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Barbra Anderson Gets Bullbleep At Libertarian Spoiler Dan Fishman

Nov 8, 2012|

Independent congressional candidate Dan Fishman of Beverly , Massachusetts received 4 % of the vote in the election that put Congressman John Tierney back in office and defeated republican Richard Tisei by a mere 1% of the vote. We spoke with Mr. Fishman and asked him why the hell did he run and return a liar and a chest to office. Then Barbra Anderson of Citizen's For Limited Taxation, a constituent of Tierney's called in completely ripbleep at Fishman and tore him a new one.....

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As you know why nobody expected does John Tierney joining pockets to what be reelected in the sixth congressional district is his wife went to the -- and news. One of his Brothers in laws in the the key is in the can he is described both of his Brothers while one is in the -- ones on the -- From a federal racketeering indictments and both of them described John Tierney is the biggest liar in the world. Assess the stepson was collector Chris Tierney stepson was a collector for the mob. And -- via his his late father in law's a guy who actually set up this side gambling ring. There has been running amok and it's it was a big money gambling and one of the he has -- other other associate had to watch. And it had to warm. Give the Fed's. 24 million dollars that's what that's -- at the forfeit. 44 million dollars so we was. So it purity Tierney was so sure apparently that he was gonna lose that the he didn't even make it in the public appearances on the day before the election didn't where the median where it was going to be etc. etc. Then imagine the surprise -- chagrin of of the people. When the votes were counted on Tuesday night. And key amendment that Tierney had a 179600. In three votes and a Richard to say the Republican. Had 175953. But neither of them got a majority because there was a third candidate in the race and that was the libertarian candidate that the end freshman. From Beverly. And the Ann Fishman gets 161668. Votes. To say spent. About four million dollars let Tierney spent about four million dollars in the Ann Fishman spent 121000 dollars. Including eight or 9000 of his own money. And I was talking to today for a column. And I just thought -- -- EB interest in person to have on Dan freshman to what to discuss its third party run. The and thanks for being with us here on the Howie -- show. How are real pleasure to the -- are looking for a long time. Thanks what was in the first question then is I mean Ari do you do you feel bad that that you you may have drained off just enough votes to watch stopped to say from. From eliminating this this blessed -- on the body politic John Tierney. I absolutely do not feel bad about that if I had not been in the race I would have voted for Richard -- but I was not in the race we can either candidate. I was in the race to restore power of the people I feel like the people's -- on time is no longer being represented in congress are professional politicians. And you know however much I'd like it's getting to know -- say personally. He is a professional politician he had been in the Statehouse for a long time. And I feel like those at this point -- professional politicians have a different agenda than the common person feels like common sense of what congress. But you know you said book who had been an that you would have voted for -- to say I mean so you obviously think to say it was the lesser of two evils here so yet yet you have yet we are now. In Massachusetts and especially people live in the sixth district have now are now faced with being represented by the greater of two evils it. All right I think you you haven't got it right so that we talk about the lesser of two evils. One of quote those on the part of my campaign pages set Edmund Burke. -- said all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men do nothing. It's like -- sit behind the do nothing. But what does this say -- I think we can all agree that I think we'd all agree that your knees is evil -- is to say evil. Well I I would disagree with. That topic that evil a socialistic. Sort of thing but in terms of politically we are picked John Kerry and I are very very different. However I don't want to demonize and say evil in that respect but I absolutely disagree with the way he has voted to disagree with their idea of what makes sense as well all week. But I disagree very strongly that the Republicans as well I cannot -- the Republicans have any interest at all in cutting the deficit I think that John Boehner. Cannot wait to make a deal so they can raise the debt ceiling and I talked about it after the election. Now Mr. President I want to and other we're gonna work with you make sure that we do we have to do. -- be the number one threat to the country right now is the national debt and I was the only candidate who committed immediately that I would never will raise the national debt. You don't but here in -- your software engineer. Right from middle class guy from a middle class -- Beverly -- -- Cool cool would've done better for the middle class to say or Tierney. That's like asking would you rather start bailing out the Titanic with a teaspoon or paper cup. But I can't citizen no matter what and let something get out and says listen we have to plug the hole and not what I -- do I want upload all of our spending right now. I you know I it'll be -- I don't gradualist is the show when UN that you had every right to rob and all that but I'm just. It just seems to me that yet you know that you you might be having second thoughts about this having I mean. -- -- do you know what series record as I -- 200000. Dollars plots that they claimed was a gift I mean YE you know but but yet he's -- he's toughen up his sleeve because he got reelected because. Somebody came in and edited sliced off just enough votes. It's so you know we all have to enter. A form without ethics committee talking about how much money we made. Where all sorts of words that are up and according to love the last one. That -- without delegate was not on there. I think that that is a violation of the -- -- standard I think that they will investigated I agree with -- say it all -- -- committees. Call for investigation that sort of thing. I think that is the proper thing about it. But if neither candidate. If my -- out there aren't represented the people look at that think you know what nobody cares about actually cutting the deficit. No we think that didn't that they appeal and there are other thing you know the suspension -- it is corporate -- -- national defense authorization act. Is that you what if we suspect terrorism we can't lock you up without a warrant will be without right to file. That was a huge issue and -- Hope I don't Obama how about Obama cared then I mean IE you know was tyranny tyranny was marching in lockstep with them while they took away our rock our freedom minutes gonna end and in its -- -- before too long obamacare is gonna start actually killing people. I have I a viable under an agreement with you I am completely opposed the idea of a model health care system. But I do not believe that the Republican going to be able to repeal it no matter what they thought there's never going to be I mean the fact that the Democrats are not. No matter what it -- optimism in what. The fact that would have been at least 41 Democrat they were they able to filibuster against anything that was gonna happen and I was certainly convinced that Obama was gonna win just because there's one time the GOP is running on social policy from 1950. They need to understand that there -- up at school conservative viewpoint and that is one record book rhetoric about yet. Set the worst thing that can happen to a cause is not be still we attacked. But to be portly defendant and the biggest thing is happening in the United States right now is the Republican Party is the defender fiscal conservatism. But they do it terrible job because they are marrying it to sort of. What good would look at -- so what what's what's happened well what's happened here in this in this election year you had a chance -- in Montana to knock off a the hypocritical Democrat who was you know is a big conservative when he's in Montana but he does. He he you know he. You lost two congressional seats in nine Arizona because. You guys like you know from the Libertarian Party drained off just enough Republican votes to what throw to the Democrats playing. It's if it's counterproductive. As an elected to have a war to have any. A party that that has even less. Less concerned about individual freedom and I. I disagree well first well I mean -- would you say that -- can have any blame in this. I mean this statement affect the election. Yes he's he's a pool obviously right and what went wrong. -- -- ever see his running but see that's but again -- if you're in -- -- in the same -- has -- they can you didn't say anything that stupid but you mean when you saw that this was going to be a tight election. Unit withdraw and you don't make these make it easier for for -- -- more palatable guy to get all that. But it would come back at the same situation that. You're saying that I should support a guy that I disagree with fundamentally the fact that I think that he has. A little bit less bad than John Kerry was in terms of fiscal policy doesn't mean that I think that my view. Should not be hurt because I believe that might you've got out there if it gets represented. People who want to start coming over especially in Massachusetts and Matt GOP they've made this bet we're making out all the wrong all of delegates. When they went now we're getting into that again. You can't ignore it and so was this is this payback for the further rock Ron Paul for the Ron Paul crown. -- not payback I was I was. I announce my running -- let it went up actually ten months ago last December so I've been in this -- long before that however. It should not shocked the Republican Party that the long haul reporters did not show up to vote for their candidate. And I can effectively here at the military state convention. Lap two weeks ago we are going to run nine candidates you have congress wanted to be district report. There is. I met this year fiscal conservatism. That can be very social tolerance. That we can get rid of the idea that social conservatism. -- if you Wear favors more government here in favor of limited government. Even limited government all the time and that we represent we -- on that you have to resonate. From then the. What would you tell what would you -- to say as you know is is taken this thing pretty hard. I do I feel terrible I have to tell you having met the guys have spent time with them we had a great together in north -- rapid debate there. I have a tremendous amount of respect that man because it's one thing to talk about social liberties but and other people walk the walk and he had done that. And I've. If you kept him out of congress. -- well so I would generally disagree with that number because. What are what about my campaign John Kerry also got a 179000. Votes and so. It's not like there was no support -- in the beginning if you want to say oh yeah he's thinking about people who voted for me would have voted for him. I don't know that that's. Not all of them I mean you told me this morning you know you're doing your -- tracking polls and some people says some people said the vote for you Ruble pre Tierney separate decide but. I mean just the -- majority of the if you're gonna vote libertarian you're more likely to -- Republican now. -- -- I strongly disagree with that because one that they can libertarians are definitely true that we are much more socially tolerant. In terms we don't believe government should be involved in people's personal lives ever. And and it you're not gonna get a much more socially socially tolerant guy that rich to say who was gay. Well first off I don't believe that gay being gay has anything to do of these so we all okay that is out lifestyle was nothing to do politics. But I will say that he has been sympathetic ideas civil liberties because in the minority that has been oppressed but I think that. We got called -- what did you Barbara Anderson from citizens for limited taxation I think she wants to while -- India there I. Very familiar with it -- okay go ahead Barbara. Not very familiar with friends -- if we able where we no longer are. But Ali -- now for thirty years I assure you that that effort seeing me as angry at and political candidate that's the Atlantic this person who can't guarantee that John Tierney is going to continue to be my accomplishments. -- put -- -- Wichita State which is most libertarian. As I was ever going to. And I can not expect -- furious I am a -- dispersed is not just for eagle just had a lot of people points. So it could get it up to date can be important for a while and destroy it. Dan -- respond. I didn't hear questionnaire. I mean I can't crack addict and you are right OK I mean. It's -- me. No we will not as a third party candidate for eco. There it is but it happens I don't want to let the guys that were denied by job. And -- really at 87. And so I had to do -- and everything else. He saw -- doing stand out one person. Any questions about whether -- was -- I did it because there isn't that does not being represented in government right now and not be represented by Republican or Democrat. I feel very strongly that debt is an enormous issue and nobody's talking about it. Like the Republicans. We're going to address these issues. I would have been viewed him over the last forty years the Republicans. Here that now I disagree with Ralph Nader on everything at about two things. What are things that -- say is that both Republicans and Democrats are competing deserve their corporate masters and -- -- strongly about it. Through my campaign was predicated on the idea -- -- incorporated. Dan -- you know he was right. Advocates and earned his right to run -- that there are what have you done. That earned your right to destroy which -- -- candidacy and -- John King my congressman for the rest of my life. I did the first part of what he said it out of the editor for crying out loud yeah. What. Eyewitnesses. That witnesses in this country and I believe that the idea our government has heard it on the idea that government. Of the people by the people and for the people will predicated on the idea of working are the property you know what I've got credit at all happy. To deal with the fact that John Kerry don't like congress and what I'd put -- and at least qualified at the carrier representing me. You know I. I don't see the the connection I'm sorry that you feel that way our I can see that -- running. I think you do accept the idea I'm breaking my ideas and thank you resonated. In the back then detonated it now I find it like it's a thirty you don't -- and I can anybody get. They had Dan you know there's a visible saying you know you have you everybody has the right to do whatever they wanna do -- you don't have the right to. Two had two. Be able to plot the consequences. Of your actions you mean because you had the right to run but now the consequences. Of your actions. Have have irritated a huge number of people. You know I can't say that Republicans believe that everybody -- the right do they wanna do but they don't they oppose gay marriage. You know and I recognize that Richard does not feel that way however on the federal campaign as a Republican platform that absolutely is restrictive of individual liberties. And that sort of thing that I was born to a close. Because I believe that individual -- everybody should have a right to do what they wanted to do and that is not what the national Republican Party before. What's the game -- -- -- they support women's rights. So why you'd like to pretend that it doesn't. It was a -- talking about debt. Q -- between the rights. Not to pay it back to the Republican Party I like the light that is to say publicly -- I don't it was also. The view. You keep that didn't. All wonderful people don't like how -- -- on the ballot is noted not as the principal of the Libertarian Party do you think there is not at the hip op. So people didn't want about the carrying some Democrats did a good reason. And Republicans to get on about the tactic that we -- anti -- tickets. Or independence it's like that at -- they have someplace not picket the campus and black -- that they -- it was -- of about. I'm -- that great. And I mean I did not -- any my congressman. Bought it and none of the above. In the ballot choice. Because the fact of the matter is that I'm not satisfied with what your candidate you should. Absolutely be able to express that you I don't by the idea that you have to take. Either -- -- -- American politics right now is either slap in the face working conditions and you don't want to the other thing. Let -- -- clever afraid he felt pepper -- don't you. Just want to put it there but clever phrases and all of the at the ideology all the things that have never worked kidnappers thought the problem with just kept libertarian talking to each other upon blah blah accomplishing nothing. And then the rest of the -- just to find out -- -- country and in my case just trying to cap congressman and I mean they want about the issues. You do and I mean this guy this guy -- forget about the corruption I mean he he is a he is a rubber stamp. For Nancy Pelosi she poured hundreds of thousands of dollars in the his campaign until she -- until she thought it was hopeless. I mean he just does whatever she tells him to go way and you know what she said she said we have to pass the bill before can read it -- You're helping you -- you know you don't you talk a good game but. But you made Nancy Pelosi very happy when she got the results in from the sixth district of Massachusetts. So I cannot believe in the idea of politics that. I have to be for me and you have to be for you and that is that we are against each other I believe that we give both before ourselves. And advocated system in which -- government is. All all of us I don't -- it have to be black and gold and white I don't even have to. I don't believe I have a coherent statement. I detected get out about a secret on how he couldn't run and it came at this secretive lot. In the primary against -- to say and make his case out there on the topic in the pocket and it was paying attention. And we could've tried to put it on the issues against Richard in the primary -- that goes on as the third party at all ten days after the about candidates. And ruins it for all of -- I'm not registered Republicans obviously been -- primary as well that could change my party except that libertarians aren't you pointed out Barbara. Principles are important to us and he was not your -- an assailant -- You're exactly right principle is important to us and honestly if I saw more principled politicians in congress. I probably would -- let them out yeah but I think at that right now. The -- the reality of what you did Dan it again you had the right to do what but the reality you talk about principled you'll like you re elected a guy. With absolutely. Zero principles. I'd like to think that what I get more than anything else. Is to begin the reserves of Libertarian Party. The insert the Libertarian Party a party that dedicated to. Actual fiscal conservatism and actual smaller government in Massachusetts and then in the United States. And that's what we're not running for -- we're not running for -- -- running because no other parties represented the idea of limited government. But not when it's a viable candidate and no one. And we -- issues like that appear in the fixed. When nobody was running against incumbents that by all means that you protect testicle -- -- -- Egypt and brought to get ideas out there. But when there is a candidate with the I think that a deterrent to going to get some. By the -- would -- against obamacare thank you start from making sure that I albums that I always -- obamacare. Cuba act that apparently there was no habitat that idea that bought that myself but what does that decent candidate running who was trying to work that candidates -- Himself popular at work can tell rocket actually did work. It was not in not just waiting to be invited to the next debate so he could opt not split libertarians not to do. Listen -- and Ron Paul he was it was a libertarian candidate for president Nady. And he and you know he stepped aside he'd run as a third party candidate and as a matter of fact his son. Went on all kinds of radio talk shows including this one say begging people. Not to not to go third party not to vote for Gary Johnson because it was such an important election to get rid of some of these crazy Democrats. You know we model like that libertarians and I'll leave that you have to necessarily vote apartment 100% of the time and of those ways Scott. The -- and they'll look at each individual and make individual decisions. In this case. I felt like we're at a crossroads we -- -- critical crossroads. The debt is going to destroy our country and that the biggest threat health care certainly you've -- eight he's certainly adds to the debt that the mother is going -- But the number one threat to our country is the debt and I was equally candid I felt represented the idea that the debt. -- to -- and we have to read and operate the debt ceiling. That's what I'm running for public that fundamental principle and if I don't say it if I didn't say it would have been added on the campaign because without me -- -- been no discussion of issues or it would have been back and forth and who Stanley. Were -- at the end the only thing you're gonna be remembered for. In this campaign from this campaign is costing Richard to say the seat. Chart here. I mean. I honestly disagree with that assessment. From our numbers that topic can we got recognize the fact that people -- going to feel that way absolutely. We will accept that criticism is about criticism that people feel. I'm not gonna do. If I had -- all do over again I would still do the same thing because this message of having a limited government. Is more important than anything else in politics right now because as part -- entered the Republicans and Democrats. Are both working toward a larger government -- going to write one or -- left but you resisted moving the power of the federal government. But we head coach he gets to knock off one of the most liberal and one of the most -- wrapped members. Of the House of Representatives. You know I currently do the guys. Between John Kerry Richardson said he expects a -- -- added but they are on their records are or thought maybe I don't like -- shots. The that you can't see it different from the people who thought -- couldn't get Arctic. Ten minutes and look at the different candidate -- candidate for the easy way out and it brought. Not at the -- well what we're here is that the is that I'm stupid I guess that's going to be yours you know. But I I still choosing between stupid and simply. What -- found to be all important yet silly principles. That you haven't been able at the party to get a conflict not able to get elected as libertarian which is why we have to go with what we have a chance to witness. I believe that people into their principles are all armed at all people are -- is it not only principle. But. I believe that we are meant to be a government of the people. By the people and for the people at this point in time there isn't a problem anymore. Book but which you. -- -- -- -- -- -- trust. In god we got John Tierney girls yeah I mean these are fine sentiments but the reality is you have delivered. John Tierney back I mean. You know what you've you've been with them you know how cynical he is he's he you know what I wouldn't be surprised if he's listening to this and lapping up asleep. So I would say that in my conversation with both candidates personally I think on the boat to be very. Passionate people out there is that the issue that is suitable candidate you to discuss the issue with both guys backstage I can and they were both. Consider and deliberate -- about their issues and although like it would both of them strongly. The fact that we were able work record conversations I wish that the electorate and the candidate that I was able to see up close and personal because those guys. Yeah there's certainly scandal involved here there's no question about it and I understand people are upset about that. And I'm shocked that -- 179000. People would think about you know what is significant enough to. Still vote for the congressman. But I think that. Getting your chance to actually talk with them -- -- is where their opinions. What our conversations should be out of the country we should be talking to people say. Lately where you're coming from and I don't believe that moving a voice from the conversation ever benefit the country. All our topic of backstage at apple is saying they're such nice people. -- -- that more chronic and Heidi that's still have existed this long on this planet in this state. He doesn't he -- he has at the end I don't I don't know you don't barber and I have -- I've seen have seen these people up close and personal for all these years in an. You know -- we we know what were up against and won't we get a chance to trade in security for it to say I mean. You know what I can you know we're we're back to worry about Edmund Burke you know we're just gonna try to get try to get a little bit of improvement in the in -- common -- The I don't I don't see that at all I don't see that our federal government. Has improved at all really over the last twenty years since Reagan as far as I'm concerned because we've been on a steady -- Of the federal government increase in power an increase in power increase in power you talk about the Patriot Act giving -- You talk about increases federal power that this sort of thing that I'm opposed to believe that all our generate from the people. Likely never thought of any of this before I think how I would not have been. This is definitely get a chance to listen to this presence and that's about things like Edmund Burke. And by the people -- the people for the people and principle I did did you all by myself that I couldn't thing. Importantly not. Fortunately I had a group of bounty -- who laid down these principles of the bill of rights and constitution that is part on concern is the greatest document ever you don't yeah. Together Paul's book the Paulson who. Brandon Ron Ron knew that this was an important election and you know they believe everything you believe you know there there libertarians. -- and and they they set aside their differences -- you know were realizing that that this this into this common enemy of of of all freedom loving people. Head to -- to be defeated and I mean richness in rich to study it. Wrong doors -- not ignore it -- We did endorse somebody -- run as a third party candidate that he can edit and ran out and again rant -- was out campaigning. Full proper permit Romney in that and Paul -- I honestly I thought that I don't agree with but that's not sort. What can you can't -- -- made headlines here tomorrow you'll have to say goodbye. And I think about it. I just wanted to thank you so much -- heading into recruiting muted event I'm so angry thank you so much. OK okay Barbara party as soon. All right the and we'll let you go to if you want to that's that's I just I appreciate should be in on and that take in this an opinion if I just I don't. I I feel so bad for Richard to say -- and you know what I -- I. And I don't live in the sixth district but I I was I was looking forward to having to say as a congressman just because he would he would die EE would've been something different than the the run of the mill. Democrat rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi -- You know I completely and as it is I and I understand people who feel that way about I want you to know that -- a large contingency of people and it is rolling. Who feel that Republicans Democrats are both complicit in a quiet against the American people. And this is what happened that federal government is increasing authority and it's taking away from the people. And that is the real problem thank you Republican or Democrat is standing up. You wanna say anything to Richard to teach probably less than tonight you wanna say anything -- He can build this tremendous amount of respect I have for him and you know I think that we've set at all we spoke to each other. All right thanks for being with the stand pitchman Dan -- school was libertarian candidate in the sixth congressional district that. Tierney the corrupt. The incredibly corrupt congressman incumbent going for his ninth term got -- 179000. Votes -- To say the the Republican. Got to 176000. Votes in the end Fishman. Running as a libertarian got 161668. Votes and and that's that's why that's quite the -- in my opinion that's quite -- -- -- -- going to be the next congressman. 18774694322. Now we car.