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Jeff Kuhner's amazing advice to a young girl

Nov 8, 2012|

Listen to Jeff Kuhner tell Andrea to not give up hope in the future. Things can change. Don't give up!

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Andrea thanks for holding it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And for me my -- I'm. I'm crying need you to treaty -- start my confidence in my future if you can't I am trying to kill them. You know my whole life my parents -- told me you're gonna get ahead solely by at each. Your got -- -- -- I getting an education aren't all right now I'm I was born and not stand. I read Eric go to private university -- -- and or catch it creator. And at -- school. People out there loud enough at the luxury April the way it came in moderate at this school out in all being cut down. End I'm just are at about it why am I in school shirt yeah I think -- stacking up 101000. Dollars -- -- and I get that you know my ultimate goal is to get it -- and the point -- -- and tapped into it on my money way you know like why why should I keep going like what's my motivation. Not to let out. You're asking a very important question it's one of the most important questions anybody can mask number one. You shouldn't just get an education for career of course you needed for career. You get an education for yourself. And education opens your mind. And education changes your outlook on the world and education makes to a truly complete person and a complete citizen. It is one of the great privileges of life. So no matter what happens you should always try to educate yourself as much as possible and that doesn't just mean formal schooling. I'm always educating myself I'm always reading I'm always reading books I listened to tapes listened to lectures. That's how you become a better person and the more you understand of the world believe it or not the more fulfilled your going to be that's number one. Number two in terms of your specific. Circumstances. If you get a highly educated you will do well no matter what happens you will do well. You'll make more money than most people. You'll have a much higher income. You'll be much more attractive on the job market you will do well. Now you'll be paying more in taxes under Obama and under liberalism that's true. But you're still gonna be doing better than most of the population. Now what is wrong what is unfair. Is that you'll be giving more and more of your money to the government which is essentially being waste it. Now what's gonna happen though Andrea and this is why I'm telling you to trust me honest. Is that liberalism. Always fails and it fails because it goes against human nature. It cannot work it's literally it can't work. So it's gonna hit a wall. And you're seeing it looked in Eastern Europe they tried communism. In went down in flames. And now most eastern European countries are much more conservative than we are I'll give you an example. Many countries in Eastern Europe all you pays 15% in taxes. They have a 15% flat tax. So what I'm saying is that life goes in cycles. And now we're in a bad pendulum shift. But things within two years within four years. Could change dramatically let me tell you what I think is very likely that map -- Andrew I would almost -- 95%. Not a 195%. Were gonna go into a major double double dip recession next year we're gonna get our credit rating downgraded next year. You're gonna see very serious problems in the United States the economy is gonna -- the bottom is gonna come out you know people are gonna blame. They're gonna blame Obama. They're gonna blame the Democrats. And -- when he fourteen. You're gonna see Republicans gained back the senate get more seats in the house and by 2016. Obama will do with the Democrats. Would George Bush did to the Republicans. He will destroy the party I think were on our way back. Because when you have the right principles. The right values. And you're not afraid to speak your convictions. You will win. And so unsure what I'm telling you is what liberals want to do is discourage you they want to demoralize you they want you to think it's hopeless. Not wanna sound like a Bible for upper. But. Shakespeare to quote Shakespeare. That's the double talking. That's held a double works. Never let anybody. Outside of view. Define your mood or define your attitude if you work hard. And you study. And you play by the rules and you get married and you have a family you will be immensely successful. And you will have a happy fulfilling life. It's always worked Andrea that's the way of the world and it will happen for you trust me. Thank you Andrea. This is Jeff corner on the corner report Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the -- liberal bull.