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Will you vote for revenge? Obama tells his supporters to do just that

Nov 5, 2012|

Was President Obama out of line when he told his supporters to vote for revenge?

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There. This is -- Well I've been bulldozed -- cleaning up the all liberal mole. 6172666868. -- we have made damn hard shelled for a year old feud. Don't want to touch that dial. Scott Brown Elizabeth Warren we had Scott Rasmussen on earlier this morning. Wall and it doesn't look good for Scott Brown according to around smears senator we'll have that story all a lot of other things. But to start off. -- dear leader is now ratcheting up. Their threats. The bullying. And the intimidation. In Springfield. Ohio. Late Friday. With -- Romney now showing a bit of a search. With many in the Obama campaign. Worry. That Romney may pull this election out and pull off a stunning upset. The president. Called on his supporters. To quote the exact revenge. Upon Romney. And upon those that oppose Obama cooks. -- baby. And at the time the Republican congress. And -- senate candidate by the name of Mitt Romney. Don't do well. What is the best revenge. Voting is the best revenge. Voting is the best revenge. So this is what it's about -- leader. This is about now how we can exact revenge upon our political enemies. This is no longer a democracy their leader. We can't have a choice between several candidates. And have an open competitive pluralistic collection. Where you respect the electorate you respect the people of the United States. Are you telling us now what what what are you exacting revenge for. Doctors and opponent. He's criticizing do. But the people have a chance to vote -- out. This is the kind of language you hear from a Hugo Chavez. This is the kind of language you hear from a Vladimir Putin. I can just this is -- -- election trail like Gujarat. Executive -- I know all of the they -- a -- mid week he'll tell everybody. You vote against Hilton your -- but does more than -- we exactly bench and revenge upon enemies but he bench. I think this is to me unbelievable. Now who look at the difference. And I pointed this out to cook seemed before were talking before we got on here were chatting I said -- See how far we have come. And how far Obama has fallen. In the last four years. Remember in 2008. When he campaigned as the uniter and not a divider. When he said he was gonna heal this country when he said he wasn't going to be any more red America or blue America but the United States of America. That he was gonna ushering in a new post partisan post racial post ideological. Era. Here was Obama. Where in the boom was still on the ropes. And he was selling us his snake oil cook's role a baby. There's not a liberal America. And a conservative America -- United states of a man. It. -- what he had to say could be John McCain and get elected. That's what's left wingers still. They act does moderates. They come in with their Trojan horse. They present themselves as pragmatism centrists. Middle of their voters. And then they governed to the hard left and they break the country and half through a divide and conquer strategy. And then throughout his entire presidency. You had Rahm Emmanuel come out. And openly say never let a good crisis go to waste he was the one that came out. You bring a knife. We bring a gun. And not tell you went -- fight in Chicago. And remember this. When he was interviewed when Obama was interviewed by Univision. Just before the 2010 elections remember when he said. Punish your enemies. Cook's role it may -- We're having a little bit of a technical difficulty. The Latino cut Cox. To this election and if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying we're gonna punish. Our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends who stand with a song issues that are important to us. If they don't see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election and I think it's going to be harder and that's why I think it's so important that people focus on voting on November 2. What else am not electing an ounce miceli got the pronunciation then -- we'll let an -- you got to punish your enemies and let the analysts. Noticed. Putin is not an enemy he's never once referred to Putin has an enemy he's never once referred talking Medina -- as an enemy. -- or the Muslim Brotherhood nobody's an enemy. Even they -- -- terrorist group and -- how surely if you noticed the ones that killed are for Americans in Benghazi he's never referred to them as an enemy. You wanna refer to them as terrorists nevermind an enemy. But one it comes to Republicans. Won it comes to Tea Party members won it comes the conservatives. More moon. Then it's and I mean it's. Then it's a revenge should. And here is what Mitt Romney said in response. You play the revenge card. I'm calling for unity and patriotism. -- -- -- Jesuit President Obama and then. They asked his supporters to vote. For real -- For revenge. It's that I ask the American people don't vote for love of country. What do you think Obama is appealing to. This is what I wanna ask all of -- Revenge against -- Revenge for what it. When he talks about revenge revenge against whom. Is it -- Those that oppose him. Is it revenge against Mitt Romney for even daring to criticize similar challenge him. Revenge for what the country. Not bending too is will the way he wanted to be bent to his will. And an even on top of this more than dot. I broke this story several weeks ago. With the Blogosphere. Exploding and it has not let up. Which social media exploding and it is not let up. With twitters exploding and it is not lit up. Of Obama's supporters. Threatening to -- it. With Obama's supporters threatening to burn down homes burn down buildings. Even assassinate Mitt Romney I -- into and hundreds and hundreds of people threatening to kill Mitt Romney. And here you have the president now using this kind of language. Talking about revenge almost as if he's pouring gasoline on the fire. Is this not utterly reckless and irresponsible. On the part of the president of the United States to talk like this. Is she appealing to the 47%. Is this -- we asked the fire up his base. To get them to put them over the top tomorrow. So. The question before the house is this. When the president talks about revenge. -- who easy talking about and who is he talking to. And are we now beginning to see. Thuggish tactics. Bullying intimidation tactics. That don't belong in the United States of America is this the kind of rhetoric we want from our leader. Or is this not something we see in -- Chavez's Venezuela. Or Putin's Russia. 6172666868. Is the number marine thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. Well I have to agree with -- champ consistent one of the most of fights the elections I've ever seen. On all counts. And disparage the Scott Brown Elizabeth Warren campaign is concerned I don't see how anyone could vote for Elizabeth warrant. People and I -- if they think that the deal wasn't cut. I'll tell you what my hunches. Kill her if she gets elected to -- she'll be 69 years old and -- cheers. She will -- -- dying early. Are vacate the seat and they don't have. Three terms. Far. Joseph Kennedy and he will move into the seats they're trying to recapture. That's beaten. Maria it's a very very interest thing point I look I gotta tell you this. I don't understand the appeal of Elizabeth Warren to me it's exactly like Obama she's a complete fraud she's a complete con artist. From the beginning. I don't care but get let -- talk about her policies. You tell me you're native American when you're not a native American and you use that to advance your career. And you use it every step of the way. You are brazen pathological. Liar that's what you wore your nothing more than a cheap con artist whose lighter weight to the top. And now you wanna send about fraud. To the senate. This is with the best that Massachusetts can come up with. And look how shrill she is look how she demonize his Mitt Romney. Look how she demonized as Scott Brown they're both cut from the same cloth. It Demi and so the people of Massachusetts. If DOS what you want to ostrich state. Be my guest you don't have enough frauds in congress and now you have this guy going around saying he's gonna we exact revenge. This is the language that's not appropriate for the president of the United States. The only thing he hasn't done the only thing is call for blood that's the only thing. Literally Romney remember this remember a couple of weeks ago Romney's -- BS sir OK nobody's been we spelled it out that he's he's a bull bull lesser. Romney's a murderer. Romney's a killer Romney's attacks -- Romney's a felon. Page it's mud mud mud mud. Robert. You're on the corner report goal. Get there -- if you want. Simple he's here is very kind of that the Middle East Arab peace they don't pollute ally al-Qaeda. -- Number oh number go so tomorrow when you pull -- when you vote for Romney around. Under -- wouldn't say it's important for your country. Not cure ideology. How well said Robert. It the countries in crisis. Is going off for fiscal cliff we are literally going bankrupt everybody knows it. Europe knows it the IMF knows that the World Bank knows that many Americans know it. And these guys where they left with now exacting revenge. Big bird binders. And and and faking their resume is saying -- their Cherokee Indian that's all they have. Do you think what Obama said was bad. The revenge comment was bad enough. But here is a man who gave one million dollars to went Obama's super pac. Here is Bill Maher is warning to you Romney supporters. So I would just like this say for anyone thinking about voting for Mitt Romney if that's who you war if you're thinking about voting for -- I would like to make this one play. Black people know who you are and. That's in the face of Obama Nation you just heard it. That's what's going to be in store for us if this man wins a second term. 6172666868. Do you find Obama as revenge comment offensive. Are appropriate. Or is it just heat on the campaign trail Jeff corner on the corner report. The fastest sixteen minutes in -- radio. Those lines. I had six or seven. No reward them. That's 172. Those 666868. You wanna see how thuggish things are now getting on the campaign trail is like it's like to Obama is now being followed by his brown shorts. It's like they've they've they've sent -- the brown shirts now. Here is a pro life activist. Heckling at an Obama campaign rally. And a -- swoop in on them grab him slam until the ground handcuffed them and dried them out. -- I. Pound bomb like the brown shorts. Unbelievable. Was heard those are the shock troops of his socialist revolution this guy's unbelievable so he does a little David Letterman. A little Comedy Central. He does a little bit when Joanna I'll. And then he says let's exact some revenge and let's kick around the few hecklers that's the their litter for you. Mark welcome to the quarter report. I -- welcome to Boston Marc Rich do you thank you are so -- the revenge saying it's no surprise. Although it's it's appalling it's no surprise that became evident now because this is what community organizers do. They take they take money are they give it to -- organizations like acorn. And that people go out to folks in in poor areas and say you're not getting what you deserve. So this is this is what this guy is made of and it's it's really kind of disgusting that. It is and mark I mean to me that the fact of the American people are even seriously considering re electing this guy. I don't know what's scarier camp or the people are voting form Robin welcome to the -- report. -- -- Just -- -- on the -- donate twice sort of anybody I can't try our child enjoy. -- -- to Baltimore he should model you've got to be working dog. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- peace and love. As the party of venom and -- probably might copy our -- quijano would be I got the street to get bloody. Three grand. In the if you see the summer I was surrounded it I'd say my wife is from -- got. And JR I'm a conservative guy and does -- say when I put out there are surrounded by senior store or pony tail. A -- old -- jumped all over me -- the -- are part of a war criminal. Case in anger that comes out of these people. Really there are people I want to do look like most will artists. But what comes out of there now so better to know the Scott Speed and finally and many whites. Odd -- it's real scary at any -- to eat. Like Jim do you -- New York regardless there are a lot like union organizers. They gave rally people ought to go in and really sometimes do some situations goal and destroy property. And I haven't billion. It doubted that our senate last year. And what you thought about the -- church under the -- right I need to -- a few years ago it dead all right if you would have thought I'd say it's a big. You know about the possible. It was. I would attack Japan but here we go I mean you're adding intranet -- are are they end up. You're exactly right no -- sit bizarre trial -- in fact I kid you not to robbed last week. At a rally in Florida for Michelle Obama you can Google it I want all of you to -- -- do you know what they were screaming. Literally hail Obama. Hail Obama you won the German said zig Ohio Ohio Ohio that's German frail -- -- going -- littler like Caesar hail Caesar. This this. This is what now passes for the modern day Democratic Party bill. All. Very chaplain at your time you bill. Gary could HF I don't know I'll -- so I don't look -- Romney I didn't all the calls are against him yeah I just don't see it. Don't believe the polls do well what are -- primary interest in watching law now on the TV watching people lined up -- -- Mean I don't know if our white men in America organist in an article five hours to vote for ultimate rock. There's too busy working. Yeah all doubt but that they couldn't wait. Till I swear I never thought of this went. But if you're on welfare. And your collecting government Jackson government handouts. You go to movies and and what -- -- that but this bill I don't have one minutes nevermind -- allowance. Bill thanks for that call Scott welcome to the -- report. Hey Jeff our quick break here but I would just soccer one of the union. Workers that one of my job site. And expects a big day tomorrow big day go go oh yeah they're making me take the day off without pay and I go to work well -- at all. And obviously they don't I took the day off. Without -- by god I did you know. -- the other side I thought. -- do you believe it -- more and then they go and work ethic and pick up your own mind. I don't think for yourself. A year -- I mean is like is there like robots is like lockstep like when you gotta -- the party line you gotta hope the party line. Do you want your benefits you gotta -- the party line. You have a chance to change the direction of America. And move us and -- correction of march jobs. Of the row. Of people can have a future. A future where they can't help themselves helped their families and go right up to the sky. Not a future of Obama dependency. Yeah. Not all Panama -- That was Rudy Giuliani. He was actually in Boston over the weekend campaigning for Scott Brown he's right. He won a future you want jobs you wanna turn this economy around there's only one man Mitt Romney frank go maybe. I Jeff thank you for taking -- call -- -- the definition of ever read people. Right now in Massachusetts honest law abiding citizens from being threatened and intimidated when they apply for firearms license because of Scott -- -- Mitt Romney. And it's hard core conservative side made that decision I will not be supporting either one of them. They've turned on their conservative values they stand for nothing they should be ashamed of themselves. And -- and -- not -- pointing that out not one bit but not a terrible terrible thing you're doing. I mean frank don't get me wrong. If I said this before all say it again I turned on George W. Bush very fast. If Romney doesn't deliver on his promises. And may be very specific frank if he doesn't cut spending. If he doesn't balance the budget. If he doesn't cut taxes. If he doesn't turn this country around if he doesn't solidify our borders. I'm gonna turn on him like a jackal. Because I'm sick and turn these phony Republicans. This is our last chance to save our republic. And frank I know you're not happy with them I don't believe anybody I hear you I am a conservative in a very blue state like you. Obama is a disaster -- you vote for him UN amend it's like a Titanic frank. You one night we might literally lets immigrate to the North Pole where else is there an adult. Maybe Hong Kong let's go to Communist China frank seriously they have more freedom and capitalism better than a year. Let's go all spent some I know a little bit Mandarin we can do it together frank Jeff gonna on the corner report. Jason.