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Sen. Scott Brown, Independence Personified

Nov 5, 2012|

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) was on the big bus touring his home state of Massachusetts. He told a breakfast crowd this morning he is even more certain about victory tomorrow night than he was two years ago when he first won his seat which had been held for over 50 years by the democratic party. His pitch is if you want a democratic lap dog who will raise taxes vote for the other guy. If you want independent fair representation and no more tax hikes vote for him.

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Joining us now on the line is senator Scott Brown. Scott good to have you with us here in the Howie -- show again. -- again and now we're in the bus and heading -- and you obviously stuck in traffic as usual. And obviously you're into all over into our rally. Until -- well. Well it'll come it's 532 out -- -- -- -- them. A guard personnel that they do and ask you for your vote others you mention Andy voter and are your listeners vote because. This is a serious election and that really is coming down situations there's. You may have heard this morning local show. My opponent was asked about increasing taxes and she had no no arms and having a personal income taxes go over 50%. And that's a difference one of them. Yet she won't pay the taxes voluntarily decide -- what I don't understand she hasn't she what what is she put her money where my hope this. Personally. Well I'm not gonna raise people's taxes. I'm gonna cut down on the regulation in the -- case. Well it worked together and then in so it's usually the sixty minutes this subsite. Well you really sure that you have your listeners put a link -- as the two leaders in this column broke consent. As a true leaders sitting next to each other being interviewed in the body language was on console level want they would sit and look at each other don't try to do the talking over each other. The leaders of the United States senate you know when people see those are battling against huge streams. On both sides and that's why I'm 5050 but those side because. You can actually solve problems that you. You try to work together. My opponents going to be there in lockstep and you'll see that your -- will just say oh my goodness now like yes no question that's -- -- against. We you know war it's -- -- ties saying well you know -- -- -- the you'll vote with the Republicans down there and that's the only reason you're going down there. In -- might swing the balance of power will -- old when you vote for Elizabeth Warren you're really voting for Harry Reid. You know I mean this is -- and think about what as slow and easy guy Harry Reid is I mean this is the guy who said that. You know the war in Iraq was lost to before the surge now he's running around it's giving a Barack Obama credit port. He he he used to be for a used to be against illegal aliens before it was for illegal aliens his sons have made millions of dollars. In buying real estate and in Nevada -- federal projects I mean this is a guy who wins the white Washington and is lined his pockets. Well Ali if you think that this is the only rates in the country or your listeners still there's pretty reiterate to them you would love it I think it's in the -- race. The entire balance of power in the world as we know we'll we'll come down to this race well listen there's at least twelve assistant competitive races. And there's no one's gonna come out of this for the majority so does that mean that means all the more importantly. That he knows the moderates some people like me and sensors in Collins in and Joseph mentioned and others are going to be in a little trying to bridge the gap between those extremes aren't really encourage your questions to get on -- look at that sixty minutes piece. It was quite telling them number one number two. This is a serious election and expensive salon -- in all the shenanigans you've written about it you've seen it. I I believe in them asking for all of your listeners Somalia Eritrea and everything. I like you have a very -- right. I -- it's based what you're familiar your Twitter and your own personal -- and and and -- recharge your neighbors personal phone calls from people are huge and this is a numbers game at this point I know it you know it. If you want somebody who's who's who's basically for our secure borders against illegal immigration. And is not in favor of this situation. And not in favor of right relations there that's for illegals -- that -- -- taxes. Want to try to solve our country will -- about to me. If you let the other way of opera that's inspirational guys. And these are the these kind of scare tactics that she's been used in the -- they really are Rob -- well -- this thing about -- wave like your like somehow you will be your gonna do away with will be when he charged earlier. I don't let them. Listen you know this as well as -- Scott would be for the Supreme Court decision -- Roe vs. Wade sixteen states have legalized abortion anyway they hit it included 41%. Of the United States population in most states. All he had that I was cross the border going to one of those states and get an abortion abortion is not going for better -- for worse abortion is not going the way it should she make it seem like it as. Personnel issues -- -- this is a thing. Us vs them as vs. Men vs women average -- -- for you -- a senior and dividing meanwhile I'm a unifier -- unified. Such as Americans first to move our country forward there's enough division has enough records in and conflict throughout the world we don't you're in Massachusetts. We don't either in the united it's here we need to work together as Americans first. -- really solve our country's problems Ali and you know I think that's hurt people's series just what it was. Now you're you're against equal pay for women and it really how is that what you are against the paychecks they're still -- what I say so did Susan Collins. You know a moderate -- -- One bipartisan senator and the United States finish sort of Cheney. So there's the issue also that from Massachusetts and also bad from there of course. Yeah victory that those folks -- -- voted for 5050. Times on jobs those 24 and then voted. Against my party to push -- and pushes forward its it was a good job so I'd be all over and I think the bulk or. But it wasn't it eliminated the flexibility of women in the workplace. And more regulations move forward. Like you -- was an early Christmas present for the for the or earlier trial lawyers I wish -- the price yeah it's too bad it's just that's -- so hard to explain Amaechi that they. If you understood and artistic yeah it's pretty simple but you know on this than thirty million plus dollars ever way it is an additional people -- while. Only reason the bill was the only reason that bowl was pulled up and people should remember this is -- what they got. It is so that they could should she she could cherry pick the vote to use your -- last week she cherry picks this and make sure look like urine Neanderthal. Would I would you're just that you're just acting like an adult and the and Schumer and received again are just acting like yeah you know their in the student council. Well that's what -- blame on both sides -- there on the left and the right. I'll tell you whether it's pretty it's pretty disgusting down there but. That's why I've worked on the insider trading -- you reference stuff that happened before well it's just and it relatives of any senators get in privileged. Nonpublic information go to jail. That's why I felt it was very important to do that. Also the crowd funding bill that the the three jobs -- I -- as. Does not -- hundred jobs senator that's the most important than what was social things are important. The women I know they want a war. They want -- -- kids they wanna keep taxes those so they can continue to hire and grow. Sure she's raising taxes you want to have more regulation. And she's cutting and by the way this thing with the seniors I think it's critically important -- your listeners. Do one thing before they vote -- a doctor then they're out there -- smaller -- nursing home. And ask them what the three -- -- a trillion dollar cut to Medicare do. And then make your decision if you want because dispute looks -- audio service here associate -- being honest -- -- I am gonna make sure that I stop those sites. And. She says she's fighting for the middle class how can she fight for the middle class of -- for tax increases because we're. You know we all know except may be heard that there's not enough millionaires and billionaires as she calls them -- -- to watch soap. To what to get all the money they need they're gonna go after the middle class and that's who they're gonna go after they're gonna get -- again. A year there's a pattern here about -- and the government for a very. -- -- The these -- millionaires and billionaires in a couple of weeks. We wanted their competence it's actually -- she's not -- they're looking out for your pocketbooks and wallets and so our issues and -- the person that. You know and when it comes certain subsidies very important issues facing her and -- statement country. Aren't -- like into the salon I'm I'm asking for people to recognize and how it operates as an ordinary shots of this before. Okay can you beat the crap about me and I'm. Over over issues like America more because. I think it's so like we're going to let you know I no I think it's critically important for -- listeners. They have all the information understand why you as an elected official votes. I'll do I work for you. There were incidents people local parties party -- people. And I worked for them for your listeners and I would take the praise and I think it's. Is Elisabeth that I'm sure. When the phone -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is that on your shows you mention that with he's been and her sister. So mask -- some people close -- -- that are really make a difference and artistry. And out of the park plaza tomorrow and I didn't have a there are beer soda whatever your your preferences and what was celebrate you know very powerful message to their feet you know machine that we don't know -- out on the machine they're trying to. -- make sure that they just missed a -- hearts of those bipartisan people out -- vanishing breed. Yeah -- wants -- they the globe wants all these wants more moderate Republican is terrible and a moderate Republicans and yet they -- -- wall -- -- was with Warren apologies after puppies now did you Hershey Calder house or one point seven million dollar mansion in Cambridge where our rescue house. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know like a rescue dog she saved it from -- so decrepit. Well listen I don't regret that I went. Some advice and they're taking advantage of things that. You know and working hard to get an effort. I want to argue about taking that money and giving it to the federal government who lease our money handles about until it. I'm not okay. Okay Scott were you next one last time earlier. The wall although there are religions celebrate plural. Okay start your good luck Scott and point guard.