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Col. David Hunt On Veterans Day

Nov 12, 2012|

Fox News Military analyst Col David Hunt joined us as we mark Veterans Day. The Col was a veteran of Vietnam and Kosovo and lost his father and his brother in combat. He was also persuaded to discuss General Petraeus......

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Here are talking about all and what -- appropriate name for the biography of General Petraeus. Who resigned as we know under. As they say -- Friday. And the timing of his resignation has been called questionable. Questionable. By a lot of members in congress and including congressman Pete king from New York. He said allotment this time I'm simply. Doesn't add up and he's not long congressional leaders want to know what went. The FBI uncovered mr. Petraeus is a fair. With GI Jane although there. And apparently it all started let's stay with the -- and emails. What does need for us the publicly demanding answers. About the slaughter of four Americans on September 11 of this year. All eyes that we were told about videos and mention whatsoever of these Libyan militia prisoners who wrecked the CIA -- And -- of course you engage in some -- -- but the director of the CI day. Which followed rival apparently did so we have to the expert a guy who has been asking questions about this debacle. From day one and now be colonel Dave kind welcome back to the Alec our show colonel. Insinuated that that is sacred. I don't. Well late and it's it's sad that we are talking about -- You know the -- treatment. Of veterans and and we know that two of the men who died on that terrible dark day 9/11 in Libya where veterans former Navy SEALs. And it -- dishonor in Winchester -- Yeah Tyrone was saying and kind Doherty grew up in Winchester. And currently you know us the most disgusting -- the start to me is that they somehow seized a way to start it was the stolen valor act should have been applied. Because of the insinuation that those guys didn't do their job was quite in fact the opposite of that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- of people like my dad award to him about it Joey was killed or treat to see all the guys out there. Who served in to get back. -- -- -- We tried paying is. It's unfortunate for him and his family. And this will this lieutenant colonel reserves by the way it -- well. Instant on and I don't think better or any better I'll hear anybody talk about this was his uncle brought well as the words. If -- as the root structure this thing would go on like months. She does well organized number instructive -- else. Elected GI Jane she was the idea I. While she them because there -- the largest element book that you talk about Ali -- -- because attractive. I -- and the have a woman attractive who we Turk who started its investigation. In Florida with a predator who's in the FBI. And -- it. -- -- -- your name is Jill Kelly isn't yet Kelly is very -- doctors that treat it is no indication she was avenue that they. You get emails just like Elvis and the -- out of the -- this summer. That guy by the way. To start the investigation he pulled up the case. Or it's personal matters. It's it's complicated. We're. And it -- An investigation it winds up. They aren't with brought the climate problems and send your emails. And also blog what is having some discussions. Which ever personal with director of the CIA why I would use the problem -- problem is the leading. That as soon as one of the most celebrated men in government. They have tricks to create have a good practice or bodily structure that we don't think. It's sort of your name popped up in the investigation. To dip to just sparked calls that in the White House is called a police. Mean I just dozens and it's not that you don't just go up to the CIA director NC surrogate to ask you this. But you banging you biographer I mean it's like you and I let that yet. I mean actually did question him it was partly as a did what part well the public -- to convene the region that besides betrays his guys who fought bravely you know. In think -- Which I think -- -- this is the real story but Petraeus. -- we went to Libya. It came back about two weeks ago -- To do with an investigation -- bill and go to trip report. And you know he questioned. People who were there he questioned the agency questioned -- Without the guy charged and got beat questioned mr. chief of station which is the seniors yeah Tripoli a lot of our people. And that's why his testimony besides you guys were killed. -- the -- to -- level official for the chief spot. It's important intensified grabbing -- believes. Under these circumstances is that makes sense while. Now -- it any. Current rank. Does this mean you talk about a trip ordinary warehouse remember. The FBI didn't respond to this crime scene this murder scene though weeks CNN -- I'm -- -- great part. And what does an hour to complete outrage in in these scene wasn't secure people walking out of -- of classified intelligence including -- the Libyans who cooperated with the United States. Including ambassador -- loan written journal. Which balance and -- into the CNN producer. So what do you tell me is that we actually had why. And it sailing you will about General Petraeus in his personal choices that we do know that the guy has some skills when it comes to interrogating people getting information. He actually went there. He made a trip report he spoke to the key witnesses and when -- get their report. Or at least not on and -- that I. That's not to say that's one of the reasons why Thursday he should have been cut off and now they can compel him as private citizen Petraeus. It will be behind in -- in the secure facility you know up to. He won't have a -- -- it's called being -- off all of these projects he wouldn't. -- but he will be compelled to talk about things that metric reports are classified. And the timeline. Which he achieved already published State Department published and department grants and they don't pan out by the time. None of that Barbara outlines if you can hear the statements made by the White House its statements made by secretary of state. Hillary Clinton's statements made by the UN ambassador and -- and the testimony -- congress already not there not that matches. And it got an agreement that's ridiculous to face value. And you've been looking at it's it's not like coverage we had to. -- one America. We have to we have -- -- secure telephone consultations. And radios security contingent. And the CIA talking. All of this was it was available to and being seen. Her -- The the entire operation -- the US government within. Minutes of this incident. The problem is it. That this skip this scandal. I totally agree that is constantly involved I don't care -- we -- -- I don't care spot. It was still argued that the -- -- involved we got there are attractive. And and that the director of the CIA. And air to many people. And more obvious. The most celebrated. In the administration these people make it made the trip out to be. A very big deal and this is you know big big people falling is something the -- pretend to do particularly. If you get winnable particularly. If they're attracted attention and I think it's starting to feel. That the cameras are turning towards this and not spinning around and got the right spot we changed its. Which is exactly the plan though -- -- you believe that there is exactly the plan we need a big wag the dog moment local folks. We have to -- -- Sleep and with a big time general. He and and now the press that was completely culpable in the cover up. Of this thing Nazi slaughter is it doing exactly -- the White House wants and that is spoke on the handle. Which there -- only problem and got -- with that in fact that it is a level of competency. -- -- -- -- -- -- And that guy is a -- there I always give Barack Obama credit for being a master at manipulating the practice he is masterful -- -- -- -- -- -- It went so much as it is the press has agreed to go along with a foot putt but the point. -- you're not sure that any government that long time has capable of doing the kind of an inflation that the kind of -- it -- it talked about I I think it is point -- sports I think at a more chances that the secret to cover up and got. I think it's it's coming. Where more people look at but the the try to get things out what to me like incompetence. And people reluctant. Compete people's simply not doing your jobs you've seen it start investigations. In -- the main points start up and stop it at this summer. And you don't get to it it's of the -- -- -- -- election. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are a lot of people wanna talk to in essence -- calls. Yeah I think I would say is is there a possibility do you think it's David Petraeus is attacked a man who would've told the truth and that's what the Obama administration like to avoid. All other -- that you -- again he got it he didn't investigate you've got to beat the qualification he could and there will answer. If that's what they're by the way while he was in uniform. He backed could be -- option in the could be. My next question could he loses tension could he face charges he. We have just being -- yeah we've done that the -- and criminal charges. Are for this you you can hear -- can't. You know a court of justice to do. It is that we every print prosecuting people I -- yours for it if if he -- -- with me at all in uniform. He he could be armed and -- candidate is not it seems right now. That these bears start. In earnest when he becomes the director. It is and so as an assistant in DC unfortunately. That that they picture of that mentality cover up and guys don't. And you know we suffering calm and think and. And highs being told the public. Yeah it seems is still to this moment getting past. And it does seem that convenient I'm just not sure. That this administration could pull off that kind of deception that's pretty into. Well let's see what frank thinks thank you are fine and by the way everyone to go to holly card died US. And read how is con sex scandal spotted stuck on stupid prank around -- kinds. Good good. -- I want to broaden our veterans but that's what this wonderful country. And let me eight. The -- -- -- the JP Hayes and he the problem that ultimately as a the American people bought it that's exactly what about war. But really -- areas in retrospect it. The -- I didn't get involved probably noticed until after the election and just before the congressional. Scrutiny. Obama -- talk a polite wonderful and this great country he doesn't care -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Joseph Biden went like that they wanted to but he went to the people like oh okay. But as things start to think about it started -- Now. I think insult. 18100 -- here. The FBI. Has also very sensitive. To this kind of stopped because of the activities did you do. A lot of kept going in and out also that you're not -- -- telling anyone there in the middle of the investigation I just find it difficult to lead in the moment the -- and angels. That somebody not making a phone call to Justice Department and then over the white. -- -- I don't think is gossip attorney Eric Holder doesn't get colleague who'd guess who's sleeping with Paula brought all. Oh I think they I think I I do I get my point is I'm not sell short the great Red Hat as -- -- with the differences instrument like people. Should not try to get hung up on. There and it is it a problem. In the white house with things got. The presidency did not tell people the gulf state detectives said the troops -- ordered that happens he Jordan orbit could make a great sense. Get approval for the White House to commit forces particularly. Think about the day of their 9/11 which it would have in common sense to have additional I think you're secure -- -- leading up to they kept begging for more security we denied repeatedly they. And that's and that's -- stop. But that that the the -- what were falling into it by thinking -- -- at that some other. Obama is involved in this cup in the cup abrupt with Petraeus that the using Petraeus that's -- sideshow. I guarantee you that I. Are we should not get distracted when -- as the trojans -- But I -- -- turn you pointed it out very accurately if all these women look like college Petraeus the story would not be as salacious as it is right now let's face -- that's the fact. It's that it. You're women aren't Halliburton what -- attractive at their pictures and then video that Johnston which you know when ball. You know blocked well. -- just insects they don't understand slaughter because it look you've seen if you've seen any interviews you go to college campus casket fifty kids. Who are you know voting for Obama -- having a rally. I what do you think about Christopher Stephens of what happened to that ambassador first line killed since the seventies and they have no idea what you're talking about. This is stuff they understand so -- hold on with us on how -- our show. Colonel -- to come back on the -- on the fetus is a highly our show.