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Avi Nelson Show 11-10 Hour 2

Nov 10, 2012|

Why do unmarried men and women lean toward democrats? Hour two of Avi's election post mortem

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Our number two of the program that -- Nelson nice to have you had actually been talking about the election postmortem. Grow expand that to us similar issues. Have captured the attention of the news cycles just recently but I do want to make one mention they'll go back to the lines. Veteran stage usually pay attention of the holidays coming up and I feel bad I haven't done a lot with damaged because there's so much going on -- -- and stays to march commemorates the ending of World War I. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. Veterans day of course celebrates all veterans Memorial Day it's different coming in awhile. Where it's people who died in service this is for all veterans. And an interesting. Subplot here that maybe someday we'll get to as the Americans others as well especially Americans who died. On that last day of the war after was known there was going to be an formal armistice at 11 AM. They were still generals who sent troops into battle and they were killed on that day -- but. Too much else going on so we'll leave it there and go back to the discussion of what is happening -- thoughts are welcome. 8774694322. Is the phone number the text message -- 68680. Email address and Nelson WRK dot com from 508. Married women don't have much section they didn't care about -- he's ignoring their birth control. -- much to explain it. Now but does that also explain why the men. Married men you're going for on me. Okay. Back to the telephone line Steve your next on the program good afternoon. Abbie thanks for taking my call. I -- just like totally disgusted. -- I just can't believe it. It'll -- after a solid desk I would all of the talking about Obama. That they actually pulled back yeah it's good it's just I brought in my life in the -- is. If you know him he's just gonna keep on blame Republicans have nothing gets done and that really -- I think that's like a particular statement all the stuff he wants. In my fear is that maybe you know don't just pull all the Republicans out again diplomats supermajority that we're going to be. I don't know it pitcher right on one thing that happened with this election for sure is obamacare is now in. I'm with the you know the capitulation of Roberts on the Supreme Court earlier this year the could've done it. And have the -- on the other way there were given a chance to repeal but now that's going to be in. With -- all the attendant cautioned Michelle location of resources and and it really compromising of the health care system. -- I share your either disappointment. Even depression. And the question of course is where to premiere piano the place we could go like I considerate -- you know think Liechtenstein is the place anymore and. So will just stay and fight. Yeah I think that's that chip because if we don't. We lying down. Then the other guy shall trample all over us. Without a moment's hesitation you here's some of the hate mongering that goes on there they're there eager. To really enslaved the rest of Russia and in the sense of they want to take as much. From the people who are productive and give it to themselves. And the people were unproductive actually get votes. What a week and fight that battle out in -- what -- -- and -- -- brought me an. And you know the immediate just it was totally reject -- do this what the media can't even do picture I mean he had everything going against a. The idea I mean you have to you have to and run their shortened institutional things I -- -- concern -- getting to a to a pivot point here but you have to in effect enlist the people. Who are the productive session and the people or being discriminated against by the system and aggregate enough. Than. Of a an electorate so that you can win elections and then change the educational establishment. Mean we really need laws that require that American. History in American philosophy be taught at the elementary and high school level. It has to be done early on so that we end up with people will appreciate what this country was all about as interestingly enough. The our forebears the immigrants who weren't even from this country. And yet they understood the nature of what this country offered verses the other nations of the world and here are homegrown citizens don't get at all. Maybe that's not surprising you know again all the lived in in the land of oppression who -- -- is -- opportunity. You don't appreciate. The difference between that kind of a system and the system we have here. I mean you still it was ebony or. They got to live with host Steve otherwise. What do you drive the car off the bridge. A market that's open to disarm Libya. Well if I'd recommend not killing of but if you do take out somebody that we really don't want. Thanks to these things are gone. 8774694322. And before I get whole bunch of that you just like Matthews. You know we've moved on I'm glad he is that the storm came I was only can. And let's continue with the I don't let me introduce on the you know go back to the -- -- -- there are some of the things that happened we found out. That there was a drone of hours fired on. -- who's flying in international space. Fired on by the Iranians. They missed. I should know that their -- But this happened a week ago before the election why were we not told about it. David Petraeus the man who distinguished himself on the battlefield one of the most honored general certainly since World War II. And now head of CIA issues you know she's gonna resign. And why he should because he had an affair. -- appear with his biographer one Paul abroad well he's been married for 37 years and it's Petraeus not to Bravo to whose wife. And he said this is an error of judgment all arrest but the way I wonder she's gonna resign. She's a Harvard researcher and is doing some things wonder if she's gonna take a hit for doing something wrong. But I don't understand this and your thoughts are welcome. I don't understand why Petraeus would announce to the world -- had an affair. -- are arguably bad not that he had won just resigned for personal reasons according to onto his wife. He has publicly internationally. Humiliated his wife. For the rest of their lives. His wife will have to live with this if she stays with -- and every time she walks into a room. Even if people are not thinking it she will look in their eyes and think that there are thinking of it. That they're thinking there's that there's -- poor girl couldn't hold her husband had cheated on. What a horrible thing to do why in heaven's name. Which you make that public. I do not understand this. You can understand that he resign -- even resigned for this reason to keep it to yourself now the other things. That was known before the election if -- he has to resign because this was a security risk. That's security risk was there before. And we have a right to know about security risks to the country -- yet another cover up by the Obama administration. We've got then got -- -- that drove the Petraeus resignation. You know he's -- he's protection Obama's. Is Joseph Biden we get rid of Obama we did Biden. I think that's trading down not up. Your thoughts are welcoming continued talk about the election as well as these news events and have just taken place over the last couple of days. 8774694322. I'm on the Nelson and -- you are next on the program. -- the president talked -- -- I think she's gonna study. Embarrassed wives club was Hillary Clinton I'm not sure. While I tell you haven't. Yet. Yeah I should like they got ahead of Hillary Clinton dollar to turn that around. And she came you know if the figure in her own right but don't understand for a while they weren't speaking to reach. Yes throwing ashtrays. -- you know. Whether they get so much to discuss with them using. But I'm I'm gonna just discuss what I wanted to. And I got to tell you -- happy I eat I'm really out of sorts. In that we had a fairly moderate. To the right presidential candidate. You know he was conservative but somewhat water. And then we had a very more liberal Republican. Candidate senator. In witness score on the I'd. What exactly. To the Republicans have to put forth. To get elected. I mean we really were apple as of this -- spectrum between Scott Brown. In Mitt Romney who is in I am telling you. The more -- I've learned the votes Mitt Romney -- more I grew to respect this man's. -- and admired him as a human being. And it's like. What do we have to put -- To get elected. Not sure Leo Allen if you read his book no apology would respect him even more meant to bring in the Broncos can read a passage from that. A I ended up leaving home and we'll get to it enough and -- program. Well look you know it's not like the Republicans have been on the outs from power -- key here about some. Some kind of countries have parliamentary systems at the opposition party has been out for thirty years on the don't need to control we do control of congress we came within two and a half percent of winning the the popular vote Massachusetts is a problem unto itself -- -- You know but I will -- iPhone Marshall thinking about Scott Brown. Brown ran as sort of trying to be the the nice Fuzzy warm -- You know the nice Teddy bear -- he kept talked about how. He really wasn't much of a Republican the only -- with applicants 54% of the time. He -- it was almost as if he was saying you know -- I'm really a lot Democrat well if you go to present that. Why would people vote for the imitation when they can vote for the genuine article. I've always said that copy -- a choice between a liberal Democrat. And a liberal Republicans guess what political stability choose to. It's a good thing it is the first election cycle. He went on which are -- -- he went on which on Hannity pretended to be somewhat of a conservative in he got elected this time. Okay I'm in -- abortion. As liberal as my counterpart. I'm not one of those right wingers don't worry and it's kind of funny that when he distanced himself from anything conservative he lost. Lost an election ya know I think I thought that he won the first time virtual course it was a referendum to some extent on Obama care secondly. He seemed to be the guy who appealed to the blue collar. Middle income Democrats especially male. Who I think is necessary when the election Reagan ran twice for president. He carried Massachusetts both -- and he did that. By getting these blue collar middle income guys think the -- impassioned pitch Bergen lemon start and that's what Scott Brown had the first time through. This time. He was still -- guy he still had the pickup truck but it wasn't the same aura it wasn't the same mystique because he was incumbent senator. And I don't think he resonated as much with those folks know whether somebody running straight conservative campaign that the only part of. -- -- wondering we've always we've obviously thought liberals in Massachusetts was well obviously -- try to cater. -- the Liberal Democrats do we need to just go conservative not yet. Sure it may be -- it's certainly the liberal approach in match you can't tell or doesn't work I'm not sure anything would work in Massachusetts. So we have to be concerned more about about the nation -- -- look at some of the congressional races to bring that that -- Joseph Kennedy. The third with Carolina dole out no credentials and you know except the last name she gets 61% of the -- -- -- -- issues like. He's a good candidate B -- I mean he's an accomplished guy. And you know it just didn't so I don't know of Massachusetts worked under any conditions but the -- to lend you know I shocks I'm not really Republican. That strategy didn't work Allan thank you. 8774694322. -- -- phone number. -- you are next on the program good afternoon. And -- think -- got it sorry Abbie thanks for taking my call to knock. You know I'm trying to think about this election and thinking about the excitement leading up to it and then in -- that oppression that has followed it. So why people keep questioning this sort of exaggerated reaction and I think unlike you we have reached the pivot point -- -- And I think -- had shifted and we had a great candidate Romney but it didn't matter who the candidate was this an election about Obama -- And it has now been implemented we have just taken over one -- the GDP. And the taxes and -- seem to me that they. -- elitists have taken control the country a leading up on by the notes and I don't see how we gonna out of. -- that certainly there's something to what you say and I feel that as well I will say this that the election was close -- -- that. We can imagine strategies that would have -- let me ask you you don't get a lot of women. Who called his -- and despite my by pleading and do my best to be the warm Fuzzy Teddy bears tonight. Like Scott Brown. But there are -- listening earlier on the program and I pointed out the enormous disparity in the voting between married and unmarried. And that's especially true among women who married women this is nationally in this election when 5346. For Romney. It's a seven point margin substantial. Unmarried women. Political and non married men -- 67 to 31. For Obama. Now. You need your woman tell me why that is. Well I mean if I told you why I'd be accused of being. They affect affect -- Well you you got a way that the residents can't critique. I guess so. No I think women germs are incomplete without a partner and their partner at the US government so. You know I'll tell me yeah -- is this is this a version of the them. Girls grow up they become women they leave their home they leave their fathers and so they get a father figure which is the government. And that's the protection that's the security and then when they get a husband they no longer need the government -- purity so they can become rational again and and votes up for for things on the base and economics or whatever charges and. Well I mean I think obviously -- a lot of the little women I I certainly believe women are quite capable educated if you know at least 50% of the electorate and human resource in the country I would want to at least that was that being said yes I think that women. Do you feel the need for some protection and in a society where we didn't have the the infrastructure and the structure of the government they certainly would. And still American man married women know that. -- All right yeah OK I'll throw one monkey wrench in and then got to go to break and that is what the numbers also holds four man. That married man voted sixty to 38 for Romney. Non married men went 56 to forty for Obama. Now how much tougher that they lose their mothers and so they need the government trying to pick up a wife and that's just a little bit trickier but I'll tell you therein lies the secret to victory. If we can figure out some way of convincing that we should just have to match making organizations get all non marriage marriage and -- landslide. We also be on the ground game and Filipino -- not be underestimated. They have values rather consistent with ours and we have not. You know we have not tack on out there -- -- you know picked up the Latino vote the way that we should have and unfortunately. Lies I have biased media have. -- -- women back because. We don't want to Catholic Church -- -- exercise their rights religion by denying abortion rights. That was gonna deny all birth control it because we don't we want legal immigration that we're against all the Hispanics so. People aren't educated people buy it and my substances that I think we've shipped to the ground already. -- thank you for golf thank -- and I. Know there's always next time. We'll be back after paying some bills -- Nelson. Welcome back this is Donnie Nelson. -- -- -- -- -- mention -- an email I got from -- a special news last name to because wouldn't believe living. Who is listening to us from northern China. Where 2 little after 5 o'clock in the morning Sunday morning. And thanks for the program and he also. Much to make a reference to David -- -- don't really bring Dave too much back into a bit. He says he writes please do not follow -- -- request your advice to block moon -- dating keep him off the air it's important to keep them on the year. So we all can know who -- really is in the way that you don't know how much of fools someone is -- opens his mouth he goes on talk about Dave's -- Poisonous remarks and salon -- There you have it some people just wanna hear what the other side is. -- shank. Then from seven -- one single women and men are young and stupid equals democratic voters if you explanation. Also from seven they won the predator drone flies in an action or speed of a 135. Miles an hour. And the Iranians A Cruz is lower than that Iranians missed. Firing apply it in their marching toward nuclear power or weapons -- The lord knows where the weapons to go on. OK let's go back to blind date 774694322. And your next on the program -- afternoon. And why. Yes hello. Yeah right. To make a comment and that's -- -- question I am a single woman who voted for -- And I'm sick like everybody else. I'll look at the -- like to make Jason L one time during the summer listen knows what -- actually is. Public and campaign spokesmen. Was street buddies some sort of point that the Democrats have made I didn't even. I can't remember what it was. But the answer and the comments she made -- someone paying. So lost point. I set myself say that fire her or he loses the election. I think. This is as. You want a highly placed campaign person you know one -- -- Top people in this campaign. And it -- day she. Her answer to whatever question -- it was being imposed. It was something that the Democrats support an excuse to round up was so awful -- -- to myself issue working purple. -- what really and I hit it you know sound like something McCain. Campaign -- Well you know I had to turn money into campaign I don't remember. That person pain out there are nicer than directing -- -- -- -- -- done. Well I don't know why because I don't know that particular incident and after all things that are said you're gonna come up with a few that don't make a lot of sense. But -- and why is that you voted for. Romney I guess I'm I'm a single man I voted for Romney. But there are. -- But you know basically a lot of country. I. Don't lie so many single limit I don't know I don't know. I don't know you know I think it's our educational system which has brainwashed people and that it'll probe. Not. I thank -- so much was the. I don't know I don't know I don't know anybody come up with a very simple explanation. That. I mean you know most single limit and I know all art Democrat and a lot of marry people I know Democrats on the including some relation. All have been Democrats at vote so well spent. Summitt that now one even -- -- aren't public and it she's not a Democrat ever sent them. When you said Roosevelt Franklin Teddy. -- now I know what Alex. Has been. -- season. Yeah if you're gonna go back sixty years. Or so I think you go back a hundred. Then anyway okay and will not tell her that question at. Home. Well I'm not sure. You me because of voter turnout was lower. -- I doubt it you wouldn't. Well actually technically you would have to -- interestingly. McCain got slightly more votes than Romney but Romney was almost at the same place where McCain watch. That they -- ammunition and voting came out of Obama's vote total. That's why this race was a lot closure it was as if it was as if the Republican. Held the same vote. And with nine million fewer voters that made the race very problems. And that's what my question is. If a borrower. Distributed according cheer rule. The votes that go out represented that's another -- -- -- electoral vote. Where is not well. Assigned. To the same proportion of population within the stage. You know they've basically they elect bout of representatives. So let me know in other -- states sit there already. Defendant as anybody. I don't think it. I don't know the direct answer but I don't think you would have made a difference I think Obama would have gotten elected. I looked at the upper hand on the street -- are here thanks then aren't. 8774694322. Is the phone number. Yeah I mean it's. It is an interesting phenomena as to what's going on in China relations -- -- women and men and women voted almost exactly. For the same for Romney as they did for McCain and this is after all of Romney did to pander to women -- -- it was a mistake Padilla. You know women voted. In for McCain 56%. Went for McCain. This time 55%. Went for Romney in both instances they were 53%. Of the voting electorate. The reason that Romney got -- is because he did better with men men went for Romney 52 to 45. -- you know -- he got to be careful and then when you look the Democrats tell you how you should address the electorate and which constituency issue should go after. Get off but don't be surprised when if you follow their advice you end up. Offering them congratulations. On there -- election victory. From 781. Single people have no kids it's so factor live in the now and don't consider our future. Well I must say that I don't know any break out with regard to. Married with children there Marshall is not married with children director a lot of single parents out there -- It's it's unclear but he is an interesting I've not heard anybody address this demographic and by the way I don't think. This is unique to this election. I think that team into a major major split I mean the difference between married and unmarried in both genders but especially women. Is dramatic. Eric you're next on the program good afternoon. Be the last -- spoke to was 1978. Now listen that's what I'm everything you win your policy -- Social Security disability. Medicaid and food stamps and check out with people -- put them sort of book looked at. That unmarried people we got our revenge to speak with sick of the maverick people making fun of the non married. When men and women want equal pay for equal work okay that's why they voted for Obama. What are you that I -- an -- I would vote for Republicans. Did not if I had to -- If I was a multibillion yet I'd be a report. -- took over. I don't know well slow slow down a little bit okay. First of all equal pay for equal work has been laws on the books for 49 years. It's it doesn't it's not happening now that it would let loose -- that. Yeah well limit if it's not happening then it's probably enforcement not passing another law. So this is a red Herring and this is a false idea and it doesn't explain by the way to the gap between married and. -- and somewhere between Hillary and I had to stop listening to Republicans before the election talking about boat people most people we've got our revenge we got our residents. And the only -- I -- they are right wing talk radio is after a democratic win if I liked -- you people squealing like Dick let's. Let you know are. Are -- other he would kick me out running away. Look at that little Eric couldn't handle it. So -- the mean spirited that the -- Democrat. And -- in -- -- clicking you heard which you hang up because of course you'd want to hear any kind of counter argument. Who will trouble explaining why is that men including -- element. Voted for the four run she you have this kind of trashing individual he says he's happy to be on all these programs that you and I are paying for. And that news the electorate that we have to overcome. We have to beat those kind of people at the -- -- In order to reclaim the country. And to knock out some of these programs otherwise we gonna and -- -- more and more of them that's exactly the mentality. That I fears take over the country. He's a guy who vote for programs it is important for. He's a recipient. Anomaly that you know as we near the recipient. Of something you didn't earn it can be nasty about it and vicious. Because on the back of his mind there is an understanding that. When you are claiming something it is in yours. That someone else work -- and you're just aching because as you want it and you can get it because you've got more votes in the again. If she's kind of personality that degenerate actor's. Personality -- the issue is really what -- again. And you know we've got a choice in light which case -- -- pay more problems. Or we can stand up and contrary. He hasn't called 34 years I guess a lot to hang on with bated breath for another 34 until he. -- my program. Of own since 1970. That's a long way. Well -- and there are we'll see what we can do. Maybe it says something he -- and -- 34 years because he hasn't. Didn't have that much to to rant about it. And shortly about because he was so happy with the results. After after seventy came Reagan and bush. And 22 and OK we have patient bills again. We have to after all we have to do the things that are going to keep Eric and his -- missed to which they like to become accustomed. Back on the other side I'm nothing else. What do you mean. You people. Welcome back this is obvious -- we usually have little musical intro bit -- just take over directly. Let's -- from 617. Here is say. Text message. We are so divided the left wants revenge on us question mark. Not sure what the revenge is 44 we all pay for him. Yeah I'm glad you pointed that out -- that part of the ugliness revenge he connected with -- Obama. When you should vote for revenge revenge for a lot. Good point 617 we all paying for many such session that's what happens they get ugly. When when you Q we are forced to give something that that you worked for an have to give it away to somebody who were forward. From a different 617. I think some bites work with women because we generally hate politics. Young women are voting for popularity I'm -- and happy about this is so shallow Abby from -- from marsh field. Well. I don't know if that's the case it's kind of indictment of the young women is it. 8774694322. The phone number. 011 last thing uncle who was the better candidate different to the text message. Who was a better candidate Romney or McCain yet McCain got more votes why. Real conservatism in the former Sarah Palin know that she -- give you in the numbers here. And McCain got slightly more votes than Romney McCain got 59 point nine million Romney got 58 point five million. The difference -- that lunchtime -- oh wait Obama got 69 half the nearly seven million. This time he got 61 and a half made it. The reason that the race was closer was because Obama lost votes this they had fewer votes. McCain and running we just about the same he's not Sarah Palin and conservatives and she was -- drag on the ticket last time she did galvanize the base but overall. She cost votes in the general election there ample polling results to indicate that. Back to the line Chile are next on the program good afternoon. Could have been notably thanks stick -- all. It's always a pleasure other on the baseball diamonds are on the radio. I went -- the did you get a chance to see me press conference that Elizabeth Warren -- No I didn't I heard about a third it was not particularly. And no -- No I don't believe that abomination so. -- well you know she hasn't yet figured out how she's supposed to behave -- me you know being part Indian at all she has comes from different culture. I guess so -- that's that's the he had to be up by. To honestly had to -- nobody's called -- they've got to get the ball that Erica either should be at their. -- not to worry I'm -- -- give it credit checks to all stick it out he could take care. You know -- you don't you work for a living right. How do you react when you hear somebody like -- Who's living off what you learned and is angry about yet and then launched a -- Q and figure you're not now working hard enough for him. I don't know about it just can't figure it out again go back -- education in the port I would probably uneducated -- and genocide school. There's just did very very frustrating. And you know I was thinking about you know warranted especially. For a well -- but I found out I don't call. The not know you don't you'll have to keep working -- -- thanks. Jack thanks a little -- Well quick -- -- my -- voted for John Kennedy because he was here. -- -- bar does but run would've won her vote this time nannies he's in summer than that Obama is nick. Well I educator nobody -- and you're right she was gonna she did vote for Romney. -- OK progress thanks to -- and Eric. Thank you by. A 7746943. Q did you really think he really did Romney did look like if you are going to send Hollywood central casting. For. A president. You know to appear on -- in a movie or something. Mitt Romney would be the guy you get that he sounded presidential. He's got he's also has a resume this presidential. But it didn't work. 8774694322. -- -- good afternoon evening your next on the program. I -- me out. You don't understand that Obama already helped the economy. Look at sales could be -- Oh that's true that industry is boomed under Obama. I don't. It's got a -- more art right. Now people are gonna be really concerned and that's right that is an industry. That has actually. Now why do you think that is sadly why why should people. Being going on buying guns because Obama as president. I might can you know are done some research in most its online only believe apple. But between martial law. You know he's he wants to be in certain weapons certain ammo they bought. Billions and billions of ammo so Americans can buy it becomes part. Well all I can say Jim is that the worst does come on veteran. How -- -- and you for protection. I I I listened EO. Every single Saturday's -- picked up. I appreciate that thank you not imply in any event are accusing nor I am sure they make somebody get me first. Is now what Bill Maher threatened it and do no way you are. Let's see let's go continue with the phone lines we -- next jello. Good evening Joseph you're next on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ali I couldn't take it anymore epic where I haven't had they are -- two weeks. Eric you suggest made it -- you really you really get it on the air their opponents are right. And -- they are the jury the government takes over 50% of my K. And and you are -- Starbucks. You know. I do pretty well myself but I look at it but they might actually. You know or stop by 1 o'clock in the morning. You know -- we got I did get a text message from someone said to Eric Republicans don't go to Starbucks. But just saying that's because you have to work for a living he just gets the check sent him right. Well it sure isn't a deep deep cabbage are. Probably. I think you know I'm glad he called because he symbolizes for all of us. What we have to work against -- we have to work to overcome. Eric you have no idea how are troubled by. Cool that you seek revenge are. -- and we work city you can you know have the lifestyle to which you become accustomed yeah yeah strokes. I've had open heart surgery I got -- That I can put that he would be aware Eric. You know they're like our actual combat were gone -- at a -- mortgages. I missed a payment. The government take everything -- can't remain -- Saying all Lott you're the generic. That that country. You in the job. They're probably start a dynamo. Let you know I'm glad -- have a lot of speed and -- -- I'm glad you did Joseph because you're speaking that I can guarantee you that across lengthen a breath of of the people listening to this program they're applauding. And now right yeah that I -- him. They don't know it a lot of that -- well employed and maybe it will -- know what to participate in this program. Well Barack Obama into the pot -- You know I I know hit the participate you're the artistic quick opening underground work under the table. Below is much Ike and they like actors and how that worked -- -- of any age. I know notorious and then you can go to Starbucks stand show that they can't they may have got time for one more jet we've got about a I'm a couple minutes let you have the time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But what. You're gonna change -- mind someday when your elderly relative is told no they can't have a certain treatment they need to live or get well because of Obama care. And don't why -- has opened its not gonna happen it's going to happen at 151000. I areas agent. Obama -- -- -- healthcare tell me Erica tell yourself what could be -- got to do anything with your body your help. There is not think there's only one reason money and -- saying no if you look at your parents treatment if they need it. You know on my big concern is Jeff that the Ericsson the -- will be the one that they -- against him. When Brent -- health care is rationed. He'll be the one in line he already -- something about disability. Or shown such. And he'll be the one who will get it you know he he'll play the political system in such a way that he'll get it and UN high and our loved ones -- About it but it's gonna change because he couldn't know somebody ought to love somebody your close friend of his -- -- -- to find out that the government had no one of their relatives. And David tiger didn't get well and died later on it's gonna happen. And that's how retro -- gonna change because you're you know -- we -- a little while from -- the medical stories over and I'm. Jeff I gotta you gotta -- -- -- the last Paula thanks for calling okay that gun and thanks to -- for producing its gonna do it for Russia. A lot of fluctuation a depression anger all you know -- drop -- or keep fighting. Seems to me all we can do was pick up the pieces and go on from here. We'll have other opportunities to do that it's always a next time. The -- Nelson thanks for being with us keep the faith to not let them get you down to see you next week.