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Senator Scott Brown talks to Howie and gives a final push for election day

Nov 6, 2012|

It is coming down to the wire, and Senator Scott Brown is neck and neck with Elizabeth Warren. Hear his final call with Howie Carrbefore the polls close

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Scott here I'm sorry I did most I was here. Our will work we'll continue this we we talked to -- after talking to Scott Brown Scott sorry about that I didn't know you were there. Well you know a large margin -- listen though you know. What's going on -- do you pull us out. Yeah I feel good if people get -- early and they make a difference and they get involved in the drag everybody and their brother and sister out. That's good enough a lot of the areas that are very high turnout where we muted and but a good question are good Democrats are saying you know what when it comes right down to that they'd rather have. I've cooperation and problem solving and lower taxes low regulation. And let less relentless desire actually -- more gridlock and more partisanship and that's what they don't want this. I heard many you know what have -- was having a lot of trouble getting the a lot of the voters in places like out West Roxbury white Dorchester south. Places like that to what turned to the to the news to what was about war in their stick him with yet potentially be the day it's gonna be a amend a mole. Minimal blast against you coming out of the city of Boston that I only out of Aurora neighborhoods. From -- that you -- -- I'm not working very hard and an all of those areas and and then the rest of our ongoing Iraq straight JP we have an opportunity. -- -- -- -- we're working hard and every every year area we have a lot of Obama supporters from ground earlier I think that. And Dorchester and Amanda Canon and watched -- I'm working for every vote Alia re vote. You want it all you want and Wellesley high school today you've got Obama got 60% of the vote you got 57%. Of the motor -- very high school. -- that great life. So this frontier -- a lot of discord that is got a text from from a school work that I want nuts and 127 to one. We went over to earlier lol are you at a polling place and all the kids. Just. Just depends ignored the future route to the windows. And started yelling and screaming about this for me to come or -- the cutest thing leader. -- seventh and integrators with Obama stickers on who said we all voters pure class so until I get -- -- You you well you're elected in a January 2010 with a turnout of about 2.2 million in May -- him as much as a million more people -- your since it's a presidential years that. I mean how how watch how much do you have to overcome to was fit to stay in the senate. Well as you know many years people are dependent. They're not Democrats or Republicans or independents and those independents. All over the place and a lot of those are disenfranchised Democrats and Republicans that it. JFK's car anymore you know so I'm hopeful we've done our homework we've worked very hard to deliver messages -- Obama. Partisanship and fiscal responsibility verses -- Iraq's Soria more gridlock so what will -- -- -- get out the vote effort I mean I know she's got all unions carrier. Superior. This similar or superior I have I have every officer is distract every we're going to order go where we're going we're dragging everybody we can go to. -- question your listeners who are. As which I am one of your loyal listeners who joined forces in being the people's army and help me get them get out your friend. You know they're failing people in the maybe I'm essentially locked into the boots. I hope that you know I've got to do this guy and everything before I know what I get with them. I was no indecision there's no there's no -- is no you know what's hiding behind the curtain what you see is what you get. And I'm hopeful that what they like -- -- ceiling you know vote. The the textures are so are saying that they love you -- including up 413 western mass march -- opinion a moron then now we're the big station on WH YNN Springfield make a pitch to western mass. So and so is Springfield those whether I met her laser over. Overdone mass mutual is slipping lesson learned out of the last 'cause I'm on State Street have been working very hard. When the lights went up from the tornadoes subsided I was there working with the mayor and the council deliver the -- money working to match mutual to make sure that. They didn't get thrown under the bus as my reporter wanted them to get thrown -- Under the bus trying to save jobs in. And really just eight Dor Barry worked its -- State Street moved over there Winnick. Know the area and I'm asking for their votes and that is a critical part of the state in terms of the voting -- And I didn't win the Springfield an -- what I'm working my tail off. For they have an official office there we have a full time staff for their good there -- -- -- 495. How about what stirred more on W she's sale on everybody on WC RN AMA thirty days that's another big part of. -- listen western the same deal I'd been working so hard and westerly unofficial office there as well. Four times staff member working with a lot of businesses in the area especially the hell are UMass medical obviously and in a lot of these medical facilities there. A lot of the manufacturing a polar beverages out there which is the future employers. Try to make sure we bring that level of regulatory and tax certainly -- -- -- Think his former former mayor Connie loops -- sort of president council Connie -- endorsement the police department in. Endorse or endorsed me and that. -- that we have that many rallies in bear the energy in -- is not as really second and not a lot of great opportunity it's been working which. They will lose trust. Trying to woo. So we lost Scott won't where it's got right back on their preserve peace he's the one I do I want to what make this pitch -- -- -- -- and also to the of the Greater Boston area where were and 187746943221877. -- formed a call back. Go back to this column in the Wall Street Journal by a William and currency -- failures of blue state has them. Meanwhile what do we get from blue state liberalism in New York we get a mayor who makes war on big gulp soda us. Well providing improving himself -- that basic government functions such as clearing snow. At the national level we get a president vows to help victims of hurricanes sit CNB even. Even though some might not be without power the regulators in Washington in New York hadn't been making the environment so hostile the new investments. Scott your back he just wanted to say yes. You don't make -- it may where we're we're also orbit were also big god now on the cape WX DK is our beds are big station down there you know why you know everybody on the tapered down their all the time make a pitch to the cape. -- some kids obviously we have been mailing and try to help the -- obviously Dominic Cape and Islands area of Gloucester Fall River New Bedford. And you know what isn't going to get fired at Noah and obviously the -- -- beginning those those stores usually done properly giving. And their mission done had the ability to get and keep more money in their pockets so they can hire and grow make it to the top pointers. And Kate is a huge huge area. And we need to get everybody -- down there and I appreciate their votes as well. And again here in Boston as I told you the other the Yemeni you know while machine has had no lock. Trying to war where is trying to do dissuade the voters in the working class -- wiped up for war it's. To what to dessert you for a was with war they know why they they know when their hearts so what kind of person Elizabeth Warren is and she's not one of us. And he's there they're out there there -- out there and you gotta get a month to vote normal and not in all the inner inner suburbs as well. Well listen I'm going Obama going after every -- -- Latino -- the African American vote. Every vote and listen I yeah I work and everybody you know I'm not gonna divide I'm not a divider -- unifier. And I don't know what's gonna happen we still have -- four hours wealth and allowed just three and a half hours left I'm not taking anything for granted Ali. And I'm gonna continue to work and I need I would encourage everybody to work it -- -- -- had done. He grabbed it grabbed a bottle of beer or glass of water and they showed her glass so no whatever your preferences and and celebrate the -- did some very very best regardless to what happened so. Let's say I'm honored to be your senator folks I can't do it alone and and there are three good -- -- it's critically important for our state and our country thank you probably. Hey hey Scott -- good luck tonight and you know if you run into Elizabeth -- you wanna teach her husband not open a -- you know we've -- and we felt very bad four million that -- they had that Sierra Nevada and I I just staring at -- did not get the capped off I don't just live Harvard degrees when he does not -- open a beer bottle. I can show -- -- a -- -- the and so -- -- doesn't -- thank you very much. Hey Scott good -- and though we'll see what octagon in the world wide area like OK Bob by. 187746943221877469. Five.