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Richard Tisei's Final Pitch

Nov 5, 2012|

Republican congressional candidate Richard Tisei joined us as he finishes shaking hands in the fight against embattled incumbent Cong. John Tierney for the Massachusetts 6th District. Rich has been endorsed by both newspapers.

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Okay joining us now on the line is a rich to say he's the the club were congressman to be I don't wanna jinx him he's the -- they I am I gonna I'm sorry I went I went overboard there wretch he's. One I wanted to make one last appeal loyalists there's definitely got to remember to vote for Rick Maher and he now. Yup and I you're running in the sixth congressional district against Johnny pockets purity. The the the very ethical way -- eight term incumbent whose wife is whose wife has gone to prison. Both of his Brothers in law have gone to prison his son -- laws on the prison. He said it saw a big misunderstanding. Out of that -- out. One of amendment up in the -- might be a misunderstanding. Hello it's that's this bit of a stretch to all of them ending up in The King and I don't think that's a misunderstanding. So why why you're so why should not alive you know you know what he -- the he's -- with the U you know always got to vote with the Tea Party. He's got to vote to cut is -- -- the cut Medicare this from a guy who voted to cut Medicare when he voted for obamacare. Self edit of the sort out all the scare tactics store everything they can't -- -- -- -- I you know I have walked in off the street -- -- 26 year voting record. And I would devote it to have a legislature so it people know why haven't won -- vote. You know look at every -- of that the other below are probably a lot of ways they have been in the past you know every. Bill that comes up opposite what's best for the country rather than you know political party one or the other I think such people want out. Spirits I think that he -- says that's because if you look at his voting record over sixteen year period is voted 99% of the time so we this year. In order everywhere from -- there -- systems which once and I think our you know -- you're. Listen and understand that nobody is great 99% of the so. In fact they have function not too long -- -- guy raised its image and you know you -- -- elections right -- percent of the senate could. That I -- many addicts or people really wanna you know problems over there instead register. -- important. Earlier about the medical devices -- I mean that's the most classic example when your district out of which is the North Shore and Bob Boston and most of Essex County. Yeah you know -- we have the biggest cluster medical device companies are on the North Shore. Is the second largest cluster -- Minneapolis from the country there that's your sector of the army that's been creating jobs over the last few years Arab. And obamacare nobody ever knows what's coming and Obama Cuba very eighteen tax increase is one of the charts in races in the 2.3 percent excise tax on. Medical device companies and it's not attracts our profits are so gross and sort of these companies rate now talking about you know -- options are hiring freezes. And they're old story you know that taxpayer hero of the war has slowed you know it's a terrible dark future you're still. You know -- has the most I was out of all the congressmen but yet it is a steadfast supporter that axed because you -- straight party line all the way. Although there are real good bottle of their summon that there's some of these companies out in Indiana too rich and Doug Donnelly who's running against more rock out there the -- congress with a Democrat congressman -- run for the senate he's come out against against the medical device tax to meet anybody with -- Half a brain has come out against it. I think he's Saunders says in this state in Keating has in the states I mean -- is the most is constituents of the most -- so. You know what I read about -- first over 5000 it's going to be a -- -- medical device starts because virtually dropped its state great especially appear on the nor shall. Well there's so many taxes and in this obamacare bill and we just find out about him every now and then I you know richer real current I think you want what you want -- -- rental properties right. It is nobody knows about this for three U I you know you're still that you explain it to -- 01 other thing that's cynicism sure it was an. And income I think over 200000. What -- fifty for couple. Is a three point 8% tax on the sale of property or any investment income accuracy. So what that's gonna end up going. If you bought our hosts you know you held for twenty or thirty years for your retirement Penske its. To go through our college. And -- -- -- the post or Gary you're gonna have an improbable over 200000 votes is economic outlook in the house so there have been a lot of people were. Look at and you know getting -- America -- Apple just bought bought a building for their retirement now the gonna end up paying more taxes like they -- we're already pay property taxes. You know like they don't already pay -- For the utilities in the place and in all the -- it just your makes the picture of another good investment and makes a little less. Less glad. Missed the that is another thing copier Cadillac tax on health care -- And most report they -- -- about a small but a few years it's trickier than. Anybody appears more than 101000 dollars in premiums every year which remote state please. Our most municipal authorities are now in Massachusetts because insurance so. There's going to be a surtax on that insurance. So. They average out pioneer institute to this story the other day initiative of the average firefighter. Who has a fairly player and you know a salary it's it and -- you know like -- like 30000 dollars more they're going to be at all -- -- they kicked out went down the key yen because they they were they kicked that can down the road I should say. Because they they knew that it was going to why you're take a lot of by union members not just in the public sector but the private sector unions ago that the other ones that are regularly important gonna get it latest. -- one credit to our workers in Massachusetts. Plans are going to be -- they're so it's it's actually earlier parts of the board tax. For people in Massachusetts. I know. You're in this bowl army your opponent runs but who runs -- -- slate saying like this is the greatest thing and -- -- somebody my club that they say and the -- as we know obamacare is you know it's. Bit the system is dysfunctional social something had to be done -- the -- -- even worse rich. They made it more dysfunctional. It is crazy so yes that's where they don't wanna be able concentrate on. We're killing our medical device tax statements here are some of the other bad things that are open to jumpstart the economy arena has a huge issue that. Everybody's you know everybody's worried about job security right now -- Small business owners -- to feel more comfortable and confident hiring people who are now so earlier this. And that's another that's another thing where they're affected because if you if you work over thirty hours a week you have to give them the regular insurance so now all -- now a lot of these companies big story about -- in the Wall Street Journal today that. More more companies or are the not hire many more full time people the just got off every -- going to be stock will make them thirty by that there working thirty hours a week and an end that not getting any insurance. You know all the sort of -- a -- over the last you know three or four years that -- -- you know nationwide. The average wages thirteen dollars and 87 cents. And now a lot of or part time jobs was to sign and so you know type which are the only people who work -- -- fairway on the Marshall were brought to state. And country nobody is producing any more because small businesses -- systems to to -- to use of the orange or we're getting hammered. -- So we got to do something about you know I -- -- out to Washington and help stop -- from the current. And always nice to get on Drudge and all that with your row with your nice beautiful music yet but Derek. I don't know Richard just well I don't wanna thank you to consummate you know over. Always this -- that was more of an Internet. So what then would then what their work -- -- and I'm not taking anything for granted. Okay do you can people stop helping out Amare they want though. Yes they can they can cause -- compared our headquarters where are -- it was circle. Analysts feel CPU and line or are they from a web -- it's to say our restore -- And monitor and help us we're going to be very very communities we will be working with a lot of brown folks to go out. Really make sure their organization out of covering all the polls and calling people to go to shore up in both. Okay well listen good locked good luck tomorrow rich and I -- would be nice to have a Republican congressman in the delegation for the first time since 1996. -- Okay great talked after the election rich. Thanks a lot. 18774694322. We come -- we're gonna have Pat Buchanan -- powered car.