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Over the Cliff

Nov 8, 2012|

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has weighed in on the national election results. Paul shook the republican party with his libertarian candidacy earlier this year. He says the country has already veered over the fiscal cliff and he sees no chance of righting ship in a country where too many people are dependent on government. Howie thought Paul is right.....

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Ron Paula checked them on the election. He said in the -- in the in the wake of this week's election that the country is already veered off the fiscal cliff and he sees no chances of writing ship in a country where so many people depend on government. Quote we're so far gone over the cliff the Texas Republican told Bloomberg television. In the loop program -- cannot get enough people in congress in the next five to ten years will do wise things. He's retiring of course after twelve terms. He said voters rejected Mitt Romney because you oppose the government bailout of GM and Chrysler of the people in the midwest voted against him all we have to be taken care of so Babel was sort of like what we are laughing having Greece mr. Paul said. People don't want anything cut they want all the bailouts to come they want the Fed to keep -- the money. And they don't believe that we've gone off the cliff were close to going off the -- that if we can patch of over the weakened somehow come up with some magic solution. But he can't have a budgetary solution if you don't change what the role of government should be as long as we have it's one issue that we have to police the world world handle on this welfare state. All we are going to argue about this won't get the week. Well I don't think I know who's not getting the world and that's me and it's probably used to mean anyone who's got a job as a we were not when -- going to be getting -- went. 18774694322. It's I'll give -- -- stock tip says 339. Smith & Wesson. Let's see here well so we get those to read. You're right this can't go on -- around is always the first state in economic trouble in the last one out have a phone interview today I may be fleeing to Texas. How we -- public freeloaders just ruined for them four more years of the 21 century anti Christ means America will no longer have money for the beat the cards. I don't think yeah I don't think these people realize that it's it's -- it's this is. That that if if if the economy collapses there there may still be BT cards but inflation may they may be hyperinflation. That may be less money for EBT cards or. When the BP machine breaks like you did behavioral today it's maybe you won't get fixed. How we not expanding my marine business now took all my money out of stocks today and transferred in Cologne no risk money markets not taking any. Chances. Well -- make sixteen million a year and he's complaining about Romney's just making jokes I don't think you really I don't think Hiro hates Romney. 603 all these medical companies are downsizing because of the two point 9% excise tax on medical devices under obamacare. Don't forget all the youngsters who vote the absolutely huge tax called obamacare. No exactly. -- How we did you hear about I ran shooting at our drone several days before the election. Get food insurance and a gun. 18774694322187746943220. How we you don't understand the mainstream media is too big to fail -- -- Stoops to sixteen campaign message the country is dead but the new York at times is alive. Now the telling me the -- the the ammunition shelves are basically -- it's nuts. What do you mean I've by the -- your Howie -- and you do not pay I don't pay I get a the -- I get it delivered what the Wall Street Journal every morning I pay for it. -- -- -- 18774694322. They voted to kill the goose that laid the culminate. You know -- you know I thought about that that align myself the last couple of days but you know what I don't even think they know they know there they don't even know. Who's -- who's been lay in the golden eggs that's why I don't mind Killen a ghost that's our that's of them there are. 18774694322. Dave your next with how we cargo ahead day of. He had outward it's such making its -- -- so rural area or Eric. And that's what the way it's gonna and it's going to be ugly. In your district your report summit here that is set up from up in the incher and a majority birds they're years. Well gas vehicles all day -- every election. I don't buy -- did it though because it was magic tricks that completely impossible in TV. It probably do you know put much lit cigarettes through window or so we stole all the elections up there. Not all of them but it also put that make the difference that's still law. I was an -- -- definitely seeing Nancy and the Disney would try. Well -- doesn't try chemical competition I'm sorry to tell me that fixes. But you know you can't prove it and are expected to repeal would -- -- if we -- tag or as the next -- say is that. That night which of course came back in my head yeah. What I want to show Obama has now it's the Delaware around for the first time in my adult life I felt ashamed of my old country yeah. -- -- always got so selfish greeting. Deliberately itself ignorant people just don't share. You know other Cisco and he basically in my acute. Think that they just don't wanna work and they just don't dealership and -- so. -- -- and know that there they don't ID you know the -- is. That is a problem I mean we've witnessed this welfare state is is just gotten out of control you hope that one of the scarier things about the Obama. That and the mean there -- many scary things about the guy. Vulnerable when he said that he was the greatest president with the possible exception of I think he said Lincoln and FDR and LBJ. And why you heard these that he put LBJ in the air as the great as one of the greatest presidents do you do you know if you'll permit that would Democratic Convention today. The pictures of Harry Truman. They don't have any pictures of LBJ. Does it yourself Steve. I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments. In our first two years against any president. What the possible exceptions. Johnson FDR and Lincoln but. If you know just in terms of what we've got. Nobody in -- honest Lyndon Johnson was one of the three greatest presidents of the United States I mean. That tells you -- a lot I mean what are what are Lyndon Johnson's accomplishments. The main one is the war on poverty. Which we've lost as you know poverty won. The great society which made society measurably less great. The immigration reform act of 1965. Which you know after a few years -- we're going to be any more illegal aliens trying to break into a country we -- absorbed everybody how about when worked out for. That of course source warned Vietnam and there was guns and butter. Lyndon Johnson is one of the greatest presidents in in the unit in the history of the United States most. Most historians I want to put Lyndon Johnson now from their re close to the bottom. And and then you'd you know why Obama thinks he's great because he was the welfare president. 18774694322. 6030 I am what you would call a big time gun and whose Houston in the past few weeks I've had family members inference -- never expressed interest in any type of fire arm. Come to me and tell me that they would like the purchasing handguns because they believe Obama won't be in any type of hand. They get everything you just remember when when things finally start heading south and you know like -- like at train going awfully. -- -- us into war in into into raging river the food produced will be blaming bush. And in Obama's shoulders are still gonna book believe that it's all George Bush's fault. That's the way that he that's. That's the way they are. 1877469432218774694322. If you call also a few calls up there. More follow porn producers might leave -- -- on the law I think you know way you know what's a lot of pork producers are gonna leave because of the new income tax is going to be they they approved the new income tax. Increase of between 13%. Three you mentioned that. So if you make a hundred dollars if you make a hundred dollars the state of California is -- that they can picture every hundred dollar Jamaica -- -- an extra three dollars about it. They're talking about eight. A temporary. Increase in the in the sales tax a temporary increase how dumb. How dumb the have to be that think there's going to be attempt. Worry increase in the sales tax. 187746943. Tutu how we the price of gold is up nearly six east sixty dollars an ounce since the election. Perfect indicator of VO bomb that the Obama reelection is trouble. These people -- not -- order morons just lazy low -- Tressel -- -- sums are. -- they are laughing all the way to the beat the machine where we're working. How let's see here. I work with a few moon bats who voted for Obama and two of them didn't know who Ron Paul Ryan was and they really want they really believe -- Matt Ryan the Mitt Romney is the antichrist somebody just told me on the on the text machine that on the texting. That does his daughter showed -- my FaceBook page. Where -- I guess are worth 800 women have signed up because they believe that the minute they believe to the Mitt Romney was gov. Can abandon. Tampons. -- make I don't know it's true -- keep it I I but I tend to believe it. I tend to believe it. That's how long that's that's that's how dumb these people. Steve your next with -- cargo ahead stave. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brown and -- were gonna lose. You Palmeiro was crazy. I -- about Nate Sowers prediction you said he does bode well he got all -- Stage right. Anybody can get lucky a blind a blind confined in a quart every once in awhile. He did it two elections in a row 2008. And 2012. All fifteen. Stage right. Well I'm really impressed with the guy he works for the New York Times atmosphere really great guy. It's been picked up some good. If you wanna watch Fox News and believe that rap music is the real polls there or that Frankel out. As they -- second. How much was -- -- off. And once he said he way to say it Rasmussen is last poll said Romney 49. Obama 48 how what how did it come out it came out 5048. That's my. The mark OK you know why you're right a lot -- at all. He always brings it back the pretty close to reality but -- -- So why are complaining about a minute we've admitted that easy he seemed that he was pretty close to walk column -- dead -- Because what he's done before election is important in all polls and try to make you. Seeing that Romney has momentum and then to save his reputation and record at the end. But the real poll and let me talk about frank one. If you believe that for alliances. Focus groups that he's on our show are filled with actors -- -- -- living it up fabric well. They're filled with actors Steve but I always take those polls just for inner those on the focus groups for entertainment value when news Toronto. What I -- and lower. Interest and what is Mike Paul Steve what is my poll question that. But when -- -- And credibility. And you put your guard on you if you know what I'm shocked you know the one I'm shocked about I'm shocked that Allen west lost. Could not -- He was he was killed by Soros has money he was running against this degenerate -- -- Arnold wrote 300 you know -- just might just read I just read that story Steve you don't have to repeat what -- Eden. It appeared that money doesn't always make the difference if you if you -- congressmen. -- goes up in front of people says. Nine you -- Democrats are Communists who belong to the Communists. You know what I say I say I'm gonna vote for Alan west that I that I enjoyed eating better whether the time my dad I wanna have been aware of them again because I think he's on disarm. And they -- card carrying but they certainly they they certainly are socialists. One last point the camp but he's pollsters okay. Went well and everybody on the right with saying oh you're over sampling Democrats. They had being -- seven OK here's how it works. When you call up the -- and a pollster called the first then. And they asked are you Republican or Democrat of six that's an avid attic you know Google. Question okay it's not like are you -- boy or girl are you Republican or Democrat that's self identifying. If you get the last seven and up. All I was a young man when this call started Steve what's -- what's the point get to appoint. If you get what they haven't been in a poll you can't just say I don't know like god even had to some make it fair. That's not how it works. It works fine how -- you. How about Jamaica proud that two were reflect the reality I mean I got -- Again the the number of people voting them number the number of people voting period was way it was down thirteen million from four years ago. Three million Republicans disappeared nine million of Obama as a voter. Disappeared thanks for the call state. 1877469432218774694322. Hitler would win and some of these areas -- be -- the after his name and he wasn't. 187. As long as Hitler was -- was providing the -- -- to have to be re restock the first of every month. Jesse you're next with how we cargo had Jesse. On good. Guy and just quick question mark or so observation. You know -- Romney was Ryan. The campaign was all about. Electability. The whole thing was electability. Right. Gingrich had too much baggage. Santorum was too much -- nut case and Ron Paul -- in -- But -- you electable. What -- happen. He wasn't he wasn't he was prime but he was probably probably did better than those other guys one of John -- I know. Do you really did do you really think though that. New Q I've been seeing this beyond missing this pop up on message boards. The day should denominated Newt Gingrich helping Newt Gingrich would have gone anywhere you think what about a better nominate. Let me -- Well personally I would dissent or supporter but let me ask you this question quick. It's -- -- this extreme. Because of his positions on contraception or. How is being well why wanting to win at the number of abortions. More extreme. Than Barack Obama's position. In. Which you and the obvious he would. Right in which was and which when it was the same wedge inflation will basically was proposed in the United States senator went down my 88 to nothing. So we -- moon bats in the United States senate wouldn't go -- he would've allowed he will allow doctors have a and if they have baby were up a fetus. Was born and became a baby. Was then considered a baby -- allowed the doctors to war to doorway when I mean it's got mother's not there is no more radical position in the one he adds. But for side -- Jesse you know although you know the reality is that for. For a certain group of women in this country abortion is some kind of sacrament. Right now -- got -- New -- wanted to correct I didn't -- started to abortion question is you know. But why but let's stated they need to change to be a Democrat. Degenerate because all these people especially in Massachusetts -- -- -- warrant and -- tied for the deep west -- to be a degenerate to win office. Mean I thought what I thought -- had a one when he did that commercial he has he has a picture of himself. Preparing his troops to go to Afghanistan are all enough full combat gear. And then at the same time his his his punk opponent this guy named Patrick Murphy. Is being he's under he's only twenty ninth so it was it was underage at the time -- got into one of those South Beach -- got -- It was thrown out of a bar and and the police tried to arrest -- -- it was he was fighting -- out with the police and they have a mug shot of committees all dirty and disheveled. If he's got be blood coming down. I mean the country. How can you. I don't know how could you vote for that got okay -- you know if you have a decent person. May be may be some Democrats would vote against Allen west but why would you vote for this pond this war on ten. -- responsible. Pond. Against a guy who was a cart all war hero has a very Smart guy. It's act. Scott your next with how we cargo at Scott. She knows it. I was in a beach ball well. Cold for the gold for the electable that night and I kind of feel for it now. What do you look after all the calls it -- it'll be Uga beat the snot knocked them beat yup I just all -- all -- I think everybody -- and refused saying what are our resurrect the Fairness Doctrine what's gonna be called this plan. I don't even think you ought to. In the I don't I'm not too worried about that Scott I had. All of that stops K I think all that -- right back on the table early. I don't think it's all going to be right back. See the problem is that you know a lot of these among a lot of these radio stations are owned by moved back. It's been you know you can't you can't make you you know you can't give. -- and bought the big issue. And his knee and a couple of -- about how much I hate America. That's not gonna get my rating that's like a Guinea ratings cut the guy I mean that shows the way the they are -- gonna put their moon -- friends out of business. I in my real point -- and I unfortunately I think and nobody wants to say -- -- the keyword but on economic matters. The Republican Party divided. And nobody wants to talk about. Is that a lot of fresh conservatives which -- at all -- I voted for Romney. I -- -- I did not held my nose and vote for my wildest days or delicacy and our support I called him much much responsible during the primaries. And it was disabling discard you know we want to know -- electable in our model -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- Why did the Christian evangelicals stay home worth the because they're probably the majority of that three million missing Republican votes. I think you're right and I think the reason they stay home Ali is they've been educated they've been educated by Sean Hannity and educated where rush were outlawed it realized. That people like Mitt Romney are not conservatives and not gonna do it. They also educated have a big as the house as to war. A Barack Obama's sinister plans for the next four years. All they but shameful I believe they have been educated now wait till that they they realized that. Then it's just not going to help the country at Mitt Romney and it's not. They they want they want real change alt country turned around and -- back or from. And you're not gonna get that from a moderate John McCain Bob Dole but actually the -- -- not those guys -- Current country I'll ask Scott Scott who's gonna hurt the country. Should Ali you're preaching to acquire I want it all for -- but I'm just thought it just let things happen it's been educated to the point where if they're numbers don't start growing. Well the Republican Party doesn't embrace them. That ought to parties in serious trouble for awhile because. They're not gonna come well. They're not going to let they want real change I don't blame that same type change I want. -- -- -- a strong -- the country's suffering from change is to go back and be restored. A lot of laws 65%. A year ago. Yeah 99 now and now I know it certainly seems like I I know a year I know everything looks better in the rearview mirror but. It does seem like we could that we could certainly use a some office some of what the way the country was operating like you know while a decrease in illegitimate births would be very good place to start. 18774694322. On how we car. 603 says the calls we keep going up electability the mainstream media work. Think that any public. Canada is a Kook that's that's true. 978 I'm very committed born again Christian many of us think it's insane to let Obama win instead of voting for Romney. Yeah I. Agree. Seven they -- however what this it would Republican town committee yesterday I was in shock today I'm just angry. The Democrats are just dirty we couldn't even get signs out at the polls about the Democrats going around and covering them up with -- we help -- BM down on Saturday in a car pulled up and delivered us a plate of brownies. He drove away and we saw the car had -- a -- and can't while stickers on the back in hindsight we should've had the brownies festival we just threw them out. At a woman swear at me. During signed placing him when I astronaut to cover my Scott Brown signs with can't dwell on its. Find out she's an open police officer I'm just a mom -- an eighteen month old with me. And so it would brown won 6675. To Warren's 4646. Warren Romney also won. Hard to stay motivated today. Just just you you'll love. The goal we're all -- ball snapped back you know. It's you know. The that tax the tax hikes are coming in January than it -- be I would think I don't think they're going to be able to say he's gonna insist now that he's gonna -- -- as a mandate to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires and of course. It he wants a millionaire who makes over 200000 box and a page in the are going to be enough people there are there aren't enough millionaires Ian if you define it down to those people make and 200 grand. They're gonna have to get everybody. And -- cash. That I just can't believe that the people in California voted for the voted for vote to raise their own taxes. Clearly a lot of people we go on from California you know me what's what's the pat what is tax rate now they raised at 3%. For for the highest income bracket it's got to be up around. It's got to be around 13%. -- match and that we complain about five. Five point 35%. What does -- what's 5% I think now five or five point two product. And we complain about that -- people would did their checking out the people checking out of these highly the these high tax states you know. New Jersey Maryland now California. Jimmie your next with how we are going had Jimmy. Yeah don't get the trend with these all -- the networks ironies in the present that is. And I these days in the studio but I wish somebody would have responded to him and certainly feel it's an appropriate you know you from what people. You know it's pretty much subjugation slate over -- quarter of the planet's entire population mostly -- people. When it was either Republican type foods save your country toys especially -- second time from I don't violation. Right well how about how but just how about the fact that the you you know what. Just the sums of some sort of common courtesy. Mean he comes to this country gets a high paying jobs and the proceeds to rip a country that's given in my high paying jobs. -- where's the you know where's the gratitude. Exactly I mean go back home she can get -- well -- -- -- yup Merle Haggard if you don't love it leave it. You know hope nobody nobody asked these people to come over your -- the country. You know he has a right to do what but I you know what I have a right not to watch it and you know and I have my First Amendment right to -- you don't like it here. Once you get the hell out. Yes I until they -- weather on the pine. But how do you think of impeachment proceedings happens. Now there's not gonna it's what happened I mean why it's not gonna happen because. You know what what happened with Clinton I mean Clinton was obviously guilty -- -- eighty perjured himself under rope and the only ones who would vote for Barack. Not even half that not even all the Republicans would vote for you need a two thirds vote to convict the guy I mean. You could bring it up in the house but the other big -- the best I've done it even gonna bring up articles of impeachment in the house and hopefully Jimmy. And do like how they handled Eric -- Yeah I know now. Thanks 18774694322187. Would that be that saves on Drudge holder may Olivo that would be a shame what that. Craig your next with allowing cargo -- Craig. -- I don't know right. Good I would require industry outlook for a distributor and western -- on Italy Italy yesterday morning. Don't know I'm a graphic designer but I workable salesman and not only to link up. If you wanted to assault rifle yet better go get one now because we just -- -- right before I let work come home not great for a look work. We have an order for all assault rifles which are not -- so right just guns you know I'm. New -- cool looking guns so they called us air rifles. Yeah the black guns are really cool I got a couple come true. But we have an order for a 1151000. Dollars just assault rifle I think our I mean we're not a dealer where distributor and our. Our inventory is like being. Clear it out into the eighties I don't know we have with that many they are glad it's crazy -- -- -- It's going to be a Merry Christmas -- your gun in your gun distributors ship on Craig. And I never seen it have you ever seen it like this. In 2009 we -- but not. What not really DA are still governor and I mean. -- -- and let -- go to -- and could see through all could we have like shelling he could speak English shelving all the way across several. And before 2009 you'd see it all back -- put -- stop there. So handguns were more I think can do about it. But into Haiti yesterday intraday assault rifles forget about -- Therefore -- -- there and it is cranky Barry is our best gun sales in the history of the nation's. Did they say that when you talk to of people that the commanders on what they is that what they say I mean I'm pretty sure they do I just wanted to confirm. I'm well we -- people we don't comment children's district. You can. Call the week culpa we ambulance come and get it. And I hit a monologue -- people I don't know why but they put me what a bit more graphic designer I don't the only thing. But I hear them talking and -- -- in this and that they're saying -- so. Right or band that Clinton did yeah we're gonna come back -- going to be. Three to five trying to work out -- hundred time worse. They're thinking -- what they're thinking I don't that's what happened. But I'm Tony probably is crazy unlike what you don't want I'm just it's like concrete you know there. We have -- 40000 dollar order just assault rifles nothing else in the two to three are among those in the forget about it is going to be gone like by the end of the week I mean. I'm like old guy and we've never seen anything like this I was like holy crap. Could. Could get afraid of that but -- right orbit and assault rifles I mean you do warned they would look. All right I know I remember when they put the one and Clinton and they'd just be if it had a if if you have one of those banana clips on that. There was just assume that be an evil gone and so they banned it they had no idea what they would go. It was like Nancy Pelosi with the health care bill you know will -- this later but if you're looking at it looked nasty we're gonna ban them. Right we will. -- -- her out after we get it yeah. Right thanks for the call Craig 1877469432218774694322. How we re read the powerline article the voters of California voted to raise taxes on the people actually pay taxes. I assume that was set -- it was it went through with I've just under 54%. So you figure that a vote of the people who didn't beat beat. The forty to 45% who don't pay any taxes of course they voted for and the other thing the other thing is the ironic thing is. We're gonna have automatic education cuts if you you don't pass this tax increase. They they're holding of the they are these the people say they're they care about the children their holding the children hostage in this money is not gonna be used for the children. It's gonna be used for pensions it's for the for the rip iron. There were the retired union public union workers and now they're still that the state of California is utterly. Borrow and they're still going ahead with this insane high speed rail project that nobody nobody is ever gonna use. Because it will provide union that your hopes. Union jobs protected under Davis bacon for so called prevailing wage which is much higher than the actual prevailing wage. I'm now car.