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Nov 6, 2012|

The polls are open. Some have long lines, some have short. All of them can make a difference. The Obama Campaign is telling their supporters to “keep calm,” in case they hear positive Romney information coming from the polls. Howie wanted to know at what point should they panic. He asked who do you think will prevail tonight.

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Is of course Election Day. Get out and vote if you haven't voted already in Massachusetts the polls are open till 8 o'clock. I voted 645. They opened the polls early in Wellesley today for some reason and it was it was a good to be there at 645 dollars and 44 person cast my ballot and they were kind of disappointed that the yen and more people. And with we have a lot to talk about here today we're just -- -- -- -- it -- wide open here -- a few guests here and there but does not not -- going to be mainly you and me and talking about the the day's events. And if I you would like to listen to the show on line vehicles go to war are rough on our web address switches. How we car dot US Howie -- by US click on the live audio streaming. Also you can listen to the show what how we cart dot com how we cart dot com click on the go live audio streaming. And you can also take part in our daily daily Internet poll question the daily Internet poll question how we cart dot com. Is brought to -- cross insurance agency safeguarding the wind -- business and family since 1954. Find out more at 809997345. -- cross agency. Dot com. Cindy what does the poll question and one of the results thus far. Who's gonna win the big race to Obama -- Romney Romney 50505050. Okay are right. Now it's is the it's very interesting here -- in -- Massachusetts as you know we have a another and we have the senate candidate S senate race going on here very hyped. Senator race. And I would -- a lot of the -- a lot of the interest in the senate races in the city of Boston where I'm almost Menino the mayor was -- power hasn't forced. Granny Warren the carpet bagging Democrat fake Indian. Over Scott Brown. However -- -- has been sick the last few days since he returned from Italy I don't know what's wrong with them -- that doesn't seem like what they're reporting in the paper. But his minions have been telling have been telling people that that they're having that they'd -- that he was. They were sent out two to canvas the city get people to change their votes and vote for Warren. And they're they're running into a lot of resistance and Malia in the white neighborhoods. East Boston and Charles -- somehow the West Roxbury white or chest there you know those kind of those places. People just won't switch to what -- mean that I -- you know. It's. The you know someone writes some footsteps and from Oklahoma carpetbagger went to Harvard and most importantly. Someone who put down a fake. Identity on radio rate to two gets to one get them on the racial spoils system question that kind of person just like a plea to well in the white. Precincts of the city of Boston. So they're just trying to get out now the the mop -- -- or just trying to get about the people in the minority neighborhoods. End you know I looked at the the voting. The voting records from new -- and it's it's pretty lights turnout in India. In the minority neighborhoods. And it's not that it's not that much better in the white neighborhoods but overall. At this time four years ago hundred that knew I should say at new Omaha four years ago 1101000. People have voted Boston. As of noon today a 103000 had voted in Boston so that's a that's a good sign for a for -- I think. Now in my also her last night that the last a round of and it's tracking polling but the Indian did. Showed her up fifty -- 47 and that's that's not it's. You know that's that you can't really tell much from that they take a pretty small sample but she did have someone -- -- lead you gotta get out and vote you gotta get out and vote heavy voting in the suburbs. Heavy voting in the ex urban areas where -- Scott clean clean -- clock. Back in January 2010. You gotta get out and vote again if you haven't voted already. In those in those places -- just today yet chat. Via a live chat for an hour with The -- listeners. The Herald readers and they -- and somebody told me that the it's really a huge turnout and in places like Attleboro which is very Republican and that's that's near. Near Scott -- -- state senate district and it's just the it's it's just state it Bellwether that's that's good news for Scott and I believe it's good news for B I believe it's I believe Bridgewater is in the B -- district. The -- frank Kennedy district. So -- this this is it's going to be interesting day obviously as for the exit polls. You know -- sometimes we get the exit polls early. But they they've got every -- they seem to crack down on it a little more. And this year according to according to Drudge according to a story based on Drudge. They have but taken all the people from the networks all the people who were going to be. But analyzing the exit polls tonight and they've locked them in a big room. And they they're studying everything but they don't have any cell phones weapons they don't have any guy. They don't have any act carrier pigeons with them they don't have any way to get get the information out and not gonna be let out. Over the room. Until 5 o'clock so we are probably not gonna have any early exit polls until after 5 o'clock. Tonight. And again I don't I don't even know how much you know -- and how much. Creed and shoot them put in these exit polls as we know why if you if you believe the exit polls but John Kerry was elected president in 2004. And you know I think a lot of the conservatives have a year. And a biting suspicion of the people who were rock. Who were conducting these surveys I think the people are conducting the surveys tend to be college students in the they tend to go to people look like themselves and see more simpatico market given the brush off. That means other -- it's. So I don't know what -- me I don't know what the exit polls will mean anyway but will will try to get him to areas as as they become available. Pull us. 1877469432286. Sosa's careful Obama's voters are still just getting up. Yes she is a yeah. And you know I know I know they put the the heat on all of the unions have put the heat on the their membership to vote for. -- Warren but again remember granny Warren supports. You know she's against secure community she's basically for open borders. She's issues for the DREAM Act which would give illegal aliens free in state tuition. Mean you gotta ask yourself if your trade you -- guide trade union guys especially you gotta ask yourself by -- Is more immigrants coming into the country going to war. The pressure wage resources or you figure they're gonna go. If you're competing against more people might think you know the answer that question. 1877469432218774694322. We awhile I'll be here until 7 o'clock -- myself at 7 o'clock. On WRKO anyway I'll be joined by. Jeff corner of the new morning guys and -- Nelson who was. Who's been in these fights himself actually -- back in the 1978 degree and for the senate against Ed block. In the Republican primary and he you've lost but he he ran a good fight. So I'll be here tell it clocked at height and you know whatever whatever your -- you wanna talk about that during the campaign. I'm open 18774694322. And any anything well anything we can we could pass on to -- we well. But that there's nothing nothing much to form looks like Gupta looks like a pretty good looks like a decent turnout. But the problem I was I was just element guys on the at the on The -- chat you know. -- big problem is that. He was elected in January. 2000 pan it's the rarest of error bouncy at January election now and I don't think there's ever been won before and probably never be one again. And they only had 2.2 million people come out it was just BBB. Interest the the very politically aware came out. The vote. Now today you're gonna have. According to bill -- the secretary of state. You may have as many as 3.2 million. So these are the people who were kind of casual. About. Keeping up with politics I'm being kind. These are people who don't really read a lot of newspapers. At least not that political sections of the news sections these are people who don't. Watch a lot of debates. -- -- -- don't watch a lot of local TV news. On the other hand there are really into what late night comedy American Idol. Dancing With The Stars. And so you gotta figure that it's these are not the kind of voters these the kind of voters were gonna believe. Granny Warren which she picks up when she cherry picks some vote of -- Scott's. And makes him sound like you know he's against women. And that's what we've been fighting all along here this is that there's this big turnout and it's it's -- it's a democratic state. Small turnout helps or helps or Republicans generally speaking in this day. Large turnout helps the Democrats and that's that's what he's fighting he's swimming he's like a -- swimming upstream. 1877. Forces 617 nobody reads a lot of newspapers. And speak for yourself 61 so I read a lot of newspapers. I don't I you all -- just saying read a newspaper you know picking up in your hands. I thought about even reading of on line a lot of people read the papers still read in the papers on line. 18774694322. Well -- Thelma. How we don't -- our middle school mock vote hasn't been wrong in decades brown -- focus on -- 6040 yesterday even with kids who say their parents are voting for Obama. While the captain. Well my daughter Charlotte just call me from mile Wellesley high school. She said Obama got us Obama and there -- in their -- poll today Obama got 60%. Against a met and brown got 57%. Against the -- and he. So glad that made them may be a good sign -- I mean I don't I don't think of brown carried. Carried a Wellesley the first time around Carrie -- even -- was part of the state senate district are part of wells it was part of the state senate district. I think he lost by about ten votes to Marcia Coakley so I would say that the way the kids are voting is probably pretty good indication of the way their parents are voting as well. 1877469432218774694322. A lot of Gary Johnson voters at the polls today in -- -- side. Them. Mr. socially good -- back head Rand Paul on that in the senator from Kentucky just making a last ditch plea. Civil libertarians don't throw your votes away don't career votes when I I implore you you know. Mean this is this is serious business I mean you piece you -- bureau. Save your political statements for bumper sticker you know go when you don't want that polling place you've got the just kind of stopped the but government. Leviathan that is -- crushing everything in its path and they and you know Mitt Mitt may not be the best vessel. That we've ever had but he's he's certainly better than than the other guy. 18774694322. Just voted for brown Romney brown and this say in Burlington Howard would appear to hear your opinion on the threes hope we have agreed outcome says -- Well citing Romney's gonna win the of Romney's gonna win the presidency I thank. Brown -- and are real fight and you get everybody out that you can get everybody out I mean now he still may be able to pull it out if they have lousy turnout in the cities which that that may be the pattern that's being established near month. I'm not quite ready to call up that early indications aren't turnout in the cities knots in the cities are not so great. And as for to say like I said I think he has it made I mean when ice when I read in The Herald this morning again and I was reading a newspaper OK I work for a newspaper. But I read when I read in the newspaper that assays all over the district you know he's avail these pocket here you if you -- submit three and -- -- mess for used to wanna stand out at five etc. etc. The call up -- office. No schedule for the day before the election no schedule. No statements. They issue a couple of great media Foley email a couple of grainy photos all the newspapers. That at about 6 o'clock last of him supposedly campaigning he would put it to you this way. John Tierney was seen about as much in the sixth district has basher Assad was seen yesterday in Damascus Syria. And that is that is the clearest. Sign you can never yet. That somebody's thrown in the towel when they stopped campaigning they know it's over they just can't even bring themselves to do what I think you know I've almost thought to myself if I knew was over its co -- and keep a smile on my face and go through to them to the better but. You know what tyrannies a better guy so that by the tyrannies over here he's the one -- sure thing I can now I can predict. And I feel pretty good about Romney. And again if brown can get out everybody if brown can get out every vote he he needs he may still be able to pull this 18774694322. My wife is a left people like -- a vote for Scott that's from 617. 860 how would you think of Obama and Eric Eric with holder will go up to the new black Panthers for more voter intimidation in Philadelphia today. Now he's -- If they didn't go after him for it in 2008 while mentioning the -- while form going after the mid 2012. Remember about the past hold -- hold a wire to going after the up liked him disease or Michael one after my people. Committed for Republicans have a Republican attorney general said that any of Meese. Mitchell Ashcroft. Mo Mo why -- -- more more ski -- whatever his name once. It if that's the paper for the white people's my people that would have been -- -- -- you know and I know Tina you're next with how we cargo ahead Tina. -- -- a couple of things I am Scott Brown came on anyone in my kids my collection and one another's summit I was telling one of the -- and she said. Don't know JP in the ball out of of Bob. -- -- kind of let it juvenile statement but I will say. I'd I'd when they talk about the polls on the on the radio that -- talk radio. And they are talking about how you know what I'm about to happen upon those who is lined up -- -- you'd think it stops people from coming out voting to they think they're not gonna. It's got them out of. I think that that's what they would like to make it -- do but I I don't think it has much effect because for every poll that says he yelled Liz may be. Ahead in slightly more polls and Scott's ahead and -- -- as far as Obama is concerned I'd say there probably at this point more polls saying the Romney's ahead and say that Obama's ahead. Not some -- tap into about twelve polls they have brought Obama ahead in it about. And now they're -- tried marijuana -- been chill and not try details. Well we'll look at look at the one argument that it will win one of the ones where they're -- Is is the CNN poll 4949. Now the CNN poll it has 11% more Democrats the Republicans Tina. Do you or do you think that's a legitimate a snapshot of the the turn out today that the that they said they have a 7% edge in that 2008 when everybody was was fed up with George Bush and the Republican Party. Do you think that that it's even that Democrats have even more of an edge now than they did in 2008 I don't think so. I don't think so I just I I would. I'd just rather than not talk about the polls whatever other than just like the people does go out and broken once once you get people have been saying don't have a don't have a lot of time they say you know. Balance or adopt -- you know the minute effort to every -- I mean I think you know that's happened in the past. It has it has it -- Jimmy Carter in 1980 he was he was the incumbent president he never expected to lose to Reagan and he got blown out. And he went up there around I'd say around 830 and conceded the election eastern time. And the the the California Democrats couldn't believe it because the polls were still open for a couple of hours and all the Democrats stayed home after Iraq Carter conceded and they want they lost probably another ten my house seats in the on the West Coast and in the rocky Mountain States becomes harder -- so walk. It was it was so war and caring about his fellow Democrats. Well I didn't it's an interesting day out so I wanted to -- all electric Saddam well I am I'm black and -- by Iowa and try to talk kids. Like the elections -- Good that's good by the way speaking about Bruce and I JC they they they they brought in those two guys for a -- as a finalize a rally and and check check out the pictures they got some pictures on bright part well -- Drudge is battling to one. Even with the evil with the boss. -- form the the the arena in Iowa is is. Probably not even half fall. And they said that that I was with they did their bit in the I had that the boss with. With him earlier in the day in Madison Wisconsin in the crowd was 50000 less than it was for John Kerry eight years earlier. And then you look up in Manchester where were where -- had his last big rally at the Verizon Wireless center. And you know he had Kid Rock with him who was who was OK but he scarcely Bruce Springsteen. And they were packed the rafters. So you know I mean again the turn out cutie did you never know till the Paul calls from the start counting but. Mean all these indications of but turnouts and enthusiasm. At setter which seem to indicate that the Mets got an edge. Mike your next with how we cargo ahead Mike. Down here I got some really good -- this or any. A in my little out of Washington looked at Gartner -- stand in line capital woke up. Are treating Warren supporters were switching to vote to Scott Brown over what she said that. An -- on and on Saturday night what you said -- Scott -- -- guy. He did a lot of good. But he did a lot of bad boat and I can guarantee you that I -- Stand by Barack Obama 100%. As -- side. And the treat people -- -- quite a 100% that I'd I'd much cheaper for. Right that's good I'm glad to hear that might help a lot of people heard that you over I heard Rand Paul that I am Glenn Beck show. As you know what -- is your Rand Paul said. You want somebody who's gonna be right a 100% of the time who's -- or agree with you 100% of time. You run yourself is skilled in person you're gonna find like back. Thanks Mike. 1877469432218774694322. You know it's a few people saying well you know one was both Warren she's only going to be a co holder for Joseph Joseph Joseph shall shall step aside. In six years. We should be shall step aside you know I personally think that you know if she wins tonight I think she's going and and Obama loses. I think she's gonna see yourself as a potential candidate for president. And in 2006 the symbol emea throwing up in my mouth opens today why that's the most. That's most. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever hurt but I I think I think she really wants to do you know when she was -- talking about being the providing the intellectual foundations for the Occupy Movement she was. You know lead the of these moon bats these these globe reporters that the -- all -- spawning pieces about are these hate geography I east wives of the saint. About her. And you know lied about herb Indian background that your wife on the jagged edges of the middle class that -- talking about me EP -- run for president some day. -- -- Lasts your next without cargo that -- You know how we first thing that next time Drudge calls would you please -- on the list and those that it's a pay phone call from a mental institution. You don't understand I'm not the only surely call us right. Call Dennis Miller. He calls John Gibson and Sawyer he gets other he had a lot of mid day shows he hits me early saw and I you know early in this when I'm kinda still in the mid day you know. Just that it's just easier protocol to take if they understand what calls covered from you know yeah. You know -- the president poised today to me as a voice of despair. -- -- goose was -- looking at as an internal polling. And it reminds me in 1998. Judge bush 41. Called Rush Limbaugh for -- -- for us well for one. And I consult but it's on of those toys that he no internal -- as bad and appear in the same voice from the president. So I I I believe by 10 o'clock tonight we're gonna note that the national nightmare is over. I don't -- some legend mention that because if -- if it's that early. That will be might lead in The -- tomorrow our long national nightmare is over. And probably what concerns me okay. Is we have to re educate. A lot of -- voters you know -- Romney turned the economy around. And try to make these people understand. That socialism doesn't work marxism doesn't work. The only thing that works as a free market system. Yeah I know it's going to be tough it's -- you know media for years to do it here in Massachusetts and he just got -- he barely got a start on accorsi had the you know the all democratic legislature basically -- deal -- by -- you know. Anything. Anything is better than Obama you know I mean house and I'm always you know you know me I always see the glass is half empty right. I always believe truly believe that the devil you know is better than the W don't know but in this case I do not believe. Again we can't take anymore of this this this nonsense. Thanks for the call us 18774694322. Vice President Biden campaigned in Ohio today. -- is -- well he's in Ohio. Hideous as the word you're looking for regarding oil -- there's so many words with the Pittsburgh that fit the description of -- whopper. Let's see here. Fake Indian on national stage would fly worm in -- bad -- in every other state it would be an issue. It might be it might be but I am a delegate of the Wall Street Journal. Have a very conservative newspaper Saturday at a giant story on the front page about the brown -- senate race and they only mentioned. The fake Indian stop in passing. Deep deep in the story 18774694322. On our car. The. Oral oral. 1877469432297. -- busy day today giving Indian day every Elizabeth Warren sign -- there is. They gave me back the finger. -- 339 Howie I got -- that the vodka for tonight one way or another -- it will be gone by tomorrow really fast that BO. -- haunt this win. Let's see 978. Huge turnout in downtown lol I'm talking a 120 people. Let's see thirty thirty in the was that there. Thirty people in my line -- our way usually appear five to ten people with a five to ten minute wait. Crowd seemed to be mixed -- -- -- one downtown -- you know. 97 it Howie Bob Dylan says Romney in a landslide that good or bad from Paul UPS guy but he said I think he's an Obama landslide Paul that you that you miss her at one. You're staying an extra hour -- -- no rest for the weary yeah outlook or get here I've already look I've already done an hourlong chat with the listeners now I'm here for five hours that I do what that'll -- off first condition column and now that was second edition cow that's and you love them and that's that's good it's good. 71 Obama as an early lead because Romney voters are still working. That actually is the theory is that now. -- public park might theory for a long time now is that whenever you hear someone like Elizabeth Warren saying talking about the working families. But war gay and found a way it's. She wrote that that really means. The non working families -- on working families. And by the way this stuff about infrastructure you know all the money we've been in investing in infrastructure. You know us that none of that money ever really gets invested and the infrastructure gets invested in these Heidi these Davis bacon prevailing wage laws for the unions which in turn around and only money Democrats. But. You know what's happened in the in new York and New Jersey they have an investment in infrastructure of the -- on the time of year the at least a decade. The trade get ready for the storm in all these places like Ike Galveston. Galveston Texas has built up these levees and and for ways. Two was to make sure that they never have another flop like in 19100 they're prepared. You know the midwest and did the red states the midwest in the sun -- their their prepared. For these these type of disasters via. -- in infrastructure. In pastors are not prepared. A region world match or that was in the Wall Street Journal today Steve your next with -- -- cargo ahead Steve. And how -- -- impressionable and according to date over Obama as benign -- one per. And -- -- it's over CIA what is what is he high priest of the cult now it's overwork or were what works for rug that the New York Times. I mean it doesn't matter if it's true or not if for for Nate Silver he you'll get a he's gonna get a pay raise and promotion. Just for a keeping up the spirits of the moon back this act -- how are you -- we site Nate Silver. OK okay so they're -- -- -- -- yeah and send you a Washington Post and dollar. All -- Obama by -- before. Or restaurant and -- does not have him broke breast -- had Romney up by 4948. That. And then yeah I'd -- point yesterday Obama like to. Well if you you saw a poll from three or four days earlier has it would Nazis today's. Today's was exactly the same as yesterday's. It was 49 to 48 so I don't know but the other ones are citing but honestly you don't you don't seem to have much credit. First just throw up Nate Silver who's they who's they cheered. Who's a day out -- snapper for the Obama administration. And then -- -- didn't give me the wrong numbers on grass must and how much opposed to having faith in what you're saying. Out there what do both what about you're caught in order your congressmen and four and last. Yet he's gonna -- also how. Well he may -- no I don't I don't realize that I know his lead is down but he's he's running against this drunken bomb. Who's never done anything and he's just stuff floating on a on a C a tsunami of bud George Soros money that's all I'll bet it'll all better at the end Allen west pulls it out anyway against that drunken Bob Murphy. I think I think -- -- fruit -- here we're on the ground. And you're concert there. Now while the guy you don't do what you call me back you call me back tomorrow five that's the way it works out. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure Romney's gonna win an idea I have a good feelings about west ago. Thank you 1877469432218774694322. 978 says Obama has an insurmountable lead among Canadian voters yes he does. Build your next without cargo ahead bill. -- -- eleven and here -- Ali you know. I got down to the polls this morning and watching and all day. In Lebanon there as a gigantic turn out it's it's not big it's coming. As well but how many people are in Lebanon. Well -- -- out or you know I mean it's. Talk about -- -- just talking about you know compared to -- you're departed New Hampshire weren't with a broad authority of the population doesn't list. Right. But it will well Grafton county where about evenly divided Republican Democrat. The -- that Republicans have a doubt that Google offers you know -- bit that count down and and the Democrats have -- here and -- over in Lebanon spectacle what I am saying is that. Is that this is a gigantic turn out I think the polls. There are protocols out the window. That it is best that people are carrying out. And and we'll see we'll see you later -- I I'm not let them pay attention inaudible they multiple counts as. The one -- week. Will you please -- not in Lebanon today. Who do you think is voting is -- Republicans or Democrats. But -- everybody. But there's more Democrats registered here evidence so well Lebanon gonna go for around for -- big old debate go. But that for the county -- the county -- turnout. Everybody's turn out to vote. This is basically this is crazy -- you know insane. It's been saying that this is -- -- you know this is like the Japanese are bombing pearl are. Thanks for the call 18774694322. Wonderful -- in this form. Beach invoked I mean she's she's now only refuge she's official refugee but she's on the US citizens -- line now. 18774694322. 7 AM while I was early over 100 in front of me might Salem -- seven precincts one month ago. -- your next with how we cargo ahead now. I Ali could you elaborate on all make comments about. -- -- would concede for joke Kennedys have murdered you think Joseph Kennedy the curtains gazillion. I I fear he is a fear he has he's gonna win the you mean this in that seat in congress party frankly yes I think -- -- Yes. All I brought I voted for being a lot but you know I mean I just up the I have to assume the pole polls are right and get on -- and you know you you can pick up little things worth what bush going to be lot's been saying you know like they've been hurled again today asked -- -- what are you gonna do after the what do you do if you lose this. Again and he said -- I don't know I just wanna get through this day. With those around you shouldn't vote for me now but you know you just I mean you can't you -- you can't not face reality either. Why not a in the sixth district vote against John Tierney the cryptic comment about. You're single flight crew anyway it would make a viable national -- I think she think she why I don't think it would be I mean it's just horrible spot I've already seen these people yeah you know there. These knots are posting on these blogs about how great she is and how wonderful she is and you know all she knew she knows the problems facing the middle class and she's just such a complete fraud acute believe it but. Amid what she's pulled off he or she -- Forty million. Dollars. You know what are you ever heard of course she's she's not from here Scott Brown likes this. But what -- -- -- that question at him Scott I won't get them on a national level -- being allies -- -- I hope so I hope you're right now I hope I hope -- I don't get -- and survive tonight let alone yeah I don't let alone run for president when he's sixteen. 18774694322. 1877. 469432218774691322. I'm Tiffany sorry -- I did what Obama's that I voted out of revenge voting all Republican. How we do you have any exit poll numbers that you sheer -- I don't because the again everybody that's at the exit poll numbers is locked up in this room somewhere in New York again as. Where the exit poll numbers are crawling in the -- -- out for another hour. I can get somebody who's got some numbers I'll -- I'm I make a vast people call him and let me now. Michelle your next with power cargo ahead Michelle. How all. Of them are in an -- and then. In my entire life. On expediting. I don't have my act in taking him if people vote for it and why and I just I don't think I would Abdullah. -- -- up -- -- but hey this summer twice a year ago that code based central and god. Acquitted yeah I am and it feels the same way I kept tomorrow. And as an act because honestly how can own the majority of people believe what -- saying. I know she she is one of the worst human beings I've ever run and so you know she just that he she is just such a fraud. And holding. And hypocrite and need to -- That being a fake Indian. Peace that's just the beginning. -- were incredible Roger.