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Jennifer Athas from The Boston Herald

Nov 7, 2012|

Jennifer Athas from the Boston Herald talks Boston area real estate.

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Can Harris filling in for the vacationing June night today this is the financial exchange. I received a number of email messages yesterday my email address by the way your question or an inquiry very Armstrong at wrko.com. At a number of inquiries about in trade what do the numbers -- check it out. While here are some numbers that I just got it in trade dot com so if you want to check it out that's a place to go. Right now though. The numbers for Obama. It's six -- seven point 3% chance of Obama getting reelected. Mitt Romney in the thirty's he's about a 33 point 2% chance. And then I had some request yesterday. Asking about Scott Brown's chance. Nineteen point 5% that are a number on Scott Brown so how I ZEE I don't know meet with the accuracy is of this data. I do know it's where people are wagering this is where people are putting their money -- What's next move for Scott Brown that -- -- don't know might be running for. Carry seat in January you know they -- I is it that those numbers don't look at. But you know what the polling numbers and you look at the national poll numbers still shows Romney either head -- neck and neck with President Obama. A great we're joined now by Jennifer -- that's from the Boston Herald. And collecting about her password of the day I'm sorry I rushing ahead here. The question of the day is how old is your car and will you buy new vehicle during the next six months or text number 686 -- like to know that information if you don't mind. And our -- for today's contest which is 48 Turkey. The password is Chrysler. And the reason we chose Chrysler is Chrysler had the biggest surge in domestic auto sales their sales were up 10% so Chrysler. Is the word of the day the password of the day in our question of the day is how old is your car and will you be buying a new vehicle during the next six month period time. Now we can go to Jennifer happens from the Boston Herald Jennifer I don't. So Newton is a hot market what is the median home price in Newton Massachusetts. The median home price is about 800000. She's single family and has been. That's that's a lot Jennifer. That didn't make who's -- decent. Well they're a lot of people will be instantly levels they're pretty -- so. Can even think a lot of young families are going to maybe because it's close to Boston and they have excellent schools -- Yeah easy commute and you're right they do have one of the top school systems in the country actually. How much is that up from last year you say it's 800000 dollars what kind of an increase or decrease have they seen in home prices are in the last twelve months. Compared to last year it up 5% for illegal gambling and for condos that's up about 3%. On. Compared to last year. Right inventory levels he just told us they're lower than last year how much lower. First single families in need in the inventory. Market is down about 35 per cent but that's. Those arguments that are available for sale and for condos the inventories -- 25% compared to last year. I live in midfield I worked in Needham. Hi I have seen in both of those towns. Instances where older homes all branches that were built back in the fifties and sixties. Are either being knocked down entirely or they're just taken off the roof and turning that old ranch into colonial what's going on in Newton are you seeing knocked down EC renovations what's the deal. You're seeing a lot of not care down and knocked down and you're exactly right these you know one of the great target the battered is homes into the smaller ranchers built necessities. And I mentioned one company I can't construction that they've done that and share it is -- While wood about -- commercial development along -- nine I drive and into the city periodically. Any time I go on route nine it looks like a war zone -- tremendous amounts of construction going on their not to mention the traffic that traffic. Going west to east on route nine is a nightmare just about any time a day. Right broke what they're getting it did they have two very large project going on so there's a lot of infrastructure that's going on on as well. And down one of the context is the they kept there until square which is going to be in new complex. And it's gonna have a Weytman grocery store and a medical offices it's gonna have -- equinox on sports center. And that's going to be finished the fall of next year and then he also has the expansion up to chestnut hills shopping center where the old mate he used to be you know. You have a whole sports club LA goalie and he's been used to collect he cinema affiliated you have dealt Frisco. -- -- retailers. If it's going to be completely. -- revamped. Shopping center. And so it sounds like in Newton is on the move and becoming a Disney -- even a more desirable community. For folks eleven. Absolutely I mean -- freedom people don't have they would usually get that made -- and often for their retail made. So that they they can stay and stay in the area and you know people from Boston can go to him. -- -- -- it's that maybe it's a place of people goal and they don't wanna you know they have a couple kids and they don't want to go way out past route 128 they still wanted to close to work. And so they go to Newton instead -- and I want passed on Tony. The markets so hot real estate market still how how -- the fall season shape and up. Well again I think that pace the pace is pretty strong. In Boston were dealing with really though inventory levels -- can have a lot of buyers they're looking for properties on and really just not finding what they want. Police something that's super hot but it definitely has has a lot of positive momentum and. There again -- surely are surely. Jennifer thank you very much we appreciate your time. Jennifer after us from the Boston -- telling us all the stories about Newton Massachusetts the big tractor for me the reason I wouldn't moved to Newton is route nine pockets and mess it is a messed it too much traffic to look like they're trying to make a hub -- -- -- -- about going in -- vs going into the city is the parking lot easier -- you go to the -- go to the -- -- on the -- Our text number 68680 question of the day is how old is your car and will you buy a new vehicle the next six months or take a look at some of your text messages when we come back this is the financial exchange.