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Avi Nelson Show 11-3, Hour 2

Nov 4, 2012|

Callers and discussion on Massachusetts ballot questions and the presidential race.

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Nelson -- coming over to the program. And that's an interesting call us back to. People give defending Jeremiah Wright. I'll rushing -- -- and cultural ranch here of course did to god damn America several times. And had been viciously critical about America but there's one little clip that I did want to play from him show that for those -- view. The David consent or just go in the bill called just before the break who wanna make it sound like somehow we're making this up we aren't. Do we have this probably gather -- now you do OK let's run this here's. And excerpt of Jeremiah -- -- compelling views on the world. Could come out loud about it did say hey I. He violence as a means of genocide against people love my. Okay just wanted to tell he's claiming and he's telling his audience there his congregation. That the government invented the HIV pirates Irish to commit genocide against black people. So spare us all you folks out there who return to try to make it that -- Jeremiah Wright has been misunderstood. Let's remember this is the church where Barack Obama was for twenty years this is the man he called his mentor. We also have -- -- and our whole bunch of other quotes a good -- that I thought that was among the more outrageous and among the least played so -- that we. Give you something to think about all you folks who think that law Jeremiah -- basically good guy and Barack Obama was wise to pick him as the mentor as the educator for his children as the man who performed the marriage ceremony which is -- you know this. Election his name had been brought up as if it's in his rights to members of his or politically incorrect. To do it. But. I don't think it's politically incorrect and I don't think it's inappropriate. It is something of the record that Obama did as an adult by choice. And remained for forty years who was willing to accept these used not only that think you -- decide where that somebody like that. He's someone you want in the White House. 8774694322. Is the phone number the text message code is 68680. And the email address and Nelson at wrko.com. Will -- and Barbara you're next on the program. Listen. There are two instances two reasons why things got Obama should be booted out of office. One outside you about the embassy which -- travesty. Since April. They've been calling for help from the embassy everybody knows it's -- matter bracket. -- Catherine Herridge reported on it every night. And -- the long haul let me have this media and men and -- August again they asked to help them -- refused. And then they ask their help again. Before 9/11 amber Lee if you lose that comes from the top man. Yeah I think you're referring to the consulate and then guys right it's not attack them but yeah it but it that's right you're right. And one has happened here Barbara is the president. Has not been asked to explain all this. He doesn't have to explain he gets some wreckage he refused to help them. That's number one number until the big shots. Went to -- managers that he spent to have Paula told people still have no water no gas. No help. Nothing why didn't you open all the schools and feed the people at least and why is on the premises helping people like George Bush. But hopefully I I remember during Katrina. You know why is flawed in my every and I gonna vote for Obama today -- you probably didn't have it thanks for all. You know of course this was an attempt available on initial bi partisanship initially was out there and and concerned that there. There is some question about oh with the efforts now people getting really. Natalie New Jersey but also Stan island. That one the bars in New York that got really offered by the storm. Now the first pointed that Barbara brought up about the whole thing guys each situation is very important because. Name. For Americans to -- and we don't have answers to explain. How this -- happened why there was no support why they -- an additional security. I must say this that. In the debate on foreign policy the third debate. When Mitt Romney was. Asked point blank about this. Bob Schieffer he chose the questions completely run off fund you know the source spoke about the Middle East in general. I thought it was a terrible mistake and I think it still is he doesn't bring it up on the campaign trail. Except the obliquely. And I think it was an opportunity that was launched it seems to be that. That are Republican candidates sometimes. Are so eager to be gentlemanly. And and take the high road your -- McCain who never brought up Jeremiah Wright my enemy didn't -- but it really belong in that first campaign. You know sometimes you -- I'm gonna take the gloves off. In in a political campaign like this from the other side doesn't hesitate. You could end up losing yourself some votes and I hope not the election. I was very disappointed because there was an opportunity and had Mitt Romney raised at them and subsequently. It would have forced -- the big media the national media to pay more attention to it now we know more than we did during that. Third debate and more of it is coming out which seems to indict the White House behavior and what the president did or didn't know but Obama. Told a press conference refuses to answer questions. You know this is it'll come out afterwards but after -- after hours. Okay we're going to make this a little bit more and then we -- going to shift ground to the ballot questions in Massachusetts. Is what's important to. This is how we get to influence policy directly. Go back to the telephone lines Donald you're next on the program good afternoon. No. Donald well. Pretty -- who are -- -- I'd like to bring up one named Horry it. Disregarding it out if any credited it is our promoter not a lot. -- -- I. Feel when I grow up and try it -- -- at. It and sending more support. No we didn't and we don't know why you know that's that's what's worse style this he's not even addressing the situation. And the United Nations to be a cover of the -- the original was just a bad video. I you're right you're right and by the way you know Orton gradually chewing your aspiration to become an ABC hope you'll be able to do it. Thank you told you. Fourteen Lincoln Politico what you mean can you become a seal. Probably. I probably player joining the Marines first and then after that -- being triumph for budding -- -- -- Good for you. But today ought to all want him -- make a -- Leo okay if you great if you make it become a shield. What you call program that actually and then gradually -- public -- OK good like Donald thanks for all. 8774694322. Was a phone number text message coaching change each -- okay and other people who are on the line. And that's fine you can. Stay on line you know this is. The way you on this program is every everything's opened you can -- if you want ball. I do want now to introduce. Another subject and that is. The ballot questions there are three of them in Massachusetts. One of them has to do repairing automobiles. And be without getting into that one because there was a compromise reached although they're still urging people to vote yes on question one I. The other sort of right to repair some now repairing cars doesn't strike me as being important enough to be on the ballot but idiots. And any event there's a compromise so and let that go doesn't as a really generate important philosophical questions with the other two do. Now do -- question 31 as I think that's the easiest one and I want seems to be on its way to victory. And then number three is medical marijuana. It means that people who are suffering from cancer. HIV. -- -- Hepatitis C Crohn's Disease Parkinson's disease disease is where it. You can suffer from the disease as well as from the medication. Will be able to can't medical marijuana use for use for medical purposes. You can understand. The reason why it makes sense to do this and we all are in favor of alleviating software. So the question then is why are people. -- lobbying game against it -- that everybody is of course but for those who -- the secretary of state push on a pamphlet in Massachusetts every. Election cycle where there -- questions on the ballot -- -- got a red cover if you haven't seen it. And then has a pro and con there's a formal presentation of the of the issues here and a little reeling from the against because I think that before. Is pretty much obvious and it. Look you're gonna relieve pain and nausea and you can do that with the drug wine. Here's what the against people's. We all have compassion for those in pain but loopholes for corruption and exploitation. Are enormous. And it goes on from there. And -- Emotional thinking. Hero is worried about the loop holes. You're always worried that won't somebody might gators who shouldn't get it. And because we're so concerned that that might have been pledged denying it for the people who really need it. -- you have people suffering from cancer or parkinson's. And from the nausea. That -- chemotherapy. And we're willing to say oh well you know we're with will let them suffer because we were make sure that we don't have somebody inappropriate getting it. While I go the other way. I say that if you have people suffering from cancer. Or from Crohn's Disease or whatever. And marijuana can help them in -- think it helped -- done by all means let's do. And if somebody inappropriately gets access to the drug well that's too bad but better that we alleviate the soft. So yes on question three. Now is go to question two which is perhaps even more difficult for some people. Question two is in effect what could be called death with dignity to its formerly called the strive to medication and life. And it means that. If you qualify under certain conditions. You would be able to. Have a physician. -- licensed physician in Massachusetts. Were prescribed medication. You're question that would enjoy life. Now the argument in favor here each one gets to write a 150 origin favor or against. And the in favor one which was written by any other issue of Redding Massachusetts. We're not revealing anything mrs. Obama in the public document. And she says when my father was diagnosed with brain cancer. He had little time left. As his final days -- he chose to use the death with dignity law in his home state of Oregon. The Massachusetts version like those in other states will allow mentally competent adults with no chance to survive their illness. To take life ending medication prescribed by physicians. She continues my dad knew we wanted to die in the comfort of his own home competent and aware instead of detached and should dated. On his own terms instead of those of a fatal disease that have already taken too much. My dad was already done but because of this law he could say goodbye to those you love with dignity and operation my mother's arms. That your argument for yes I found compelling enough to read full quote now here's the argument written by the against people. Like are on the actual the American -- But here's one of the things that patient is a quote. Patients would not be required to see a psychiatrist. Before obtaining the lethal drug. Also the proposal lacks any public safety oversight. After the fatal drug is obtaining. They -- -- to talk about it compassion forum here that eliminates pain torture and you heard and have run this station has paid net. What psychiatrists talked about you. There ought to consult the psychology of the games so mean he's in affectionate. What the guys dying and you need to have a psychiatrist. -- psychiatrist who takes that point of view. Suffers from a little too much arrogance and self -- in his as to your own self importance. As if somehow you're gonna talk this guy audited or -- he's just suffering from depression went on. And it looked a chat would -- -- -- with a psychiatrist and he'll field so much better. And as for the pain alleviation here I suppose if you give the kind of morphing you know the equivalent. You will be able. To get absolutely he's not aware of the pain may not be -- wherever anything else he drug him enough. You'll be able to make it so that he is content we look. If you want to hang on to life. More power to you and congratulate you on your fortitude. On your perseverance what if you want to call it. You can have that choice and I would be the first in line to -- you. It was almost favor an accord the rest of us exactly the same respect. It's bearish that you know better than we how we should leave and now we should down. A lot of these people first in line to tell you about how. All there in favor of a woman's choice a abortion because a woman should be able to control our own body. How about the rest of us being able to control our own bodies. The right to life which is fundamental to this Republican to the concept of freedom individual liberty in the United States the right to life also means the right to end like. That's what we have a right to do. Thank you to just get out of the way you want to try to convince the good jolt to try to intervene to offer me a psychiatrist. Fine. But in the final analysis let me make the decision. And you know I'll betcha dollars to donuts if you talk to one of these people -- against this law. You'd think you'd find there's some connection because they think that god somehow ordained that life should go on forever -- always like -- And then the other part of it is that even if you could could come up with someone. Who could pass the psychological exam. Who was obviously competent and who obviously is not being abused or being forced into it even if you could still wouldn't approve it. Shortly use subterfuge to sale which is because it could be corruption and may not be applied correctly and that's not what's going on they don't believe in it's okay for you not to believe him. But for the rest of us who do we have a right to do. We do better without animals than we do with our relatives. All of us who have been through the the ending of a pet's life know how difficult it is well it's a decision we have to make because. The dog and the cat can't speak for themselves could hear when someone can at least accords in the ultimate respect to the end of their lines. That they have a right to choose to overrule your judgment. Okay your thoughts are welcome we've got to -- take a break for paying some bills hope you'll join on the return. In conversation. -- -- -- Welcome back this is John Nelson and I thank you to all of you wouldn't hanging on through. Little bit of collaboration. And I thought it was important to talk about the ballot questions at all. There on the ballot pushed away and now let's go back to the telephone lines. 8774694322. His phone number Jimmie you're next on the program good afternoon. You know we have in total agreement with -- on the questions will not ugly -- was slow spot on really moving. In the unit or positions that they had an advertisement. And they talked about the psychological. Effects how it's treatable I just got such a kick out of that. Yeah he's -- on the -- Dutch right. They do you'll be treated you'll feel better with no attempt. And is the last nine as well as the questions -- they called drug should be decriminalized. Not -- -- decriminalized. As we do not about a drug -- replacement had -- and government is classified if you get caught with a that you -- intellect helped to be like Calvin Howell and I did an antidote. So this -- how to strike and they say that people. On drug they don't commit crimes when that without the drug and get violently ill. It was a crazy. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yelling -- think about it when was the last time you heard about -- getting mugged for a can of beer -- doesn't doesn't happen did you get to be here legally and it doesn't cost much. They don't want it and I talked to collapse because it's so much over time they can't you know rational explanation -- -- prohibition. If -- people hundred Randle went into it and I like. I think some of -- already have juniors in. That regard. 877469432. Double digit victory emphasize on this point about. The people who -- against this this assisted. -- death with dignity. They put out that the proposal we shouldn't quoting now from. The proposal lacks any public safety oversight. After the fatal drugs obtain -- court. Public safety oversight public oversight I don't want public oversight at this most private of times. I don't really need a little to come in sent by Deval Patrick school or others. That are going to. Discuss whether or not -- -- obeying some standard. Hey dude yeah it at all. Now I hear from 978. -- Expletive I'll leave out RB I don't presume to -- this would do with the text -- said I don't presume to know what's best for someone else. And Jewish to annualized -- just keep the facade of doctor assisted -- it. Unquote okay. First 978 this is not a facade I don't know why you would call emphasize. And the doctor assisted why should not be able to have doctor assistant. Why should the doctor be able to assist me feature used to have a to have talked to a we know from a large number of doctors before this it goes on all the time. In hospitals because people here's the medical community wants to alleviate the suffering. The objective of manned mission as not to extend life as far as possible. The objective of law medicine ought to be thinking is to alleviate pain and -- So you don't worry you to tell me -- the right -- I can consult with a doctor. Who -- you to tell the doctor whether anybody can consult with me about -- 877469432. To the phone number 68680. Is the a text message code email address a Nelson wrko.com. Which won seven selling email you'll do your post editorial -- -- -- you emailed it but and she is today a lot of emails but anyway John Roberts on this point or not. Not the lines Charlie you're next on the program good afternoon. Well who was -- said -- sure you OK okay good okay have a -- the wrong way so -- robotic at my age of 85 months' time so we went back with the time we could hold your house. All the talk show you what you were in trouble one time with four. People on both have been -- -- -- that whatever right on the talk shows. So I felt so bad -- that I called -- look at this whole month and number 01 but. Anyway idea. -- have been quite like I said. -- Ahmad coming through Ellis Island I'd go back that far I'm not on the limit -- the whole story. But it can get back to national politics. Because. I think the whole country missing something. If they were around at the time that Fidel Castro took over well. They would understand what's happening now it's a dead BP. That Fidel took over governor Batista becomes comfortable after all the presses into you. So after the interview he had back home and -- right they find out if Skype economy. They being the oldest but they've got now we have the same problem here it is no question in my mind -- -- I can tell exactly what is I haven't heard nobody in this country mentioned in his -- to court first time whatever. The whole thing -- centered around ideology. I have that tape that played safe and that. Obama will not engage Moscow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK Asia thank you item well Jim shot I do remember that at the time when when Fidel Castro. Took action that was considered liberation has Batiste was addicted. When it when he took over Cuba there was a lot of optimism here and I was young but the a lot of optimism that all of this is now going to be a democracy we didn't know it was economist what I don't agree with is that somehow. That Obama is in the same positions Fidel cash as an armed insurgency. That overthrew the government personnel we have. We have we have a chance to change it on Tuesday so now. Go to. From 781. I'm voting no 13 that you want for medical -- one. Let's see. Just lost or -- ago OK not not because on -- with a -- not because I'm totally against pot but this is Massachusetts. Well end up being like any BT card -- be paying for. If Tehran wording to a bit of -- people may -- Hey look you know let's not worry about problems that may or may not occur if you go to -- It's like saying well I'm not gonna be in favor having -- guess sometimes get robbed. Well beyond bank robbery is a problem go get the bank robbery got somebody. Who's doing something in violation of the law go after the law breaker don't penalize the rest of us. From having access to something that we could use legally. And been officially has him when people are very sick and they. They want to have medical marijuana don't penalize us. Because somebody else is gonna abuse -- the -- saying you talk about the tail wagging the dog you're shank the lawbreakers. Are now going to dictate to the law up byters how society should be constructed. What sense does that make. 8774694322. Rod you're next good afternoon. My honor having you all -- different -- hang it on and I was on before you change the subject folk and I at least give him my original plot. Okay concerning Romney's campaign. All my -- about diagonal I have never in my life seen such a poorly run campaign. -- Mitt Romney's crew. Is running and I honestly believe. There that Newt Gingrich had been a candidate instead of Romney he would at this stage in his back pocket. Month ago why do you think the campaign has been run poorly. It he made the big mistake or making the economy. The main issue -- put politics in one basket. And do that why do when you have in your gun launch it would guns like when you have a -- When you have your opponent. The worst president we've ever had. In our lifetime will probably history of the country who was in my estimation as a -- six months between radical who is -- but it could be that. -- -- -- crowd don't you think the economy's the number one and jobs -- number one nation. No I don't I think about comedy is that number one issue you've got to get rid of the guys we've got to you to -- -- economy was doing pretty good. What would you do not have a campaign. For the rest of the guy. And what Joseph -- would you have said about the guys these are marxists. Communists social. That was my private and I wouldn't you sent him and I think the guys are crazy radical we are really do look at all of the other guy is the kind of -- that jockey went on -- square in nineteen -- Shall also the book that I can't think women much of the campaign we go. Vote for rob because the other guy is a crazy radical that the. Not not quite believe that you could do a very fancy way. You could do whatever defense you're you don't look at it this way Obama up until the first debate. Obama was winning elections always -- everybody was saying August elections -- -- all the while I was at all. Because he was attacking Romney -- approach and he was a quirky and very effective tax. You throw people out of jobs assault assault was so everybody thought well a lot of people flawed. The Romney is real bad guy we don't want him for president and Obama never mentioned -- a crime he didn't have to do hold you to the other guy -- -- good. I'm Kara thank you that. This race should have been and to some extent has become a referendum on the president it should always be that. -- for an incumbent right well how she -- what a good job. We deal with unemployment say you know the things you response to take care. For a while it we -- a choice selections was because of the Democrats realized. That they may get a referendum election they'll lose so they try to sabotage Romney's. Campaign and his character by painting it was a bad guys and try to make -- they have to choose between these two people and here's of that guy. Well that's not the way -- -- ago and an election that Romney's front of that campaign I mean it was and he wins it will be of great camping. As I should I -- one major mistake was not bring up and guys -- was another mistake I thought and I wrote about this in the column in The Herald yesterday. The gender gap people talk about the gender gap being among women but it's as -- one equally large among men. In favor of the Republicans and I thought Romney should have done after that one way to do that was of affirmative action to say. I'm opposed to it we're gonna end it no longer apparently people who. Get higher scores completion firefighters' exam going to be passed over a thought that was an opportunity missed however if he wins all's forgiven forgiven. And if you lose is we complain a lot that he didn't -- a way. Got take a break. Back immediately after impact to the telephone lines in the text messages in all lines of communication that we want to use so stay here I'm -- -- house. Welcome back to society Nelson Molina then ran that out again that in my program. Well there's two things she said the families and being consulted. You can be sure that if the family were consulted as part of the law then they'd be complaining that all the families got to put pressure on -- Guess they want to die and get his inheritance. -- leaving the family out of it is okay and they don't think destructing it's. You gonna do this medically. Dangerous. Debt securities. That guy is dying and he wants to die union is saying that he's -- may do something this medically dangerous. Exactly what is in danger. At. Did you know sometimes these things make no sense -- that tag line at the end it's out of control. It's such a silly political rhetoric. As if somehow we need more control. Control how long lasting here. You know other flaws in these laws and two and three medical marijuana and an assistant dignified death maybe. But you know something if perfection were required for our laws we wouldn't happen. If we actually required that nobody innocent ever be put in jail -- of bank robbery. Wouldn't have anybody in jail who cannot guarantee that the law will be perfect. But we go the best we can and try to accomplish some good on net this will accomplish good. Well not according to a text message -- from 781. -- upset he's voting no 12 and three -- so -- seven text messages so. You can't please all the people to back to the telephone lines Alan you're next on the program good afternoon. I was gonna talk about them because they -- after hearing in Europe and amazingly sanctimonious. Argument Novo. Doctor assisted suicide. I mean that righteous. Indignation you expressed about being able -- old ones so. I just felt -- that suggests maybe give you my two cents. The idea that we have now killed 52 million unborn babies. Yeah how is dean didn't privately barbaric act. A partial birth abortion Allen Doyle and which also -- what went. And let's not do it on the abortion we just tell me about it and know what is the -- tells me why don't approve excellently -- keep -- formulating a culture of death. Look Alan duke in July my culture on the individual person I don't want you -- -- one -- only one -- yeah. And then how far down the road that we begin to believe it euthanasia. I don't know if this is not -- hundred commissioner. Alan fish and we are now in this is then then we -- baby and I. No no no no no no no. Spare us how we're gonna kill everybody else. This year is about whether you have a right to take your own life when you are very sick do you think you should have that right. You can kill yourself do you think you can diet. Do you think you are down. Do you think that you. Or a loved one of yours when -- version action have the right to and your own life. Don't tell me about all the people. And what it's gonna happen down the road to others let me ask you do you think you have that right whether or not you choose to exercise. It Marquette well he then then there's a fundamental difference between Israel. Hot dog can conduct well I don't know but the only reason not to do nothing do with culture. Spare us all these grandiose how it's going to affect the other things this comes down to an individual choice and you mentioned the question. You and I have a fundamental difference as soon as perspective of an individual's life and I contend I'll have a right. To make that decision. They are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights that are among these are life. And liberty. And if you have those rights. Then I have the right also to and what did you like with religion. You know you have freedom of religion in this country you'll also freedom from religion that's part of what freedom means. You don't think -- you should be able to do that because you bring in portions and bring it euthanasia and bring all until things they're completely irrelevant. I'm not I am not going to sacrifice my self to some. Concept you have of culture. Let's not huge. Julliard action on the program good afternoon. I got -- quick question about it might be able to Eric black liberal them. You modern conservatism. That they are today that it. Well there close it's a good question and it shows you -- you've had some education classic liberalism liberalism. As used in the nineteenth century. Meant of course free market capitalism in the belief that the individual had a right to engage in transactions voluntarily. It's it's close to conservatism. Classical liberalism usually. Is focused more on the economic transactions. In those days they didn't get so much involved with drugs drug -- -- were perfectly legal in the nineteenth century all these laws we have against drugs. The twentieth century creation. So if you want to take cocaine. Most people would have said well -- going take whatever you want. So there -- some but they're certainly is some connection between the classical liberals of the nineteenth century. And the economic conservatives. Of nowadays I would say that your closer connection is with modern day libertarians. We who are libertarians would would associate more closely with the classical liberal theories of the nineteenth century. They're oh no. Thanks on job by. 87746943. To choose a phone number Jack connection program that afternoon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I spoke of the ability to talk about what could expose the physician assistants but -- sick sort of an agreement with is doctor. I don't -- he did they really. When he when he was elderly -- a bone disease that. They had put a -- over his bed because flies were. Getting through the you know deterioration in its own dog would stay in the same room -- him. A couple of forty. Where you have to talk structural problems they made to each other. Or no way outside federal if you had ever heard about. I have not. But you know that he may be the case I don't know I wouldn't surprise me amid all the people who made those kinds of arrangements. But -- but it was you know. Our latest and you know charming Jack Newton most of us I was guessing none of -- -- is -- suffering. I'll leave that some people do. Most of bush do do not want to see endless suffering and ultimately I think that. That the choice ought to resign with you and with me with -- each of us individually. And that I should have the you know sometimes when you get version toward the end of life. You can't even do it yourself. Non -- you're just you're lying there and you can't administer. The the final. Release. And and to have somebody else there who can help. I think is kind of the ultimate statement of love and friendship. -- just goes completely innocent report thought about it back then they came to fruition. -- order talk about what was that if epidemic I think Oprah -- epidemic yet put. Oh deficit curve because of these compound pharmacy who wanted him. -- Like they went to shut them down now airing of the companies say -- had another one under different name and so I've had these back -- ejection luckily for me the award. From the same problem but how do we know what's going I don't -- -- Yeah I mean it I don't you're right I agree unfortunately Jack thank you for the -- the last -- run out of time. But you're right I mean don't and this is an ongoing situation we don't know she is the meningitis problem we don't know what's happening shall have to deal with that. Another day probably after the election okay. That's gonna do affirming. We are we'll see you on Monday evening we can talk more about these things to do that will be in advance of the election. Will be I think it was seven to ten is the schedule for Monday night and then Tuesday night after the election election start before 7 o'clock on. And -- will have a chance to talk over. What is going to be monumental results flotilla. And give some -- to me on oval or go through good rational candidates. And he lied to say until they can and of course not grounds and I'm in that this is -- -- Nelson. But.