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Avi Nelson Special 11-5 program Hour 1

Nov 5, 2012|

Special pre-election show

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It is -- -- and welcome to a special program. This election even if we're going local tonight to this is a live local programs isn't syndicated. It's not from a law are being done right here in the WRKO studios. And you are welcome to join in the conversation. The telephone number is always told three. 877. 469432. To the text message code is 68680. The email address and Nelson wrko.com. Now. Wonder what the talk about the nine finally settled on how about the election. As we come to the home stretch. Quadrennial. Event. Of ever increasing magnitude each time we go through this. It seems to get bigger longer and grander more expensive. An hour coming to. The very end I mean now nowadays it's not really all voting on election -- is of course a lot of people already cast their ballots anomaly that. The early voting is being used as a tool in trying to analyze who's going to win -- been fascinated as I've been. Listen to the radio today and watching television from time to time but especially radio. There seems to be out of an interest almost an obsession. And trying to figure out who's gonna win. As if somehow. He'll -- -- him alone into running for hours or so well -- more than 24. And -- but there's some things changed really amazing people -- just. Are caught up in the passion of trying to predict the results. -- okay the phone line is gonna be open view all night can be reduced to 10 o'clock this evening. And we're gonna talk about election -- anything having to do with the election. Now -- election I mean broadly construed obviously the presidential contest. We've got a senatorial race here in Massachusetts. We've got some contested. Congressional races here. I don't know that we can do all the races for the state national. How -- program that just preceded this they had number of candidates on. But even in New Hampshire. There's at least one. Congressional contest has gotten some attention this gubernatorial contest that goes on. So for those of you are involved within I know the candidates are. In sort of last campaign mode in -- last minute rallies and there revving up the organizations trying to get people to do and to being indigo. So -- -- -- -- -- or if you want to. Give comments on the election and it's open for you all the way through will be talked about the various aspects of the election. 877469432. To -- if there's a phone number hold free and if you're just joining us. Good evening I'm body Nelson is a special program that we have because it is election eve biting your participation. The a text message code. Is six a six -- and a constant touch Moses lets say hi at a -- alone. Nice to have you with us as well. And the email address and Nelson had wrko.com. This is that aside -- here with. With regard to. The -- goings on in. New Jersey and New York where they've gotten clobbered of course from hurricane. I thought it was interesting that came across this. That the. The coast East Coast of course who needed help and was receiving. Help from -- Obama. But they were when the crews can look -- they were told by Cruz in New Jersey. That they can't do any work there because they're not union employees. And I thought that was just amazing. That well in a time of crisis like this. That the nonunion employees would not be welcome I don't know if they've resolved that that the fact that. At any momentum that even for -- for a brief time. The nonunion employees were told the almighty Kimmel live from Alabama or somewhere where we won't bother with you. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Well I'm not gonna get involved with who I think is going into my analysis would be at least not now. -- my analysis is colored too much by Iowa hope will happen. By all accounts the the race is close but if you do the analysis of the polls there are some people who say that. If you drew a little bit deeper you find that the the polls. Are telling Obama bias that is pro Obama because of the way that the polls are structured. -- into many Democrats thinking of the race is going to be. Populated by voters. That reflect. What happened in 2008. And that this time the enthusiasm factor. He's with the Republicans not with the Democrats so the polls -- suspect. But with purple whatever result you want you can find it in a poll. OK let's go to the telephone lines and as I say for those of you want to text message -- Cheney. 680 is the text message code. We'll be playing some clips along the way. Just to. Spice things up a bit so join us and have a good time on this eve of the election. 2012. Let's go to the telephone lines -- you I'm sorry Courtney your first up your -- on. Artery -- under the program thanks for being icebreaker. I'll -- -- You and I actually go way way back to the seven -- to remember my first day. Well. Seven uses a long way back -- But. You're lovely wife Laura. And various political battles civic market and North Shore. And so on but I -- as a myopia market's rally car. Look bio biopic about CEO's. Joke but anyway that as spectacle all for it I just -- -- make a comment. On. Elizabeth Warren Beatty. I asked her trinkets mementos or whatever. -- her house since she said I've got lots of voters but not you. Does not sound. More than a little bit -- I thought it was just remarkable. We have that we have that clip that once you want to run that clip now. Which Courtney is referring to I warrant if she had anything in the house that reflects her native American Heritage -- pictures they're not here. That you imagined saying that I have plenty of pictures they -- not for you. Again according I have the same reaction I mean here. Whatever they want less safe measures today and she's not even in office yet. Like a bloody -- that is not a. Quite a while taken Kearney thank you for the call you know I. I want him to start their -- case since sessions it was brought up by a caller. I just found it utterly remarkable. That. Initiates. This controversy is dog -- all the way through she never reported to arrest. And so here's the very end of the campaign someone -- it's one thing if she. Didn't Cheney thing about having pictures or she sort of just demurred. But instead she says all I got plenty of pictures of them for you you think you didn't make the cut you though the public don't have. The right to see them. I just stand on my claims of high cheekbones at all. It's not the only problem that there is with Elizabeth Warren but it certainly is one that the reality is and everybody notion. That this wasn't something that she put on some applications and not others just because she was part of her family background. She put it on some applications. And not others because she was using it to advance yourself. I'd like to know with a Harvard ever use that in its filling out some application form for the federal government for some grant or other. And whether they tried to take advantage of having someone who claim to be or that they claim to be. And a native American and American lenient because that would be a fraud perpetrated on the government now beginning to taxpayer dollars. But it really is just something you thought the only problem that there is where Elizabeth Warren and certainly. Is a starting point. Memorable and she said that. She was on she has signed up to some of polish because she was hoping that. She would get a call and have luncheon with someone. Someone like her. And she didn't get a call so she took her name off the durable that that directory. Or want to ask her did you make any calls who -- Mean if you wanted to meet people he didn't call you quote appalled them. Don't think she did. 8774694322. Is the phone number -- -- going down the water. In terms of the senatorial contest here. In Massachusetts. Again whichever poll you wanna believe look what told you what this does show is that. Without would you -- who are. Interested in making some changes here in Massachusetts. They get out there tomorrow and make sure all your friends -- of like mind get out there tomorrow. Now from my point you crush on talk about Republicans but regardless of what what side of the aisle you're on going to be close race. So voting is going to count. 877469432. To the phone number. Text message -- X 8680 email address and Nelson had a New York you know dot com. -- -- you're next on the program good afternoon or good evening to -- Yes. So I had to college one spokesperson the question. Why do you think the the pressure is not covered. Did you the most notable way the then -- You know it's an excellent question and I'll tell you. Well I can give you an explanation as to why the sport at this way if the same thing that happened but George Bush was president. The press would have found a way of covering it if if George Bush. After four Americans were killed a few hours after that he had headed off to Las Vegas for a campaign fund manager. They then the echoes of that would still be heard in the newspapers and on the television stations right in this country. I I agree with you but -- question really is. Why who who fought -- its. Blunt. Who's brought them out. John didn't get the word what the mark set food bought the. All bought the lot the big -- bought off on them that -- just where they are door they are hoping that Obama will win. And so therefore they're not do you know they they don't do things are gonna harm Obama -- actually pushed. Now the auction illusion is giving some coverage to it but -- this there's another thing to. I think Mitt Romney made a serious mistake when he didn't bring it up it got brought up in the second debate. The poor debate was on foreign policy Bob Schieffer raised the question. And Mitt Romney deliberately skirted around it instead of asking the challenging questions if Mitt Romney in that debate. And brought it up and a drastic even in the form of questions. And made it you know clear issue the mainstream media would have had to deal with it. I might make that -- I -- around trying to be presidential or something actually just. At a time. I open it -- by -- side it was 200 to I got one more comment. Well what what did you say that the law degree at CES so. The lines. In Iraq are not they're. Our -- -- the -- I thought it was great. Not never not done everything that I thought. This is really BS I was Boston Symphony Orchestra. And they play the rough month of third piano concerto and that the expansion opening night but the chatting right before and I thought it was just to terrific performance. I'd I'd I'd -- but -- It right where I help you. -- -- -- Well I didn't know that that again actually she legal culture into the program to. I'm Bobby Nelson the phone numbers 8774694322. We're doing special program tonight. Alive program where you've been called in. Express your opinions you are. Hold your aspirations your criticisms if you come from campaign rallies. The yard or -- going to lie under your hand some contact with the -- all that is fair game this year is after all the last evening you'll be able to do it. Tomorrow night. Will have additional little bit of time before the polls close at 8 o'clock but most of it will then be assessing the results. So this is after all has been said and done over this extraordinary. Long involved. Expensive campaign. Here are your thoughts and your feelings that year. Actresses on Nelson a special program for you tonight. We lobby to get on so we hope people enjoyed and participate in. The special program is a local call and talk show for you tonight. On the eve of the election -- been involved for a long time at his chance to sort of step back and take summary. Make summary judgment to the whole thing. I'm gonna be -- with the till 10 o'clock tonight and we're taking all commerce. Now we've put feelers out through some of the main campaigns and another vision of the candidates for the Iowa. Quick five minute she gets some exposure that's fine for those of you had some contact or one reporting and a criticism or comment or prediction. It's -- 8774694322. Is the toll free number. Text message code at 68680. From 978. My wife and I are going to issue mic tonight in Manchester, New Hampshire go Mitch. He is wrapping up tonight guy actually be on the on the campaign trail tomorrow. And then. He comes to the headquarters. Here in Boston. Tomorrow night where he will await the results. And the last time. There was. A candidate who had the campaign headquarters in -- it was John Kerry. At the Boston Public Library. I remember because I was involved with a TV program that we were doing out in front of that. Fact is our calls even in being -- a little bit. And we thought at the time. That's might be that Kerry was going to win. It turned out not to be the case -- see tomorrow whether the local son does better speaking of tomorrow by the way we are going to have special coverage is special program again 7 o'clock. After how -- program I think how image to a little bit later I'm gonna be here with you Jeff coroner will be here. How -- for the first part will go until whenever until you know there's no reason. To be on anymore -- official long night will be with you. And even after the races the races have been called crucial some time for people to call in with either Ecstasy. Or. Sadness depending on what happens. Go back to the helpful lines carrier next on the program good afternoon good evening. -- Hey yeah I would not violence -- here and I ran into John Tierney in it -- star. Yeah I actually didn't know my sockets -- wearing campaign that. It can't meet her. Opera and I said hey you know I'm a Republican but I'm voting for John -- because I think Richard -- is so corrupt and in the -- and instead I am here you know like out. -- why don't you you think that Richardson says is -- the dad aunt -- the problem is that John has been. I know John Tierney aren't -- question for his life and on them on -- you know how you think any money. Each decade. They're not the only city and is he basically. Right now Republican army and down and watch closely. You know ease -- -- out liberal he is just -- he's part of the machine. And it I don't know what machine you're referring to carry because he votes actually away from his party I know Richard to -- and. It's equipment parties and I mean not Republican. Well what you said machine. That's where I'm assured that I can understand -- -- sector yes I. I'm using that term because that the Republican national many tired conventions is pretty much. Putting people -- aren't always conservative I mean it is part you know at the highest levels part of the Democratic Party in some way and so. Very -- Kerry OK I think I'll I'm going and make some comments on what you just said appreciate your call thank you the this idea that the Republican Party or the Democrat party for that matter ports in candidates. I don't know maybe that comes from watching too many television movie that's not the way it works. People choose to run for office and if they can mount -- campaigns. And get more votes than the other guy. Then they went. That's the way it works so nobody put anybody into a position. You're not enough for it national parties were doing that presumably they do a better job. Richard just say do I agree with every position that he takes and you Kerry used that term Ryan a Republican in name only. Or Republican isn't conservative enough he immediately gets that label from other people who want. But might challenge always is not whether I agree with Richard to say or Scott Brown or Mitt Romney for that matter on every issue. But how are these candidates compared to the opponents. I mean you think Richard carry you think Richard to -- -- and vote the way you want. How often is John Tierney vote the way you want me he's been a standard left wing Democrat all the way down -- -- I shall. From your point of view Richard may get a few coach Ron -- must get almost all the wrong. And you used term corruption which is really not an appropriate term if it's your problem is that that is political philosophies differ from yours. But you want talk about corruption. The scandal with -- Is that. His Brothers in law and his wife were involved in illegal gambling operation. The Brothers in law have both been convicted Ford the wife was convicted. For. In effect money laundering. She actually serve jail time over and he's claiming he didn't know anything about it. That doesn't seem credible to me. We're talking millions of dollars. You know if your wife or husband and millions of dollars flowing through the hustled out. And some of it going to or her. In his case life. That you know about it. Anyway -- and talk about corruption. It doesn't deserve to be reelected this is good ol' fashioned corruption. This is you know dealing in things that are illegal for purposes. Of the morality from getting extra money. That's before you even get to philosophy and politics that kind of to botched character. No longer belong Stafford did doesn't belong counters. 8774694322. Is the phone number polishing you know you are next on the program good evening. Yeah hi. I'm Thomas in all I'm running for state representative in Belmont Arlington in Cambridge. I'm the only fiscal conservative and email and history. I've been endorsed by citizens for limited taxation. Both my rivals are liberals once Democrat the others writing as an independent. You're like you're running as a Republican I am I'm. I stand for all government that her job group. Re -- property taxes. And an education. Welcome -- yeah. I was listening you've been endorsed by citizens for limited taxation. And already high up in my book because that's a good group. Are you running against an incumbent. Now this is an -- and say. But but the district is democratic in terms of the numbers. -- well yeah I'd say that's probably true. Yeah. But you think you can overcome that. I have a very long resonated. Service to my community -- town meeting member. For over twenty years -- serve on council on aging traffic advisory. Economic development and I also founded and continue to produced at no cost. To the community. A concert series that reduces -- teen summer concert we started. And there -- only do we are one of you programs. In this state 23 years ago. Well I haven't I have some experience in the community. Yeah anomaly that you have only have some recognition in the community. Thomas -- if you. If you want people to contact you to participate or to join you tomorrow we're you gonna be tomorrow evening. Tomorrow evening I'm going to be at my home. It's here at Belmont and -- state road. People invited to join you in short. Okay I have come in and give a website is always people until you -- I I use my nickname which has it's a little confusion. My name's Connie. So. While people were wondering. Who this guy is right. -- But it at www. Tommy you know am I old friend OL as spoke and so it's all one word. You know am I oh well as through and. Well Tommy or Thomas -- also be no confusion I wish you the best of luck and I appreciate your calling in I'm glad you're running sound like you. You or would be a good candidate in a good good state route so we'll -- you know at Arlington. Belmont. Right. It's primarily Belmont but precinct in Arlington in -- in Cambridge. Two in Cambridge. Okay good luck to you but it's not very like -- thanks for all. 8774694322. You know there are whole bunch of ratio is going on at that level at the Statehouse level and we can't do justice to the mall and I -- feel bad about that that. We do what we can and with some of the higher profile relations. For those -- you were involved with this with the witnesses say -- grand effort which is the greatest democracy in the world. Making its choices for the next two years in some cases for and others in section -- cases senate. For those of you involved here's your chance to participate with us as well. 8774694322. Text message code six. 8680. The email address a Nelson WRK dot com -- sent a text message from 71. Massachusetts voters are officially more it's. Because she things to say isn't conservative and conservative enough she votes Democrats question mark. Well. I don't know that you convince a lot of pupils come already are shy by Colin morons that your ride I don't understand that line of argument I hear it. All the time. From people are just so dissatisfied. We're disappointed in the Republican candidate he's just not conservative enough that could not therefore I'm gonna vote for the Democrat and I don't get you know. Move the world a little bit in the direction you want next time we can move it a little bit more. But to continue to have -- go in the wrong direction. Has sent by ancient. 8774694322. That's especially true at the presidential level right. I've heard ad nauseam about how you disagree with. When Mitt Romney and the show that position -- I don't with Barack Obama if you think the Ronnie -- she is short on a couple of issues you must think that Obama gets almost all the wrong did -- at the state level with Scott Brown Elizabeth Warren. Big brown didn't quite conservative enough free -- Warren doing. By your scale. Freddie are next on the program good evening. -- very much to -- culture. That you're gonna check -- to support network that -- question one question. Which -- I was listening to your corner it's our last mentioned. At the polling -- -- he would minority. -- and double B. In reversed -- whether the white vote the ship needs to -- and force and 6% TPW. Where. All my question thing and you understand that demographic -- track issues. But how do Republicans in the picture partners. Candidates. Hispanics African Americans go forward with what this election tomorrow. Okay potentially place. How do we break that demographic coal to convince people. It you know the Republicans to conserve as something off because otherwise the demographics in the country awaited change over time. We may win this election but what we've got to do shall you. To break the stranglehold that the Democrat traditional. Hispanic African American pressure into the white women. It's frustrating. Yeah it is I understand that -- and two great question Freddie because it it. It really looks to the future I don't think you get anything of the black community for a long time necessary I don't think you get much of a shift. It's always going to be for the foreseeable future 80% for the Democrats and the reason is. The Democrat party is the party of the hand out. And the black community. Has allowed itself to be convinced that the only way they're gonna make it is with special treatment with an -- And so as long as you have that philosophy. Is not gonna get them to vote Republican. Now with the Hispanic community it's a little bit different. The immigration issue I guess is playing here but. You'd figure that Hispanics would be more sensitive to the economic questions that the Republicans to a better job of addressing. Then the Democrats I think that she is gonna take some time. Otherwise you've got the same problem here that you know if you have a considerable group in the Hispanic community. That -- to the government handout to the govern government as the salvation. Then there are always favor the Democrat. That's how they buy -- tell the Democrats bugged by votes that's why we're in debt all these programs. That have been put forward over the years all these. These gifts these you know these pieces of candy that have been handed out to buy constituent votes. In a way you could say that's the problem with democracy is that votes can be bought that way. But it's not an easy. Problem to solve. Of an all you can do wish to try to get across to people that look at the economics are important the Democrats are not as good as the Republicans. I I have the water's healing -- start well is getting shot into the back to taken down. Just because it is not warning in effect one year it worked and -- fault by that would admit that I you know in this campaign you'll want. She didn't pound the Democrats as the party. Improbable artful our problem our. And he's got to go which. Choose you know I agree. -- 1 -- -- I think it is -- or if you look at these Portland center operations Nelson of Florida Broward Ohio. If you do it there Walsh squeaking it looks like stage we are in the world will end state democratic. Not -- done. He kept saying and so you know it's a landmark election but he did make the point it's. The Democrats in general. And I just said this year armed movement wake up Wednesday morning. -- more gridlock some good people will watch maybe -- one maybe all or we do want autopsy and I Jewish -- if you shut out Republicans. How is the base in this election. Cooperate but did did it in the -- -- what are gonna get very far we don't like that strangle. Freddie thank you. Thank you for golf. And then maybe the -- they've been concerned about the future. Like that for a while looking up sometimes slow these things can be overstated. Remember years ago when there was a big push by the Democrats to lower the voting age from 21 to eighteen. Because all those eighteen year old you're gonna vote Democrat socially got it through Democrats had -- doing any better after that. So sometimes these forecasts don't hold because the blocked doesn't hold Hispanic bloc may not hold the way it is for this election. Back on the other side of a break among Nelson. 97 may just say corrupt -- you -- we hear about this when he ran for lieutenant governor she didn't mean drop in the sense. That the word is used to choose the wrong word -- they've gathered. When she meant by corrupt she wasn't voted conservative now. Usually ones. That's the basic corruption. From five -- and the programs do not think yeah that's the that's the tragedy of it that. They. The programs that -- for the black community just keeps them in poverty and in Detroit has so little progress but they vote for than anyway. Which is -- -- bad losses on some nation a text message your child won't read but. Saying nice things about program and we appreciate -- OK let's go back to the telephone lines 8774694322. Is the toll free number. Time your next on the program good evening. How -- we want to thank you very much for taking my call them what. First time -- longtime listener. Helping others to. How are your -- The. Obama running as an independent. I'm running as an independent the government content mr. -- And I'm writing basically because of the situation that happened a couple of years ago. You probably remember this situation would probably some -- And dynamics knowing that we let -- sentences in -- problem. Six months she got she got Cuba. Why didn't -- the police officers that your. Right and that kind of opened up my guys so what's going on. There MX I'm looking into the Parole Board -- we will pointed. And that limits the governor's council -- I'm looking at what type of qualifications is people have. And I feel that my qualifications. Basically. Are the -- -- better than people that are on there. I felt compelled to run. So are you doing it. -- gamut and what kind of like what are they don't like god I wish you well positioned for regular or is this your first time and and I didn't think it. What are running local league to night that there in the district -- -- -- 2000. What did you tell us what the governor's council guns. The government console gives advice and consent to the governor would -- -- judgeships -- ships parole boards military's -- but justice of the peace. And you know they've they've been loaded. I think that in September -- the globe had written an article written for the primary. About how. Divisive and dysfunctional they are. Many -- you -- -- many editorials from the globe and herald about getting live the government can't. I don't read that you know it's one of those organizations. That actually has a fair amount of influence as you -- you -- you end up with. With -- hoodlums murderers being parole than commit murder and they fly under the radar so Tom let's what are your crawl what are your qualifications for only. It's it's one of the more important jobs and nobody's heard of -- -- it's a great British public who pointing out. Marty qualifications -- that Winthrop college. At Clark University. I graduated with a good with a degree in government. Public policy. And it went a lot school and we're them premier markets were almost fifty years. And then I went on my own right now. Vice president. Can't -- cut second second by computers. When refurbished computers and put him back in the marketplace. That this kind of crisis and I -- so close and produce. The local cable show and why I talk -- but that is because one of my -- -- select between parents and the governor's council and one of the things don't wanna deal. There's the video -- open hearings that go along. And send them to local cable stations so. Other cities and towns in my districts. That people from their living room and see what's going off. Okay Tom. -- get -- excited once give -- spell your last name. Let my lest -- -- shots. Spelled -- stage he that President Clinton. And if people on the deal website or were -- people can contact you. Www. Aren't -- dot com. Take it very much. I mean I'm glad you took the initiative to call in the initiative to run Oprah -- -- forty. Appreciate it pays particular. Obama. I hope -- don't that's how it starts guys that's that's what it takes. Potentially to hear people who are doing something else working in the real world. And took a look -- like what was going on and decided. You know maybe I can make a difference. So thing are there and they do. -- everybody who steps into the political arena you know get Schwartz called Potomac fever. Where you can plot your way to the White House so starts with state -- governor's council goes on from there. All the way to the top job. There's always work out that way but. People tend to be susceptible to it we've got about a minute before. The news breaks and it's not. Quite enough time. To well you know there might be enough time to we played the that clip. Where Obama talks about vote for revenge -- go from governor's counsel to the highest office we have that led. The issues memorable Obama recently talked about vote. Voting is the best revenge here's here's the clip. -- congress. And senate candidate by the name of Mitt Romney. Don't move well. -- -- That's all we need you know the only thing I can think of as they came from. The cliche living well as the best revenge but it sounds off. And on the other side of the news break we'll have -- -- -- you to stay with us this is -- -- special program this evening. Back on the other side. --