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Avi Nelson Show 11-3, Hour 1

Nov 4, 2012|

Avi discusses the Massachusetts ballot questions for the upcoming election and shares his thoughtful insight on the "Death with dignity" initiative.

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This is not Nelson. The last program we will before. The quadrennial event. -- collection. In the United States across the United States and every state in the union. There are elections. And his -- monumental event as the world's greatest. Unfortunately the noble rhetoric on lofty. Aspirations stop there when you start thinking about a movie elected officials have been. But every four years we get a chance to do better. The shares no exception I'm gonna try to do better. Your thoughts are welcome and obviously. We ought to focused today on those matters that we'll be resolved next week. As somebody suggested. A reminder in terms of voting that re Republicans and independents vote. On Tuesday and Democrats vote on Wednesday. Heroism we take this seriously so now I'm only -- OK so let's talk a little bit of politics I do wanna mention also that in the second hour of the program I hope to allocate time. To the ballot questions in Massachusetts. Three of them. Of which two are of interest and important or more important than the other. Getting to the reasons why questions two and three. A more significant in line question one is less show. As we progress in the hour. No -- scheduled. No candidates. Or we're on our own today as we come to grips with what should happen on Tuesday. The phone number brother you'd like to join whether it's 8774694322. And its toll free number. The text message code is 68680. And if you would like to send an email it's a Nelson at wrko.com. Well one thing that we always try to start with something a little bit lighter. I'm -- slider. That a reminder that daylight saving time ends tonight. And their 4:2 o'clock in the morning it becomes 1 at 1 o'clock in the morning it's technically Sunday morning. You buy an extra hour sleep action I should've done my usual quiz which is which way do -- ago this time right -- they. There's the pneumonic that we have but is it spring back in fall ahead or the other way around violates the other way aren't so. It's. You gain an hour we fall back you know the virtual cloud becomes 1 o'clock. It's not a crucial list and -- happens if you forget to change the clock is you get somewhere an -- earlier come spring if you make a mistake. -- -- But anyway. Standard time begins tonight. Okay. Where are we in terms of the rest of the world all I do wanna mention also that -- personal point of view for those who pay attention. I will be on the air on Monday. Monday evenings we do an election eve program shall beyond on this station NW RKO. From seven to ten. And I'll also -- on on Tuesday night coordinated effort Jeff crooner. Will be hosting things for the first part of the evening from Romney headquarters I'll be in studio. Try to coordinate and we will go of course until. Until it's over and that's up. Not only until results are determined but until. People had a chance to react to the results of phone lines will be open for you. On. On both evenings. As we go the distance here for this. For this election. Cycle and then of course whole bunch of people have withdrawal. Because this is such. A -- frenetic activity and people get so caught up in it for those who really love that the politics in the political conflict. We all comes to a climax. On Election Day and then it's gone a little you know nothing to do for about a year until the. Mid term elections. I've become possible as well. Okay I'll borrow our way in terms of the race by all accounts a close race. Although while Michael Barone who is a very good political analyst. And I came out and one on a limb here and Dick Morris. Have predicted that Mitt Romney is going -- handle easily. And both of them predicting that Romney will get to over 300. Electoral votes and win by several points in the general election. The theory being that in the end the undecideds break in favor of the challenger because it had four years of the incumbent. They knew as -- today in terms of unemployment was not good for the president. Because it ticked up he was hoping of course that the bashing would stay even but it went from seven point eight to seven point 9%. That's the that's of course and figure that usually use the. Actual unemployment is we know. Is considerably higher than that. Probably more like about ten have for between two and a half an 11%. And they just want to. I'll mention. One other thing here and that is that. Which is sort of a sidebar to it that reverend Joseph Lowery. Who was the man who gave the inaugural benediction. A -- And Obama's inauguration last time. Was reported cities say they said that. Whites are going to hell. Now what you consider for a moment. If the man who had given the benediction and George Bush's inaugural. Had opined that blacks are going now. What would be going on in this country now. -- -- -- -- We show them when he was a young militant. He used to say all white folks were going to help -- mellowed and just said most. The more. -- he said he's back to where he watched. They said I don't know what kind. And usually the N word which we tend to shy away from in polite company but didn't bother him. I don't know what kind and blank would wouldn't vote with a black man running. -- -- Shall live for those who are concerned about racism. You have a little bit. An attitude from somebody who gave the inaugural -- Barack Obama does -- -- -- be doing well with his preachers Jersey. There's Joseph Lowery there's Jeremiah Wright. Just suddenly keep in mind is to the people that the president can sorts with and turns to for spiritual guidance. Okay. 8774694322. Is that phone number then -- she. Is continuing to faster is an issue fortunately for Obama. It looks like they're gonna be able stall until after Election Day but it is really awful in terms of what seems to be emerging. This of course is the attack on the consulate in Libya and Ghazi Libya. Where four Americans including. Two former seals. And one American ambassador were killed. Just one play one clip the we'll go to the telephone lines to those you one who have called in hang on for those you wanna call him by all means. But I do want to play a clip dishes. Colonel at the Tony shapers I think the way pronounces it although it's SE HA FF ER. Here's what he said in response to a question about Ben -- -- and we run that clip. Do we know if the president watch list I hate to say this. According to my sources yes he was one of those in the White House situation room in real time watching this. And the question becomes what did the president do or not do in the moment he saw this and bailing he only -- Could issue a directive to -- to go to secretary of the defense Panetta to do something that's the only place it could be done. Now that's our remarkable accusation. That Obama was actually watching as we do know there was a drone overhead that was sending back. Real time picture as he was watching it. -- I don't know whether he issued the order to do something if he did. Why didn't the military respond accordingly and -- didn't wanna didn't hate -- complained. I didn't claimed that they didn't know that there was need for extra security although we know their bid to attached on that consulate. Earlier on in the summer before the if the attack that killed. The four Americans and is hoping is really spiraling ugly. And of course she got the nonsense with the video all of us wasn't -- terrorist attack -- just to be able upset because it was a bad video. Doesn't make much sense. OK I should go -- but I do want one more thing that. I want to throw out here. And that is that you know we always talk about October surprise. And that is. Well they didn't. -- the October surprise was the hurricane known shall be the Democrats did it Obama did it. You send a Holler king -- would make him look better. Now why of course I'm only kidding about that although we lived in biblical times that it might have made. It might have made that chapter and verse in there. But the Syrians actually came out with a news item press release. Where they said that the Iranians had done this because they Iranians want to harm America and their shares. Okay your thoughts are welcome they just joining us good afternoon this is on the Nelson we are talking surprise about politics. And the upcoming election on Tuesday so join with us. 8774694322. -- the phone number text message code 68680. Let's go to the telephone lines. And -- your first up on the program good afternoon. Why are you lobbying. X. I must say we have a dictator and action would I be correct. You talk about Obama. Well well I don't eat you know I know you wouldn't be correct -- -- really not a dictator like here you'll. I that question is that well like I was saying that metaphorically. Yeah I want nonaligned I'm not. I'm not deathly ill but to the right -- I understand that. But but but what kills me and I just wanna say I'm eighty years old. I go all the way back to Franklin Roosevelt. Some people think Teddy Roosevelt but it's Franklin. And I've never seen -- -- like coupons so yeah Franklin Roosevelt who has been following what a little bit of a socialist. But yet today Roosevelt. And Truman. And Kennedy. And all those guys. You know they would have been that would have been conservative that would have been Republicans and it is it's something else would kill me. Is that sometimes I I go along with stations FM and AM. But to listen to -- stock masses. And it just kills me that some of them say well I'm voting for Obama. And I am a Democrat. Because. I have flip -- they got him you know he reported. Supreme Court justice. That might be too conservative. And it is it is they seem intelligent but -- every net world. In in making that judgment. You know between -- Well I -- some thing if you are concerned about what's gonna go on for the with the Supreme Court thank you for the call David you are concerned about going London with the Supreme Court. The next president is an important charge. -- my concern is that. That indeed if Obama gets to a point some justices of the Supreme Court a whole bunch of other judges. In the federal judiciary system. That this country will indeed lurch even farther to the left. -- -- that's. That is of great concern by really as a side by here why is it that people who are older. Always feel. Compelled to tell us -- old -- You know I am not sure that it's a net positive I mean yes it's an achievement and granted in sound eighty but. I don't know whether it it is always is compelling in terms of the position. I don't know there and -- are younger guy right -- ID -- If I feel eighties and so does it impress you and someone Gibson may -- as their older is. -- there's a young guy on the other side of the glass not carried by by our broadcasting our agent. Percent is suspicious of anyone over two and seven. All right back to the telephone line to 8774694322. -- that phone number. Text message code at 68680. Dave you are next on the program good afternoon day. I -- -- I find it funny I mean I wanna talk about -- but I find it funny how. The ones who created racism are now complaining about racism you know they'd be in the white -- your -- are the ones who created racism. Now you easy to throw out words stock and about Obama passes. -- Great it. What key it's what it's -- says a side issue yeah yeah -- issue that you want to. Well look you know based on -- -- -- The script I -- -- the pledged a little. We have to have directed inform everybody you are black you know your regular contributed to this program. But I just want to point out today you can be sure that if the pastor who gave the inaugural. A benediction at George Bush's inauguration. If you had said blacks are going to help you would've been bouncing off the walls and you would not have been telling me that. How -- it doesn't matter what bush is masters. -- I can. I didn't want -- I. Not be it did this -- they don't. And then just did -- talk radio me yeah. Reaching out -- well hey you all the -- it's lonely day. She's our -- -- who did it this is this is why can't guys Robertson I have no problem. At. Sheila. Nine on memories. And then let that I thought because. Two things I -- about Chris Christie come about you know being gutless wonders on talk radio are upset. You know Chris Chris Chris he wanted to work with the president it gave the president -- And I also want to talk about the people either Romney. Is spreading you know that the that the automated sending jobs to China you know that and the fact check every every stage. Every every new -- has checked. But this guy keeps on continuing to. Letting the bad you know let me. -- and did -- catering to do so below you in the other. Yeah we're Lola worldly -- fly down. You're gonna change you were gonna change the make a bilingual poll tonight. I didn't -- each week after week yeah. -- -- the country down the middle the country is not add add add bright greens. Radical edge. Well you know why you're right where you today I must say though that having gone to the point where I say that some. Groups and more one race is going to hell says that's a good okay now. You raised about Chris Christian and I'm glad you did because we're gonna have to pause for a break on the -- aside I'm they'll also take issue with Chris Christie. And the rest -- you can join in pro work on that and other things as well. So stay where -- somebody else. This is -- -- elsewhere talking politics in the election this this first hour of the program -- -- you'll join with us. 87746943. To choose upon number to go back to the line listen Dave another David from sandwiches killers actually David. Now while Derek thanks for calling in from the West Coast. Well no trouble you know we get -- bright and beautiful day out here. And you know by the way it's I'm. I feel fortunate that I followed that last caller if you go to the Atlantic journal. Constitutional. That's the the main newspaper down in Atlanta. They've got a piece of podshows of flowery and I could even play the song clip they got on there apparently he says that it was the a joke he's been doing for years and that apparently the journalist this wrote about it is the only person that's ever complains even released on the same joke for 25. Yes that was part of the article I'm glad you brought up -- within the reason I read it is this it's sound funny to you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After I tell you what happens in that thing. Reverend Wright woke up on the morning on the Sunday morning after 9/11 these very Sunday morning immediately after 9/11. And he wakes up and looks at this team be in on Meet the Press there's Dick Cheney. Now Dick Cheney comes on and says we're gonna have to go to the dark side. America is gonna have to go to the dark side. Now if -- -- preacher you're duty is to god you're duty it's not for the state. Now Reverend Wright has to look at this in shock and horror. That America is gonna have to go to the dark side this is and so he's preaching that day was that quote. If you listen to the full forty minutes sermon that he does he talks and he says the word love love your neighbor who loved. Bailout David. I have listened to a whole bunch of Jeremiah Wright's speeches. I almost never cite that one about America's chickens are coming home to roost. That's not that it's been America's going to help -- -- and it's America is hell if we go to this. All day -- he has preached. You know he has vilified YH he has talked about how Israel has imposed. You know slavery conditions on the Palestinians. Which has already that you what you see you agree with that that's. Fine I don't and I well when -- Harlow up hold on a -- but what tunnels you know that that David. You know you on a -- and you want to defend the reverend Jeremiah Wright by all means this isn't really the time port because we have other things to talk about. But I can assure you that he talked about how you can even use the language that you referred to Hillary Clinton. -- she hasn't gone through would order Barack Obama does he refers to America. And has. The home of the greed in the land of the slave or is it the other way around that's how he views America so when he says god damn America. Don't give me this garbage about how well he was just motivated to do that because the poor man was upset that when he heard Dick Cheney -- the dark side. Even if he bought it meant to America we're going to the devil. There's garbage. You know Jeremiah Wright hates white people he hates America he is a vicious. Virulent. Hate mongering. Preacher and he's been doing it for years. John you know if you and some of the others wanna try to -- -- as is benign old fellow who's got really. Wonderful thoughts about America and humankind. And you know the milk of human -- is by the court. In every gained a quote from My Fair Lady you plan but don't expect the rest of us are less well -- garbage. Because it's nonsense. -- suspension too much time on December Cisco. 8774694322. As the phone number he did say wanted to make comment about frustration and I do. Report go to the next -- And that is that. You know we all saw that Chris Christie who it's really fawning all over Barack Obama okay New Jersey got hit hard on gut. Relatives in New Jersey and and I understand that this was a bad storm -- And it's time where people have to do things and try to come together and understand that too. So -- was going on here Chris Christian just couldn't get over how much gratuity. But the president. -- The president was gonna allocate federal funds to an emergency area was that. But that there was an emergency in New Jersey. AG assault boats on the road you -- houses destroyed. You saw that there was. That there was chaos people don't have water then -- heat they don't. Gasoline no phone service was there any doubt but that this was qualifying. For federal funds. This is Obama's money it's like he was writing out a personal check. It was administering funds that are supposed to go to exactly this kind of thing well okay but thank you is fine. But this pudgy cute she squeeze you love forever QB this garbage and when he was confronted on it. Chris Christie said he and his usual way you like to you know imply that anybody who questions and stupid. That's if all politics in the farthest thing from my mind well they shouldn't be mr. Crist and governor. Because while this is a short term issue the long term politics are important and if you do something. That re elect Barack Obama. You have done more disservice. To the nation and fewer people in New Jersey. Than you ever could have done better way of service in in kissing and hugging to make sure that Obama is gonna send funds -- weakness and anyway. As far as I'm concerned not ever never met -- but collectively everybody else. On my side of the lights and go straight talker which demand of the people. As far as I'm concerned he has come close to disqualifying. Himself for future run for president I don't trust him. I don't trust and it does so easily sell his soul. For a few bucks at a time and emergency there are other ways of handling it and I think they heat. His behavior was what. Which counterproductive. And boarded on the disgraceful. I just didn't think the -- priest would be one of these -- guys who you know. Plowing through the king of Saudi Arabia type is time groveling to the president of the United States. Your thoughts are welcome 8774694322. As the phone number. Richie you are next on the program good afternoon. We. Did he really trying to support for Romney in the election. The reporter asking who's gonna be voting for a without qualification. He did ask I I do they may have been that question amid I don't know all the questions or -- Chris Christie but there was. A question asked about whether he was going to I think tour the area with Mitt Romney and and that's when he got angry. And and you know in affection now that the guy that politics -- farthest thing from his smile I'm paraphrasing not quoted that but that's. We don't actually have been saying by the way ladies and gentleman presented dot I do intend to vote for Romney has said that. All I as I say -- I don't know. -- yes I'm sure he's voting for -- run a -- he gave the keynote. At the convention and is an interesting story that's playing as to why this happened and that was that that Chris Christie. Was number one on Romney's vice presidential list and thought he was gonna get it and at the last minute. It was changed to Ryan and now people are speculating. That that's why he doesn't have as much warmth for Romney as he did. But I'm not sure that I pay much attention that I'm sure that Christie is supporting Romney in the sense of voting in would abdicate support around me. But his behavior is such that it tended to undercut -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of a column in the hour addition of. Going to be the and return to the old days so regular column by you know. You have a good memory is that's awhile ago that those -- radio console -- Ritchie is referring to a column that I had that I wrote and ran in the Harold. Yesterday having you do with the election in the gender gap and the answer the question -- is no it was just just something I submitted and The Herald. Was was willing to take in printed. -- talk about the so called gender gap men vs women have been good look at our political certain numbers there's also enlightenment gaps. To the benefit of Republicans been married women cap to the benefit of the Republicans which -- never talk. -- you're right and it's an excellent point and something that I'm gonna talk about -- after the election. A Dick Morris recently did a poll I don't know the numbers in front of me but. He came out the difference between. Unmarried women and married women is just astounding. Unmarried women are overwhelmingly. Supportive of the Democrats or Obama and married women are exactly the opposite. They are much more Republican oriented and supportive of Romney. And it it's an interesting speculation isn't -- as to why that is the case after all these are the same people write the married women. The unmarried women become married women and and yet all of a sudden that changes their politics. In in large majority measure. And exploited apartments. Well you think that's an area port security with what -- security well. A maturity may be crusher you know you're making a -- issuing you may be right or is it security. Is it that. When they're young and unmarried. They looked to the governments is sort of replaced their fathers in terms of protection and now when they get a husband now they no longer need the government. For the protection so they have the husband and they can be more rational. All this is what further discussions but on the vice president. Digi connect to a -- latest joke. Yes I heard an NS. Has found the clip and then and right after your calls that you mention it we're gonna play at -- mentioning thanks for golf. They -- 7694322. Is the phone number. And do and do we have put both of remarked we go it's it's produced here okay let's run what bill -- So I would just like -- say for anyone thinking about voting for Mitt Romney if that's who you war if you're thinking about voting for river I would like to make this one play. Black people know who you are and. It's. -- I assure you -- kidding but just imagine if some comedians. Had made that comment about it might -- All wouldn't have been very funny is that I guess his audience likes it I didn't find it amusing but then I don't find Bill Maher and using remember. He knew he used the word you're referring to women I used the word so vulgar that gave you can't repeated here. And yet he and who's given a million dollars to the and Obama's super pac. Obama never repudiated. And yet the war on women is alleged to be made by Republicans. I don't think so. Okay paused to patient bills back on the other side with your phone calls. I'm talking else. Welcome back this is Don -- -- talking up cars about politics in the election and we hope that you're trying. We catch up on some of the text messages which you can. Contribute to -- 68680. If Obama goes Obama should lose will Dave go post lesser -- today in Brookline. I'll certainly will be upset. And another you know -- -- fact checking that's rich. Let's -- 8978. What's your feeling on Obama leading in New Hampshire it's pro gun no taxes state. How come these leading -- actually it's pretty close and Allen may go to Romney. But it's not a matter of you know you're right those things -- there but those were there. Before the influx of the -- population New Hampshire growing population a lot of people. Have. Brought their democratic leanings with them. However the gubernatorial races very close and it looks like the Republican and now all of it La -- may win shall. They and they do have some Republican representation in congressional today. Let's shady -- you give it tepid speech at the RNC yes she did but I don't know that that the -- virtually didn't. Help them but by that time the decision majority made. During the primaries and other from 978. Chris Christie endorsed Romney and said that he had to be tougher on Obama. Back then who would have guessed it would be the -- opposite you know. Christie endorsed Romney early on when their -- I think seven candidates in the race and Romney really appreciated. You know that was -- going on on the -- -- you know only -- juries foursquare for Rummy but his behavior. Undercut the Romney campaign in the last few days. And seven England says I feel the same way about Christie. And that she you. For seven they won the Obama crowds are down in Ohio. In Cleveland in Romulus. Thirty you know the enthusiasm factor is on our side. For seven they won your views change when you become a mother this is a reference of course to the with women but it was married and unmarried women. Didn't say women with children. And from 857 it's called sarcasm. May cause me any I think he's referring to Bill Maher. Well first while wasn't sarcasm but it was an attempt at a joke and sort of playing off play the stereotype about blacks being violent right. I didn't find it funny I don't care what is -- well no it was a joke and attempt at a joke and he said so we -- that. Wish and find it amusing and we know that if somebody had joked hop the other way. There would have been no attempt at saying well what good humor there would have been screams. Of racism. OK go back to the lines 877469432. To rush. You're next on the program good afternoon. Definitely. You know it's time for a fleeting freedom loving people reject class -- warfare. And promote the free market system that is given us the great quality of life that we've lived in this country. -- reject the socialist politics of Barack Obama in the leadership of the Democratic Party across the country. I think that's exactly right I mean this is an election. It's hard to understand why some people are undecided because the two candidates. And the two objectives of the campaigns the philosophies are so different. You really have Obama who was a believer in government the solver of problems of first resort. And Mitt Romney who is a believer in the private sector. That we should unfettered the initiative the individual initiative of the American people cut back on the regulations. Get rid of some this government intrusion. And let private enterprise in the American spirit run dominant. And I -- as far as hurricanes Cindy is it really confirms that depending on the government for years survival. It is is really showing that you bureau gullible forward -- to but -- can't -- You know our service stations should be given tax credits. And be able to deduct the cost of a back up generator. In the tax year that they purchased the equipment. We shouldn't have any gas stations without backup generators and the next thing is you know. Fortunately we're pretty with the technology that we have today we get plenty of warnings. Arcade games. And there's no reason why do you know which I called the federal anti moron. Agents say. Shouldn't have trucks ready to roll. As soon as that you know but they'll know this -- came stops. The track should be rolling and would talk kind of emergency supplies. In the is no reason why the people of our New York all the people of New Jersey should have to live under those conditions and truck -- And I like -- myself but he's just as responsible because of the fact that. It's up to the governor would be calling the federal agents say and -- have everything ready to gold sold so the government goes in the -- doesn't it's part. And the governor should be leading in basically okay. This was another failure as far as seem as concerned. Russ thank you for the call. The yeah this of course there are some gas stations -- again has put couldn't pulpit because the -- quiet electricity they didn't have electricity. Back up generator. -- main difference as for the trucks running may be Christian thought that they'll run from the moment he grumbles enough for crawls on the ground. 8774694322. Is the phone number. That's the OK let's go back to the telephone lines Joseph you're next on the program good afternoon. -- -- -- -- We lose -- It's too bad is he was calling from New Hampshire okay villiers the beneficiary here next on the program by. But it might call me all the evidence he knew that upset. Suspect in the seventies when you. I would talk in the boat -- yeah. It's an up and and and open to. -- presence which I would go to saint in my state. Imagine you need to do it. I was like -- I'm happy couple -- obvious that that is something now let me tell you something not reject it because Christie had a lot of weight in the Republican Party seemed resistant like -- Kind probably not to the president this -- to do. I assumed upon none intended on that when you're. Yeah okay line and grab -- -- OK I went out to people that would cause fatal contents yeah what Reverend Wright was saying when he said god. Do you use the whole segment. Which is -- You know what do what -- we'll tell us bill is. A Skype I. But it didn't. I myself can't you do what Damon being okay and it said the ticket and -- -- -- -- Malcolm X that and all -- gold -- have -- and at least you know. Yeah yeah yeah yeah development as well below that you don't. Built at all do you think they'll stop talking because which is saying is venture. -- Jeremiah Wright was someone who made the come -- Eric and others may have says -- -- Jeremiah Wright was a line and -- Americans to. Like coming home to roost so he was the one who made the comment as floor Christie throwing his weight. Liked Christiane until. Until this point I was trying to make is that. He was going to get the need and can you imagine Barack Obama saying. Geez I looked at -- mergers seeing got a few things but no federal. During world that for real emergency. Said that regardless of what the governor Gator didn't do or whether he grumbled not. So there. I'm not suggesting. That Christie should have been unpleasant or impolite or not even appeared with the president I agree. Each -- us that you went over the over it. Couldn't you tell mean we do have beyond the hurricane an important election going on. Which is more important for the nation. Then the problems in New Jersey I know if you are in future she and you've got those problems they large. But the political situation. Overall. Larger loan. Okay. But applause real update what's happening in the world will be back on the other side and continue the program stay with us mobiles.