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Police Blotter Fax Friday November 9, 2012 - Vibrating Undies

Nov 9, 2012|

Our two winners from this week's police blotter fax contest was a death bed confession where the perp recovered and a woman who fainted from wearing vibrating underwear.

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There and. Friday my -- Police -- thanks for joining us ladies and gentlemen this story is true. The police blotter. Fax Friday as I absolutely love this segment and here is sandy to bring us the most outrageous crimes during the week. Leno every week we do the plea -- contest and you get to you sending your local police blotter facts stories. From your local papers to answer it amuses you it was probably going to be listens to and the winner gets a nice prize this week they're gonna get because veterans day coming up on Monday. They're gonna get a beautiful flak from rock and cement block and flag from our friends down. In Rockland Massachusetts or some kind of sentences every year I think it's just appropriate given -- First -- So these the runners up they do not win the flag but they do when mind -- thanks for sending in stuff. I know first -- -- from union city Tennessee law enforcement officials. -- probably remember one recent car chase for awhile that's because the man they eventually arrested over the weekend was not only driving no more than twenty miles per hour. But he was buck naked. According to the Union City daily messenger authorities received a cop. About a motorist driving erratically. The driver with 29 year old James Joseph -- who refused to stop for deputies and led them on a low espy's speed chase it was totally got it. He was eventually intercepted an arrest that he was by the -- of the instruments to house low speed chase. Is at a chase at all at its lowest. Yeah OK yeah yeah. Yeah if you -- every step up. If you won't pull over detonate incident stats. Like a long way out I was about. In my eight. This is from our Washington College said their nondiscrimination. Policy prevents them from stopping it transgender man from exposing himself to young girls. Inside a women's locker room. Little girls should not be exposed to naked -- period said the senior legal counsel with the alliance defending freedom a group of concerned parents contacted the legal firm for help. Forty or 45 year old male student who dressed as a woman goes by the name Colleen Francis. Undressed exposed it's an excellent yeah. On several occasions inside the women's locker room at Evergreen State College costs. Students from nearby Olympia high school -- children and local swimming club share -- locker rooms for the college. The mother of a seventeen year old girl complained after daughter saw the transgender individual watch sneaking in the locker room. A female swim coach confronted the man sprawled out Panasonic's boasting himself. She ordered him to leave and called the police the coach slit her apologize when she discovered the man was strand transgender about explained there were girls using the facilities young as six. Who are used to seeing male genitals. There aren't comfortable with him being here being in there and shocked by it said that. Subconscious I think the Massachusetts correction officers deal and they have to -- There and a six year old girl stuck with Imus emanates you know I can't answer that I want to decide it's gonna shock them it's not the lower half a step up perhaps. Thanks of the steroid injections and now actually does is -- at this from Greenwood Indiana. -- Greenwood -- screaming about a dinosaur led police to an arsenal drugs in his apartment. Police were called to -- run apartments. After residents reported a nineteen year old Edward -- Kirk the third. Was running down the street in his pajamas screaming in a dinosaur was chasing him. Offers from president Christie accused okay they told you this trip on asset. He admitted to taking thirty hits and Al thirty -- -- -- an opera to show police aliens he said were in his apartment think how many takes to really see aliens and services explain all the people who voted for Elizabeth Smart drop -- hits the water and are you know at at that have occurred -- actually may have a point there. I -- this that this is a headline it's guaranteed time. It's just make you stop bring your man kicks wheelchair bound and none. The Mo allegedly told the opposite harassment -- wasn't handcuffed and I had a gun I would -- issue both of you when officers. Got there the main entrance was locked doctors they waited for someone to buzz amendments such on -- of Albany string Cambridge chasing. A wheelchair bound nun who is attempting to flee when the number reached the main entrance officer saw -- kick her in the leg in a wheelchair. One officer began tugging on the door again of the building him for Brian fled down the hallway that none by as they operatives in. But she nearly fell out of her wheelchair doing so because she had trouble reaching a button. She said Brian was creating commotion and she ass -- for her to remove him do you think. He allegedly said do you have all your teeth because I'm gonna knock them out of view and also you -- -- before you wanted to hang got. And had a -- human bleeping issued upon them. It's nice speaking of wheelchairs. Last week and knife wielding man in a wheelchair rob the CVS pharmacy. In court house Arlington County, Virginia police and the main attempt to shoplift and electric razor and several bottles of wine. After initially leave a story CBS employee reportedly wheeled him back in and asked him to replace the stolen goods. The employee backed off them and only began after the man brandished a knife. Please come up with them and the knife was allegedly found under the seat of his wheelchair. You know I mean seriously. Ellsworth Maine. And Arlen man has been charged with -- after allegedly digging up and moving his deceased wife's headstone. Ellsworth police issued a summons to Patrick the shard 82 and a charge of stuff by unauthorized taking according to the police. The -- admitted to taking a headstone from what -- cemetery and placing it -- at a plot in Moreland robbery spouses may feel ownership of their loved one grades. Had stones and other cemetery at could -- are owned by whoever paid for -- or -- of of the deceased is buried in a private or public lot. He confessed to taking it but says he paid for but the original complaint has paperwork saying. That he didn't. Bangor Maine. Few details are available but a fight. On him mystery involving three men one naked and when shirtless. Police and all 3 were taken eastern Maine medical center because of there get it drug use. To think they were doing some ground -- Exactly. And here we have David Hammond as put all us states in a massive marble crucifix praying to every day that his wife would be cured of cancer. And she watches the 45 real pizza parlor or were so grateful he volunteered to clean and neglected 600 pound statue but during his soap and water thank you. The massive statue came loose crushing him so severely he had to have his right leg amputated. Now I was putting estates and someone else and he is suing are these the two winners -- we'll talk to the colonel. This is this is a lovely -- the British papers killer faces life in jail after confessing to girl's murder when he thought he was dying of attack will have a heart attack. This -- survive committed to ethnic confession to cold case murder from 1995 and -- face jail because. But what he thought was a last ditch effort for clean conscience but guess what the doctors pulled him through. Some news. Face in some. Serious time the other winner. A woman collapsed in the supermarket when her vibrating panties made her faint with pleasure -- lie -- 33 year old -- present wearing a pair of battery operated operated passion pants are talking about sex shop while she did -- shopping according to -- to the sun but she got so stimulated. By the vibrating people on the panties that she lost consciousness she found in her head in the credits supermarket. In Swansea -- and Wales when paramedics arrived they found her black imitation mother -- still buzzing. They took them out before analysts agree -- the hospital. A session at the hospital impairment Akira backed the passion pence a plastic bag but like to think shop illnesses exciting up already said the supermarket. Our call today I -- darkness so market expired tax for. This case.