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Col Hunt on Petraeus Resignation

Nov 9, 2012|

Fox military analyst Col. David Hunt checked in with guest host Michele McPhee on the abrupt and shocking resignation of CIA Director General Petraeus because of anj affair he had with allegedly a staff member of Elizabeth Warren's. They discussed the veracity of the story along with it's effect on the Benghazi hearings.

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Tonight we have a very special guest colonel David -- who has been reporting on the story on the front lines he's served his country. Not just on the front lines but he is also a dogged investigator. And commentator for Fox News. Current welcome to the Howie Carr show up in the I wish you act. An early one day early happy Marine Corps birthday. You know all -- one I'm not a real army guys. True there held gonna follow. Vibrating in the eighties in -- I -- I bringing it turns. Out. I mean. He's in Palm Beach when you want from me. Okay I'm just saying it's. I got number. Being -- -- -- -- and you got mere memory -- -- At all. Our senior congressional. That this thing was Petraeus. And the -- -- call -- -- -- and totally. Petraeus can get tested by will be and it could give our clearance. Commissioner talk -- -- as he can be huge it's like they're gonna happen. So legal wranglings. I signed article -- sent. Out to cast. I'm an advocate out. Of my radio you talk about -- they apparently. The alleged if the alleged affair was with a warrant -- Which was interesting because it's no longer alleged affair he says he's had an affair and it's allegedly who is now. Allegedly wed a warrant eight game what's ironic I think you know as -- as holly Petraeus and Liz warrant girlfriends. What are -- up and Warren irons -- Petraeus. To work for. But at the very well respected military diet -- from about -- you on that issue. How does something like this happened and why wouldn't he testified so give us the inside -- colonel. Well prepared as much as he gets an extra -- a Balkan military -- she's very political guys. In in Iraq. Joseph button -- -- -- a briefing perpetrators as good guys and then Shelby according to a briefing from Petraeus about the same content. Kind of hard to do that helpful but Shelby. -- -- and got me they're great political office. He had defeated in direct. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it is that it happens. The problem is Petraeus is so it's only three days after. And copy. Which is not credible. It can't what you reported. Where were rescued thirty people from the conflict. The we have satellite we have. Droves we get at least two reporters. Going on to -- the government to go. Through the same time we have the Cairo embassy. -- in embassy of Yemen going up and smoke. So the whole covenant -- awarded sole purpose. Science and critic later. That he had to add something you do it right it is very disconcerting. -- probably got to get that is. What what are the presidential. Daily briefing Intel. -- -- now report that. See this business. All right we're still at a presidential briefings in dopey things up until -- -- commercial time. That enabled -- and very well. -- heard something incredibly honest Enron since day one. Current and can we ask you to -- to the break because you really are an authority on this issue it's one that. I am apoplectic over I know you are TO he think you can now hold on in and maybe that's and I was listeners. Asked a similar and our hope all -- -- okay this is. They Howie Carr show on the Sonics -- any Howie Carr this whole thing stinks. It's an -- US rat's nest so General Petraeus strip of course doesn't testify resigns having an affair with a Liz Warren -- allegedly. Why well colonel David aren't -- -- solace and answers I'm Michelle --