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Election Lay-Offs

Nov 8, 2012|

Boeing is just one of many companies who are announcing layoffs now that the election is over and Obama can not be hurt by the unemployment news. Boeing is going to cut 30 percent of management jobs from 2010 levels, close facilities in California and consolidate several business units to cut costs. Howie was telling everyone to hunker down.

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Shouldn't Karl Rove be fired by Fox News for his bad predictions before and during the election. Yes he shoot 62%. Say yes but the fact that he raised 300 million dollars. For the -- crossroads -- super pac Americans crossroad super pac. And this was the B was the biggest Republican fund raiser there was and he he contributed heap he'd dump a lot of money and all these senate fights you know how many one Yemeni American crossroads one. Want. Glenn Howard the incumbent us senator and Nevada who took over for John -- after his sex scandal. Defeated congresswoman fishery Berkeley -- -- once a -- he spent eleven million dollars on George Allen. In Virginia lost. Seven million again Shelly Berkeley that's when he won. Spent six million for Josh were Josh Mandel and -- and Ohio lost. Spent six million for Tommy Thompson Wisconsin lost. 18774694322. Don't forget that more generally how much should that Morse is on the payroll repeat just the regular if you just like you know going on there at the promoters Bork's. They were there were both they were both pretty bad the the amazing thing is probably boatman. Ubiquitous on fox ever since these rotten predictions have come up I just -- last hour there was Karl Rove again I've seen. Actually I've seen -- Boris on two or three different times. If that Karl Rove use a magic eight ball to make his predictions or he might as well. Might as well there's no question about that. 18774694322. How 413 -- I'm sick of at all I think I voted in my last election every one I voted for went down planes in Massachusetts a conservative vote is radio wasted vote. 978 says can't wait for all it's the pain and I -- -- construction goes all these union thugs are out of work I think it's gonna hit the fan pretty soon. How it's going to be very well on your wish is going to be rampant. Dow plunged. 313. Points yesterday down other sixty today. Obama reelection celebration yep indeed is indeed it is. I I as a matter of fact today speaking about lost elections that should have been one. That he as you know our Richard to say who was defeated by Johnny pockets by 4000 votes. Up on the North Shore they both spent 45 million box. Was a third candidate in that fight. To name was. DN. DN. Fine. Fine I get the name I -- council where a miracle actually call in our terrorism in the end Fishman. And he's been twelve randomly at 171000 votes. Just enough just enough to beat Richard society and so will we return the crop of crap. Congressman to office with his gangster. Brothers in law and his jail bird wife. And it's -- son in law. 187746943221877469432291. Nines has come on down now when you still have time. That's from North Carolina I do I know why it -- plenty of time and I wanna I wanna Florida tomorrow morning as a matter of fact I am to be gone for the next two days. But I have already put in the the word to WGA yen and I still even on my going to be here. I still plan for this show to be the first place to get your resume but jobless tomorrow when it comes out probably right around the spread around 24 hours from now. And we'll have an up on how we card but US as well as soon as weak and as soon as we can get it up. -- we're still gonna keep talking about the the the campaigns. And what that trying to. Wrap at all up here. In Coulter says don't blame Romney. Romney was the perfect candidate and he was the president this country news right now it's west disheartening that a prisoner who wrecked American health care or Drupal gas prices at a six trillion for the national debt. And gave us an 8% unemployment rate can squeak out reelection but -- that America will never have Romney is our president. If this guy he would have been he would have been a good president thank you really wanna. Why are released you're better than this guy I mean he would you know on the on the other hand though and did some in some ways like I do believe that. There's a very good chance that the that the excrement. The actual and is gonna hit the fan. So so much in the next. For years that the the that's the fan is actually gonna stop harming its cup is going to be so much actual mama and maybe it's big -- is best for rather Republicans and four and permit that they that they needed witnessed what the what did. The Democrats -- they broke it. They bought it. It's there it's there's I mean how -- they -- they can't blame I know we'll try to of course but they can't blame George Bush anymore for the justices there. This is their this is that the a he's an impending disaster of their own making. Tierney scale Fishman -- In Fishman and -- meanwhile is on trial now Tim Kay a former state treasurer. Who was distraught Canada so proportional or some people large straws on this guy discussion was what -- I mean media EU EU would gentlemen we is -- libertarian. And I think he he legitimately doesn't care who it -- through the election even more asked the -- that we -- We -- for four and of the answer. I assume the answer that he. He said what I -- to say of course I would vote for this side. Am I I assume that. I assume he'd he'd he said that he thought it would been wash but I assume most of his 171000 votes were gone that to say so. -- -- even matter were kind of funny business kind of monkey business they were doing and when when the city of -- where you never go while the way he meant. You know he woody have at least half if if you know. 121000 of his votes go to war -- to say that this -- the congressman elect. 18774694322. From officer mark even so most stocks are going down so to speak. The Republicans lost the senate seat Montana and two house seats in Arizona because of consumer servant of my own bouts libertarians. Now I know I know there was the test. They re they were running against pastor -- it was a dumb ass and a liberal he pretends to be conservative in Montana they had a good guy running against them. But the had them stopped by half a million bucks into this libertarians. War chest and test -- one -- less than 50% of the vote just like just like -- This is really screwed up the -- vote figured out a way to do that we -- we we get the Green Party or we get we are we gonna get Ralph Nader back in the in the struggle. 1877469432. To imagine the rioting -- -- he beat the machines went down for a week. -- got to take a look at -- it's right up there on the top of course it's right up there in the top of the page how we are about US. We're sorry the EPT machine ish is is not working. Stacy your next with Howie Carr I'm not sorry it's not working I'm glad it's not -- and Stacy go ahead. -- -- -- I. I know I'm a thirty year old Republicans. And I I I am horrified. -- would be obviously the results of the election I live in New Hampshire I worked in absentia in health care. Although what I'm wondering. What can -- already you know one thing. Do help or Republican Party not that I at this point. The station hey you don't know. You don't I know there are a lot of people writing obituaries but you know they always were in a bitch worries about the losing party in a in election like this. I don't think it's I don't think it's quite that -- You know it's like I'm sure the people thought that the new Hampshire Republican Party was a dying after 2008 right. You know. That we had and and then the huge steam and -- well it's shocking little bet they -- they obviously. I was -- it I thought Romney signs everywhere all the I'd I'd -- and I thought everybody excited and then we failed again. I I don't I can I just can't figure out how again the cardinal lost to large Carol Shea-Porter army talk about. Someone who's. Past -- its past -- won the expiration date on her rock. Buttermilk milk carton I mean she's just she's pitiful I don't I don't got it. Yeah I really don't get it either and I mean being in the northeast which. Obviously now. It's so hard you know and even Republicans let alone stand up for anything nobody wants fourth and anything you -- and it's so it's like where it was weird you borrow from. -- did you see the stories just having a bit Mitt Romney actually got a few more votes than the John McCain it's shocking to. And -- 1000003 million Republicans stayed home. Big week. That but that's that's what scared me the most and I'm not trying to I'm not necessarily writing an obituary -- -- I. -- -- very conservative part and I I I I always thought that -- by an hour commute one late each day. I would think I did I really really really thought they -- and -- an era. It probably would not make our story. It was a very good choice and -- the alternative I. And then you see what happened at the -- that's what everybody they they hired somebody on rule only they hired. They they -- warring states that Tierney a criminal angle bank itself and. I don't I don't understand the well like I just explain Tierney to -- think I think he got beat by the libertarian just like other guy in Montana got beaten just like they lost those two seats down and Arizona because of the audio libertarians you know. Too many actions of one part. Right right but I I don't I I don't I still I'll never understand Elizabeth Warren how people can't see through horror you know. I just don't I -- She played her -- the the wrecked it's he got it. And now I don't -- and she wants -- -- stories to basing she's a she's a contender for the presidency in 2016. How could she run down south in you know in those primaries were of their 4050%. Black voters on the democratic side. You know when she's when she's fake to being a member of a minority to get ahead I mean are they aren't they gonna hold that against -- or is it or is you know -- sure liberalism made that do not have anything held against -- I don't think there's. I think that might be what it -- I mean do we need do we need younger fresh be it in. A lot of -- I mean we got a lot of young fresh faces on the national level you know you got. You know -- rubio you go right into kind of disappointed me at the -- Nikki Haley Bobby Jim Ball. You know there there are a lot of by young people Kenya is in there. It's eight somebody says -- suggesting that the reason so many people stay at home is because they were anti Mormon bigots and that they kept their mouth shut and everybody thought well they've gotten used to having does having mormons at the top of the ticket. But maybe maybe that's true I don't I don't know thanks for the call Stacy donuts is sold but trying to prevent the pressed 187. And 746943. 2218774694322. Minority should be a shame they support support Democrats to keep them imprisoned in cities filled with crime and awful schools and Jim dim draw job prospects offer. A government check. 18774694322. 18774694322. I didn't think it would happen but some of the right wing -- Christian status said. Stay at home I have a from their own lips it was about -- on those about a Mormon. That's if if that's truly the case I mean how how -- we really wish I knew forced or some way to quantify how many people tests. Wouldn't vote permit or just stay home because he was a Mormon. We talked about. Biting off your nose to spite your face I mean what what the hell are these people think about. Mean. Mormons on welfare. Are mormons running around. Are mormons drug addicts. Are mormons drunks. Mean I would -- -- Mormon would be just about as good neighbors you could possibly have. You know. And in yet I guess there's -- hatred form there rod you're next with how we cargo ahead broad. -- While little appeared incher. And my daughter sources told that she had you surgery done now or. Work orders almost can be guaranteed that the game give it to her next year and we all -- own private shorts. Don't believe me that Arctic -- date visible. Sign you do. Oh yeah it is popular my brother was able populated as part resources of the government took little residential Kosovor thing. And I'm out -- out why we lost a bet. That. Democrats call people up mainly these young women and then two -- out pretty sick but were tell them that they burka who lose. All rights to abortion. And access. To condoms and everything which was -- gonna happen -- Been in in their I -- Earlier life not only is an ally Iran but you have to be pretty stupid to even believe that why don't -- Quality ought to give you more stupidity I thought the guy to date -- sit. Well because at least some have recovered by obamacare. And I civil war it's -- -- -- -- -- freedom -- -- that will have Obama peers that are I have not -- Diplomas to look at it. He is that you you'd be here can be -- -- if you think your article now it's a little -- of people haven't -- of -- ago. You all have a ball or obamacare. There's all saying there's nothing sort Spencer is that which is for me you know and yeah I mean. That's that's really mean that obamacare is going to be the classic example. It at the you're your pocket. You have to do now is go to the emergency if you need something and what what is going to be like when you have to go to some bunch of bureaucrats and have them decide whether or not your tool. You're too fat or you or you can get by with some just some pain medications that are getting Europe actually. Your new year your hip replaced. Mean I think it's going to be pretty pretty damn scary. Like doctor I want my doctor making the decision I don't want my idea mighty congressman making that decision. And in -- we're seeing record in this guy he's lived with a copper that can at least he could say I have obamacare you know they want me to die. Yeah but. It's gonna be worse though doesn't he understand that rock and yeah obamacare but as we understand that you know like this is like turning turning your help over to the registry of motor vehicles. The post office. You know. Who who who would do that of their own volition. Put them believe me I've talked enough people since the selection on -- -- out that. These people work are what both fought that all Obama promised me I would have medical help in shorts. What a picture not that -- you know I know the answer to that with these people think they're going get a. Thanks to a Colorado won it's some some of them some of these people ought to turn off the American Idol some -- and about to score on to the Daily Mail NC. And see what kind of nice free health care they're getting him it in the UK for mother national health service. That's assuming they can read. The Daily Mail or anything else which is probably doubtful what they voted for Obama won 8774694322. -- -- we are. And I and the yeah. -- 1877469432218774694322. Obama's gonna take care of that guy says 97 lately Kia did our rock our guys in the been guys that by the way now that the election's over and it's not gonna hurt Obama thereof of the companies are starting to announce massive layoffs again ball away. Boeing announces big layoffs and defense that vision. Boeing announced a major restructuring of its defense division on Wednesday. The World -- 30% of management jobs from 2010 levels close facilities in California and consolidate several business units to cut costs. -- Seven they -- how we explain why inning on moon -- that lives in Massachusetts should even bother voting talk about waste of time. In my. You know most of the time it's a waste of time but the you know occasionally a weak enough fire the shot heard -- the world like a brown winning in 2000. I mean. That was sort of the opening volley along with the of the elections of -- McConnell on and in Virginia and a McDonnell and Christie yen in New Jersey that that the worst that the Tea Party movement was was alive and kicked him in the people were down on on the obamacare didn't didn't work out in the end but still it delivered a message I can't say I always vote I it's just that I it to happen -- -- and and I like to -- right they want me around the world because like them first vote in the democratic primary and cause -- over -- try to nominate the weakest Canada or. If there should be a conservative. Which happens less and less as time goes on. But hey I can't I can't tell people provoked -- I'm you know I I don't know how to roll I like camps I'm amazed that these three million white voters white Republican voters disappeared -- -- I don't know I why would they not vote. Why would you not vote presidential election here I -- see you know how elections you don't care in the tree warden is. You know you don't care who the library commissioner is you don't care who's at the news -- who's your precinct representatives in the town meeting or I get that again. But. -- presidential election. Tim you're next with how we card or attempt. They -- I dynamics just very disappointed -- and it's it's a new day -- you know why. I'm gonna get mine. You think so well because you know -- do what I have to do make sure I get mine and if -- -- -- I'm gonna take it. These people who voted for Obama. -- -- -- They're gonna get it they're gonna take it and go after him when they -- lose their house goes seen him. Nobody is ever gonna come to mean -- for -- -- and market and -- market you know I am not a vindictive person forties I've. 47 years old I've worked -- some thirteen years old. I've never taken a -- from the government for anything my wife works. I work. I am sick of this you know how we we are all laughing stock happen to business and being a business owner people laughed -- -- -- just because they know we're stupid. Yeah you know my wife was in this the other night you're saying you know the taxes are gonna go up in January and what she said why are we giving money to charity. You know. Why why why he -- you know. Why do we have to give more money to charity to the same people who were were or ripping us off on and on our taxes for all these. Welfare programs now. Yep yep did you look at the -- money and now these people I told I had a couple people I don't know that they'll vote for Obama -- -- that you voted for you get it. I did you lose your house. First you get fired first and come to me because I didn't vote for and about all that's NAFTA has to wait to see what happens -- he's given that the new lift them. Companies -- in and out the layoffs. -- just read the Boeing won how what else wealth so. What Welch Allen to Minnesota five employees you know holding to -- to -- in somewhat or actually 24 million dollars. In lost revenue. Because -- obamacare. Striker is ultimately an -- You know 11100 positions Boston Scientific how 414100. Jobs and their partnership seen investments overseas and -- is another kind of here. Right and owners and they're not the Norway and a lot of people were waiting till until after the election to do it to see whether they were gonna open the open a new war factory. Stateside -- raw overseas and of course now we're going overseas and again that and then the ones that are even stay and here they're gonna make sure that everybody doesn't get more than thirty year 2930 hours. So that they don't kick over into the it took a class where they have to provide obamacare tool. It's gonna kill it but these people are so what reformed. Now the other huge hurdle we have as people who actually work -- and take responsibility for ourselves but don't mind helping other people out is the media. I'm -- the media they were so over the top of the guys and they are liars and doctoring tapes. Forget the they have -- zero credibility with me. I I acquitted Tim I'm in the media but I I could review more I don't buy that all I do not I am I refuse to buy the globe you know. I refused to buy the New York Times by The Herald I Biden the Wall Street Journal -- those are still you know their -- by people I know and they and I work for the error I work for the -- But I -- I'm not I'm not supporting any of these people want what -- you know I wanna see them. I wanna see these visa card companies out of business you know I'm I'm white Tucker Carlson was in the same thing in the daily caller I saw a couple weeks ago on the year. Lot of these people this was -- last score around because their newspapers their networks are gonna existed for years in an order another thing to do attempt. A lot of these that a lot of these outfits are gonna go down a lot faster now that this guy's been reelected they don't realize it that the you know their only chance was that may be Romney -- saved them turned and turned it around at the economy going against its advocates also had. Now they've now there they were jumping up and down cheerleading for Obama. And the the economy is is never gonna get out of the tank and these papers are gonna go out of business. Absolutely and I mean. They're gonna go out of business and people have a complaint top locked in relatively good one finally there's nothing worse. Edible treats more than bodies total collapse site and that front going to be the next four years. Thanks for the call them 18774694322. As -- you know I talked a lot of people say well you know it's got to you don't got to go to the -- blooper but the news -- is hunkered down just got to hunker down. Save money you know get you know just like you know I today's gonna get a safe BC wants some cash even though he thinks the -- -- going to be worth march. You know I'm sure gun sales are through the roof you know people just trying to -- figure out how they're gonna watch how they gonna get through this and a and again their day you know. These people these people screaming for more go and big there'll Obama phones and -- -- a box from the Obama's fashion mean. Don't the -- think and you're gonna begin a lot more charity over the next few -- you beg you may be getting some handouts from the government but that. People people -- -- what that's bill your next with cowboy cargo ahead bill. I don't know if I am I it was physically -- yesterday. I did after you smear. And you don't mind your article but. Over the use it. I would I would like over the election I I. I don't know if I am mr. -- -- -- I want kicked -- as some other things from it and I hit -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it -- to do it I've got -- huge -- A huge sense of loss -- here. And and I don't know what to -- I'm just. I don't know what I'm trying to war I'm just trying to -- figure out how to how to go about protecting myself and my family that's all I I want -- minimize mighty exposure to the government. I want to minimize my exposure to watch stocks. I want to minimize my exposure to war 22 any kind of like cash -- -- I'm not sure how good cash is going to be. Somebody was asking me you know should I buy gold I don't know whether you should buy gold or not I don't have any goal by I never dog gone. I think -- I can't afford to Michael -- Amman. Government -- Right but I just I'm just gonna try I'm just gonna try to save money and just try to as much like can withdraw from the the the economy because I don't wanna get -- wanna get sucked into the vortex -- when it goes down the tube. I -- it can't go on like we -- one borrowing money like this. It's insane. In the and he doesn't he Obama has hasn't hasn't got a Cole what to do he doesn't care. He's he doesn't he did nothing nothing to fix Medicare and Social Security in his first four years all we did was pile on another huge entitlement you know the we have no money for. I I don't bill I would just say. Bill maybe it's time to switch down to Milwaukee's best. Barack had that. You know that I'm afraid of these senate senate floor they've got the power of law without being elected or accountable for Brussels Lebanese. I've got to -- out to -- a vote vote now to. Thanks for the call -- 18774694322207. Says by led. 41 -- to understand the mainstream media is too big to fail how we. -- not too big to fail with the the Wall Street Journal Walsh I mean than -- -- -- the New York Times the New York Times does not have much market capitalization anymore it's the it's it's a die being rag. And so was the Boston Globe for gonna sell the globe will be sold in the next four years I will lie I would take back the bank. Does -- of the globe just gonna try to get I get out from under. Well blog global spent a million the -- that the New York Times spent a 1000000500. Million on the Boston Globe and the Worcester telegram and out the two of them are together worth forty million bucks that's a great with -- great investment. What are returned. Michelle your next with how we cargo that Michelle. Think what you can call -- I would say that I'm more me. Socially. Moderate to conservative. Independent voters and I voted for Mitt Romney. And I have a lot of friends that are very conservative and I have many friends -- progresses. And I I told her -- I think that the preference would give up my friends that are progressive because. They just didn't get a collection I had in me -- coming in from across. Alaska actually different -- Alaska who were excited that that they've -- in any treats that just so glad. -- didn't get elected but the next breath they said well -- -- -- huge budget deficit. Did you have a big disconnect here. -- -- that -- thought that the country is the countries is going in that two parallel directions I mean liberals don't talk much to conservatives anymore. Conservatives don't watch liberal networks that watch fox liberals don't watch our networks they don't read are newspapers we don't read their newspapers and you know what that's. I I had I'm the same way I'm not done you know I've noticed the same thing I don't hang out with liberals anymore I can't take it I keep that their -- they're crazy. -- -- --