved correct what we did you get. It was pre election. Redistribution. He. So global war on me. That full. CEO. He's in Chicago. Landed eight games. Climate only. They treat carbon credits if you need carbon credits for Christmas I was only one me of the elements on the style. Honest -- carbon credits to save the planet at the same time the these are official -- -- -- I plant a tree for every hundred dollar shoes and me proven return to do exactly. -- a bit middle class you'll merit. It's called that thing you'll. -- I don't know -- happens it is still open. I'm keeping quiet boat then gotten. Don't care about didn't make the -- holes. Did you -- I can't roll thumbprint Panama and that it -- I am all. And make it a wonderful world for me. So carefully -- got to check out that picture in the Wall Street Journal General Petraeus at the head of the CIA on took to the night of September 11 during the siege of the consulate. He's at these at the movie within Africa -- private up not out but just the opening a private screening. -- that from -- to beat. Yep looks like it. You can't sit opposite nick Ali act politicians by their athletic yeah. Great is that weathered -- active and other costs and the -- something they've never -- not qualified. I I think Obama's Air Force One jacket which really boss. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling have a card you shout. Oh that's it for the -- like today trump what is the recorded voice mail message service about how we are sure you can call leave a message any hour of the day or night -- read that number not poultry is 61777934. 69 -- is 617779346. -- we may or may not play your message at this time each weekday. Heading south for the winter albeit child call American auto transporters that ship your car for you go to. -- cart dot com. In the we. A change in the rate school. Now heading down broadly that the company. People -- It hurt my vote in the GAAP basis -- you'll see gunfire at night by going on. You shout.