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Lou Dobbs, Fox Business Network host, talks with Jeff Kuhner on Election Day

Nov 6, 2012|

Lou Dobbs tells Jeff Kuhner that business is getting crushed under President Obama and we will find out if that weight will be lifted on Election Day.

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-- senator brown that was senator Scott Brown. We are now joined by Lou Dobbs from the Fox Business Network pool thanks for appearing on the -- report. -- Rory could have rerouted to illustrate you -- You're one of the top prognosticators and analysts in the country. It's Election Day one of the most important elections in our lifetime how do you see the race who do you think is gonna win and walked. Well they candor that's very court order but it depends on turnout and the is obvious is that the answer is it is critically important this time. Because all of the strategist I'm talking a little literally. Very quietly acknowledge they don't know what's happening today. This race is for the first time in my life time. -- every bit as close as it appears to be in the poll. That and everyone who -- -- -- a professional who's going through these numbers they really don't know which way it's gonna turn. What do you think of Dick Morris his prediction that Romney will win most likely. In a landslide. I think a landslide it is a wonderful dream and Dick Morris has that I incurred -- -- hold -- I think that what we could -- is a substantial win for governor Romney. But it depends again on turnout -- And what's really interesting after this president has pandered to just about every aspect of group and identity politics and America. All the same strategists -- talk with say this thing comes down to 11. Basic elements. And that is whether or not white voter turnout reaches the level of 74 to 75%. They're judgment being. That it if it goes global levels -- about high as a percentage of the total vote today. The governor Romney is politely what. I if they fall of 7172%. He's the likely -- and and it's remarkable -- -- all will be strategist basically agree. That there is one element that will determine the outcome. Lou we're talking -- Lou Dobbs show Fox Business Network. Lose the business community. Are they how would how they feel are they ready for another Obama term. Back -- what. I replay of us but I don't know a single businessman or woman. Who hasn't if they did vote for Obama in 2008 who hasn't changed your mind. And I'm sure there must be -- but I don't know any in New York. Frankly -- around the country who are saying that they are going there are still supporting Obama. Some of them don't make it through a lot of announcement. They're not too visible on their position. In many cases but that's where they are. Businesses and they issued a -- business right now is skirted the depth of this man and his policies. We've got four years of -- you know as we wrap this -- we've got a higher unemployment rate. Over the last two years we've got it GDP growth rate that this continuing to slow we got 23 million Americans out of work will -- -- up work. I mean what in the world would take for people to understand. You're voting for -- status quo that's unsustainable. In supporting government and Serb President Obama governor Romney at least offers a new direction and leadership -- united it to me it's a very difficult. Think -- except the people would like to see if I just are saying I don't understand the 50% of the folks who would want more of this. We're -- -- Lou Dobbs from the Fox Business Network. Lou because it's so close. Are there any things you feel that Mitt Romney could have done differently. That would have helped them running stronger more effective campaign and may be really pull away with this race. I -- You know my only personal regret and I and I don't know -- movement in my view is the -- -- -- is this. I would prefer that he. The question the president correctly in the third debate on -- -- I think perhaps you should have waited until we've improved as a third debated should've been in the second. But the reality is she's kind of very I think a very strong campaign over a very long period of time. He'd have to appeal to all folks from there his strategists he's got to go down the middle. I think that the not confronting the president on in Gaza and a murderer for Americans. And eight weeks of stonewalling which the national liberal media have been complicit in allowing him to carry out. I think it was worth it more than one or two questions statements during that debate. I would have much preferred he do that. -- before we let you go final predictions. Who do you think is gonna win tonight and by how much. I think the governor Romney will win I think it will be. Depending on how this breaks but I think it could be as much as two to 3%. You really well -- fifty to 48 they're fifth. Once for yes exactly I think 52. According. If you wanna have you know -- over the number would be. But I think we're looking at just over 5152%. President Romney tonight. Yeah. We've been talking to Lou Dobbs from the Fox Business Network Luke thank you so much for agreeing to come on the corner report. -- -- Well you heard from Lou Dobbs. He's not going as high as the corner man I'm saying 5347. Lewis saying fifty to 48415149. But Lou Dobbs is saying Romney will be president tonight what say you all who did you vote for. And why 86172666868. Margaret thanks for holding welcomed the -- report. I'm good mining get that the plane hit attacking all my pleasure thank you mark I. I get I get trying to make you know my god I -- vote before he went directly living hay dropped. Don't track that you can't collect and they're not working in his. You have to put DNA then put they'd get and then put the bat balloting in a black -- get -- accurately counted I won't. I think something is rotten and get -- Margaret I'm just curious what was the first time you voted. Are why I'm wrong I'm that -- Aladdin -- cantaloupe is no Powell you. Federal -- -- So when you -- would you eligible for Kennedy. Didn't get -- -- -- I am -- and I voted for a Democrat. Did you -- of Eisenhower's -- both for Eisenhower parent would know that I really don't remember that. I don't want an -- I. It's called Margaret. Hello -- welcome -- and belated welcome thank you so much on. Well and not entertain. A mobile tour Mitt Romney and got ground. But I take exception to Euro. Our objection above the the United Nations and preparing and I Bolden. They're not -- a bare ring. Force some gold wood 2004. Election he expel let me slot area. -- don't know right from John Kerry. Yet they weren't -- Supreme Court may hand a bit ahead. But that's 2000 Don Knotts was a -- with Al Gore. Mom Tara that's -- -- to -- what what evidence you have that he stolen them and they keep saying that he stolen but. He didn't steal it you want my 519 votes. And went to the Supreme Court to Supreme Court. -- -- -- role model number and made sure laboratory hundred million people and that's that was the difference in Florida and Florida given the election done. Coming up -- well even roll it if so what. In so -- may be Obama's gonna steal the election tonight are you worried about that I am. I'm -- I'm terrified. And thought god. -- bags on. You know I don't know. Maybe we need the UN I'm here dissolve his voter fraud going time. Have we become such a banana republic -- that there there's no integrity in our electoral process we -- the UN. We're now joined by sandy Martinez. She is running for state senate in the third district. Sandy thanks for coming on the -- report. Paula thank you get for having me and welcome to WRKO. Now it's a pleasure to be here. -- obviously you're running in a very important race. But what are some of the issues that you're running on what do you think the voters need to know about you and your candidacy. I think that people want change on Beacon Hill I know it sounds so trite and cliche but that's put anybody saying that they're tied -- the same old same old. Backroom deals lack of transparency. All the taxation number regulation I mean. Everything that Republicans stand for it. I'm I'm running in my hometown where I grew up and I'm running to represent all of us we the people here in the -- Middlesex. But also that shared with people every vote that a legislated takes the message is that the fact the whole state. Kelly it's important to everyone to support every candidate in any way that they can. On they need to get out the vote today. There was this huge a lying over at my polling location. And the reason my sister actually dialed the number to call and listen to let people know that. I'm poll watchers which is what we have some City -- then now I'm -- Kelly being allowed to hear. On -- coming into vote. And then being told that they don't have to do some have their colors. They're poll -- at the collected at city of the death checking people in. Speak loud enough so that the people that -- positions six feet away can actually hear. And I think that's very frustrating that's putting a damper on. The enthusiasm. Of of some of the campaign that up top ten. Sandy were hearing a lot of disturbing reports people have been phoning in calling in they're saying that there's machines that are malfunctioning. They're leaving ballots on top of the machines say are you hearing any any such. Airing it on your radio show pending hearing it from a few people that I know. On the and other towns and cities and the good thing going on for awhile I've tried to and get in touch with include video. Who is the lawyer for the -- GOP and down he's probably traveling that they that he probably hearing the same things. I think that. In the end I think that I number's -- going to win for us. And -- the Obama campaign I think and the democratic ticket in general is doing everything that they can continue to make sure that that doesn't happen. But I think the voters come and they will won't be supported I think that we're gonna see a president Romney. I think we're going to see if senator Martinez. I think we're gonna see senator brown returned. And I hope that people that will get out and would not forget it's so important to mount today is the most important election I think in the history of the United States. I couldn't agree with you more. We have been talking to sandy Martinez. She is running for state senate in the third district sandy thank you so much for calling. Best of luck to you. Mike thanks for holding here on the corner report. -- -- Early this morning in Framingham is increasing counter. And when we -- didn't leave. And put our best -- I observe the counting machine it was a -- -- my dad a I'd be nine in that precinct. And we remarked to me. -- favorites and really great patriotic older folks who managed only dust where you attract them and shut out I really push it about. And and we just got to them so gory. I was better and they showed. When I voted two years ago they've slowed a bit more people had come Internet first hour. -- had come in for the entire day two years ago. And Doug might -- why didn't say -- by union number not by your own volition. And -- but we both motivate pretty much a straight Republican ticket and by the way. I'm ready our dog and murder of Massachusetts. And doesn't match but brown. Yeah and I'll play assault -- He has picked a really good use of a I have a volume but you know a group. He had a mikes are your your -- broke up on us Mike look he's pro business he's pro jobs. He's clearly somebody that will help get this state moving again Timmy and -- contest between brown and Warren. It's no contest Keith thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. I just pitch he broke you try ritual lot of down first time our pleasure really you would not welcome Keith. And I'm being told by some of our -- officials. That they weren't told to go down -- to the present we naturally a large current population Brodeur. Yeah actual people out there that you standard operating procedure that's illegal. Well but that's not the first -- back. Well cannot keep without divulging any names -- her on the you somebody -- I -- an election official told you directly. All I've heard true true friend but I did the third time I've -- it. Not just brutal and Bridgewater socially need to look into that Rama no look into it to be on top -- this -- -- you bought their response is that they're not consider -- and so therefore they they are able to vote. Are you talking about the workers at all. Know what's -- reality if you're not if you're -- you can vote. Can you definitely can vote looked I'm concerned about -- I'm concerned about illegal aliens won't think. I'm concerned about acorn. I'm concerned about felons voting. Look I believe there's going to be considerable voter fraud and if Obama wins. That is the only way he can win this thing he cannot win a free and fair election I'm convinced -- that there is no way. John thanks for holding welcome to the -- report. First time caller got I -- you're not -- a little. -- Ordering all wanted to welcome -- I'm model -- John I believe I I believe in dissent I believe in open intellectual discussion. I appreciate that is well I I gotta tell you don't fight that would -- statement that he doesn't understand. Why so you know -- -- people. Are voting -- Obama. I meet. Yeah are key for the last couple weeks off your goal in my editor don't get all together song by -- because. But let out early and we let our republic in in with -- -- is six years of tall cool it was a cold snap. So I don't know if they don't quite understand it this close we don't forget that a lot happened we got completely bare bones -- Albeit it got so it'll get that. Your personal life and all of our -- -- why I quit the -- -- the day I walked out but -- a great debt. We're that there are a bit -- -- yeah I we -- it give them that told our -- at and destroyed where. It's like it's all those independent streak -- that. You know we we -- a shot it's big you know 00. And they completely and totally blow it that's quite here I picked up a lot of people read upholding. Ole Bob Dole don't beat -- got so that it in the sense. Jon no it all on John -- gonna really surprise you and surprise many of the listeners. You're making sense. How torture saying his right. It that you did and that's about this about -- dead on. And I warned this in 20032004. And I went on Carl rose enemies list. I said George Bush is destroying the Republican brand he's racking up deficits he's betraying conservative principles. And he's launched a war in Iraq. To spread democracy any nation that's never routed for thousands of years. And by that by the time this thing is over they're Republicans are going to lose congress and they're gonna get wiped out in 2008. And so bush was a failure in many ways as a president there's no debating about however. Mitt Romney is not George Bush and I think this is where your falling into the trap of Obama starting point. Let me -- recall that when you're done. -- Romney unlike bush wants the cut spending. Romney unlike bush wants the balance the budget Romney unlike bush hasn't no appetite for wars overseas. You're gonna see a very different president than George W. Bush and the other point that would make John is this. Under Obama yes bush was a disaster for much of his presidency but under -- Obama the first two years. He had a filibuster proof house a filibuster proof senate. And it's been a disaster. Obama has racked up more debt. More deficits. In four years then bush could even dream of in eight years so John if it's not working under Obama. Why would you possibly want to vote form again at the very least give me a shot you got my little closed on. Let me explain that because I want to just force. It was forged by congress but spent it all over for a football but I -- what I -- -- but just like your intranet portal all of our. -- you walked in I'm not the credit cut debt and didn't pay off the -- every. Two that gap. No I understand that but John who was in control of the senate and the house remember the Democrats control the senate and house in 2006. Remember it was a damned who -- vote for the war in Iraq. It's Norway and helpful for all the big government programs under bush it was -- dams that over soft Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Everybody I know. We want to open that's a small yet but -- the John here's the point from 2006. To 2008. Is when most of the most egregious abuses took place looked. -- -- John Barney Frank okay just as a -- a site did Barney Frank. Everybody blames George Bush for the housing bubble and economic recession no man was more responsible than good time Barney. Barney didn't wanna rain and cranny Fannie he didn't want to rein in Freddie Mac he was in bed with them. And now that he's getting out of congress where do you think he's getting a plush position. Where do you think he's gonna go and get himself a nice little messed -- for him to let -- retire wrong Fannie and Freddie. All the big financial regulators. So he let them run wild and then the bubble burst and were left holding the bag. So everybody wants to blame bush when in fact the Democrats. Were even more complicit in George Bush. But I go back this fundamental point. This is arithmetic. Under Obama's own budget. Take my word for it -- don't take my word for -- White House -- golf. We're staring at a twenty trillion dollar debt in 2016. We're gonna go bankrupt. Under Obama's -- -- bursts. So my friends we if Obama were going to write off the cliff at least with Romney he's saying I wanna try to turn this thing around. Hey you've got nothing to lose but your pocketbook. -- Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- God go I don't wanna call I've been here all the story and actually my wife went to Australia early this morning I'm not decreasing blood problem. You wonder Mary in the machine to work properly and they called ultra large butcher put your ballot over here and this black trash barrel critical accounting later. Are you serious. Or not you know our heritage in March nick what city. Massachusetts. Framingham Massachusetts. -- that's disgusting we're gonna look into this -- we've got a special tonight starting at 7 o'clock. I'm gonna be on without being Nelson he's going to be the sort of the host -- -- And along with how we car and then -- might be taking over at 8 o'clock. I am going to be looking at these stories. This this is -- is now some serious voter fraud taking place from the anecdotal evidence that I'm hearing this is very disturbing stuff. John thanks for holding -- on the corner report. Yeah -- Jeff radar and I just -- dark color and I I also voted each morning and content that we Attleboro school. Other machine there was also -- a lot of -- of the -- -- -- machine. They had the side door open and then I just -- people -- -- ballots and to be -- Slot on the sides he had -- little bit about to being out of there. Unbelievable what what no machine works anymore in Massachusetts. Where is this I mean. You know I I wanna get to the bottom of these machines now this is we're breaking something right now on the corner report Jason welcome to the corner report. They just say you know what from the outlaw and when -- global leader wanted -- a story people. And I brought -- machine working house is indicted if not I'll be back where are the weeks. They miss they -- you voting for it to us. The dentist. Did they do that -- I've got to be taken attributable bank aren't getting and the media the -- -- all the -- You know George Bush as well that that's in Mitt Romney -- -- met with two different. It's like experiences one more much more successful business one was a little direct state and Texas the other one. Well the successful -- caught up in a blue state of Massachusetts a little comparison and then he also mentioned Obama took over reject a credit card debt but he didn't pick up soon enough not only -- not pay it off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We will he get to the ideas. It's probably MSNBC and that's it's it's. -- now Jason look it's like your wife. Your wife comes home and says he arrived just racked up 5000 dollars on the credit card to like all my god honey we can't pay this. And then your run out of put another 20000 dollars on the credit card and then you say don't blame me blame my wife. Because what should give me a bill 5000. So I ran out -- backed up 20000. So vote for me and the better fiscal stored in the house there that's the argument. Jack welcome to the coroner report. They have no idea do you know. It was quality and of this talent in the stadium and I'm hopeful Mitt Romney of course and only -- a lot of pride and put my play don't side of my door all the time. No I never even more pride out they would tomorrow Monroe wanna play always so flag on my hat. It's a Wal-Mart my place will be raised the world for a lot of drive and hope people realize the will be called America beautiful -- -- back god bless you. Tonight. If Romney wins I will get drunk on the air I'm drinking game I'm telling you its defense -- his golf. Sixteen million illegal. Whose illegal. Did you let -- however if you give eleven. Kayla your citizenship they don't bring in three of their family members. While all I know you're running go. All weird question to all of the parties just clear at all hospitals -- are expensive about medical care would have -- these guys felt that. I'm addicted to Obama wins -- any damage did that -- -- -- seconds. Obama are added and our goal I'll send this story Obama is next July after the UN general assembly. Let's tell them let's help them get there I got a goal. Tonight 7 o'clock to -- and I'll be there with Natalie. This is Jeff -- this is how we card this is very Armstrong. Rush Limbaugh -- Mark -- and today. Busy Election Day so leave it here on your election headquarters this is a M 680 WRKO. Boston Boston news talk station. Talk with attitude.