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Petreaus Love Triangle

Nov 12, 2012|

A married Florida woman blew the lid off the extramarital affair that allegedly caused Gen. David Petraeus to resign as Director of the CIA. Jill Kelley, a “social liaison” to the Joint Special Operations Command was forced to go to the FBI after receiving threatening e-mails from the General's lover, biographer Paula Broadwell. Guest host Michele McPhee wanted to know who really thought this affair was why the General resigned.

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As a matter of fact how -- has written column and you I just read it myself. Aren't Howie Carr got US that's how we card do you dot US and this is how he starts this column team tabloid guy. I'm tabloid down to might pose. To paraphrase -- and -- warrant and this is the best tabloid story in years and of course he is talking about. The Petraeus affair. With GI Jane -- -- Paul abroad well the woman who wrote his biography. And city -- if you love the idea that the biography. Is aptly named all in if you know what I mean. Okay that's just so bad that's like you know and that's when -- -- low and I wailing dog splash I mean it's I think I had guys. Isn't it unbelievable all in as the name a -- of the biography. Now I love the New York Post you know on the tabloid girl onto her toes as well -- -- to the New York Daily News that ten years elected Boston Harold -- time. But I have to give the New York Post credit but the best headline. All tied cloak and shag her. Did you guys see that over the week in Austin Powers right for them. Cloak and -- her with a pitcher -- game. And Petraeus what that's -- all questioned how weep hole is brought to you by cross insurance agency. Safeguarding human and Byzantine -- since 1954. Find out more at 809997345. Or cross agency dot com see what is simple question and what. The results. You can take that Paula -- cart dot com -- -- at the stories from today. Today's question is did General David Petraeus resign because of his extra marital affair. -- now yes -- is -- 75%. Currently. I mean I'm in the 75%. I didn't believe it on fur on Friday and I don't believe it now. I we didn't believe it when I was breaking on our show on how we show we didn't believe it at all and I love the -- sums it up 97 it says how -- My memory must be feeling me because I don't call the mainstream media. Coverage of Ben -- as being as -- As it is now for the Petraeus scandal I mean right around. To the press writer -- trying to find the woman who is the recipient. -- GI -- angry emails which allegedly sparked this FBI. Investigation. Into this affair. And I you find out that he woman in Florida who received the emails her name is Kelly last name Kelly. This entire debacle. Comes down to the -- and I am not exaggerating at all steely like I. It's really for my guy. So all abroad well. Who wrote on him she is furious that this attractive woman is hanging around her man -- and some. Safe threatening emails that woman went to the FB in the FBI's timeline. Allegedly. Is. That they started to investigate these purported threats and came across this affair but it is buying this time line. 8774694322. This out they believe. That the FBI. Carter report of this abuse went through some emails I'm not this affair and it took them four months to figure it out. Because Peking aggressively -- epic Peking Peking the congressman. And he's from Staten Island Republican congressman he said whole time. This timeline simply. Doesn't add up and king is right in has some blood and against some skin in the game. You know he represents Staten Island which right now is gone through absolute hell they're thinking about putting the people of Staten Island to a homeless because apart in sandy. Any Arthur kill jail. That they -- shut down did you help and Anna how large number of them died on nine elevenths he's a guy who pays attention. When al-Qaeda murderous Americans. At a US consulate and he's like come on now come on. The General Petraeus was involved. That it at just doesn't add up that you got this type investigation the FBI. Investigating emails. Even I was leading to the CIA director and taking four months to find out that. The CIA director was involved so I have real questions about this I think -- timeline as to be looked at and analyzed to see what happened. Now as far as you're leaving a hole. General Petraeus was outstanding general outstanding. Dedicated public official. He's going to be missed. But because I'm just under Menendez would agree no one user replaceable. Engulf my birdies on. And so that was Pete king and end. And that's text or has a question for colonel hunt which is very concerned that it is because colonel hunt will be joining us at 330. And that question is -- General Petraeus had been hot in an affair while he was the general what he still get his pension. -- still get it now. Question and much more concerned about whether or not we are going to be able to compel him to testify. About this slaughter. Other American citizens who left did daddy and then -- about the lies that we were told by president Barack Obama. That very Thursday -- Mitt Romney failed the point out. He did not -- next. That bloodletting. In any way to al-Qaeda which we now know that it was in al-Qaeda connected terrorist outfit. That very this is a well planned well orchestrated. Commando like attack. On ambassador Christopher Stephens. It killed his intelligence chief. And we know those former navy seal to race to the scene out of a sense of patriotic duty engage in a firefight. Where they cut down sixty. Of this so called terrorists that are attacking the Americans before they have come to their own injuries. There are a lot of different questions that need to be answered there -- storage that are coming out. But the texture of earlier before the -- and began his right. Why isn't the press who is -- digging in today dirt. Carol betrays his bad run. Why aren't they digging into the dirt on opening guys in asking the same questions. So are you never knew 8774694322. -- you with Peter King congressman. This resignation doesn't add up. Do you think that this is all employee. So that Petraeus doesn't have to testify. In final day doesn't wells is going to be -- to testify. That's Friday. The secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Well she's conveniently out of town not. Folks. But is oppressed and not it. In asking those questions. Excuse me and where exactly is the secretary's day when she knew there was kind of an important hearing coming out. Why the world won't betray its gonna be given. Past. Aren't testifying. Cobb. And what do you think Marty here on Alec our show with Michelle -- -- -- today. -- I -- -- welcome. There were certain there you know is she wants. Its expiry in this country. So work what do we could say that this whole deal might not even be true. They Marty didn't like look here's a look at shiny object not gonna talk bumping Ghazi. And we are a disgrace that Americans will let the slot and out of the hearing this this tabloid like. Media circus around this very attractive hot off there in the book is just happens to be called all end. And cloaking shagged her all the fun we can have -- this affair which frankly I don't care about it all Marty DO. No not really can go out to argue something there's a lot of and grow your. There's a lot so angle route here and it in America. Cause you know little off for. By year's four years because I haven't had a pay raise in their best I've had to take a job that pays a lot last. And I'll tell you what I'll be ready for them IRS agents when they come up my driveway. Thank you pigs -- Oh boy it's really get ugly out there what do you think having on next on how -- cartel which -- me. Mean I don't understand why why didn't die in what they'd threatening him with you know it's. With this scandal looks as he -- up. Well I mean I'm sure -- -- Make the argument that classified intelligence was up for grabs as a matter of fact it seems pretty clear that it was in -- on top. Between Paula abroad while in General Petraeus that made its way into the public she gave a speech -- it's a little bit of that speech style way. Wish she leaked information. I'm what was happening at the -- at the annex. Now colonel hunt and I have been digging into this and screaming howling about the story for it since day -- and I had no clue. That there will Libyan prisoners being held that US consulate. Apollo. Welded. To return as it is. It very difficult situation now. In the center of the situation even -- You have any comment. Well I'm just to create the context -- the he. Long. Security -- the day. Security here today or is that it you know. Fox News and -- -- -- it. War and the greater challenges that political team beat them -- this whole thing. Very political. Now. But. That thinking today that he ground forces and the day that statement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Extreme sports group the port operators are very most. -- today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I don't know. That EPA. Actually. Listeners -- do you think that -- confidently predict he. -- it. -- I thought it was all about this offended not furious over YouTube clip. About a movie and Allen ever going to see. Well I had no idea -- that we had taken. Libyan militia prisoner anyone else Kevin did you hear those prisoners. I didn't like it epic stretch and it's. -- at -- no Wal-Mart and that's why it made him we. Would -- China or Korea like. Is -- something going on this. Well it's this isn't a classic example of wag the dog cat and locally here is bright shiny sex scandal. And forget all about the hearing that's gonna go on. About -- got him what went wrong and it's very clear that a lot like Ron thanks for the call Richard Jackson -- our show with Michelle McPhee hi Richard. I'm listening and ample evidence I know you really go after Amanda. As Hispanics says he was playing bingo bingo and whether that MI out. And he's not gonna lose -- He's not gonna loses pageant again this suspicion -- that perhaps. Yeah -- Petraeus is going to be the fall guy for the Obama administration. In as not she's gonna take this humiliation on. And we're all gonna forget about what happened in -- or at least most of the country will forget and people like colonel Dave Hunt will continue to ask the real questions. Well these are all on Sandra and then into the -- at Princeton. During the over there would. -- college. And currency Communist. And there -- -- thank you for very much for the call. Texas six point seven says how long before Biden. Is indicted for stating at the debate with Paul Ryan. The president and I knew nothing about the terror plot acting -- nothing like a shooting about the prisoners figures you do know about the pleas for help. I guess she did know about the emails. That was flooding. The email boxes. A pentagon officials from the time the first bullet. Was fired until the place was completely leveled. Nothing but rubble and bloodstained. Classified intelligence on the ground Lee what do you think you're on how -- our show welcome. It's now since the end of the FBI investigates stay away from my man -- since it's crazy. And into the Barry writes. Well they do. It involves something like the director of the CIA of course they do any higher administration yes they would actually bulletins but it came out according to the club. It was even an official complaint. I. The woman who receive the angry Staley from Miami and new house complete -- happen to work for federal agency and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You didn't you can got to know that friend didn't do without her permission to do it means different wouldn't take them up on me she may seasoning to clean up pitching a different matter permission denied. And she's she's herself as highly connected she she was with the joint special operations command. That's pretty sensitive job so yeah I -- of the FBI's colonel -- absolutely. Into. It doesn't seem to take four months up and inclusion yes indeed and there I just ask. I mean it would be some sort compulsion imagine. -- General Petraeus to locked out which is questionable emails. That exchange between you and abroad well about sex and that I mean did you -- what does it. And I'm pretty -- and I'm sorry betrays a knock it away like his anger -- -- NC LE did not have sex that one and he'd be compelled to tell the. Payments now can anyone tell me why the nation's top spy I think it's okay to get away without having an affair on the Internet. No wonder we got to attack Olivia what they're going time. How -- the LA thank you so much for the call I Texan from rye island. Was talking about it back in the nineties -- sex scandal thing worked with the Chinese stealing information now another FBI -- there was an FBI agent named James Smith. Who is having an affair with a woman that he thought was an informant on Chinese gangs in Los Angeles on don't know she was actually Chinese spy. And he gave this woman her well let's reams. Of classified intelligence that she gave to the Chinese Government that's not kill time. That FBI agent did and having that long affair with is purported informant that was really -- If you guessed no jail time you would be right. You next on comic art show. We shelf for a slower it's existential my gratitude to all the inspections and through the country. And we all have one of those great veterans namely Alice colonel Lee Ellis who was. In name. Hanoi Hilton prison camp after his fighter jet was shot down over north Vietnam that man spent five and a half he isn't that. In that prison camp and he'll be joining us at 4 o'clock so we can show gratitude to all the veterans at bank. You're right that that that's -- -- sort of John McCain was appealed to other familiar but let's make a valid point here which people afraid to say most. People that are in the military do not share with distinction. To -- stumble on the moral to that we do it on that I would extinction actually tied for the country. But this. Petraeus let's face some facts and Iraq and Afghanistan. Image watch golf and only gullible I did not. I cannot always general Bradley and Patton and Sherman an agreement. These adults to feel foreign Paul she was an issue assure that they were both want is we didn't make any great schools. On the abortion -- Obama. In the sure we get out of the better off we whether it whether it's gonna get worse -- not -- we won't know what you're talking multi want a. Maybe their bombs being exchanged between Israel and Syria over the weekend. And we spending more time talking about cloaking shag hair. -- -- -- did not only FBI -- faces Michelle he you know organized crime where that included US government is like organized crime. As soon to become expendable. You're all done. -- I guess I'll betrays isn't turner anymore when he came to the Obama. He's done under the but he also loses credibility would meet him and told to want to share under Obama just like pol that he didn't like -- much. Why -- -- stand up and say they're on the weapons of mass destruction are you don't have enough proof before you -- before the one. So I don't often -- to the general they have some type -- titles. I wanna guys that are actually seeing combat and bad guys decide that they have been killed in the static kill people themselves over the real bad that I stand up to. But these other guys that we -- sort of front of people all trying to. But he caught on their lapel because most skilled -- long -- that intensity too big job like a grunt soldier in the humble about these other people. That are in the limelight with pictures and everything else. In all these fools or socket Petraeus. That they could see that social put people happy I treat each other and she's a very well by the way -- -- -- we eulogize its. Can't people. And while you're ready for that her husband wrote a letter to the tactics. Column at the New York Times Sunday magazine I believe my wife is having an affair with a high. Ranking Obama administration official I mean it was embarrassing. This guy clearly wasn't man have to -- -- co opted out betrays NCAA shag in my life. -- can't be I wasn't strong enough to just walk up to General Petraeus and say hey you have an illicit affair with a woman right biography. I mean yeah it was spending time in mind if there aren't apps on our. And talented at this time to figure out whether or not these two people that Asia. It's more pathetic that we not. Playing next on how we our show. Yeah I. A couple things. Our said that general would not take a backseat to handle on this generally -- -- the Obama administration. That. They think they -- to scatter -- -- it already is thought he had to do except. Go. Yeah he did pretty I had to do the white. -- Almost initial people look ridiculous suggestion that. Obama that you portion to do what -- this and not a guy that you -- row. It around. Maybe it was in more embarrassing each -- It. The bedroom -- I don't even care -- exchange secret I care about is whether this cat in the past. -- is no failure that this country and protecting American citizens so. -- the answer to question its -- and colonel thank you thank -- colonel gave. That's right --