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Avi Nelson Special 11-5 program Hour 2

Nov 5, 2012|

Special pre-election show

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Don Nelson Lionhead. Heaven's name do we have that is a promo for the station. Ruling which just got played where you tell us about that that that the Tea Party is children in graciously made black usually like that. Garbage is she missed you expect that more on and some left polling stations. This from the Democratic National Committee. Feel better. They infiltrate this station all the time. Well anyway. It's. 87746. 4322 if we -- and will ban them from doing that right. You know as we get to the final stages it's important to step back and to have an overview as to what exactly. Is motivating the race here. Well think about it if you are interested in the economy. Obama has for years. To turn things around how's -- done well she like -- best. The economy is growing at a very slow rate you -- 2% under 2%. Unemployment rate is at seven point nine went up. And the most recent numbers rather than down. -- if you're gonna vote to support Obama you're doing it on what that somehow. What he's doing will eventually work she's gonna give you more of the same. Philosophically. I don't understand how we can think that spending more and more government money. Money we can't afford money we don't. Is gonna solve the problem. At least Mitt Romney. Has some good business experienced -- the real world works -- -- jobs are created in the private sector -- the public sector. And strikes me as a much better route of travel especially since we've tried the other. More people talk about change from change proposed deficit spending. But change. When you propose that. There was virtually no deficit. Sure you can have a little bit of deficit and then -- I'm sure implied that you would then pay it back when the times get good. -- we never paid back. All we do is keep borrowing. And that's why we have a sixteen trillion dollar debt now. And the deficit each year under oral bombers over a trillion dollars so we keep adding to the debt. When something isn't working doesn't it make sense to change. People trial at this point being a court that they give a tribute to Weinstein about repeating the same behavior expecting different results. The form of insanity Einstein ever said. To begin to use it -- don't bring Einstein to. I know I'm not church insane but it certainly doesn't make a lot of sense. We expect that. This is this is why we have elections is to be able that change this year is a dramatic election in the sense that the candidates are very different. From one another in terms of their outlook in terms of their background. We're gonna play a little bit those 22 to drive this point home let's go back to the telephone -- now you're just joining -- evening. This a special program. On the eve of the election. That we are having here this evening I'm -- Nelson where would you live going to be with you until 2 o'clock because we thought as we bring this. Enormous campaign season too close that it would be an opportunity for people to get connected at the local level where it. There fought some parts of their colleagues neighbors and friends. And to get perspective as we. About to undertake that most important of democratic. Undertakings and that is the vote to determine. How we shall be governed over the next two years and he. Let's go back to the telephone line it's edgier next on the program good afternoon good evening. -- -- -- Yes. Well I'm glad to finally talk with you look at -- and a few years and years and -- -- that. Return on 687. I got a call and it. Yup I've been involved with -- -- campaign order. There's to doubt that any. He's like guys stuck with them. The he's started a -- world but on the global warming issue and then he got back on track again and I thought that was them. But I'm I'm a believer in his his ability to the country. Back on the road help again that like it's is dismissed six. Free market principles he knows that government is the problem not the answer. But I implement touch base with you on either side talk a little bit about and got. On the military guy that was in the navy. But got a tight race that some might not so bad. That actually atletico. I'm -- that it like it all along to well over a message needs so that we get this but it. You know hurt so that the public really knows what's going on. Well you're actually right to be upset about and guys. And the problem really is we don't know what went on I mean we know that we have four dead Americans. We've got at least one former maybe she collided disobey orders to go in and help. We have a we have an administration that. That for a long time was blaming it on this video in effect disavowing that it was an act of terrorism but all we don't know is whether. Obama actually gave an executive order to show and in some troops to help. -- some military forced help and whether that order was ignored or never given. -- you know there's the it's remarkable that we really don't know what is taken place here do we Lucia. We lost to tune. -- the local brokers -- from New Hampshire but I fully agree with that and it it is. It is perhaps one of the most important issues that is gone. On attended and I can understand why the mainstream media did you didn't want to talk about it because it might think look -- might make Obama look bad. But Mitt Romney sure brought it up because that would have forced attention to beat on this issue you know. There were two attacks on that consulate earlier on there and ask for additional security. No additional security was given. Joseph Biden. Said that all the administration originally wanted additional security. Is making any sense at all. The Biden is a credible witness for anything. But they're just unanswered questions and we have four dead Americans in the first ambassador to be killed. In the line of duty since 1979. And you know -- watch that was on Jimmy Carter. A lot of nights. -- comparisons between Carter's failed presidency you know bombers failed presidency. Just hope that tomorrow there will be a judgment made sure that we don't have them another four years of 8774694322. Is the phone number one has done really good work years Fox News. Has uncovered a lot of information about the whole bank she episode. That is just remarkable that Obama has been able to get away. -- too skinny line. Without addressing this issue and he has not been portion. Really too bad. Go back to the telephone line it's time your next on the program good evening. -- good evening. Happy that they hear from Kurt -- in the wild. Q by the way just like that gives me a chance not to mention. I do have a regular program on WRKO on Saturday afternoons from three to five. -- total war. Earlier on a wise that has been three or five for a little bit that's in the afternoon but none none of them. Took -- okay. And called it. -- when your first post a pullout. -- -- in you know. -- -- Is that all -- now. And I didn't wanted to come Election -- we were there because that would not vote for. A post it here but what they get you know. I want a little bit more. I expect little. Oh. -- -- in the want to launch some moves closer to your flaws -- -- more conservative. Who are correct I and I don't think it's too much to ask for the the crop out immediately put typical -- to a politician certain. More of an independent. Rather than a Republican. If you want to Republican you know it would have been in the senate and so we put that put it was name. Isn't it you know that that's not. Use the word prostitute. Protested in the absence. It would be if you really believe one thing but it's absolutely. -- I don't know at that point is it's not round. Has slightly different points of view on issues than you'd. More than I do for that matter. It in my ideal world would I have somebody more conservative. -- but in my ideal world. I would -- Deval Patrick is governor I have a legislature that's more conservative I have a more conservative president there's a long list. That I would have been my ideal world it's not the ideal world that's the real world tomorrow. You've got to decide with the younger vote for Scott Brown or are. Elisabeth -- -- -- -- you made the initiation for to say instead of TN. And that's because and that's because to say while he may not. Represent your point of view on all points would make the country a better place because he gets more of the issues right. Then -- He's all. I guess I'm. I knew I don't know quite who probably. Are used to work better as last bad as an epic. -- thanks for golf. OK I mean you can look at this as the better of two choices or the lesser of two evils. They won phrasing is of course a little more pessimistic than the other but it accomplishes the same thing. 617 texted in. You do realize that you're condemning or responses are you stationed right now but I guess and that's a reference of the Democratic National Committee is that is that the the tech Ed that was the spot that though we're ran before. Yeah OK so it can't -- -- who we were using it as a promo image just that that's word against bother me hey look -- Democrats. Well left wing Democrats who come up with comments like. Like that the Tea Party is full operations which is just hate mongering he's got nothing to do what the Tea Party is all about. If that's the kind of thing that they put forward the fine. Would take their money where I'm gonna criticize I'm not gonna sit back and just let that kind of well objectionable. Vile remark go unchallenged. Ever hearing that name calling from the beginning. -- when there was that. That challenge early on. That does some of the black legislators claim that the and they want the gauntlet in congress. Toward the that the interest congress that the Tea Party people were there and they spat on the -- used racial epithets and all -- Was a 100000 dollars offered by bright part to anybody who could prove that. That a 100000 dollar offer is still out there nobody was able to prove it she's just name call. It way out port -- right. -- 77469432. Who would -- the next call. A wanna play the we're joined to remember we played earlier. That Obama said voting is the best revenge which you know revenge against -- four -- To make voting an act of vengeance leave something to be desired. But Mitt Romney had a very good rejoinder to -- way and he had an opportunity. Addressing a crowd and here's what he said it. Jesuit President Obama and today they asked his supporters to vote for revenge. For revenge. Instead I ask the American people to vote for love of country. Fine and good line right I mean you got to. -- him credit for that. Before we -- the program that afterward anywhere near the end of property or due to technical companies want to mention that we will. Talk also about the ballot questions. Because that's something else we have to vote for. In Massachusetts. Come tomorrow and national interest and once on the ballot so for those of you who have some Pulitzer interest in note we will get to them as well. Okay reputation bill's right they had video back on the other side. With your phone calls and comments -- in -- Welcome back this Donnie Nelson phone number 8774694322. Special program this -- going to 10 o'clock live. Where your phone calls and comments on the end of the election campaign long drawn out expensive campaign season. Culminates tomorrow with -- our votes. So people of course -- voted early. And you people trying to draw inferences from them because the Republican voting is higher. Than it was last time. And the Democrats in the lower and some people say that bodes well for the Republicans in terms of the overall. Vote count we shall see. 8774694322. Mike you're next in the program getting out. I voted for Mitt Romney. So little we need to -- Lebanon's indictment the government in -- and it will probably what he's afford it. The thing that I ended -- actually I've been well that's especially in the bedroom until he's sixteen that's available. Did you vote for Obama last time. No I don't know I would -- I would also agree with everything -- in America and Obama. -- Obama and reforming. You may get Jewish -- Hillary Clinton next time. You know group would you like. And that's why I must say Mike York. You're -- -- and the usual group where you like both Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney than those two years they'll go to. Good -- very words Obama will always be available for themselves. -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Thanks for drawing -- -- 8774694322. As -- she finally get disability of funny mixes here. Ask your question what do you think is close. Made clear that Obama is not done well is this these past four years. There's a socialist view that is to say in a believer in big government and we're talking about spending more money once attached more people. He's anti business. -- I think you know we would come to a point in this country where. 47%. Of the people here do not paying -- taxes now run the financial because he mixed some things up. I know that some of the 47% annual military people on Social Security right understand. But still as a large number of people. -- no vested interest in supporting expanded government program trying not paying for them. Then it's easy to vote for. -- for somebody else is going to be. Giving you. In effect money -- group programs that are created that you may benefit from that you don't have the painful. Well now than a lot of people are gonna vote for that -- -- is an education problem. Kids in school are not taught the virtues of free enterprise should not taught about the importance of individual liberty. -- -- -- not even taught us a sense of self responsibility. Shall we turned to the government reached at the government to be doing. And then the end of criticizing. Business in and enterprise and individual initiative. Rich fictional how the collective is going to solve the problem. Earlier on this this reminds you that both the pulled it each of the that the top two positions on the democratic shine in this still -- Our anti business there's there's so anti business. They're overtly anti business that they don't mind saying we have the Klipsch right Ed do we have good let's start with Obama. Usually the clip where he says. Where he in effect criticize his business and we'll get to Elizabeth Warren let's run. -- You know. He went on to say maybe had a good teacher real Stan. -- you notice that if he's gonna talk about how you didn't do that alone. He talked only about business. In talk about. Professor didn't talk about an actor and Hollywood didn't talk about an athlete. Didn't talk about all the other people also didn't do it alone. Rumors claiming that we did it alone. -- earlier on and then in those remarks she -- usually struck by people who think that they did because it was so bright they worked so hard. I'm never met that I did an entrepreneur a couple of times and I know other entrepreneurs are met anybody who goes around strutting his stuff that's all I'm so good. You notice there -- said basic antipathy. A basic lack of interest in support for business. A suspicion. That Obama allies. And it comes from not really trusting the private sector and shows. Now Elizabeth -- That same kind of thing and we have a clip of her machine earlier in the campaign administration now with the campaign coming to an end. It's a step back and evaluate the people and get a broad perspective as to who they are here's Elizabeth war. This you know well this class warfare it's what I know there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody. There are you already clear you and your goods to market all of the rest of us -- for yeah. You workers don't -- does -- to educate. When she went on. Yeah not only the rest of -- Elizabeth. The businesspeople. Want to build the factor also paid Ford. And you're a professor of law did you use the roads. Is everybody here's the roads. Want you focused on the business. People. Because you have an antipathy to distance because you don't like businesspeople. Knowing you say good for you we don't really mean good for you you mean greedy for you. This is the attitude that these people and it in in infiltrates every thing that they do and every. Thing that they think of this this is fundamental to their perspective to their philosophy. If she really does not like businesspeople. She doesn't like business. And it -- But you don't want someone like that in high office because she is going to think. She does think she's going to try to impose. Additional regulations. She thinks businesses are bad and the people there are greeting and don't realize. That there should be. That they should somehow. Be more grateful and therefore pay a larger share of the touches on the first bit of that was class warfare it's exactly what duties. Hate and -- die while their neighbor. So don't do not paying their fair share what's a fair share they pay more taxes. Then others do polling business people aren't paying taxes. She looked up that quarter habit somewhere it just. Barbara Anderson in a recent column and I thought I flagged it somewhere of of George McGovern. When he went to the hotel business. After he had been in public life. In the hotel business failed. And he said. That he -- learn something he. He wished he had done that before he went to public life is everybody -- ago. And drive it in the private sector before they going to government. Many I -- Elizabeth Warren tried to start corner candy store. But the -- to be successful -- OK let's go back to telephone 128774694322. Paul you are next on the program factual thing on. -- does not an understatement wouldn't say it's been an expense of long drawn no distinctive. The worst of the Super Bowl I can't -- closed source close. He let the Super Bowl. You brought comes every year this is once every four years well. -- -- -- -- we only have to wait couple weeks but that's I think I'm really makes a point that it doesn't take some notes the next president is not gonna really. Going to be able to do too much the next four years because. The shall -- blood football here responsible. The last president of 44 along the line it's dropped from. But as much of them also Bolivia I think it's discussing the way the media is covering it up. Remember President Bush. When they -- all the journalists. -- -- feel welcome in the recesses. Political weapons of mass destruction. Now if I had a relative decide after here is back. I would've taken that slightly. Trying to look at portion being one of the worst president in the history of the country I think Obama is right up this. It is that is unique Irish -- -- leave be worse in terms of the decisions were made them fall forward Paul C special week -- We're gonna talk about the war right we don't talk by Iraq and Afghanistan because. We didn't have a clearly defined. Objective. In general Paul had a chance to speak up to Dick Cheney who took that differ deferment because of the fortune because. You know there -- people who was. And I grabbed it Padraig going all over the place here. Will appoint -- may give them is that you have to you know I think gain credibility. You have to realize that it is pathetic is that Democratic Party is. The Republican Party has been an embarrassment and it wrongly as governor of Massachusetts was terrible. Little think so -- I don't think at all the glitch where did you understand I don't know what do you know yeah. Well like I I'm not. I'm not crazy about about Romney care along understand what he was trying to go after. But this again he'll look the compulsion here. Is between what his philosophy is what Obama's philosophy at an earlier bringing George Bush and then you started going to Dick Cheney. They've got they're not relevant to what we're talking about an -- run. To negotiate additional internal debates and whether -- -- elbows -- Obama when he overshadow Obama on the ropes talking about Libya. He panicked and show that was that he. Then panic in -- all the trouble was he just chose not to engage in all agree with you that was a mistake. But it's not as big -- mistake as Ben Ghazi has been in terms of what Obama did or didn't do. We -- Ford dead Americans. On Obama's watch. That's a lot more grievous and offense than Mitt Romney not bringing it up in the debate I agree with you he showed -- so should the media but. Yeah a little stuck grounds for saying that the regarded vote for -- and -- They should come down on the right side -- well you sound cynical. All I believe twelve appalled you've been atrocious in the united states of the last struggle somebody is because. I'm really enjoy this noted the number one contributor. To Romney's campaign is that Goldman Sachs. I don't like Goldman Sachs and I don't like Geithner and finally came -- prior -- that those guys as secretary treasures -- person has -- I don't know I don't even know where you got that. That to start page document and on the Toronto would you run for office to have to make public the money that finances. No one contribute sold probably about. Is the University of California. It's well then I can't imagine we'll micro -- it and there as well I would illiteracy and. But I can tell you that ball. But none of them can contribute to presidential campaign. So you know corporations cannot contribute directly to campaigns. And universities. Don't show I don't know where where that's coming from. But if you're trying to make it sound like somehow the votes are being bought I think that naturally have searched the these people have their philosophies those who support those ideas -- the ones are gonna support their -- financially or. -- stuffing envelopes or making phone call. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Those special -- -- -- this evening and if you'd like to join in the conversation home. All things. That she's from 50 wait at least -- finished magical about it weighs 68680. From far away -- we noticed Liz Warren said nobody did it on his own. The emphasis on the is trying to pressure gushing sexist and participating in a war on women. That's for any other thing there's been so nonsense go in this campaign. Than some. And are actually bought into. I you know I don't understand how. How they can. They must think women are stupid and I probably some of the more because there are there actual things. This visions of equal paper for equal work that is been on the books as a law. For 49 years. 49 years. Joy anybody who says she's not voting for equal pay for equal work it took the loyal majority there. If it's not happening and then there may be an enforcement problem the past you know the law doesn't solve left. And if you come through this campaign and all you can commodity is that the government ought to pay for -- contraception. Well -- you have missed. Welcome back this is on the -- a special program we have for you this evening as we all contemplate. Come to grips -- Stand in all the end of this enormous campaign -- somebody. In the previous sector segment talked about how. It really is such a -- campaigns. That up with a and then having it be over you know white you know why these campaigns are so long. And the so much money spent. Because this so much power to be gained. If the government could not -- all these laws regulations. Intrusions into the marketplace should they couldn't influence or if if the people in government couldn't influence. So many things in our lives. They would be less motivation. To go and try to get higher office and that's the way it ought to big. They ought to be that individuals can engage in voluntary transactions. Talked about adults now. And the governor ought not to be in the way we don't need the rules and the regulations. The market is not perfect but it's a darn sight better than what you get when you have all these intrusions into it from government. In a way that's what this race is all about. That's the difference between Elizabeth Warren Scott Brown between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. The Democrats believe in lots of regulations and trying to run everything because they think they know better. You can tell they -- it in their homes. You know you can just hear Elizabeth Warren. With a holier than thou attitude almost a snippy attitude. Obama the same thing. They think they know better and they are willing to run everybody else's life and and too tragic to restrict and command. And restrained and direct because they think they'll do it better. They don't. 877469432. To. The phone number John you're next on the program good evening. -- -- -- -- Yeah I might try to get an international campaign. Antigovernment -- station and they were showing illusion that the water by intrigued dog and as to probably the money going to campaign and lending like. No was actually on the set out -- station I mean on the on the station property. You talk about the guys who walked up and enter locked up to -- yeah. Well if Exxon station property I think that's illegal. If it's outside the station and then. Hey if you wanted to spend a dollar fern Elizabeth Warren but I guess that's up to you want. -- -- You know I just you know really it would make my life. -- Have a ride I ride. Really we have -- field -- mall where all the world like to think he's just finish his job and he's he's going home. Cell phones have changed things -- It's. Sorry is train came so soon he can't get -- I baker kept talking to a shouldn't get to use cell -- trying. 8774694322. From 603 lines in Manchester crazy at Romney event. Great to see our again why -- -- sure it's a good sign. That the yet that the Croats have been enormous for moron knew that that the does measure enthusiasm adult doesn't always measure votes. But this time the enthusiasm factor. Is much higher for the Republicans and it was say last time. -- Peggy Noonan wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal to that effect saying that she thought that's why Romney's going to -- it. As you can just feel the enthusiasm that you can see it. She thought she could see -- on the busy Asia Romney and Obama Obama look tired like he was -- was doing it who's. Willing himself to do it because of the -- and I noticed earlier on maybe you heard in the news and Compton. Was watching almost nostalgic about the issues Obama's last campaign. And so for his last rally taking all almost as if vote for him because you wanna have a chance to do it anymore. Thank the lord who wanted to do anymore but that's not. Crouched in voting form they'll use anything in the media. 877469432. YouTube like. Good evening your next. Leo it's a place. You -- other as horrible. Election of our country I just wanna remember -- these citizens candidates out there that are running for all the minstrel black then go over the great state. The -- citizens that took it upon themselves. To let -- well locked doors can signature is great whatever money they could. To go against -- powerful. Entrenched. Democratic government that there -- just say -- Indonesia these citizens candidates deserve I think admiration and support. And I wanna break them personally tonight to be this great election and think it was stepped up for the rest of us. Well Mike which showed about the candidates is absolutely correct especially those on the good guys side senator George good that your. It's good that you taking note of that because we all. We talk a lot about things right we -- a lot about it. But that the people are out there trying -- to win election they're the ones you're really doing something about it so here's hoping that. We get some good results tomorrow night. W a great guy. Look thanks for bring it up 8774694322. Is the phone number. -- -- we have. Some -- we did get text message that the reference -- to Goldman sacks they have been to the employees and may have been but that's not what he said. Let's see what else do I want to mention here. The make up of Massachusetts Trisha -- was interest and -- we lost another seat in congress. Our population did not go down and -- chases it just -- it just because. Population other parts of the country went up more rapidly. Whites in Massachusetts now make up 80%. Of the vote. Of the population -- the population that's down one point 9% from ten years ago. Blacks or African Americans. Are now six point 6% -- six and a half percent. And that's up about 26% from lunchtime. American Indian and Alaskan native. Is up 25 and a half percent but only 20 point 3% you know -- that's all. Because Elizabeth Warren the you know being an Indian now that. That single handedly drove up the percentage. And then there are other. Well -- Hispanic -- Is nine point six -- and that's also up along. About -- up actually 46% from last time -- tell the demographics are are shifting in this. In this state and it is true that if they just look at the white vote. Vs the other vote. The Republicans would do better on me. Which certainly win. I want to. I mentioned earlier. Of the George McGovern. Change of heart that he had after he had been in the private sector. Want to read what he said. This was so I can crush and most recently in them -- call -- a -- brandishing the Salem evening huge but. -- quote from McGovern himself. Finishing what he said. I wish let me give you background here he had a hotel restaurant business in Connecticut is after you run for president and lost -- great landslide to Richard diction and 72. The restaurant -- failed. Initially wrote. I wish I'd known more firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople. While I was a US senator and later presidential nominee. That knowledge would have made me a better legislator and a more worthy -- to the White House. Legislators and government regulators. Much more carefully consider the economic and management burdens we have been imposing on US businesses. Many businesses especially small independents. Such as the Stratford in that was his him. Simply can't pass such cost on to their customers and remain competitive and profitable. I can recover eventually from the loss of the Stratford and they -- I'm still able to generate income from lectures and other services. But what about the sixty people work for me in Stratford. While running my struggling hotel I never once missed a payroll. What happens to the people who counted on that and to their families and community when an owner goes under. -- -- 1991. Was when his business -- he sounds just. Like a Republican businessman right. Really get there to do it the problem lies when he was in the lofty. Wish publish it in Washington. Know anything about those things and didn't care. That's where Obama is now that your Elizabeth Warren. -- -- -- The ivory towers of the Ivy League school. Where she makes 350000. Dollars as a professor teaching one course of the law school. One issue as a -- too much about that cost of education nine. -- government should do something about that. -- protect yourself to the news back on the other side more program.