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11-10 Avi Nelson Show Hour 1

Nov 10, 2012|

Avi holds an "election post mortem" with comments from listeners.

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Nelson welcome to the program nice to have you let us. And tell you upfront we're gonna start where they post mortem. The election results I know a lot of people talked about it that. One of the things did you do when a weekend program -- get to look at the week in review. Looking back on the week in review there is no bigger story than what happened on Tuesday night so you may have been. With -- -- on Tuesday no we did the election results. This came across a an article in the post gazette. Published in Boston written by shall Jarrett Tommy. He mentioned that last night your friends on Wednesday obviously sent last Shannon WRKO. Are they now send along with Jeff coroner period to be holding a wake. And I guess to some extent maybe we did have awake for those of us who -- disappointed. The disappointment was very keen. Still China come to grips -- -- although I must say that I. Have -- you know it looked at the election results in the national interest in numbers that we should talk about. If you would like to join us and hope you'll we have no gas scheduled this afternoon and we figured -- -- the candidates former candidates alone. 8774694322. Is the phone number. The text message code is 680 -- Cheney. And the email address is -- at WRK a dot com. So we are welcome to to join this I must say that I feel bad about. Feel bad for about Mitt Romney. I know him personally not well but had a number of times to talk with -- him in both on me there and all these good man and quite frankly authority ran good campaign but he appeared quite presidential. And everybody after that first debate which is a stark contrast. And in the end. Worshipped it didn't work out I'm curious about some of the numbers. And I here now already that some people talked about all of the Republican Party is relegated to the dustbin of history and then have to change and it's no longer going to be able to win elections away it is. You know let's let's step back for just a moment. I can remember. In 2004. After bush had won reelection. And he also gained seats in the congress which had not been done for fifteen years 500 years whatever -- And -- or talked about all this portends the future. The Democrats are in disarray the Republicans are gonna be there for the foreseeable future. It just took one election cycle in 06. The Democrats came back and think they won 31 seats got control of the of the House of Representatives. And they say -- extended that in 08 when they who won the presidency. At that point they're rarely sang all other Republicans are in the dust then they're going to be gone forever it's gonna always Democrat. Two years later and -- -- the Republicans won 63 seats in the House of Representatives. Took control back from the Democrat to control they did not relinquish on Tuesday night. And so that changed now a 20102012. We have an election result. The president wins by two and a half points. The turnout was dramatically lower than it was in no way and once again we hear about the Republicans are doomed at all. Gimme a break. You know just when you think it's written in cement in politics. It's written in water. And did it disappears quickly. So let's talk about. Summoned the actual results are fond of fascinating that in in oh wait. There were a 129. Million votes cast in the United States or the presidential election. In 2012 there are a 120 million a full nine million fewer voters. Anyone -- something really remarkable. McCain got more votes than Romney. He's got more -- because it was such a much bigger turnout. But of course Romney did much better in terms of the electoral vote in terms -- percentage because. -- from McCain lost by seven points in and Romney launched by two and a half I did read an article where the Romney advisors. Were shocked at what happened -- that putt there are going when they were you know crowds were enormous there was supposedly an enthusiasm. Gap in favor of the Republicans. May have been psychologically. But in terms of the election turnout. The voter turnout went to the Democrats -- -- turned out their votes better than the Republicans did. We hear a lot about the gender gap Hispanics in the black vote and it changed and how -- you hear the people talking about what the Republicans should do what vote they should go laughter and the drumbeat has already started. All you have to go back to the Hispanic vote the black vote the women -- All of those are Democrat leaning constituencies. And it's more difficult to get votes for Republicans there. Where the Republicans -- to try to get votes is among in the white community and among men because that's where the the constituency. Is more receptive to the Republican message by the way the Hispanic vote was up one percentage point. One point of the people cast the votes that is to say that Hispanic percentage of the vote. Was up by one point. The white vote was down by two of the young vote was up by one these are tiny percentages. That certainly could very. Come the next election. So it doesn't really make sense to do a whole wide. Gee let's reconfigure. Ourselves in the party. And change what we believe in so we can win election. -- work that way. By the way billion -- there are Democrats. We're gonna change our beliefs. Actually you know -- these are principles. This is what we stand for. It doesn't make any sense for us to. To say well had to will have to come out and BofA the party of big government so we can win election was a point of winning. If you gonna be on the wrong side of the issues that you believe it. -- -- Don't look to that the Hispanic vote is problematic and it's not because of integration it was an interesting analysis done. Of the California vote. Which cherish a large Hispanic community. And the reason that Hispanic community votes for. The Democrats and I suspect this picture across the board. Is that while large Hispanic community is a poor community. And they have been sold the bill of goods. That they need government handouts in order to make it the same kind of thing. That. That the black community lives on you don't get away from that you can't outdo the blue dog Democrats as the party of the handle. I think one of the real problems we face in this country is that there are too many people. Who are living off the government. They too many people who on our dependence on government and it should -- to check this shall I looked up. An article that was done by journey to rouge sheet from the murkiness. Center. In it checked I think -- George Mason University. Which was published in February 2012 tell you -- done it's it's Foley research wasn't done in the context of the election. But she points out that 49%. Or nearly half of the US population. Lives in a household. Receiving government assistance. And that's up from 44% the year Obama took office in way up from 1983. When fewer than a -- for government beneficiaries and if you look at. The households that receive benefits from a means tested transfer program in other words. Taking out social security and veterans' benefits and things like that means tested. 35%. In 2010. Rasheed benefits from element of Americans receive benefits from such a program. -- such a large group of people. In whose interest it is to expand those programs. Because they are the beneficiaries of the programs and don't pay for them. She was start with that block you remember that 47%. Comment that that Romney made that came back on. Well 47%. Of of people do not paying income taxes. That's an enormous percentage I realize that some of them Social Security some of them. Former military amended the reasons why justifiable reasons why -- do but you still have a very large percentage of people. Who in effect can vote for a larger programs because they are not going to have to pick up the tab for. This is a very significant. Problem in this country we are coming close to the tipping point elections that Tocqueville wrote about this. Century or so ago. And you know dishes are real problems systemic prompted the United States -- give -- another 12 with the Hispanic community. I don't speak Spanish I don't know how you say. For our. For Espanol pressed six but as long as we have that going. And as long as we are fomenting. A subculture of people who are speaking Spanish not English. We are going to run a serious cultural problem were ever in the world. There are nations that are divided by language. There's a lack of cohesion and all the lack of of sort of a conceptual unity of that country. Used to be when immigrants came here they came here to work they didn't expect to hand out they didn't expect. Multi lingual SM didn't expect any of these things they came here take a chance and they around the world and recognized United States as having roads paved with gold the gold of opportunity not the gold at the hand. And now we're drift away from that that's a problem and the Democrats try to capitalize on that. Because they figure they can buy votes that way with promises in the hand and where does that get us to a sixteen trillion dollar deficit. Debt and if you ante in the unfunded liabilities. At pensions at -- in the state it's over a hundred trillion dollars. Can't afford those. At all. Polish brings us back to that Obama lost by two and a half percent. He -- the analysis makes it sound like he lost by forty points or maybe nobody voted for me except his family. There's not that way at all -- -- a few curveball it's all the analysis would have been the opposite. About how Obama did this or failed there and the Democrats this than -- -- mean he's this and was trying to stop that goes on and gets exaggerated. In reality it was a very close race they are a number of states than that of sliding. The other way. And you know we'll see what happens going forward. OK got some people have taken me up on calling in and we invite you to do that if you're just joining us good afternoon. I'm on the Nelson. We're doing a post mortem of the race first we will get to I hope you know the drone attack that the Obama campaign conveniently didn't tell us about Iran firing on -- a week ago. At the Petraeus resignation. Which you know because he had an affair which obviously was known before the election. We get to those a little bit later let's talk a little bit about the race itself. No one other thing and then we'll go to the telephone lines. There's one minute talk about the presidential contest the national development and -- to take a look at what happened here. I was very disappointed New Hampshire. Went completely democratic both congressional -- governor's race in Massachusetts just downright embarrassment. That that JK three Joseph Kennedy after we get 161%. Of the -- Niki Tsongas got roughly that. And even where we talk nobody vulgar corrupt politician. Who are stealing from the taxpayer by not paying taxes. And whose family is so involved in. In illegal gambling that his two Brothers in line whose wife had gone to jail over it well one that they're trying to get him to jail. This is John Tierney he managed to eke out a win partly because there was a spoiler in the rationing punishment. That race was decided by nine point Fishburne got four points. -- be careful libertarians. Because you don't end up winning elections he just end up giving us that politicians in office. OK now your thoughts are welcome. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Well I I'm Tom. That is what -- -- and of course some extremely disappointed. But problem. Let's bring I I saw during a campaign that was all of that like BP. McCain like McCain 2.0. Don't seem to be a fear of really criticizing. Obama. I mean it's actually -- to rally the troops when your main when your main point is Obama tonight guys. Or. They weren't all -- you there's something to what she's saying I'm not sure. It toward the end quite frankly I felt and I know a lot of other people do to machines that feeling. That the enthusiasm factor was for around me that people were no longer voting against Obama that they liked Romney and they were supportive of -- that -- I thought he made a major mistake by not bringing up and guys in. The in the third debated they get drawn up in the second of course Candy Crowley. It is typical biased. Media moderator. A sabotage that but in the third debate he had a clear shot that it. And he didn't do it and I would agree with you also that this gentlemanly campaign that we never supposed to talk about Jeremiah Wright. -- -- politically correct. I think they should then they should've hit Obama harder so I -- agree with your arsenal match. I just -- OR and I am I'm very discouraged even vote again this I think it is going to be an issue that got a -- And I don't really like -- see it only issue and made. I think it's just absolutely ridiculous. All. Would which would -- fraud. Well I put the ball right being -- for like the group well. Did this so much into right what brought. Was up there should be. But I'm not sure do you think that was what determined the election mean do you think that there was stolen. I well yeah yeah possibly possibly but I mean what. We have -- districts that in order that -- and 40% earn out. But but in the yes they troop but it DNJ. It didn't turn on Florida Florida was just called. What an hour or so ago for Obama but Obama had already won the race and the fact is a look at some of the numbers almost. Battleground states in the end they -- and they were not razor thin margins it's hard to argue that there was fraud in nine states. To that extent that it would give that kind of a margin to. 22. It just saying like it's always everytime it's a close race at all both Democrat. And as we. And you -- like what -- are able which is then Franken or whatever. Yeah yeah I mean -- like 11100. I won that one I think you have a point I want probably was. It it's it's -- and that no system I think I've really it is without a couple on the interest on bank. Always -- is just too many. Are you need to put a thousand votes on the country to earn election what about. OK okay thanks thanks for telling like I just. I don't buy into it they're probably instances of voter fraud. -- don't think he's fine two and a half million. Votes there or you know that the three million that you need to to win the -- election. It's you know it's stairs and I agree there should be caller ID that. I'm not sure that that's why Romney lost the race OK got a patient bills -- like the government. And -- will be back on the other side with your calls stay with us 877. 469432. Welcome back to talking Nelson doing a postmortem. Actually some extent than literally as it were postmortem means after death tonight. It's sometimes used more figuratively just mean after the event but in this case. Did feel bad is I did think that he was going to win I think that's what bothers me more even than the last election. Where you know Obama won. And in having doubts about Wu who Obama was where he was coming from. But I also didn't expect McCain I shouldn't expect McCain to get 46% of the vote which is -- guy. As there was so many factors there but this time I thought we had a good shot and it. And I thought that in the end there was a sense that he was he -- he was going to pull it out this spring with the Romney campaign felt also. So the I think the disappointment and hurt maybe more acute and ocean view -- finished in the drop I'm not gonna do this anymore. Well trouble with. If you open the field for the other guys they pass laws. Let's go back to the telephone -- 877. 4694322. Text message code 68680. And email address and Nelson WRK -- dot com -- good afternoon your next. I think for -- well I'm not one cry -- -- well you cannot change what happened yesterday all you can do it informants tomorrow. Okay now -- are some concerns like I'm an entrepreneur. I've worked out all my life and you know every now and -- lap down would -- do you find a way to fight. So technically. So basically. Make a few suggestions. Number -- We have to make these people that are looking for free -- we -- to do everything we tend to reduce the money that we and the federal government one way or the other. And what will happen at that when it -- resource for. There's -- -- be fighting among themselves. And although -- called caused turmoil. And that wasn't an -- is. Rated power struggle a lot of the Democrats. That could -- ago what they got so number one stop giving money to charities. Anytime anyone -- money from -- called on the call 1800 Obama. If you own a business. Doctor reading your employees to 1099. That'll reduce your expenses a lot of people are -- -- -- With a guy -- you no longer have to be an agent collecting money. And then want a lot of these people start getting ten -- and -- -- -- -- payments. And they realize they're going to be paying double because -- play it was an out about social security and so forth. And they and they realize how tough it is out there. If you're gonna hire someone. Produce a basic economic tests. And -- the -- can't pass a basic economic tests. Do not I have them and remember one other thing being that stupid idiot on the comes economics. Is -- a protected why we don't have I about it. -- stupidity isn't yet a isn't -- a protected group there's no affirmative action. Yes exactly okay and everything you can cut your expenses. If you wanna business. It if if there's anything you can do what you buy your picture place and -- need to conduct and actually it took a moment while. Do it if you can't. And if you -- your smoke. If you smoke stop smoking not a lot of money going. Yeah during -- Go -- on island by. And you can make -- vote until the government about programs so. Well you can also of marijuana and a couple of states now maybe in defending rush you know the only problem. All of it sounded okay you know being the petition mean spiritedness. To it especially about the charity in the region people give to charity. Then that includes even you -- I know that your final post election -- but the reason is because the cause is -- And you know for example I give money. Fair amount of money to animal charities I'm gonna Kagan on the dogs in the kinki as we have some people who are misguided and voted in Obama. Right. Felt. You know that there are there are other things that there are other ways to respond I will say. But that Russia too cute for calling out how your mood brightens a little bit I can understand you go through these. Phases the first you have been to shock right. In this case almost -- disbelief. -- tinged with a little denial. Then there's depression. As you sort of come to grips on my gosh what has happened and concerned about the future of the country which is legitimate. And then the next -- is is sort of I guess she and I guess anger as to what happened. And after that. You -- one of two ways either you. EU resolve. To do something in response to it we drop I mean that's the other. Response I sometimes on almost envious of people attractive who. We say when he mentioned politics or can judge on I mean political I don't pay any attention to it and no way they're they're. The lucky because they don't go through these two periods of of angst and strain. -- over election results when they don't do the right way. The one thing that rush did say that was -- his. Do whatever you can to. Get the money and the I guess probably take the losses. Or not maximize share gains. And your tax payments in this year. Because the likelihood is come next year ten actually gonna go. So whatever you can get into this year. That's probably beneficial you be paying a lower rate. Awhile in the room that to Russia's call reminded me news story. Robert Murray who -- supporter of Romney she -- Murray energy corporation. Informed. His -- coal company that who's going to lay off. A 160. People because of the Obama reelection -- -- she's coming higher costs and a war on -- continuing and so. Be -- out of a job because of that election. 8774694322. Was that phone number education your next on the program good afternoon. It's an out and I don't thanks technical. I had a -- an election official in the city -- out of an active Republican to twelve year every a lot of money or Kerry -- -- Republicans and now what the polls -- -- -- from. For a six still. But in the forest is -- 830 on Tuesday just like okay this city court that apple came out perfectly in the 86% turnout. And electric to those results I just knew everyone. Is now for the economy. -- lost by seven votes in my precinct and the senate votes were taken by that -- side. Yeah an and that an articulate it stopped -- uses would've won walking away the last time it's difficult. Cigarette smoke and I was like oh it's all over air as they were right workers -- -- -- -- center of -- whether this is -- -- noble ideas you write that. And I cannot tell EJ -- ask ourselves why we stay in Massachusetts and emotion I think the final with a brown Warren race. Which 5446. Warned that that's not close. Well let me ask your question -- -- not I want to that was exhaustive media wiped out work in the post on adrenaline it. It crashed the next day I went to bed at 1 o'clock in the why I think it like that maybe like 1130 courts -- that to say it was -- At what was called to say -- in the race I get up the next morning quite what the hell happened here I so cannot that is going to be the upset that you are not just -- Massachusetts. But throughout the entire country. Yeah that was the difference was one point a thirty out of 3600 votes 3650. Votes was the diversion between. To its tyranny and this. And freshman Daniel -- got 161600. On votes. You know its interest in question as to why that happened. But I went to one of the debates and so I heard the three candidates speak. Ann -- was not a bad candidate. The trouble is what he did in terms of the -- of the -- that's right -- I happen to think I don't know what he thinks but I have to think that the majority. Of that vote would have gone to deuce -- deserted -- but it's remarkable to me. That that race wasn't decided by forty points I mean we're not talking here about policy were talking about our our our crew looked -- -- -- -- The basic vulgar worst elements of politics. To say nothing by the way of the kind of campaign to any room where just his advertising which is full of lies about to say. But on corruption alone I don't care if he's Democrat or Republican somebody who behaves like that. Does not belong in high office and I would say that -- if you -- it to an. So much remarkable. That it was that close and what does that say about the voters in the sixth district of which is my district. I mean I didn't I've I got the -- right that is similar to purchase. But you what does that -- about our fellow citizens Jason that they that they would elect a guy like it. It's great about this what what they are not they also have. I do a lot of work for the department out of their their quarterly filing taxes in the almost politicians battle does reps got elected. He -- taxes will go on a state jacked up the construction right front -- -- -- -- their rates. Which don't actually when it goes up either product for everybody -- diplomatic career that I've got reelected. And it may be tough thanks Jason. 8774694322. Day old you're next on the program good afternoon. -- -- I loved every minute of it I love it I love it I love -- now I'm not I'm not. Depressed at all. But I I wanna talk about why. -- -- pat yourself on the back why rod in the route to the gut was college should pat themselves on the back and say well I. Made. The president. Get reelected and I -- Elizabeth Warren get elected because of vile despicable things that was said about -- and the thing that was said about. The president and I am so glad RB that this is it your -- I've been waiting for the before he would. -- -- back to this guy over and over but the American public just like he did win. You don't get elected the American public said you know what we're not going to take. The angry right may oh crap. -- -- You know event. The underdog though you'll you'll. Because you know and when -- come up with -- much I knew. I suspect that you might call and for people who are not familiar Davis black. And is is not an in frequent caller in this program. And these -- racist. And you know he he has so a lot of ugly things to say about white people firm believer in affirmative action and I know that people like you were celebrating -- And the reason you're celebrating is because hate mongers and racist like Q. People who live on affirmative action who get by none on their abilities but on the skin color are jubilant. Sure you're gonna have more of these kinds of program. And and your you know your applauding that while you go -- and celebrate. But I'll tell you something out. -- be careful about implying that somehow. This is going to be a portent for the future because remember just two years ago Dave didn't work out the way you like -- at all and the Republicans. One sixty plus 63 seats in the House of Representatives. So. Things can change it is a shame that the country has gone to the freeloaders and to the to the the spreader of hate you and you know like Chris Matthews -- Chris Matthews said. Chris Matthews said. I'm sure glad we had that storm last week. And then somebody said who and -- we should know politically I should say none in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics. And that's the kind of mentality. These people have he later apologized for apologize for what you're speaking what he really believed so. There we know that there are going to be people who are going to celebrate and applaud what is happening here. But for the rest of us who are not the hate mongers who don't believe in affirmative action. I thought Mitt Romney ought to have taken a strong stand. Against affirmative action because that would resonated with a lot of white men who been hashed over. And police and firefighter exam they scored higher but their skin color stood in the way. Who -- it you either. That in Chicago just recently there was a prom and and that and one of the police officers were told your skin is your -- Meaning is going to be pastor oversell celebrate gave -- and -- It's. It's a really. Perverted kind of jubilation because the principles you hold. -- usual word despicable. Back on the other side of okay we're back. This is on the -- and had a sorry -- I got to me a text messages about -- and I I got some advice for only advice from a supporter. Who said hey look don't have Dave on today. And I didn't want to do that. Should Dave was on and but I wasn't gonna get if you listing -- -- This decision today that we were gonna hear a lot of your nonsense. So yes you put it out there are just curious as to what angle -- would take it. And it was short enough so those -- -- turned off the radio you can turn back on course but as you returned to California to -- -- turn on that -- friend. From big ones say it's time grievously disappointed and heartbroken the nation and I spent nearly twenty years of my life defending. Just freely voted to jump on to the highway to -- Boy I can again feel. That plunged to quote Bill Clinton in my -- the quote I feel your pain. And I do and I do for and I also fear to the country. 617. Says. 3033. Counties in the US throw away plausible is draconian that tell Obama went. Yes but can you do you know how difficult it is to be able to -- a thousand votes in all 3000 counties. The government insurance. And insurance already who won't -- you treat everyone under and 99. That's a reference to Russia's culture and I -- were. You'd get if you are not a full time employee and your right you can't just treat everybody was a full time employee. As if they are part time. And let's see from 617. Ratio is Dave at his best he is one angry dude. Is so angry Davis so angry why not go live elsewhere and fix things his way. What a loser and that's of course a very telling challenge which -- have offered to -- to and that is it's so bad here. You know like the white folks in the way the white folks have control -- our -- which goes somewhere else. Where there is a paucity of white people and lots of blacks whole continent of Africa as there is a reason why they don't go Jeremiah Wright doesn't go. Hates white people because it's better to live here isn't it. 877469432. Two's Susan thanks for waiting your next. Com I'm midmorning to calm these two point one is that an interest in at one minute that Romney's campaign ended. AT and ended with our. That there were shot cut short days because of hurricane -- and yeah and that's the end of it yet but -- coverage. And I think you know silly isn't it ironic it is like you know things were biblical times -- -- -- all -- on the front but -- god intervene now about Barack Obama. But you're right course and then he sent his profit Chris Christie. To go and follow up like I'm so disgusted with Kristi. -- And critics say I was very pointed at the convention and it is speaking it sound like keep talking about it. Thought I wanted it and get around Iran. Pointed at the convention and then let up on an all girl bottom. During hurricane. That. It was really over the top as if somehow if he didn't fall on and off they beat -- problem up. Obama wouldn't release the federal funds in mergers I can't imagine Obama -- Well I'm sorry -- Christian just didn't ask nicely you know our need for New Jersey. You're on your -- You know it's a three decade -- -- -- did you hear the latest he was weeping he said his word weeping after. He -- Bruce Springsteen. At a telephone four for the hurricane -- victims. You know this guy had a run for president. Not what my support he has and can at least out of the nomination. Meaning that I needed to -- next ironic. You don't know. Yes this is it. Romney I'll never Mitt Romney will never be able to run for president again. And he 65 next year -- actually be 69 but the problem issue he ran twice. And he will take the blame for this Girardi people saying foolish things about establishment Republicans that -- the new. There will be a new wave of people and you can see them you know they are Marco Rubio Paul Ryan. The that there will be others even Chris Christie is on that list Mitch Daniels. Is on the list. Even Jeb Bush is possible you know that there would just be. A new group of people. Who will who will emerge in -- on the had his moment then and and that's it. I feel bad for him to he's he's a good man now hopefully at some point -- we'll get to come on the program that would be interest. I can expect to take awhile for it to look how he's ready for that thanks Nelson. -- -- -- 8774694322. Is the phone number the media Annie and here and interest inches were dealing with statistics -- one that is fascinating if you could explain it I think you can change. The nature of politics. Married vs non married I thought this was only with women but it is with men as well. The differential. Between married and -- in terms of how they vote. The married men and women. Vote overwhelmingly for the Republican and the non marriage vote overwhelming to the Democrat among men. The differences 38%. Among women it's 43%. Romney carried both. Groups of married it's. The married. Married women carry 5346. Married men carrying sixty to 38 the non married women. Obama carried 67 to 31 and unmarried men. Obama carried 56 to forty. Then you'd tell me what's going on what is the difference there because that is an enormous differential. Much larger than anything else. That's been talked about. Mike you're next on the program good afternoon. I the you know I just -- Level of despondency over this election might kind of what you analogy. I've lost layup or it was just part of the problem. To actually do it -- my mother. Devastated. I felt something was missing -- very stole them authorities have lost my mother. And the electric. I feel as though I lost my mother. -- -- stretch because. This is the country right -- This year but -- yet you afforded multifamily immigrants -- my dad's coming will be afforded them opportunity. Justice. You know and and -- from tyranny. Now I feel as -- Postings have been weakened. Not only in the last four years but they're gonna continue to be region these principles of you know language and culture. Sort of so well. By the -- -- absolutely. Clueless. He'd get these it probably couldn't come to how you should think -- -- story unfortunately ever like a very good idea. But the guy but he did. Opening your mind. Look so I don't. Married or unmarried and married people have more. Say they have children for example article it. Think about having children. You know the control -- their children and their grandchildren is at stake a lot of these elections it it was little. If we -- globally rather waited you know the issue isn't it their children's -- that's. You may be right back I haven't seen a break out of married with children -- married without children assures just. Just married vs -- married. They go about your first point yet there is that said this in there's concern for the country I would at this point in Mike and and we thank you for the call. Couldn't come close to a news break a -- do wanna make this point. I think the problem years that people young people students pupils at all levels are not talked. About the virtues of free enterprise about the glories of this nation about the important conceptual framework upon which this nation is founded. The emphasis on individual liberty and individual initiative. And not pay any sort of our reliance on dependency from government. That has to be taught in the schools all the way up if we forfeit. That educational imperative as we have. We will continue to have an uneducated electorate who produced these results among the Nelson.