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Chump Line Tuesday November 6, 2012 - I Am Union

Nov 6, 2012|

Or favorite message from today's chump line was a cover of the Sound of Music classic I am Sixteen. In our case We are Union....

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Heading south for the winter don't be a trump call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to -- -- dot com. You. And they're -- -- -- That's Oilers used to do when I was in the union. A wells vote I would almost always vote for the Republican candidate but doesn't it -- ally Alia. To know that your your rob. Union dues are going to support. Candidates. Like -- any Warren wanna cut throat. Baghdad area and -- school when you wake up tomorrow find out how much that's got. A pack a new ports cost how much. Are you won't bleed but may. Obama -- black but it teleprompter that told. -- The one we're told us is gonna do for work the selection that doesn't doesn't work out for the best. I'm sure you can get a job somewhere else may be may be many meet the ball Patrick will pick up votes. -- is campaigning today in Ohio and they hit. And Obama -- playing basketball and they'd -- but it but it I -- the -- over the next forty years. Somebody somebody when I was doing the -- thing here with The Herald readers that I said that you'll be going back to Chicago places Chicago or you kidding me he's going -- straight to -- Whitey. You know whatever else happens today he is still the president of the -- getting. -- years ago Chris Mathews felt will run up the -- Tonight let's hope he's killed a triple running down it. That's great -- XT is 95 point one excuse me I apologize. I apologize no macho like I was still a simple error on my part 95 point one WXT -- The VCR -- AMA third W. -- twice in AM flight sixty. Here at the station in Boston W war KO him. Six. And I get really doesn't appear. Heard the voting is very heavy today also when southern Ohio and of course that's where. Kerry uttered those famous words in the twilight of the 2004 campaign. Can I get media -- to license here. Said that the only thing about it as loose as it is. But it didn't find out about that with -- candidate that I might get them out of the polling station all. And it bounces out those black Panthers and really not a what are what are called where do the Ku klux Klansman standing -- some polling places in Atlanta Birmingham. It could be bent out of shape about that but the board the Panthers it's okay because they're his people. I'm. Go into -- And let me tell you. And people about it. Stepping -- It is. Homes and so. Maybe. -- we. In that country and every -- we have. What. Has he done that like -- that he is or their opinion both Vietnam. The White House is -- Tiki bar. I don't even the rises civil level -- Tiki bar lately. They're very big let me guess you're forty year old -- Eight million dollar -- put the rescuers straight you hypocrites who. Does his daughter about eight million dollar horse out. How much did the horse cost compared to what we're follower whatever rum and Romney's force it's a tad more expensive yeah. The tab more expert and I don't with the daughter has amassed isn't so how so how come. We heard nothing new during the Olympics but because he's not running for office. Well I would say so it is a different explanation is that. We're followed is owned by a Republican. Bruce Springsteen spotters. Horses owned by Bruce Springsteen is not running process. That's when it comes down to how did this I know about it I mean again this iPod -- -- Bruce Springsteen was a working class hero. Welcome close who's soon to be. You'll leave the peasants as well as I could see. It was John Lennon and his angry period. Like to apologize for the sixty question of those -- -- in the -- and -- -- so today. That I inadvertently put. I've had the full stop to settlement and try to do I is that the use their may have and I apologize. And that was no need for you to give me your fingers chase -- on the -- toward. It's terrible -- A drug turns around you know one of those anti depressant type drug should be a big prescription foreign. They can take three or 4 in the morning and that deal with fear and neuroses and in -- holding Warren sign and suddenly that the drug turns on. It's an ugly site it's happening all over the commonwealth today of people hoping Elizabeth Warren signs. If you've got to take out buttons have turned -- then I doubt if -- -- -- and -- particular candidate. But they have photo ID to vote -- Stewart dropped thirty. I got. Begin again. I haven't heard anyone complaining about cough syrups oppression. You know as he since they since they started making your producer a book idea photo ID to get crops are. The ones that no one has been deprived of cops are as far as I know. But vote and and. That was your last -- line message. Thank you for calling Kelly -- you. All right that's it for the -- like today that troubling is the recorded voicemail message service about how we car show you all leave messages in the hour that there tonight including weekends. The -- like number you like to leave such a message is 61777934. 696177793469. We've mere minute play your message at this time. Each week day. -- heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they will -- your car for you go to shop. Go to ship car dot com. You I was I have I had and they're bonding. I -- And you shout.