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Senator Scott Brown asks for one final push to the voters on Election Day

Nov 6, 2012|

Will it be Elizabeth Warren or will it be Senator Scott Brown? Senator Brown calls into The Kuhner Report and makes his final pitch to the Massachusetts voters.

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Welcome back to the -- report this is breaking right now. We are joined by senator Scott Brown senator brown thank you so much for appearing on the -- report. Well just say the -- appreciate your journey your you know. Sallie -- and I know I just voted in -- maligned throughout the Dora. Which is a good sign in my home town and I'm encouraging everybody had to send a very powerful message and let everyone know that that independent spirit. A -- independent voter Massachusetts is alive and well on the need to put people -- party and I'm asking everybody for their votes. Senator if there's one thing you can tell the people of Massachusetts. About Elizabeth Warren. And why you'd be a better representative. For examine the senate then her what would it be. Well it's actually get a common theme admitted. Somebody will be done there in lockstep adding that tremendous gridlock. Adding to the higher debt the year and increased taxation. You increase regulation. And I'm not being that independent voice in Massachusetts in this country needs. Can you probably watched yes sixty minutes -- the other night he saw. The two leaders their body language is very uncomfortable. They didn't talk to each other they talked over each other a lot of people on the -- down there on the left and the right. So I'm down there bridging that gap trying to be that moderate independent voice to solve problems and -- be the complete opposite. Senator. What's I just spoke with Joseph -- fell to about fifteen minutes ago from the Boston Herald he said it's gonna be a nail biter. This could goal late into the evening. What are your hearing and what are you hearing what are the internal polls showing in your site. A reserve are so it's going to be close anytime you take eight Washington insider import -- forty million dollars behind them and use them later that did basically attacked and distort my record. Obviously it's gonna because I have this and it's me against the machine just. Literally the Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill machine and I can't. -- -- that's why I'm personally calling and asking for people to send a very powerful message that you guys are tired of that. Of the three speakers indicted once in jail for senators indicted one in jail. A treasury scandal hasn't you know appropriations you know and -- the change in drug scandal mean c'mon enough already. At what senator but if Elizabeth Warren wins she's gonna be the first Cherokee in the senate. Why would you want to deny that to Elizabeth Warren. Well let's send it out there respect that this that's not the issue the issue is there's going to be down that fighting. To help create jobs and bring balance back to the equation and push back against those extremes and whenever I'm gonna put my record up against anybody's record mr. mr. representing this great state and that's been my honor. And once again I'm asking people to get out in and help but I can't do this alone. Senator brown we want to thank you for calling the coroner report before I let you go. Will you agree to come on the corner report tonight we got a special show win lose or draw. I was if you -- -- -- could see your reach -- I am not quite sure. Where wealthy billing habits you know it's an unhappy though is tomorrow night you have a job to do and I'm gonna do my job and I'll try to obviously let people know where understand what I'm voting on uptake that it's as well as the brazen and that's. That's a bit different I think between me and in my opponent that. She won't teach you are becoming on your show. Senator thank you so much we're behind you all the way good luck and -- to be reaching out do you. Great exactly senator.