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Pat Buchanan On Hope And Change

Nov 5, 2012|

The man himself Pat Buchanan weighed in on this closest and most important national election. Pat says for real hope and change, the only vote is for Mitt Romney....

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Pat Pat Buchanan good to have you whether -- how we car show aren't very good. Are you why are you confident. A little growing confident I'm not as not in Dick Morris is really keep up. So I don't think I think it's winnable and I think the momentum -- -- back in Romney's direction that got energy and enthusiasm. And they've looked like a winning campaign but it there's state by state polls are still pretty -- Well there I mean there -- you're usually dole if -- get the incumbent under 50% most of the -- most of the undecideds will either stay home or break for the and challenger right. I think that's right and I think the fact that places like Pennsylvania look collector now. Very soft for Obama is good news. So why it is so it is so BSN it is very important to -- isn't it that it's it it seems released -- -- that the other Republicans of thrown away a senate seat probably and the Missouri in May be even in Indiana. I mean that the the thing -- -- that thing in Missouri that was idiotic but the guys and Indiana more -- was just saying what he believed you know. Exactly in and it's very proud they piled on him but I tried Patricia. I noted that in Missouri had a real good friend of mine would run an ad for -- I think the Democrats put some money into 01 shot of the Republican incumbent for the Republican candidate. Yeah they did they did people should've seen that when they when they they knew what they were the -- they they they. And a desperate demand isn't it yeah. -- putt putt -- a pop up a so while it would what's gonna happen up there when -- With this -- better bunch of different gonna. -- yeah you know this you can call the fake Indian. -- I don't know what they haven't run me out of town on a rail let's what she is she's a fake Andean. We're complicit in what they do in the you know you know all the young local TV stations they always have the interviews with the senate -- that candidates of the governors candidates. In their house and their spouse right before hey you know this. I know there were. Listed here -- her -- -- would play. This is that she's she's being interviewed by the a cousin of one of the candidates the -- was an anchor but the core cousin is one of the guys who was was was muscled aside when. When Schumer and Reid decided they want to put the fake Indian into the race so listen to work question. Here I asked Warren if she had anything in the house that reflects her native American Heritage I have plenty of pictures they're not -- you. Native American Heritage. As it is promote the in Connecticut who. Spoke. Graham -- weapon would be that would be a must get from -- -- would be a musket from the Tennessee militia what is surrounding Cherokee has remember that's what you. While she her her actual ancestor is one of them shot an -- -- was beating up who was beating you out there -- yeah. Know the guy it was a -- at Indian after the after they all moved into Oklahoma. And wrestle the drunken Indian he was played -- it was brutal -- so -- -- Eddie Eddie Eddie last sued the kid her uncle my great uncle or something off the horse that was beating him. And so the big guy the grandfather came along and shot the Indians. And he jumped on the horse he was writing on the -- shot him again -- -- And two generations before the -- relatives were rounding up Indians in the Tennessee Malaysia and send them on the trail of tears. So you know where she was where she claimed that she is she had her family had the recipe for that that stolen from the New York Times were called -- -- -- But she's a total fraud but I she associates it's -- but talk of the other Harrell says it's huge stopped one point -- -- -- -- a Scott's two points -- some of the other part of. There is because he's a good music good guy clearly. And you know the problem is I think commit to gonna get beat pretty badly up there you don't know and -- If they both -- down ballot and all the rest of that it could be a problem but I assure OP he comes back haven't -- a good job here. Yeah not -- talked to -- apparently as bad as as earlier candidates -- lost the worst one we ever had you'll you'll be surprised to -- was Bob Dole he got a big he got a whopping 27%. -- doubt that he took -- -- down to congressman and stop bill -- from beating Kerry but but by the upon The Herald poll today said. It's 5742. Which if you keep on Obama that's about like 1015. Points underwear he was you know. Four years ago at this time. It's just issues that I I don't know. Pat I just think. I just think the you know there's nothing much -- -- doesn't seem to be getting crowds they sent -- Springsteen Springsteen was with them today. They got that they got a crowd to run according to Drudge that the spring fees in the same area. There were 50000 fewer people than -- yet who's not exactly mr. charisma as we both. Our Chris you know and Atlantic -- I can understand that they they hit the independents. Apparent break in somewhere between 7%. In -- up to 20%. And so are our polls fool around you all the way and and the Republican and democratic parties are pretty close. In most of these swing states install choke. And and sorry you know I don't really think it's got a real fighting cancer -- awful lot blah. Is -- no matter RO thing if it doesn't get daddy's got to pick -- another big states. They beat Pennsylvania. Florida Pennsylvania that came up draw Ireland and on the right to look -- that's got to get Colorado I think and Wisconsin. We've got a during objector. Yeah I -- I think he gets I think he gets New Hampshire. He's a he -- he's the one -- pretty well like I think for a you know. Doing very well it hadn't been for that. I think that same -- I think it would be role in -- right now. Yeah yes CNB would you -- Chris Christie is sort of like. Understanding and actual Chris Christie I think you know -- did you cure people lately it's on the short told -- -- -- -- -- Smashing it comes to present to them and help you are so I think the fact that he should be correct in support of the president and thank you very much for comment. That's fine I think you might -- doubt about sort of the anti debate that it sort of that on Romney at one point and it kept don't want it over and over again. So I think can and it enabled -- Obama no doubt about it -- project where he's better game but he -- run around talking about -- -- content uploaded is the best for them. I know that's that's crazy is now we want -- Nixon -- the be sorry guys say and something like that voting is the best for being mean and -- you know Nixon with think something like. Ted -- Oval Office -- strike -- a yeah exactly but he which -- just stupid you know -- reporter I -- with a dark chocolate is good but I was in the car. With that Nixon after the energy after brokerage speak for Goldwater Nixon got up and delivered in you know mr. -- -- mr. conservative announcement Republican. -- Mr. President called on everybody. -- the united that party -- just gonna -- -- out there. You know activity extremism in the defense of liberty line. And action was and the partnership. Despite your -- -- it -- a car with him and -- the air was blue. Receivers really ticked off because -- -- trying to bring everybody together with this speech in -- go -- Well obviously key figure she doesn't he doesn't he's not going to be able bring everybody together -- he's just gonna he's just gonna try to stitch together just enough to win but I'm not sure that the the -- that he can even pull out. He can pull -- that. I hope not because look at somebody pointed -- it's -- first sergeant Woodrow Wilson were present in -- action. I would get lashed -- register the vote to deduct this first run. And the only reason Wilson won the first front has been executed because Q are pulled off from -- -- Ahead of the president -- Charles Moose yeah exactly and ensure that this would be eight this is almost unprecedented. Nobody in a two man race for the president second time around. Doesn't do nearly as well as the first time candidates -- campaign he's -- apparently you know -- from Asia and all this other. It sounds like almost a political hat can. -- there -- I'm Michael W saying about it 2008 US pivotal role in -- sort of there's apparent the pulpit but they don't pretty good job. But Joseph Biden meet cute cute cute. Well last time around the person in the Delaware oil as we get back it's. Yeah well I mean -- they've murmured 2008 -- -- we wanna we wanna bring him on the ticket because he provides -- costs. But I mean he needs rules of the kinds and his pockets to keep from blowing away. He sure does teacher doesn't stand up and nobody paid much attention took the position well just told -- But it's nobody's like to use the cliche he's a heartbeat away. Pretty up pretty frightening. Well I think you know it's. You know which really does seem to be -- you don't change your life very light on operational way conduction -- Yeah in the -- that the baby look like the Joker you know in the in the back up up up a complete Joker cuts -- It's just this. Here's an agent of the candidates are all people are watching at all after want to open we're talking about. Yeah now I know it's. I don't know I'd be if all public there were pretty if it met Winslow boy he's got a he's got his hands full he's got a hell of a -- between a -- Well you know such but I think if you went to the Republicans take a beating. In 2014 because of its gonna do the right thing can be Bledel complex in to get just to try to get just budget under control. Into -- you know -- spending down in and I think it's going to be very very tough. Very topic -- -- -- when he's gonna have to work with. Because it in case if you -- to sixty approach to China that you need to do for almost everything to have to work or some other moderate Democrats are there any left and thereby. Yeah -- until. Yeah hey pat thanks for being with us we really appreciate it -- your get where you're going to be tomorrow night you go on and on fox. Relevant I think -- they don't be honest. -- watching myself. Okay pat thanks for being with -- we really appreciate all -- -- -- -- have you. Okay bye -- that's Pat Buchanan former prime candidate for president former aide to one Nixon Reagan and now our.