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Chump Line Thursday November 8, 2012 - Hammered

Nov 8, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a riff on Granny Warren's over use of the word hammered. Our caller was getting hammered and has been hammered since the election.

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Heading south for the winter don't be a -- call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to ship cart dot com. Yes -- salute to warrant. I'm middle class and that you're. Obama got elected I finally -- getting hammered more and more often. In -- and getting hammered every day in fact I'm gonna get hammered right now. They'll remember the you know way of one of those bad unemployment reports a couple of months ago the only place they were hiring people was in the hospitality interest so I guess they weren't trying to -- world. Waiters and bartenders on the on the job so to to deal with the increasing phenomenon of Americans getting hammered. One more on what it is that it will be -- all of our thoughts. Normal Libyan theory. Monaco. Don't forget Monte Carlo. -- we're going to your organs hope they understand. What it's 378. Years ago I am faster. Well after being live. You know. Again there every anybody in this country is more -- here legally or you have a First Amendment right just like we do to say whatever you want. But why did they get their own TV platforms to kick the bleep out of the country especially when. Both of these guys piers Morgan and Martin Bashir are are are -- grave eighties sleaze ball -- -- again. Piers Morgan is deep into that hacking scandal for the -- written about hacking and his. Memoirs and now says that he doesn't have any recollection of ever hacking Tony -- he wrote about it in his memoir. And Martin Bashir is the guy who's PM. -- Michael Jackson pretended to be his friend and then stabbed them in the back. You know in the mice ballots -- now there and now they're lecturing us on morality great. Probably not how hard is that boycotted the election to try to send a message to the Republicans. Indoor you prides itself -- Who voted libertarian. To make its case. I hope you get and by that -- It would have -- libertarian pianist from the sixth congressional district. If he hadn't been in the race I think it's pretty. Safe to say that Richard to say it would be the congressman now crook to crook John Tierney would be on his way out of office. That's the way goes you know when it's not the only case in the country where this happened. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Chris oh we have -- that we -- his apology yesterday said he was talking about happy he was about the storm and by the way. You don't Obama got this lift. He got a lift from the storm. Today Bloomberg announced that they're gonna have gas rationing in New York City until at least Thanksgiving at least Thanksgiving. How is this different from Katrina tell me again how this is how this is being so much better managed and Katrina was. How he he to -- yes indeed it's the end of no moreover no more -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Warren -- got that and not being enough he gets for the trust. He's in the -- Called them today the apparel store on me to get an interview -- You know like I was it was a deputized to only a long -- thinks he knows your number Hawkeye you when he wants to -- you know told -- they -- there could be the -- Scott we could give you the splash and we guarantee it -- -- feet off the front page if you wise if if you were called back and when the phone didn't ring I knew was I knew it was my former state senator. We get the we've got Matthews apologized and. But I can't begin our usual political discussion tonight without a strong side and personal note. I was our last night for ten hours straight from 5 in the evening 3 in the morning. Had a few minutes to three I said something terrible I said that I was glad about becoming a tropical storms sandy because of its impact. On this national campaign it was a terrible thing to say period. I did say it was because I was tired but the fact is I wasn't thinking of the hardball mess this Thomas made a people's real lives up here in new York and elsewhere. It's not your read the local newspapers around his that you see -- know the hard this is wreaked on people's. Lives in fact very good peoples lives I grew up in the south Jersey Shore I have relatives living there still. But I felt this an even worse damage done further up in the state of New Jersey and in -- out and other places around here it is truly a horror appear. No I was too deeply enmeshed in political think he's -- a world of numbers and issues and people in states and all focused on who would win and who would lose but I left out the number one job of anyone on air on television on the radio to think about the lives their real lives of people. There losses their relatives and friends who died in this disaster there. He says he was tired twice in many says but I'm not gonna make the excuse that I was tired I think in that I think it already done it twice there rock Christopher. In the the view from. Nowhere and increases. The in the president's hand on. The through the -- Maybe -- do you know. Or maybe they didn't want. To take their away. For more with the take their. The Wall Street Journal today -- columnist just announced flatly that Christie's. Christie has no future of the Republican Party elected to -- That was your last jump line message. Thank you for calling -- cars you -- OK that's it for the chump like today the -- line is the recorded voicemail message service of the Howie Carr show you can call leave a message and any or the day or night we may have made a play your message this time each week -- The -- line the trampling has brought you today by American auto transporters heading south for the winter don't be a chump call American auto transporters and they will ship your car for you go to -- cart dot com. Yet this government is politically Warren I'm middle class and since you're -- Obama got elected. I finally felt getting hammered more and more often suspect then getting hammered every day in fact I'm gonna get hammered right now. You out. She she she still kid she loves that word -- that she she used again last two nights ago owner acceptance.