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Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) Hits The Polls

Nov 6, 2012|

Congressman Charlie Bass (R-NH) is spending the day getting out the vote in New Hampshire and is personally visiting as many of the polling places in the Granite State as is possible before the polls close this evening. Congressman Bass will checked in with us while he tours his district.

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Joining us now on the line is a New Hampshire congressman Charlie bass. And he's running against a a woman named any -- he's gonna try to make them like custer's last stand and show us that the first time you've heard that line Charlie right. Notice that how -- it's always a pleasure this. Beyond my biennial. Radio later few weeks. Well -- you know I I do I'd like to what I like to have you on idea and you know I I hope I hope you got this a situation well in hand and that you know you -- obviously you want to get more people out to vote. But the -- RR I keep hearing I -- senior ads on TV and I'm just. Paul this is this really true what you what -- what's in these spots about her on her run temper and I yelling at people and just behaving in a very -- orange fashion. -- at state. As a you know kind of short -- -- I -- -- Amber our tractors and I I've been tracked since the day I. They -- urged congress about and an -- orbit but yet. Or crap like and state. Nationals are out there right -- bike floating. -- Like what I am saying that you know I know. Stop brown on an order it without any point Costner is just like it was a war on all the same web site. She's great pride money at congressional districts that are all they get all the -- you sleep on the web site not which the campaign trail. Frankly how -- the only difference between. Any Custer and Elizabeth Warren is there any doesn't have any immediate -- I knew it or let's say that. -- -- The -- it's very going that way. So so you're telling me that she's do you she's she's -- -- -- pro -- occupy like a lot like -- Elizabeth Warren was. Well for the -- got all of that stuff you know think that the Obama health care plan didn't go far enough. Birth rate. Supports all -- the health care plan you want social security act. Rate that's always say you're. Q what obviously the Obama income tax hike -- the -- 40000 small businesses that corporations. Are. And if she has perhaps -- you know are basically all you do get elected because her. Because she really has no vision about what she would do what you raise taxes and spend more right it was -- there's more. -- that challenges that America faces today that raising taxes and spending more money -- but you know. The fact is is that this -- say this is to swing state we know we understand that. There are a lot of very committed that I. Democrats that he'll -- that kind of government they want but I think we're gonna do well to date because we have good turnout southern part of -- which has. We're more secretive bodice and I'm confident that things to work out. You heard anything about a lot of Massachusetts cars being up there right now -- -- -- voter ID law was supposed to take care of this problem. Well it's not so much you know there's there's this misconception that Massachusetts voters that moved to New Hampshire and IP you know that are legal voters in New Hampshire. State or liberal it's not really that way. I take the city of family for example they moved from Bedford mass. She's -- The boat there because they were looking for her bastion of liberal in the in the light where they were and that's been going on 200. Sixty years my ancestors moved up here you know to -- six years ago the same reason. It's the Vermont New York Connecticut in what's making New Hampshire more -- And the house along the order for it might just from activists and all the way over to -- Is -- are really are the most conservative part of the state now because so many people and Massachusetts have moved across the border. Yeah I know I know I don't know too many liberals who moved to New Hampshire I know but I journal lot of conservatives I know you know what -- a lot of the of people moved to New Hampshire have our relatives who were in the Massachusetts legislature and in the in the leadership position to make it they couldn't get out of Massachusetts fast enough. Charlie you yeah so you why you you wanna be so this woman were tried to grab the Mike a year hampered that she succeeding grab in the Micah. What happened what I was like those comments and make it forum and we are sitting at the same table and we only had one Mike it's. Are we get back for each one minute quote state that went -- a comment that she was in favor of 5% broad based sales. I mean income taxes entered. -- -- -- -- -- And all the stop lying about her record -- -- -- -- -- -- never been in any political -- -- effectively. She has back she backed it pro income tax and they get then governor Jeanne Shaheen a Democrat in the primary. Keep that article for low income tax act she characterized our old former governor -- outs of this worm because of the support a tax. And then of course she supports the Obama income tax hike and she will not. I vote yes on question one on our ballot which would then income taxes in the stick to. Right that's one of the big issues up there isn't at this time this is the big referendum issue right. Well we should have done it thirty years ago unfortunately but now I -- we have this question. Question one on our ballot which would amend the constitution prohibit it but in position. Of a statewide income tax it and die URL. With all due respect to. This is one of the issues that really makes New Hampshire superior state. And -- for certainly for doing business -- You and didn't say with all due respect to media and Charlie I I quit the group which tomorrow I think most of the people listening in Massachusetts and New Hampshire feel the same way. Well. Well not favor that says we got a yeah we we might have an emergency we're. Sick of it this way how could she -- For the Obama income tax hike on it it was 250000. Dollar more into right. On the federal level and it gets to the state public which says the economy. So or capture what the army probably -- Warsaw but it -- state. So no it doesn't make any sense she is the Elizabeth war the second currently desperate since she should just see what she is. And Jeanne Shaheen was was not liberal enough for over. That's correct that's that tells you 02 right there. -- -- she backed her -- primary opponent to Jeanne Shaheen and the only difference in philosophy between two candidates. -- the state income tax Jeanne Shaheen opposed to income taxes taken to so called pledge. And -- fertile favored an income tax and she was one of its key supporters but she says. Stranger mine now economy is too -- and she's not for any more effective. If you want taxes and what spending you want any custard if you -- a different approach. And and frankly -- simple supporters I know for example Scott Brown is I think that you've got to summit is slowly bit. Stick to their principles but listen to other people and try to try to work out these problems and not define success. As fight rather than a salute. Hey Charlie I I wish the best and that sounds like you know you were you got her hands full with this this woman she's never run or anything before now she's running for congress could things she started at the bottom line. -- out she -- has run for one officer -- that was congress two years ago and a -- two years ago. And I'm -- for hopefully -- prevail against the night. You know custer's last stand there I guess the -- congressman Charlie red birds. --