John Sununu

Nov 6, 2012|

Governor Sununu implores voters to get out the vote

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Governor Sununu are you -- Well we -- good we're hearing we're hearing that in the exit -- I know it's early exit polls but Obama -- -- The New Hampshire what what are we what are we to make of this and what are we to do about it. It's pretty -- working folks come and all Lleyton Roddick Blake into votes in Salem -- That bird. -- -- -- big big Republican out. I never believed exit polls anywhere even ordinary in our trailer. They just as far as I'm concerned some people just don't like to beat. Registered -- somebody who asks them how they voted to him about the coming out of the only place let's look for real numbers I'm I'm still comfortable. John this is Bobby Nelson what should call in New Hampshire for the presidency. I've been thinking that is going to be plus 2% two and a half percent Romney what about the governor's race. Tighter maybe half a percent to percent but -- it where. Look that those that turn out is what's -- decided and the turnout numbers looked quite good for Republicans. That turns out but on the coast I mean that's that's a honeymoon post we're trying. Coast was like that's right. I shouldn't daylight it was above average but not not the super above average. I would hope that in Salem -- -- and -- over an hour ago already almost 80% Hillary 80% turnout. Yeah we were also told that some of the time at least one or two with a towns in New Hampshire decided to walk. Stay open past 8 o'clock and to also let everybody can vote. Yeah I think what they'll do it they'll decide who's been in line at the -- time -- photo. A marker there and I'm cute though. But it's definitely -- is -- not too late to get out there and vote in the. Out I'm out to get out wrote. There -- that just commuted back this is a turnout election we need the turnout. Yeah torture called nationally Jon -- on this broad. You want or create about 29300. Electoral votes were -- He's also we midnight or they give me a little later now. I think you might be midnight 1 o'clock but. What they are. I don't I don't think it's got to be longer that I thought -- -- found out there's this provisional vote so in in Ohio so that may not get settled over wee hours. Well there's a provisional most provisional ballots are counted into what November 17. I -- Abbott then you have to decide what the margin is not. That's right their son and remember the thousands and they have his provisional votes and at the margins larger than that doesn't matter what sort of how to look for the two congressman again Diane asked I have. I I think that I think into released by Soliai as usual at its operation but. Charlie I'm out here are accountable without I just haven't seen any real numbers. Okay. So yeah -- just get get out the polls are open till eight the few they are still in line vote if you their stand and in line I -- that's that will be you'll you'll still be allowed to vote thank you governor soon we -- gonna tell -- -- let's take a break from how we car.