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Election Night Shock

Nov 7, 2012|

Howie was shocked, absolutely shocked by the democratic sweep in the election last night and he wondered if the electorate has even thought about what their pay checks will look like in January. Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, said that it's now up to the President to propose ways to avoid massive tax increases and spending cuts that take effect in the beginning of the year.

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We'll let everybody yes sound off today my Tuesday. Want to the Mac will be with us. At 530 just to give -- a little break and we try to get Scott Brown who were doing this year. He's he's a New Hampshire -- -- dogs and you should take it easy to have a beer. Seeing -- -- today so -- only thing different on the world war. Yeah. It's I was about when he's. Which share. Public. One. 8774694322177. Forcing mine were three to. And I know my idea heart does not feel like an alligator might well actually it does feel like alligator right that you like and I like an alligator who was. Who. Who. It's off. And -- Much of whose skin has been made an alligator belts an alligator shoes and alligator purses. More rest of my alligator body as a child. The pride that either way and you know and you know win. We're at -- like your. As with an alligator -- feel like an. Congratulations the senator from all -- home of the third sort of promote homeless or somebody. It's it was a it was a bad night obviously was. You know his. Obama didn't win. That she's the 150%. Of the vote. He won few were both it's been John team. Last time in 2008. -- a few million he. You were you were voting. In this election. In the word. In 2008. Again this is it feels like this this. Some in you know the senate didn't really change -- -- didn't really change and get it feels like this is just the mean for. Painful -- I Somalia as soon. This -- of my mind. We we gave him an email blast to see is how we are taught -- well it's. We are thought US wanna read it. If you wanna watch him -- be ready for the next we'll be ready for next email blast. You couldn't you couldn't. Just. Sign up to get on the -- blast at WRKO's coverage of the 2012. Election returns are presented by -- catalog. Check out the all new 2000 or the Cadillac CTS weeks -- be 339 month which -- down. Only Olson catalog four -- -- who visit them or some cattle are wrong. You know. I don't know. So there's so many so many of these -- that really really -- made -- quote. Am I would have to say -- the most painful it was over to say losing -- way John Tierney Johnny. -- -- and really market -- he's the only member of the stadium from a person being part of this. This this site gambling ring. You know in the eyes of -- should begin with the -- if you if you didn't come from -- -- -- And and say rebound -- we -- for him pain I don't we hear me on record that he wouldn't be he didn't give out in any of his. Clearances you can in fact may -- hurt us on. Monday the day before the elections and yet last night. He was swept them by 3504000. Vote just by the really -- When you know. Shortly and -- the green -- machine it was a achieved. And that hurt. I guess they forget -- losing to war Carol Shea-Porter and never by about -- Franken as a Smart guy. He's the former mayor were both Manchester and Carol Shea-Porter was two of them back moved back I have no idea you know what should I mean I kind of had a feeling that. You know Charlie bass was in the DM. And these are meant to congressman -- a feeling too early test -- GM West Point might not custer's last stand in my eternal vigilance. They -- -- -- and the problems. And then I guess another one that really hurt he was the downpour Allen west my congressman. He was running he was running again this hung kid when he nine years old time for Merck and there's this guy Allen west bear re intelligent guy. Tired colonel combat veteran. The war hero. Black. And he's running against this -- whose only previous. Previous. Time in the headlines when he got -- what's wrong. In a in a bar on the north Collins avenue Miami Beach should somehow he. And it and he was thrown out the aged nine team was so drunk when cops tried to drag -- -- us when you -- in the same time. He was doing that her west was getting troops ready to go away at him. Talk about. Here in the track. And and sorrows. Newly its millions. Of the race. Try to not. West when they killed the -- music and she went. And you guess what he succeeded in doing. She -- doing. That was that was -- press office. And you know and then I I you know I told you last night that -- -- early the early exit polls. -- were saying that. We usually exit polls saying that the economy was Bush's fault I was trying I was trying to calm everybody down placing. The worry about usually exit polls as usual -- key. That are that are being questioned in the first go around. Who Quad Core. What mold that I know there was a pin drop today that the but that a huge percentage. He. Who interviewed the exit polls still think it's too -- Bush's. Seven it once that's how we Weir's group you cannot fix it. You know I there's there's some to be set for I don't I don't know what the I don't know what the answer I wish I did I. You know you know I think I do well actually I do what the answer -- I might get a read that the media in a little. How we part US. And if you -- -- McGinley durable mailing was too ignorant on. What. I think one -- can -- for us. It's between Morgan yet and it's going to be that would be restored. Something things don't go war on it we hear what. -- weather so you know override. Over wimpy media field and you know what -- field with its nutrients -- Chop down too many trees any anything in nature. A really big and economics. -- can't want it won't quote we keep warm. That this is this as we come too bad yeah. It might come too bad and if if Romney and Ryan. But we know. It's going to come too bad under Barack Obama has the they have the banning the in my. They're not even see you re it's about the week -- -- series -- -- -- about a year. Social Security you're dealing with the -- deficit. -- the market adorned. And -- NBB. Army is going to war is is going to come to us reaching -- at some point are -- that -- years. And is in the may be the voters wake up you know -- Johnson always used to say that being hanged in two weeks concentrates one's mind wonderfully. And I you know being in any beavis and -- at a soup kitchen. Or fifty persona of one month or having to pay me a wheelbarrow for cash down down to the mark you know what Brad. That's -- concentrate this morning. And told them I just spoke to who we're not we're not a very serious for. 877. -- mine -- three to two health care issue. 71 fewer people vote for -- -- for McCain. I know. -- -- Wrong -- -- we were -- this what are you got -- votes yesterday. In the came back in 2008. So much words so much for this I gave away the evangelicals. These silent majority. All the rest of it was it was being that. Team million. -- work he. Vote yes I mean the being you know they're just the key role in the country are they're still here. But they're not. Really. Here in the state the terms of society you know I mean it's like oh they're they're on from the work force. Now they're this hearing from the people BO voting oops there they're just not in my air lead I don't know they've given they just -- Hear why. 71 don't you think the race was always. I know I can pick him. Imagine. His leaders so that those here. Like seven get ready for him you know this is just I mean -- he's gonna try to push through -- You know I mean it's not enough that there's 23 million under way this country he's going to ease. Under reported or on the way he's gonna try to push through him. In all of you union though I'm not wrong how many times are right values I can call you you know on the slots -- where I was in the -- myself for thirty years. But all you union though it's the took the -- Rotting. Your -- pinky ring -- union bosses it's worked and voted for Ron voters are really warrant yesterday. Let me tell you she's for basic legal border she's for a the DREAM Act. She's against secure communities. What do what is. What we in for axes of illegal aliens do wages is actually in the trade. Wouldn't it. They increase wages in the trades or debate be -- so that's what I was saying you -- you're not warden. You vote for her she she doesn't care about your wages and whether or not. You couldn't you couldn't see where your PM Williamson to college and maybe have a vacation home one year run on your union wages all she wants to do was open. The doors and get some more -- more dependent holders. That could be taken care of what some people work going to be government. Going to be going to be higher be government unions and they'll -- I'll pay union dues which will be kick back her campaign and it'll just that's -- that's up for a market that among them part. Don't forget to 617 says the supreme or at least that I -- that borders all would night. You better stay a rare -- -- were wrong. Who -- Scalia and Thomas. And alioto when Kennedy and maybe even for awhile or who seems to -- have his brain kidnapped by political. You know anybody keels over -- we're gonna have a gonna have a Supreme Court it's gonna go 54 the other way. And it's going to be some -- where it's going to be hold -- lead on more from the constitution. These liberals don't. You know the liberals never change their mind -- we were they always vote law that all 100% of the time you've -- just sort of mind my world Kagan. Or more higher against Byrd the ever everything -- you know Scalia has a point there no they don't never. They would never do what Robert let's say say via the monstrosity that is of Romney that is. 1877. Were -- -- 43221877. How we how come nobody's mentioned his tour for what amounts to two totally in your very first Indian native of her -- Everybody -- -- -- and it was thought about going ball you know this sort of drop now. Got a letter I got an email from somebody. Businessman. And he says henceforth all of payments from my company will be in cash. And cash from the BJ. How we never believe this one from. Jump in the last -- or we will fall without a shot being fired the ball from within. Robert some of -- They too tall well over a -- from now on Amazon.com. Where we. You know it's a new book out by the way it is we're moving towards the the to the people read or. Style of governing checked out the the the humans like to do -- my -- and China loses there's -- -- covered by what by a survivor. The -- into all the old records. What it's like when you have government planning. And how was how was convinced that he to lead the the lead China into two way socialist you know if only they would follow his instructions and even -- You don't want tens of millions to be cherished them. Much in the coming out here but you know they do there are one win this government who think that now we're on to us. I'm pretty sure they did not say what -- they. 1877. Were sick mind -- 322. Work so and so when they overheard a black Earl Warren say Romney gets -- -- that you will be -- -- -- -- Things they convince. Well you're dealing -- -- to -- the -- you'll say they -- was back in the fields. -- -- -- -- -- How we never have that -- is always wrong. Predictions on again. Spot how we -- the pressing. I'm much I'm not trying to pressure. I'm just trying to war you know just to say what's in my mind. And I think a lot of people feel that way. Actually most what part of the 1877. I got a and I got a one remarks by -- to -- today to. It for from last week the area well today it will take some phone call it's worse. 339 and he -- I have done. Will now be on -- -- we go over there went my way of saying thank you. Currently there are some of voting irregularities and then involving Johnny on your question is did they steal 3500. I'm hoping that -- -- -- Birdie -- -- And now we know while we we have a text -- yesterday saying that you wanted to Harvard where they were turned around. The local riff -- to get on buses or to to -- -- -- sure win. To vote so no I guess you know were. I guess we know what pounding him for them in the city of soon we will never go -- we gave them. 1877469432. To John your next with how we are going to John. I always out how they wouldn't be here. You know army we're all I remember that. Are vital. And I -- -- -- and I didn't hear any -- -- And I I. In that we were gonna be out here -- now. There. And I have been made to -- Mitt Romney -- don't like that. -- that we're doing every. Either they're now at the end. I know I'm a white. All the way down. -- I mean do you really believe that Mitt Romney is as incompetent as as Barack Obama. No I don't know I. Yeah but exactly. I am -- I -- my bread. And AM. Rated. -- -- Problem -- Romney or not L. What -- on now on what we. I want. Them out one. Out at. Back on the road. Borrowed. At autumn and it -- Our goal right now he's kind of had to go on us and we did we 'cause we had that recession I mean you know you can look back in in hindsight to say that. You know we should -- create that housing bubble but but after 9/11 I mean the economy was looking pretty bad. Well. One of the -- And I don't want it ending or. On. Monday way. Out of a -- -- tire. -- and -- in the government. Why -- that we are all. Sort of a one it will we're out there on one what a well thought out. Network of people and whatever they're -- out and that at -- that would no. No I am. Now you're really -- Well the giants yeah we'll talk like I mean -- we haven't had the while somewhere where we're which I rolling down the road. You know and the brakes are on in the car and you know some of these drivers are drawn jumped out of the seat we haven't really. We haven't gone over the with white thanks to a call. 1877. We're sick mind we're 32 when they sent them. Which. We do. Other results in -- around west have a permit to be succeeded you lost. No one west lost. -- Iceland again I I can't believe. There. I toll like a guy called me from. -- and Tommy was in trouble I said. Against this guy Murphy. This guy who was arrested when he was 191 leg was on the outside as some might call -- -- on child. You kidding getting caught they're gonna let him instead of Allen west a war hero. He had her. Dave your next in half. -- your next with how we are well ahead -- -- -- -- holly I am so glad to use it today. Leo. Probably one thing you one -- you would be. In college you know. South African callers may. I don't think we have been in south -- callers. And when. Cute is. Cute Democrat -- You guys back in ninety. -- also wanted to thank you. On the -- -- in world war. Which currency by about. Problem. You know if -- -- -- -- Well there may well. It's seen as I haven't seen his grades I haven't seen a lot of things I -- do -- SATs. He doesn't seem to be a very good writer he doesn't he can't they chronic speedy stumbles that he doesn't have noticed with them or -- or the United States he's. -- 200 and change. Excuse me in play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They've I think we're over the holiday there aren't any -- boys left the dough boys are all. Dad they passed on there's nobody left from World War I. Okay. -- -- don't bury doughboy. He got that fuels the on the Pillsbury -- 10. And what what are you day the plumber who prey upon the growth and -- we're what are you. How you have to reveal that they've done after the baby got -- answered right side well they you've got to answer my questions. But he angry. -- the only game. Like Mary Matalin the only angry white males like no world. So liberals that are on MSNBC. These they don't like about Larry O'Donnell and comrade Chris Matthews and and David Gregory. I -- I feel great Dave you know what I'm gonna do just fine whatever it is I'm gonna I'm gonna figure out away. Who was to get through this you know down through the ages you know people have -- responded to whether it's off here and your hard tyranny. You just got to make a little harder you just gotta keep your head down. It try to get through it and this is a very bad time for the country because we have very reached a group the weather row boating and I'm gonna I'm gonna do just fine -- but. I thank you for asking me. I'm now we are. 1877. Where six mine work week. 18774694322. This is from miles. And I in several -- have to face the same thing miles. Don't ever have it worse on your show again for any reason. Pursuant to your egalitarian notions of work jobs that really -- and people who were useful to society likes of the worst were present were leaders of this team with redraw behind curtains and how they produced nothing but -- are not vacation should at least -- -- some value. Worst -- I of this is that the likes of Boris keep going on raking in the same big bar for their useless crap no accountability home. Mine numerically. I'm a moment. I don't think he's going to be on for awhile I actually saw today I woke up and 6 this morning and turned on FOX & Friends I couldn't believe that he was. And they said a you know they were they were suitably. Smyth who. And they said they said hey what half. What's up with you're 320 or what -- call predictions as well I thought it the the a model would be more like 2010. As you told us about a million times. He said but the -- -- pollsters were right that it was 2008 model and -- there -- war over more young he Poland. Warts in some blacks and women. Yes single women voting and that's why it turned out that's why I was wrong and the Republicans are gonna have to do some things about this way to say -- Your polls are you -- your do you should've recognized. This just isn't this your job to recognize us. Or 1877. -- mine -- 3221877. Were 694322. We haven't taken a lot of calls last few days some real takeaway today. Again I do have some stuff to read some good columns. -- your next with how we -- go ahead Kevin. I kind of a roll call today and I -- a great day so I can even tolerate. Well they'll push me off today at it in the Josh. But might know or -- right now. I don't know any day. In the united they are under this guy or should. I have no -- In Iraq -- we -- now I'm just wondering where they are a more important or more of your car and -- crash. We -- today today was today. You were on the rock bottom or pay -- -- -- or in war right. Major priority. Yet today. Quote in my yeah so I mean who -- way you know or. -- -- in and there are you know in my. You know what -- I really -- you come on the air. And welcome -- are open you or ask me who I'm sure we are in tension Ohio most of them. We've taken are we are that I do. Or you know or are are all right and other Wear and it felt you know -- -- Is on the he has an -- you know. Right I'm well as audio that into that they are all my. -- -- -- -- -- I put it where I you know what they've I cabinet I think millions of people were having that exact same conversation today is my wife was saying the exact same thing. And I say you know I've taken I took my 401K money is it said before when I turned 59 and half. Dad took it took. Every penny out of it. And paid off a house that -- as I units and it's like enough so I can have some money on my -- on Social Security on my count on. On Medicare I just wanna have something common that that's my. You've got everybody's got to be put paired you know. Mike and I just made. And consider it that way in the white man who who would generate it gently and it's in the you know Barry. Right there right now that I'm aware in my. There are several you know. All I have coming in the it had to say yeah yeah and her and long -- Band that -- economy. I thought well well if it got to go out there and that polar orbit -- the -- -- See what they should be here I mean anyone anyone who's not all the money I mean they've got to be crazy weather how much did the dividend. -- to increase its gonna it's -- like what elbow. It is and it. At the end of the year. I think you're gonna have him a Medicare a and obamacare tax on top of the bubble. Now going to be crazy. Thanks for the thanks for the call -- 1877469. With three to two. Scott your next with how we are. -- Scott -- and he wanted to tell what you said your email to -- landlords. Oh. I know I -- -- connection or you can fit sure. Scott says -- and I got a bunch emails like like Scott should Scott says from now on my company I have only one rule. Ash own way. They are always -- you sound terrible they ought to regatta never reduced -- I usually come back that the press I don't really feel that the grounds it would -- our league is so terrible. Move I don't I don't really fuel that. Hey you know I'm well I'm here you know some -- -- -- we I really hope people realize -- out -- -- to think about. Another one million -- on well -- of food you have to have a error in any given legal right to vote at all for others and yeah. In his. Corner of it -- go up -- it. I know I know eat that he does see I get only these already said he he's. You know this DREAM Act and he said he couldn't do what because congress would never prove it. And then he decided that when he needed the votes of the illegals he decided to do is to a to an executive order. Anyone around through congress India and he's already said the what he's gonna do well with EPA is using executive. Executive orders and -- and a bureaucratic regulations go around congress. To try to shut down for acting. You know fracking is the only you know. Here's the thing we keep he keeps and we got to get away from these big -- wars in the reliance on fossil fuel the best way to don't bad. Is that drill at home and have slacking at home and have by Ed Ed that drill on public lands for oil. And that we won't have to have you old enough places like -- guys. You know you know we're talking a lot to what you guys draw in the everything you know you order are are you know. We're just trying to figure out a Laotian government now. -- you know -- That we could put Dario way any you know what you wanna wanna say this data to be you know. So what you wanna punish the voter so I put it to the earlier in my hand and I got this guy you know he. That it had this we've got them every good place to -- of them either of you know I you know. I wanna I don't wanna give much time Scott and I'm with you why don't wanna give him a diamond -- and I bet I'm gonna try to figure out how to warm minimized my contribution to this. Giant. Behemoth so it's it's -- sucking up every thing -- not nailed down a lot that is thanks for the call -- -- keep your -- new policy in -- cash only colonel -- with us now -- go ahead. Are you a couple thank. You gotta gotta remarked on how terrible campaign. The when you're not be. Or am I can't television. All the pertinent to the wire I mean it didn't even didn't end. They've got the. -- -- and you went about -- boats that McCain got. We got all went in the net. People I know but conservatives did not show up. I don't -- Why. I don't understand why they did you know like he like I mean I don't have too much you know I don't I'm off rate balance in my room right Boston. I don't have that much. You know one -- I don't spend much time with the evangelicals but I mean Glenn Beck was saying there was going to be O a you know that -- -- -- The out there with a swamp the polling places -- -- don't all want to forward. A pox and all their -- And a crock. You're Smart and active until the guys were wrong it would just flat wrong. I thought that guy who -- and it -- or -- Romney who was a good day today and it's terrible to. It was -- -- and I -- and people didn't show up. -- I think some of that have to go to. Harbored him he would get -- or in the case. You still -- and Florida went as Florida -- Miami. You know that that population -- long gone now so platform that that we have to get your vote -- west I think where it took appropriate. I know what I mean he can put so. Jesus he's a Smart guy too but he you -- -- -- George Soros is drop and you know he had a west have a ton of money to but I don't think he was paired for this guy Murphy come and I don't know he did it take -- didn't take -- series -- -- I wouldn't take her to Syria are. What you got a -- when it gets to ask you. How it was that close to billion dollars in the campaign so it was just one all of her get a it is. You know it's that it would pro quo. Election no not not -- change. So what could have changed -- and I don't think that's why it's so depressing is I don't get oh after four years. -- don't blame -- port. Then we get people who didn't vote. We can't know all about this if you don't show up -- -- very important bit of a vote. And I and I do think that -- -- thinking. People on the radio regular television. Who on harder but it ended Romney. And -- are pretty big Gagne is a classic example. Are not aware that and I I don't that -- -- -- that you want. From what was a tactical decision that debate and in a part of it turns out it was a bad -- called decision right but we've gotten. We didn't know that I'm -- and over and over it it was -- for a month. And it wouldn't be a surrogate out. On could be even India and one -- and got. Not agog at what went and got in the much of the good you're -- -- -- -- -- really frustrating. But they -- You know go to the extreme -- red eight victory they wire. And it and it doesn't it. We know we know we pay attention gut tell you know. I don't picket is it. The equity or he might -- what corporate. Who was it -- very might. What Scott brown and what they write them we just look -- but not even a good job about. You know flat out get a good job. Like that who offered to -- -- looting very very good people it. Jenn does a good person he's Kubiak was he was eliminated by any any. Well I think get paid sensitive about you know -- -- -- -- change. Looked up and down but it's got to be able to figure out how to get there. Daughter. -- -- It was a Wynonna. Gave no I'm Megan McCain -- give McCain -- much rich is right about that -- do that yet and yet they thought. I'll -- the -- colonel I gotta stop right there thanks or thanks to -- destroy your help during the Q you know we.