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Buying a car can be tough. But, it doesn't have to be if you have the Car Guys.

Nov 4, 2012|

Let the Car Guys help you purchase your next car. No matter what it is you are looking for, the Car Guys will find it for you.

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Welcome to the -- guys radio show. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To get rated for the program. His that crazy little bit like -- comes on that a lot of us don't really understand. Very so that would be the deep checked in new way. Check engine soon. I just -- just the international symbol of the good of the engine itself or fewer -- -- jovial at Christmas lights right. Oh yeah all of you talk of a major. But ya I think -- I think a lot of us and I say yes a lot of people out did. That light comes on they have no idea what that means within the cars overheating. Whether -- out of boy killed fifty should stop right away with to do. -- -- so would miss the 37 years of experience they think he should be able to. To give us a definition of what felt like me to make me feel old today the myriad. All right well. His of his biggest the biggest thing is you know in the old days. When that check engine light came on we were in Syria is deep doo -- -- -- -- seriously. You -- had no oil pressure. -- because. The engine was about to fail or maybe you didn't have any oil in the -- But generally speak when that thing came on it was like oh boy we're in trouble now. Whereas these new. New -- -- -- these days when that check engine light comes on don't panic whenever you do because probably it's something silly. It's not gonna really affect you driving home more driving to work corner of you need to do for the resting today but he probably need to. I tend to look at some point because. If cal might not pass inspection the next shot around them. Basically it's a warning. Yeah it soaring economy and advance warning to tell you you get a great note it could be a much more serious problem sold don't take it. Lately right from the get go but. This would be the way I would handle it. You're driving along the road all of a sudden you know we should check engine light came one. What's put out thinking caps on first. Kind of first thing I say to myself is OK -- I just recently gave guess because that can be no real prime suspect. What happens as you gas cap is -- seal on it and when you properly. Well first of all when you when you go to your guests make sure that you do not have your car running when -- gestured Mirren and off for -- police. That could cause to check engine light -- more OK second part of that guessing. When you put your gas cap on. There are many different types of gas caps in the way that they mechanism actually. Locks into place. And so. What happens is if you turn it probably. Ends. Com. If you look at those clicks we knew we have you don't get the clicks we did when you when you're doing whatever turning that thing then what happens is. You probably don't have it on correctly so make sure that it's one he goes in only one way you turn it to the right. And typically you will click. -- turning it basically clockwise when you -- when you won -- world don't. You know put in my exam we wanna put Ron Clark -- plus twice when he wanted to get off color clockwise. What they say you are ready -- AD MO -- lefty right I have no idea I never -- Kyra well Heidi you know. So so that could be a prime suspect the gas -- and -- if that happened. Your check engine light stuck or do you shut off because you went back over and put the gas cap back on. It's actually gonna probably take several drives cycles for -- to figure out you know. There's no more large he got code because that's the code that you gonna get. If you put -- skin or on your round onboard diagnostics. It'll come up is there is an -- Jeep got called because -- that what's happening is. You don't have the proper seal with the gas cap. Outside of that those two little items right -- just we were talking about. There can be other things that have to do with the gas -- sort of speak but. Probably will I could get into that right now. The most important thing is is your car running any differences. Now that the check engine light came on as opposed to. Before the check engine light came on like in other words was a running perfect before and all of a sudden now it's spitting fighting. Doing something funny. Maybe. Or maybe it's not giving up. Good spark weather as a problem with the fuel or whatnot but for whatever reason it's it's obviously. It's obviously not running properly. That will give you an indication that this something else wrong -- now the other thing is I would always. Taking precautionary measure of don't pull the secular comes on but try to find a good spot we can poll worker may -- if your highway get off the highway go into a gas station go someplace where you can. These safe and then -- it at that point maybe get out your car. While it's running listen to it. Is it making any other noises that would not typical of the way your car Riordan before the Jared is there anything strange you dreading hearing I mean are you hearing -- taking any knocking. The other thing is look underneath your -- Any fluids coming out you can't wait for instance. Any free school and to. Oil from your engine oil. You know or any other fluids for that matter transmission flowed whatnot. And if you can. Ticket to could take a -- candidacy if if there was anything gripping the minority you may have already lost a fluid. And if you if you can't figure anything out there looks as though looks strange sounds strange. You probably okay it's probably something to do with the emission system. -- I would I would definitely get us through a technician that can put the proper. Diagnostic equipment through on the vehicle to check it out absolutely. -- I would do is do. Google -- -- I find the a lot of this has to do. -- with the with the fuel. Right meaning. Dude if you if you if you have a problem with your fuel gauge in other words. You have half a tank but it actually it's showing. Empty your quarter of a tank. This is a variable with the with with what's in the tank opposed to what is showing you on your -- Because that's my understanding this correctly. The every tiny new statue automobile. These. -- the computer cycles itself through the vehicle to check out all systems that's correct okay so if you ever have to take a guess. And just using round numbers so that I understand what I'm talk -- -- If you ever have to take a guess and you're supposed to have fifty pounds of pressure everything is okay. But if you if you -- gauges greed and a half a tank of gas. And you're getting 75 pounds of pressure. If it doesn't it doesn't coincide with the computer is expecting so live far it's sends a signal. That alerts you that. It -- unfortunately doesn't tell you exactly mature but it's telling you there is a problem with the vehicle. And right. -- -- -- need to go check it go further and find out exactly what it is yeah but this is nothing that is really gonna cause you or your automobiles and are gonna explode historically going -- roots. Well I don't wanna be responsible for that put. But -- -- -- you Rachel did you look at the stats. You can go I don't want people getting all crazy and accelerated and but I bring it to a technician right get it checked out 'cause a small problem. There might gesture a hundred dollars are a 115 in today's world -- you worded goal could -- in 2012100. Dollar that's right to us to those who have benefits to. To to extent that it in the book about yup. Catch -- ray what are for a start -- the confront Figaro what you gonna do and how you gonna pursue it then and now -- they understand they are the small article where. In the future which would might happen and they and believe they say in the minute that this sounds like they're gonna try to save you some money. You won't have to have you automobiles inspected periodically. Because. What what's gonna happen is the automobile is gonna shoot the signal to a satellite. Great -- -- at the proper authority to review the registry of motor vehicles or whoever. Is taking care of that. And then they will notify you. That you have fixed amount of time together repeated and nobody oil oil -- idea that I don't like to -- the -- him Big Brother has come again period goals. In 1984. And 2012 if you will and put this say what they're telling you is that that the reason you're doing mrs. to make the roads safer and two. Proven true helping you not to spend a lot of money on unnecessary reproduce if you loaded. Go to war right exactly -- -- I can't believe they gonna do this for that. I don't its its case it'll be you know it's coming as they -- minority about Erica. Who know both the emissions that is that it's you know exposing near to and so forth. It's funny the other day. One of a good cook clients. Said to me whoa you know what I might do for my next service by the way you know my unity and it has a BMW. So. Just for the heck of it I happen to have his second key and I was. Going to drop it off to a sort of stopped at BMW real quickly reported in the key Rita. Well automatically. They they've already got the satellite system more liquid BMW. -- so what happens is. Hi called into one of the service advises. There was it was in there and I asked -- to. Read the key for me -- -- -- let me tell you. Sorry you do for a front pads and 7000 my house you do for a rear brake Chubb and 111000 miles. Let's see had an oil change at such and such and you do foreign it's you know such and such an interval of one. I said while -- does -- get all that information well. This is exactly what's going on what happens is the car itself. He knows when the services were done because when the service gets done. He gets put into the computer. The the computer in the car actually saves that information okay very and then. And BMW's good fifty system whereby the satellite. It picks up the information from the computer from the car as she goes into BMW. Into their computer so that they can. They could see him so she she actually could print out of -- form for me to tell me what all the services would do. When it was gonna be required to get deal wiper blades done and so forth and so because they have that. Four years 50000 mile -- free maintenance and console. So Mike my client. Know exactly you know I was able to tell him exactly what it what it needed when it was due. And when they would give it to -- for free basically which was taught some because you know. I could just called the vin number and they could have done it that way as well but did this just happen to be an easy way to do it. Without. Causing any pain. That I article I've read mentions. On stuff. Right that this declines. If not already been in the very near future you can. You can press punched yes and has the maintenance then they can they will do tell you. If you have a problem with your car or if you do for oil changes. -- whatever might be today and I think at some point in time I'm sure that the will be 11 big system you'll be able to log into. To get the information -- -- need to because right now every manufacturer while for instance on so I was more like a General Motors saying. For all intents and purposes. And then you know like BMW is -- their own system and so forth but I think at some point you know maybe they'll be some sort of a universal system you'll be able to. To a key into you know via satellite and you know they belong to that. Club or whatnot and then you know it walks and you remind his back to the car. So that so that we did you'll know it's time to actually serve Chicago well I was asked -- yes Regis recently about. Them. That they -- is I hear there's a computer on board that have they plug into a junior Ka. They can -- -- everything about the Cairo and how many how fast you've been driver and I don't know if that's legal nonsense of well. I think those computers have been in this quite awhile I'll have slowly been done better effect when you go in for an inspection. -- And generally it's the general location I believe this great new starent post. They -- dash right that is trumbull is diagnostics right. And some facility some of the tools that they use to actually I retrieved the information. The skin tools. I mean they range in price and you combine one sort of probably twenty dollars. And then you can buy one for around 20000. No so it all depends on -- -- in depth if you wanna get I mean one is just basically called -- -- would give you codes. And then the other ones. As they get more sophisticated and get more expensive. They actually. They actually give you. On different ways to diagnose the problem in OK so if if if you're gay is this the NB becomes and so forth and so on and Kennedy -- a lot of yeses and -- in there and then all of a sudden you get. The chances it will point you in the direction or we should be looking for the probably won't give you the exact spot that doesn't have. Quite well -- says it's almost impossible to figure that title but you don't do it could be a bad ground could be I -- there's a million different why it's not making good connection only -- attracted the gas -- That but at the beginning this easiest thing than the rent through right. And others brought down the line you I'm not referring charcoal canister loses is all kinds of different things that are involved in the emission system. And then you get to all the the other things like -- different senses like oxygen sensors in the and then you've got to a catalytic converters and where this is -- a lot of there's a lot of things are being cut a typical. Even if you were personally even that you change your own oil and did you know a lot of do we assault stuff. Chances are you probably not gonna give in to the united diagnostics in the city it's important you go to a place that. That knows what -- don't we noticed when the when when the technician kicks out your automobile loan and then he comes back guest. Diagnosing. Hit and I look at them play this surgeons coming out to tell -- -- operation couldn't call yeah exactly and an -- radio. But it just try not trying to understand it is difficult because there are a lot of systems in there and this is important that you love and he says he didn't have -- need to. To catalytic converters. Right and you get dizzy. Raised tuition -- it is designed for 3000 dollars to an appearance could converters you can't -- -- -- This segment has brought to you by Abington Sunoco. Buddies down there and every ten minutes Jim stone. And -- money -- -- Yeah well. Did you by the way if you if you need to -- you try to get it fixed. In any way shape community doing maintenance or you need to get a -- did done -- 907. Bedford street which is route eighteen in having to mess. And you're gonna see Jim stone or -- money penny. The phone number there's 7818788415. These guys are experts. For on time expert repair and maintenance service this is the place to go to if you are on the -- sure. You can be -- somebody from Weymouth Abington. Could be stars hang them. Or Rockland what else is over there Brockton. This is quite quite a few neighboring towns that would be. Behoove you to go to these guys will save you some money. There's very honest a ruling that they saw you what you need. And they do expert -- is everything from oil changes to a complete engine job or transmission jobs that Tripoli approved. And they were approved by the car guys. We've had many because we did over there they've sent to us customers we sent them customers. And everybody's always happy and can't believe what a nice. Atmosphere it is always a friendly countries to. When you do in the people are coming in Asia already in my -- adorned everybody's known on a first name basis. And they make sure that they get to know you they get to know your car. And do -- very helpful they also have. Mom won't because available source you can argue its isn't different extended stay -- you keep kicking over the that's a huge convenience for a lot of customers so we like to give them without there -- guy approved. And bill puppet George in Joseph Messina. Have only good things to sail -- Jim and mark over that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 781878. 8415. That's 78187884154. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I voted for Obama alas I'm my biggest escape. And I we're probably at my. Free begins with that with the admission that with the admission that you have a problem Isabel I'll look like it's. 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I'm middle class hit trillions in new debt middle class incomes down costs up. The dreams for our children further away and an endless divisive campaign the dispute trend against neighbor. The next Tuesday. All the shouting stops. Because it's very quiet in -- voting Booth you. And you alone. Will have to choose between Obama or Romney. Trusting yourself. Simply put do you believe a repeat of the last four years won't change things for the better. You tried. President Obama tries. It's time for real change. Mitt Romney. For president. The Republican National Committee paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee GOP dot com yeah Germans killed. Trent 29 where I ordered them my settings. My -- kind of come on Social Security I think congressman NASA's idea to privatize Social Security as a devastating I deal. You've earned it but congressman Dennis wants to risk Social Security in the stock market including guaranteed benefits of adding trillions in new dead. Worse he just meant they cared to. -- -- to essentially end Medicare and forcing seniors to pay thousands more a year in order to give more tax breaks to millionaires like himself. Charlie bass just plain does not understand the middle class he understands the needs of Wall Street. You need -- -- spend a lifetime bringing people together to help the middle class. -- will take on anyone in the eyes are -- to predict social security and Medicare and put the middle class first. I'm Andy pastor running for congress and I approve this mess. Before going -- for congress -- This is the -- radio show on PM succeeding WRK you know to get in touch with the -- guys told 33022710. Guys. Injuries you. 974. -- Wednesday. Welcome back to the cut guys' radio show -- CC DAM. WRKO. And in this segment we're gonna talk about what the -- guys still now I know many of view of our earlier this many times but we. Hopefully do have some new listeners out there wanna know. Who bill and go our into this would lose that they built. I know all I hope they do then what we do is we get -- the automobiles do you know looking for a you. You hear the so called you to email us. And when new email us you guys have to say this affront. Please it's -- any questions are descriptions. What it is that you -- looking for us so that we can give back Q we get a lot of emails asking us questions. And and is a dozen questions and then to email him back and forth is to really doesn't get the job done. And we can go into more deep chill with you and ask you get your -- trying to -- who exactly -- visual look and fought. So what should contact us with bill and I do is we make an appointment. Do we go -- TR we come out to your house. Will will meet chew. And it's a place of business. A place that's very comfortable for us and convenient to meet and talk. You get to know bill and I. And we get to we we get to know you and we are also. Get to know exactly whether -- is we can go over. Would -- what type of car you want what year would make quick marvel we go. We ask you -- -- others. What many of these you would like you like a -- feel like led the you don't want whether you prefer cloth. Let's dial the year. How much mileage on them on the vehicle. So weakened we can do all this. Very comfortably. Very easily. And when we're. When we're done we can we didn't get to the financing. If you'd need a warranty for the vehicle we future warranty. We have. All are run network -- news. Do you want to want this vehicle you have it you have to take it three repeated. We will actually come out and pick up -- vehicle and work with two. Together we did we don't forget who is live by your side on your side. So -- is you have this vehicle -- you need to do you have some problems clue there hopefully you don't have any problems with a we're with him because what we like his. We watch -- did. Telling everybody pays these guys were great they got me the Karen was welcome for it's a beautiful -- -- run well. You know considering the relationship. Yeah but will not stand over well great analyst and invited us OK fair a couple of thousand. I'm sure you've Q1 of two of few words about what this that we do belt that basically you know. We may come by easy but we do everything for you. You don't have to go to the registry of motor vehicles you -- have to stand in line you don't have to go to your insurance company will take it to your insurance company will get the RB one stamped or. If you're in New Hampshire Wilkes will take care of all get we -- we make the arrangement to get the insurance finder you can can be financed. We take care of every every -- to the puzzle so you don't have to do anything except sit there which he knew kind of -- rush basically. It's as simple as that and when we do get to a car. As Joseph calls media that Joseph Friday. I'm gonna look at this thing from stem to stern I would -- -- basically aesthetically. And mechanically. And -- we're gonna make this car perfect. Third deliveries so Visio we've cooked. But to references we can we can send you many many happy customers. Phone numbers if you need him to. To convince yourself that this is the way to go but I can tell you that. 99.9 percent of our customers. And believe -- one tempo put. In case in case right and are very very happy with with their purchases and say you they would know by a cut any other way in the future of because this is the way to go. Two saves time and effort and you know where we are very very fussy for our customers. Where fussy that our customers are and that's that's than usual because we get some pretty picky people. But I'm very picky guy. So this NBA and so you you didn't try to get the right product for them straight and read total calm market that is allied just. The largest car market in the world right -- when I tell that to some people would look at me like Q okay you know -- -- has the largest car market in the world immune. -- and none of physical and well nowhere it's it's it's in the in the -- so to speak but. Over 600 equivalent -- it's huge this and to dissolve a 30000. Vehicles are parked right there that you know we don't want to go that we take a look at. And we actually have. Access to hundreds of thousands of other vehicles -- the country so you know if you look at for something really picky. We can we can do that -- I like you want to know -- when I don't have to do that put. Listen that's my job so you know boom of the bigger the challenge the more I wanna get to it the figures sound. Ridiculous that we don't we shoot out there and while the 151000 -- Sold between Thursday and Friday. 12151000. Actually sold at this at this location right between Thursday and -- and then Friday -- the. Sea world in nice 'cause go to because. You know the local 'cause let's face it Joseph -- road to horrible I you know just coming into the station today. You know -- -- besides trying to be a defensive driver because everybody's coming that you. You know when you when you're driving and you're you know you're going to the bus and so it's like. It's crazy but then you look at these massive potholes and we don't it's only get worse now because as the winter comes. And with the expansion and contraction you know it's you know it's fifty degrees during the daytime but it goes down and maybe 25 midnight. And these -- just keep getting bigger they're like craters so you know you if you lose. You know you lose your front end of one of these. Very very easily in the 'cause a rough around here because the because of that the local 'cause of tough guys this is no thought about you know. Well. I know that. This is big is the numbers that we're talking about. We go out there we look at a vehicle for instance I bring up the Altima because groove when we've been doing pretty good -- ultimate people who couldn't. Let's -- -- -- boy -- -- -- -- and it's a four cylinders and gets great gas mileage on both 31 miles of the gallon on the highway and got a great engine you know. Who do transmission is backed up 220000. Miles and yes yeah. And it's a dynamite vehicle it. We have 500 to choose from but the amazing thing is. When we break it down to what colors to -- looking for a we may end up with fifty vehicles. They would throw out the high mileage stuff we know we we investigated this and had a problem. Great that we. Yeah we may only like three or four or five little -- 500 it's crazy yeah Peabody and that because would be in picking it -- we only have to buy one cup for a custom. When the deal is go to this auction they have to buy twenty custom Philip -- so you don't itself well when the sudden close to a deal to buy a penultimate. They have. 1012 to two trump right and we'll set the always have the price cut you know though that Internet specials and because it's always 3000 dollars less and all the rest of them. And you know you can you can rest assured that either it's not did it doesn't exist. -- -- if it does exist is probably a little bit on the rough sites he probably get there although I would buy America. All the problems so you can come right over here and we have film. So when we're playing Julia Ruth -- what we've rarely ever automobile for our clients -- Chris. It's it's the super shape -- that mean you couldn't. Go knows what he's doing. And he checks them out. I mean paint me it is the types engages. -- underneath the can actually where we where we've by the cast the they inspect them they don't actually -- the scenario they're all fabulous fabulous condition report which is very deep field's pretty even two to the point of the material owner of the vehicle for instance. You know. Was that kind of smoked him to somebody smoke. You know you tobacco. Or marijuana or whatever was. It in the car I mean you can you know you that stench stays in this so you can you know people that are. Nonsmokers a Unocal has been smoked oh are enormous in this car I would note. Nobody discuss how to that I awareness right and that's the thing you know what I actually know what Luke has many ties before even look at because. It's -- gives me a report regarding the ties similarly mismatched. They wearing funny -- -- is that tells you a little bit of a story a lot of times. You know who zoos is something was this something wrong with the front and whatnot you know that type of before we even say at this telling us if there's a scrape a scratch in the bumper event gonna go world whatever minorities had any previous three. This does a report to contracts. But they have a lot more information that -- next -- news. Simply because they're the vehicle in front of them correct and they can and they know they -- conceive anything holder and the exact period. Are replaced. Whatever happened -- we we Elissa wall that. And they have to stand behind that because if they don't we can given the -- back. So we don't like dealing we go. We don't like dealing with guys that have been in previous accidents. Not -- -- not where we go right who we wanted to -- do you do Zune. Super conditioned. Room when we get it back kids not only did they go through it did bill goes through while I was down that. When it comes back here we yeah we got to live through again we do it again -- and what I love to say is. When when we're done with that automobile we'd deliver it to you. You're looking at a brand new used. Vehicle pretty much pre -- media critical we bring -- stuff I mean I love the other people telling pol was this -- You know saddened that. If wasn't for us from an early the or nominee I would know that the cars even have mileage. That's awesome I mean really. And they get a kick out of that I love it so. Who they gonna go when you need an automobile. You're -- -- guys that Saturday. And you know used you mentioned plug holes which brings me to another one roof the kind guys approves. Network gotten us. And that's. That's renfro. Parade. The people were all those pot -- people should it properly to a YouTube. I had a wheeled on last week. YouTube you've been net grim and they put another shape but he is -- nick is a disgrace but it whoever it is who really pro the people -- keep your wheels looking good. In balance enrollees straightened smooth. Absolutely if you've got to if you get a 'cause it's good to alloy wheels are rough any kind of wheels basically. And you've got a problem where we'll buy it good dented the horror. You know you don't reply all ends you know the wheels not true anymore. It's it's very important you see somebody that knows how to properly straighten and and turn those wheels. So we we could save you quite a bit of money by going -- because oftentimes some of these wheels could be. 567 euros apiece even more actually you know some some people get crazy and put. Thousand all the wheels America no more but. They can generally straighten them and and make them like brand spanking new that's got all the processes. And they -- the best in the business. We've used them for many many years and -- a lot of guys don't do that straight wheels and that. Do this type of business. But I wanna tell you. A lot of these guys are not cargo proved they are. Images of what they do and we like to say that these guys are very very professional. And no ought to make the wheels work perfectly these these guys do all the work for a lot of the Mercedes BMW Lexus dealers that are in the New England area. Exclusively. And so they've got to huge backlog wheels -- is terrible whose work you wanna read. Just getting in to see them sometimes it is stuff because if they're busy all time but do did busy for good reason. And so they could finish your wheels because they're very good at what they do right and their friends of us as well. You can go over there and see Jim -- Adam and at least limos Chicago I said you because they're friends of us. And oftentimes he'll give you a discount. Very exactly. And -- rim pro yup what we are there at 860 E Street and took three mass. Which is off the -- desk and wrote exit off his 93. And the phone number there is 978. 8516080. That's 9788516080. Also you can get them at room pro dot com. And don't forget to mention. There -- guys and our guys yup exactly. -- 76 minutes old friend the patriots and 2012 has its own. Revolution 2012. This is six HW. Talking with a tattooed. Decisions will be made the future we'll be shaking the question is. -- -- -- Just about take two very different visions for America took him don't be usable. We will you be when history is made. WRKO NWR you dot com is your place for decision when he twelve -- Dubai -- Cadillac notables who generally get four corners and -- -- to see the greens -- -- thirteen to -- ATS and sixty S you'll be amazed at what these -- can do. -- -- -- Now's the time to take this to happen to get in -- to make you change now return to reason hammer. To build a wall and opened the door to a new life now's the time to help habitat for humanity build hope and change my. With a family in your community. Now's the time. More than ever help build that this is haven't had done more. And I'd like well. The car guys to the show today filled up the Georgian chill Messina. It's good to be here sir Tony car guys everyone is reading about your services -- tell us a bit about what you do well Joseph and I we know cars we also happen and all the dealing with a dealership can be a less than favorable experience. It's just stuck although limited in -- journey you have a sales guy pressuring you the body and you hit put all sorts of data charges it's not fun for the buyer. We provide an alternative to the old school car buying experience and we customize each experience to likes of our clients why settle for what's on the lot when we can help you find the dream car you've always wanted. That's right that carry it dreams give us every minded deep till the -- you want and we'll find its fight to the end the make the model any custody until literally any car. Give us a call at 330. Car guys that's 3302274897. War on line at the -- guys website dot com question. Two big physician assisted suicide is legal in Massachusetts but many health care organizations are completely against a psychiatrist and don't need to clearly is on doctor -- meet all explains why. Doctor -- to what troubles you most to bond question two if a patient decides to commit suicide question -- does not require them to have a psychological evaluation or even to notify their family I know from experience that many terminally ill patients feel hopeless and suffer from depression which are certainly treatable and excluding family from a decision like this is unfair and unnecessary what other problems do you -- well they call -- physician assisted suicide but patients could actually end their lives at home without a doctor present medically speaking that's dangerous and irresponsible. The truth says we simply don't need a policy is flawed -- question two. -- doctor Mitchell and the -- medical society and keeping physician assisted suicide out of Massachusetts vote no one question to. It's out of control paid for by the committee against physician assisted suicide. 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My friends December 212012 restrictions apply includes AB CTV started and then when bush plan for new business class customers when your contract required early termination supplies equipment installation taxes and fees extra. After all the nice he's now got a clear choice for many years -- -- spending and borrowing. Burying children sodium content -- May never dig your way out and -- a better way. Here's something to think about in three years Barack Obama wrapped up over five trillion dollars can. More than any president in history. There's 50000 dollars -- -- when you -- your families now -- And the Chileans Mormon friend Obama would not enough food for four more years. Now its crown. It's bureaucrats between you and your doctor and increases taxes by eight trillion dollars the biggest job killing tax hike -- Nearly two decades. Is that. Moving forward. I'm running I'm running for president and I approve this message paid for by Romney for president incorporated. Hey it's the top guys showing built on built up the George -- pre owned auto buying consultants. When you're in the market for a new -- vehicle called me at 330 congrats my associate -- -- and I give me come -- easy we will meet with you in person that -- home office already win together we will find what you're looking for off year make color model options that we locate that exact vehicle for you -- vast inventory network but first this Thomas has -- rigid 120 points safety and performance guidelines before we delivered -- -- -- -- approved fully serviced in just like bill. We started a business knowing that you hate going to a dealership for all the obvious reasons. Limited inventory high pressure salesman at a cost of building a staff overhead we -- all of this from the equation the car guys save you time and money we even provide financing for all take trillions the top dollar and can even take to hassle out of selling your present -- give us a call at 330 car guys that's 3302274897. Or visit the -- guys Webb site dot com. Welcome back to the card guys' radio show on soap -- George and I joke was staying -- Believe me -- hours could I could -- but a tougher for. Thank -- very. In the last -- -- talking about. What we put the car guys do end. We we're out of time unfortunately so. I just wanted to make mention that if you happen to have a a car currently in your thinking about purchasing -- we do take -- news. All types I don't care if it's a will take an airplane. Are trained a car or truck whatever it is -- traded. The other thing is if you -- looking to sell your car. We saw people's cars as well we do it two ways one wooed by -- Cairo right. Which means we write you a check for a war to. If you're not happy with that price and you wanna leave -- -- on consignment we have sold many customers 'cause on consignment. So we would like to be able to do that as well. So I just want to make mention of all that because a lot of people think oh you know I I don't think they'd go to the car guys who really do so that was my car. Or amusing Mike -- to -- payment. And you know thinking that you know the only place they could do that is that the dealership would choose not true they can you -- -- tragic we take trillions. All the time. You know and in the other thing that the mood of the person has the realizes. When you're selling your cut and win no different when I'm buying something whether it be a piece of furniture and Arnold bill. But what. Hmmm hmmm I wanna buy low -- Osama I mean this is a natural. The animal instinct and all of us yes right. And numb but what the what the the custom master realizes when we take this vehicle from them to what are we gonna do with -- we crystal ball we have an obligation to meet. Definitely an assault took us -- -- illegal we have a legal obligation that discovers. It is safe to drive. That's correct -- and that's our responsibility. And then he thinks any kickbacks it comes back to us that does not go back to the originally -- won't do ruin yup so we have to bring this Kyra to the standards of the state. And we have to be able to stand behind it so we. We -- not only do we -- expect you know our clients to be honest with us and telling us you know exactly. If they nor anything it's a pre existing condition. But you know we will fight don't anyways because we're gonna test drive rejected through on the left to everything we need to do but. And it's always easier if we know all this stuff up front and you have to figure that you know it's gonna take away from the the price of the vehicle if there is something there. So be be realistic about you know. Well I recently I recently you know I recently had a client of -- and that I have a nice vehicle -- Unfortunately. It just trimmed a 100000 miles and and and and there wrap let suppose who really have to kind. Yes it is appreciates. Found some -- regardless what condition it's in. If I tell you Kyra scripts it's a little bit server to around 90000 miles dig in that crazy about it because it's -- thousand miles that you may think about in the face stadium. Too little over a 100000 miles. Great that changes you -- the complexion of movement and the deficiency -- up the changes we facial expression sure I'm not buy an iPad it's a 100000 miles an economy. It's a lot of people have to buy -- got over it doesn't -- would put. Realistically you know you're right there's no doubt about it that people believe they cringe a little at all -- think it's a tool along miles. So now I have to go out there look at the vehicle then and determined we don't want to trade in value of -- cut I have to consider what we have to do to this Qaeda. Is to bring it up to stuff we outdoor stuff clean it Gerri what we wanna do the same thing to this automobile that we did for the -- traded today and who bought a cup from us right we gonna do all. It's been 101000 dollars in 2000 dollar -- so we have to we have to realize. You know where -- words that's -- -- -- and which ones we wanna keep and which ones we don't wanna keep because. We can't keep the -- there are some that are on their last legs and those -- state to go to a a dealer auction and be just. Disposal of would just -- and then we just took women since that needs. You know I estimated the cab may have been worth the 500 dollars via the theory is you and that's only if you if you waited by the politics new mortgage realistically. It's good question 3000 to make that. 500 all got into a thousand dollar cut fuel more generous than marvelous time or another couple hundred bucks extra bucks thought. But the guy the kind needed right at the bat and needed. To catalytic converters -- which puts it I mean it puts it out of -- pisses. That's you know donation for cousins kids right exactly -- 170000 mother herself together. -- -- Put them. And so won't win this fellow looked at the end and -- I gave them figure. I told him between seven and 8000 dollars for trade and he felt the car was worth ten or 111210. Or eleven would have been the full retail price right. Exactly what -- what are we supposed to do. Where does the money come from there we have to -- we should come up to snuff we we have to. Spent some wanted to bring up the stuff and then believe and -- we are entitled to make a little prof who has. According to daily news and our time on. Unbelievable I think you'll show remote though with so power -- up no. We're we're all everybody's out there working to make a Buck -- we're entitled to do so. And unfortunately. We. He still has the vehicle and I think sooner -- -- he's gonna come around. So is Lincoln and I don't know who may end up. Doing business with -- but what the other thing I wanted to bring you know was. Will attack and about coming out and meeting you -- your home are are you place -- work go wherever it is there we go. You have no obligation to us there's no obligation whatsoever -- there's no chads for this this is what we do and the reason we do it is too. Explain to you exactly what it is that we do. -- if we don't explain that to our customers they really don't know why you people call me up all times and what can you explain your process. Well I could explain it on the phone but I can tell you that affect a face have to spend an hour and fifteen minutes on the -- every person that I have to explain to over the phone. Whenever gonna get to buy any -- for anybody soul. The important thing is we get together though. So that we it's basically an uninterrupted. Conversation that we can have and we can askew atomic questions. And we have all the influence with a still weakened you know -- -- which you know are gonna bring my iPad money when laptop with these are afraid to show you something. I can pull up on the screen and make him explain to do and and you you'll see the differences and this is really do the right way to do it. Because doing it over the phone is very very difficult. Very difficult and I also think this is so. An advantage to customer because. Here they there in their own environment great so I'm very relaxed. Now and I'm assuming that they. The miners are relaxed than the men that they can ask any questions that they want them. And they. And they can still be able to judge judge demeanor of from the so these were actually don't which is of it is it is an awesome thing because oftentimes. We've become. Friends without cause or our clients and building they call us up. Just to shoot the breeze sometimes isn't good. Some little question or whatnot and it turns into more of a social event believe it or not. -- What else did you wanna mention to him well. We have the very important thing coming up and I think it's whose day because we have microphones in front of us and not -- the new pew poll. Just. Armstrong's catch -- weekdays nine to eleven on the financial exchange. AM six JD WRK. Oh Boston. Suffering from allergy congestion. 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