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Max Robins Wednesday November 7, 2012 - Election Coverage

Nov 7, 2012|

Max Robins TV Guru and Vice President of The Paley Center (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) was with us to answer all of those nagging questions about the boob tube...they focused on election coverage and the new show Revolution.

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And we are joined by Max robins. Who was CO veteran journalist covering the broadcast. IT TV industry for many years and he is now the executive vice president of the paley center for media. In New York City are you -- Max I am indeed captain. Well listen the first thing we have to get to the bottom as I Diane Sawyer last evening now hold on we got some cuts the play here for four and a so you can listen to listen. I wanna get your sense -- of our election headquarters here. I want to short review we have right now almost half of the voting for the senior advisor David Axelrod worked in the white that we got that the governor Ross -- -- -- -- we are where we are. -- and spending a lot of time. -- you can't can't really close and personal there. And of course it's been long workdays for people out west that they head and some of them tugging. Their children are lying but we have a projections and make without. Our music we need our music many years. Are cleaning. And I -- precision tweeting precision social media let's go back over to our headquarters and can carry that thread and she has run so hard. So involved with so much Monday's. That we remind everyone how many people around the world died. Literally died for the right to do what we have all done today and we're being watched around the globe tonight. As we said earlier countries from Mexico to Britain from Indiana has been to Brazil. China is watching every move how many people have been designated to watch everything happening in this country tonight and we got. A wonderful tweet on my tonight matters because somebody says. My grandparents made sure I would always be free. Because the whole world is much -- I still remember the one man who went out and she was a labor. Yeah. And then she went to the hospital that is good degree of dedication out there to get -- -- but I guess civics lesson I -- think it's always interesting to imagine being in each of those rooms right now. And feeling the mood of the room -- we can see it see if we can hear it. I have I have a question I wanted to ask The Who that's -- points. President Obama's campaign put an exclamation. Point after forward. It was just forward and then it had an exclamation point wind and they decide that was the right message for them. And at the end of the day as let's talk tonight as these states have to come and we may again be talking about the President Obama get out the vote machine are projecting. The battleground. State of Ohio for president Barack Obama which means. You are looking at the president of the United States. Well I think she'll get a bad ice cube I excel you she sounds a little tired and emotional. And I think it's. I don't know you know my alma mater. Columbia university's school of journalism and we suspect you know the Foster Brooks award. Wow if someone says that that Diane we're Soria doesn't care about the candidates struggling. Let's you know as -- in the old Joseph name up cut where he doesn't care about the team's struggling. -- yeah. You know it's kind of a bad night the common loaded president -- courtyard -- we used to say if always carry a foreign load. Out there and outside the classroom that there were she was carrying -- for a load when -- -- on the set -- got to come with your game -- -- -- gets up real early in the morning to. The man oh man -- -- -- it's it's interesting though looking at the ratings from last night although your buddy Chris Matthews I think. That your if you're Donald Trump gets worse coming toward. Where he said he was happy that -- happened last week. Although that was not our was not -- and barricades and -- that was Konrad crescent said -- Chris Chris Matthews yeah we have that we have that cut that was that was of not bad part about obnoxious that's that's really obnoxious and then. At Donald Trump I know he's -- yours by tweeting it. There should be an insurrection you know 50%. Because it looked like the Electoral College that the popular vote -- right side you have my daughter Charlotte came downstairs when that happened she she's a she's on the the tweet list for a Donald Trump when she came down told me what that was all about. But I should release -- about to have comrade Chris. I'm so glad we had that storm last week. Because I think this storm was one of those things no politically I should say counters are hurting people the storm brought in possibilities for good politics. Not in terms of hurting people thanks for -- yeah after after someone so it goes whoo. Yeah but at that. Oh man I'll tell you though it is it was but it it it was a big night for for television news and generals we expected although it was down about a million viewers in total. From 2000 -- What was -- the the turnout was down thirteen million so that's probably going to be expect that right sure sure and and I think the I just -- there was just a whole lot more interest in 2008. The the Tom Fox News led during prime time but it demanded it became clear that Obama. -- can be the next president they're ready to boot camp opens the Fox's yeah I think I think they were bellied up to where it Diane Sawyer was before -- via the -- went on the -- A lot of fox viewers. It is. I did think though I have to say one thing I'd do it like it just you know be in a kind of political nerd ways the way that distance and and on CNN with the board where they were crunch in the numbers you know orderly retreat in Florida and really get really. Granular about a different counties that voted in 2008. And how to read the numbers is as what could potentially -- I like it when it's up truck. Todd is Rush Limbaugh calls and didn't have any results from early in the evening from Ohio so we just put up the results from 2008 -- Well we're one Obama won all that was nice of him to do well he was pro what is he going for shot on on MSNBC -- -- I don't know but you know. I have to give you know Fox News -- a lot of states even if they would vote for Obama. Called earlier than the other guys I noticed they called Wisconsin before. It which is it it was interesting to see. Just from Conyers you know crunching numbers standpoint. When people were calling different when when different networks were calling different different states -- and I do think that it's if it was. Also really interesting to see com. From that that that point of view now. Statistics can't really tell use stories about things are gonna turn its big win for what's his name -- overtook them that you and the guy who writes that 538 blog via New York Times. -- he was he was on. I mean I wanna take Beckett of the racetrack. A via a yeah I know I -- -- he -- -- the trouble when he would have been he would have been promoted when every that he was he was promoting the party line for the New York Times. No officer mark wants north -- still warding off polluters by helping them with MP rocks glass says that at bat a they -- I have to say how unity in and with hurricanes and -- in the after. It's shown really some of the best of this of this region and com. People really -- mermaid avenue on Coney Island I was actually out on mermaid avenue on Saturday and it took me -- stuff they're Tom. Food and blankets and when I was out there that I'm -- it was on Sunday a -- were behaving themselves mean but it's. That's does everything -- and looted by. A you know by and large I mean there there -- there is some trouble there some bad actors but by march it's a lot of generosity Lotto. You know what what we like best -- some real civic spirit. Paul the UPS guy wants to know when to close at ala carte. -- sorry Paul. Don't think it's gonna happen in our lifetime although it's certainly showed a -- awake I know a lot of people specially a lot of twenty somethings now. Lot of college students who aren't signing up for cable or satellite -- Whatever and are kind of making their own Allah cart by using the Internet and -- right gathered there were saying that you know what's the -- -- originally -- some -- the some of the decline -- the cable and satellite -- the recession but -- they're blaming -- -- -- on the younger people just -- -- -- -- and watching -- on the Internet. Yeah I mean we live in an economy and culture and and and certainly our kids. People in the late teens early twenties they want. What did -- hot when they want it used to it that way and and their tax Evian and they're gonna find it so. In a way. I think a lot of the traditional media need to really play some catch up and and and and give the consumer what they want. Is argue their Chelsea coming back. Yes -- revolution going on NBC com. Pretty well I think we're gonna double check that for you but that's got a lot of good buzz that's from JJ Abrams is a lot it shows lost house bar rescue doing that's for months Diane Sawyer she wants to Allah -- rescue is doing. Okay ready for it and oh man. Power abort boardwalk empire and for boardwalk -- is doing great I'm sure tremendous -- a tremendous. Had tremendous yes the united you know with the -- is they're actually asking about from day concessional treatment -- -- it's okay vote to aggregate shows love boardwalk -- how he gets even show you yes and -- you know. Who struck all wrecked by the way. -- -- yes. And. The -- future he's looking at -- looking at the Brothers Bulger right now. You know I'm just went for the first rep from just wondered if you knew it was only a piece he works for stars. Well I think you should pay you -- an eight figures for work an eight about nine. 1877469432218774694322. Brian you're next with how we target and Max -- go ahead Brian. Hey Max I wonder how the -- was still what is going to be continuing profile. Yeah metal is a real solid performer for CBS has a lot of the real solid and race. I really enjoyed it but I am getting tired red John -- He's going to have to thank you. Thanks 18774694322. Is is Netflix -- was there is still in a tailspin. They -- they got -- issues they have -- issues but you know I think it'll pull out of the guys running at a real Smart a revolution by the ways to justify. Had about -- almost seven ineptly viewers in. Deborah Euronext with how -- car and Max -- score ahead Debra. -- I I just wanted to find out you'd think. The network moving Two and a Half Men to follow big area there's they're getting their about it. So that then -- global popularity. A little bit I mean that's show's been on for a long long time I mean it did have that big change up -- -- culture last year inspectors season. But I'm you know big experiences I think he knows about the most popular that modern -- -- most popular companies -- And implement. And could have meant by a sign of things flopped every. But the -- quickening their. A yeah. We're 207 says we missed an episode of revolution due to her to do her -- there were going to play in on there -- play in on court than they cancel -- for hurricane relief special model like at that episode. I think got just. Keep looking at the website and see if you can watch Hulu plus or. Maybe it's available -- -- should be available to download iTunes. Limited West Springfield says how about to show neighbor -- think it will last. Don't know -- tactics on the bubble. -- -- How was house X-Factor going on box. Amidst an okay very solid I mean when that that's that says Simon -- -- -- launch huge hit they brought over from England. They were predicting this would be the next American Idol while it's not that it's built so. Why did they cancel flash point. Always the same reason ratings. And excellence and I think -- -- given us the needle here Max 603 how was pit bulls and -- Wii's going after the move to new world ones. So well and good health for the monkey business -- we'll see if we put that in the OJQ. You're next with Pollock our Max -- go -- Jake. How. Did you guys they get a Megyn Kelly live in auditioning for a job on CNN last night or what I mean that was completely disappointed. What I mean I didn't I didn't notice and I mean it was a disappointing night John Jake for most of us I didn't notice that what was she doing that they that got your attention. I just thought she was still Obama -- in all night long and yeah ahead yet. They well I would just wish you would have cheered us up a little bit either of those who have them the bad news to tell us. She cheered me up when she took about mice walked down to the other part of the studio. I thought it was a little unstable on her feet out. Well that made it even better did not affect. Thanks for Caldwell. Of the clips and some. -- 18774694322. Scott you're next with how we card Max -- score and it's gotten. I am sure some pretty fondue. -- -- -- everything apart in debt. No doubt. I think that's going to be around at the future it. Okay about that breaking bad and CNET pepper a couple of more years. No this is breaking -- final season -- kind of split the season Nate Nate is going to be on the Wednesday he leaves starting summer. All right thank. Okay how Chicago fired Dolan I'm gonna check on this for -- show how's the show comic book men do one namesake. -- of the joke. Items I don't know that's. Let's see. How we -- it's a show called pebbles and parolees. Bow yes and earlier as. Their risk yeah had to say don't have them and they -- more and they moved to New Orleans. I was already moved on price to the promise for all the time where -- start out in east Saint Louis and I hope so it started out his hometown Detroit. Tony. In -- race. My my girlfriend and I love Grumman elementary will only be around for awhile. I think well elementary. -- now elementary -- -- 603 says Megan was wearing four plus four inch plus high heels and she looked good that's -- she was pottery. John your next with Howie -- and Max robins or John. There could vote pro we've all just human beings. That's. I got an idea for you for the market channel. -- called desolate -- start Morocco. Where the hell did he promoted a more take a break we had to take a break from this for a few minutes anyway John. Thanks for the call American horror story. American horror story yes. It should be around for. Okay -- you're next with how we card Max -- go ahead -- -- -- -- -- I I want to make sure I get my residual from the pro patrol last comic called about the -- honey boo boo and -- on the class. You wanna make sure that happens. But I had a question about. It is there any chance through was there ever a movie made about -- borders or any anyway that's gonna be resurrected. I don't think so unfortunately -- not gonna happen. Now. Probably my name and number and would caddies like -- get my birth control. Okay about it by the by the way Max -- another new development and resume resume again over the weekend on a apparently that apparently the there's -- the alleged Bloomberg gave hooker. Alexis right normally she she had this hidden camera. That she would use to record her liaisons. -- on but sometimes I guess the camera didn't work social what you would do was put it that you would put it on Skype. In the end in the and broadcasted back to while we're or rather her. Blue or alleged pimp boyfriend was staying and he would record of office guy. The wonders of modern techno so it would work something out with Skype you know I mean it's adjusted as the -- it is a new technology Max and no one's ever read no one's ever used that mean to its to its full extent it's. Block Skype blackmail. Coming this fall on the monkey business channels. Savior next with Howard cargo ahead Dave. -- -- I -- -- to get it down the fox news network. The belt went out plots. Aren't that had been a lot of people are really ill informed. It -- -- a lot more people really watch that. Thank you -- Thanks I watch all the time that people -- -- -- and -- Matt and O'Reilly they're mad at fox but the dismantle the election returns I think they'll be back well while Karl Rove scuttle this race he was well solos and Dick Morris and and -- those of them Michael -- for that matter yeah. You know. Mean they've made some pretty quip poor predictions there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was the name of his biggest pack but yet -- a couple other ones -- Robert your next with how we -- Max -- score had Robert. And our record -- -- -- prosecutor call. Yeah out did they -- needed -- sky cameras work and there are page or. Don't know call yourself to think about looking pretty good -- -- about it. Very one and about I'll I'll thirteen outside channel they stop it made is that they're probably short of the come back. With what -- upside is that all art art art art we're gonna double check that for. Warehouse thirteen it's always number thirteen isn't. That funny box thirteen -- Wreck your next with how we card Max robins where -- very quickly. Real quick from -- showed org or call up all I really -- the first one. -- -- want to call for -- Richard -- surely here. A -- orange aren't. Aren't earning straight Amish yeah I'm not familiar with that points are. I'm going -- out about currency -- I love -- and hope they go out. That's two broke girls. Yeah there there the numbers are pretty good that should be around by the white warehouse thirteen and that will return. In April of 2000 thank you Maxwell -- here next week look for -- now.