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Chump Line Wednesday November 7, 2012 - Another Kennedy

Nov 7, 2012|

Our favorite chump line message from today was Sen. Ted Kennedy calling in from beyond the grave to say how happy he was that his great nephew was elected to congress and maybe there was a job for Patches in the offing.

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Heading south for the winter won't be a child. Call American auto trans orders and they will share your car for you go to ship cars dot com. Pop up -- the thought. These aren't my -- program is we elected. So. It's like it's going to be attorney general bill mean. You people back here in Massachusetts -- it. You bury -- And Larry I'm gonna be back. As -- we -- out before that's what an average all of that you might like. The whole country. Is all about. Money. He wants to be shown the money every. Possible. Currents that every possible turn he's not gonna patent attorney general when that pays about 180000. Dollars and he's he's gonna hold up for something better. You know that the state as they can do. I would open the way for a you know -- Scott Brown to return Scott Brown would be the special election. Before you could say he. -- Coakley. And that would be one of those special elections worry wouldn't have to worry about turn -- more than three million people would be more like turn out where he got elected the first time in 2010. -- for some like 2.2 million. There's nobody rooting for John Kerry to get -- us secretary of State's job anymore that Scott Brown I'll tell you. If they admit it's going to be very nice to have a young you know go to that not in Washington that we need to Kennedy's behalf. Perhaps I would that it ended Patrick -- -- like that Graham cannon you do it is clearly we will be yet. JP daddy's -- -- on a dark -- believe. You know he'll leave a you'll meet a chauffeur for those 3 AM roll call -- so there. After a long evening of doing whatever Kennedys who -- washing. On the computer put back channel K order -- -- in the refrigerated happen in the walk it back court. Back -- bit better tomorrow. That was one I was never expecting. That was that was not a pleasant surprise last night Jeter beating up Franken. -- Well I know what they are what -- reported. I. Can always -- daily -- 97 they've how we -- is out of state money except that in the senate races the Republicans he lost war. Far at least in Massachusetts. Car -- now positioned to -- like everything the president wants. Well you know it's. I guess it's interstate commerce clause right I mean you've been you could give money across state lines I don't know why I don't know why foreigners roll up your mind. Mean she got what she got a ton of money from. From mysterious foreign sources just like or dislike for boss president of the United States. The name of the from -- -- -- and Ohio. To bring this in Ohio. Excellent good work of a lot of different states if you have the right number of sellable like yes. Well good to wake up in the morning knowing that all their money given -- -- indoctrination excuse me public education. At all. -- -- You know you just. You know we started like 3040 years ago they just you know what -- you know little thing here about how you hold the pilgrims were and how Thanksgiving was a bad holiday and Columbus Day we really should be celebrating it should be for all day and you know with -- it. Just a little snowball starts going down the mountain and pretty -- you have an avalanche of -- back. Descending on the polling places and voting -- -- Democrats. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- rather be the senator that you likes being the senator but it that's -- available I think he'll run for governor in 2014. -- non presidential year. He can you can probably. I guess Charlie Baker who wants to run again Massachusetts the guy who lost last time by. I don't think that Charlie. Arbitrarily decide who's got rounded up to step aside for Scott Brown with the Democrats. Marsha called -- maybe rematch from when he and Steve Grossman a very dynamic state treasurer. Tiny memory I don't place. Because it thank you Dave from Obama yeah it's. Because all of them. These days is here yeah. I. He and BBC. Are clearer dead. I don't revenues that go. Here I didn't have people there is. Game. Never understood why welfare recipients are so when anti Republican that it you know George Bush didn't do what we -- About -- -- BP artery here. -- Read mass health card -- your -- your section eight housing. For your food stamps are you he didn't even make the move on any of that stuff -- why did you think Mitt Romney was going. Ali -- you jump up and down you know what I because I knew it and it is in the White House. And you hit it in the White House. He's gonna have more flexibility. She says the world -- the when we lose him on this B I'll have more flexibility. After the. -- -- -- -- -- -- Panama might. 617 my daughter's teacher claimed no president has ever been and keeps laughing out loud this cap room. While. There your Bill Clinton. There you're into Johnson. That was your last jump line message thank you for calling haven't tired you -- All right. That's it for the choke line that jumped one is the recorded voice mail message service of how we are sure he'd call leave a message in the hour that there -- including weekends. -- when number people like to leave such a message is 617. 7793. Foresee mind 6177793. Foresee -- time we may or may play your message this time we. Heading south for the winner albeit trumpet call American auto transporters they will ship your car for you ownership cart dot -- If they admit it's going to be you know I had a young -- -- Brought in Washington that we need to Kennedy's behalf. Perhaps I was and it -- Patrick -- committed to ride the rams and it has been particularly we will be yet. Give these values I see on a dark night these. -- --